Three busty babes sucking big dick and sharing toy

Three busty babes sucking big dick and sharing toy
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copyright: Lesley Tara, 2012 Julie MacDonald watched the other workers in the office gather up their things and get ready to leave at the end of the day, but on this Thursday afternoon she made no move to join them, and just called out cheerfully 'goodnight' and 'see ya in the morning', or just waved to the women who were further away.

In truth, she was rather nervous and preoccupied, but trying not to let it show although the reason for her tension was not exactly a secret. One of the youngest women, Lise-Jo, who seemed really nice and had been particularly welcoming to the newcomer, detoured on her way out to give Julie a sympathetic smile and an encouraging pat on the shoulder. 'Don't you worry, you'll be fine . really, I'm sure it'll be just fine.' And with that kindness, Lise-Jo was gone, the last to leave the suddenly empty and almost silent office almost, because in the unusual tranquillity there could now be heard the faintest murmur of someone talking, behind the door of the separate and enclosed private office of the manager of the department, Ms.

Fenton. Julie had begun working here just a month ago, and was in the first phase of her probationary period. Yesterday, she had been told by her immediate boss, Ms. Fenton, that she would need to stay on late today for her first scheduled 'performance review', as the manager was so busy that a private meeting couldn't be fitted in at any other time during the day.

Of course, Julie had agreed at once. She was eager as a bunny to please this was a very good job opportunity with real prospects as a career, and in just the kind of company that she had always wanted to join: an environmentally-ethical cosmetics business which was up-market and had a well-known reputation, but still was a fairly small concern where everyone seemed to know each other, rather than being nameless cogs in some large corporate structure. Not surprisingly, given the nature of the products, the staff were all female, including the immaculately elegant and poised 42 year-old founder and owner of the company, Ms.

Hartensen. However, Julie did not report directly to her: in between was her department head, Ms. Fenton, a smart stylish woman in her mid to late 30s, a whirlwind of energy and efficiency, who Julie found almost equally impressive and intimidating but her new boss had treated her well so far, correcting any mistakes quickly and clearly, but in a pleasant and encouraging manner.

Like most of the women at this fashionable firm in the fashion trade, Ms. Fenton always looked perfectly turned-out. She had the slim figure and the height she was around five feet ten inches in bare feet, and taller still in her high heels to carry off the smartly-tailored outfits that she wore. They were chic combinations with a leaning to classical simplicity plain blocks of colour in striking contrasts, cut in clean lines, but the quality of fabric and design were clearly expensive.

All in all, Ms. Fenton was a class act, and one from whom Julie was picking up style tips every day. Today was just such a case in point: her boss was wearing a bold red full-sleeve silk shirt, unbuttoned to make a V at the neck, where a simple silver hoop necklace set it off. Julie especially admired the woman's skirt, and longed for one just like it (and longed for the salary that could afford one like it too!).

It was a pencil skirt in rich shiny black leather which tapered to an inch or two above Ms. Fenton's shapely knees but its striking feature was that it was a button-through, that it was held closed by a line of contrasting round silver buttons at the front, down the centre of the skirt from waist to hem. The manager's slender unblemished legs were sheathed in sheer black pantyhose, and on her feet .

aaah! shoes to die for! They were perfect, just perfect for the outfit and, knowing that everything must have been bought as separates, Julie was lost in wonder at the sense of style that had brought together the shirt, the skirt and . the shoes: an exquisite design, open-toed and stiletto-heeled, made in black leather that matched her skirt, yet with edging and laces in bright red which perfectly complimented Ms.

Fenton's top. The woman's make-up was minimal she had the classic fine bones and clear complexion not to need more than a touch, but her red lipstick was again the perfect shade, and a striking contrast to the mane of rich black hair that fell below her shoulders.

Julie sighed a little pensively: would she ever, ever, be that cool, that smart, so poised and yet also so hot? Well, if she held this job down, then well, yes, then maybe, why not? But she needed to impress the boss, she needed to do well for it had been made clear at her interview, politely but very firmly, that the company policy was that anyone hired was on a probationary and temporary-only contract for three months, and only if the management were fully satisfied would she be offered a permanent position after that.

It had seemed only reasonable at the time, but now Julie was feeling not quite so sure . suppose she wasn't getting enough done, or somehow wasn't fitting in?

She sat and waited at her desk, having switched off her computer, too preoccupied to be able to answer any more emails in a coherent way.

She was in sight of the door of Ms. Fenton's office she had been told earlier that her boss had some calls to finish, and then would see her after that.

In fact, it was about fifteen long minutes after everyone else had left for their homes when the buzzer on her phone sounded, and Ms. Fenton told her to come in. However, when Julie entered the private office, she saw that the manager was once again talking on the telephone.

Ms. Fenton gave her a brisk nod and a little smile from which Julie took some encouragement and beckoned her inwards. The older woman gestured silently with her pen for Julie to sit in the chair which was placed opposite her desk, although it was set rather further back from it than was usual.

As her boss continued chatting on her phone, Julie's eyes roamed around the neat office, which was furnished in a sleek minimalist style rather like Ms. Fenton herself, Julie suddenly realised. There was no carpeting on the floor, which was made of sandalwood blocks in a Scandinavian style. The furniture was of light pine with simple white fronts on the drawers and filing cabinets, all clean lines and brightness. The most austere item of all was Ms. Fenton's desk, which was more of a table in design it was wide and long, with a thin flat top that was supported by two silvery steel legs at one end and a small set of drawers at the other there was nothing else; it had no front or sides, and so it afforded an excellent unrestricted view of Ms.

Fenton's enviably long trim legs and also, Julie noticed, quite a lot of her boss's thighs, given the way that she had crossed her legs. God, I'd like to be like her in ten, fifteen years time, thought Julie in admiration, and I'd like to have a job like hers too! Of course, Julie realised that she would have to dress in different colours and styles she wasn't a tall thin brunette, but a medium-height and quite curvy blonde. But even now, young and untutored as she was, and on a shoestring budget here in the big city, with most of her pay taken up by rent, food and the subway commute, still she knew that she looked good, that she chose her outfits well and turned herself out smartly.

In fact, she was quite sure that this was what had made the clinching difference at the interview, that her slightly daring choice of a halterneck print dress of blues and yellows, with a white blazer jacket on top, which was not exactly conventional 'office suit' wear, had worked partly because she had the figure to carry it off, especially her generous u-shaped 32E breasts, with her deep sun-tanned cleavage framed in the summery dress and then overlaid with the cool white of the classically-cut jacket.

Yes, that had been a good choice . a little unconventional, maybe a little 'arty', but stylish in combination, especially when its casual look was contrasted against the simple and somewhat severe bowl-shaped cut of her straight collar-length natural blonde hair. Lost for a moment in that happy memory, Julie realised that her boss was gazing at her quite intently and looking at her appraisingly from head to toe. Julie fretted in sudden apprehension, thinking 'Surely I'm dressed OK?

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Oh, dear! I haven't been dressing inappropriately, have I? The other women all dress real smart but I guess quite sexy too . I mean, like Ms. Fenton herself, she always looks real hot .' and Julie suddenly blushed, confused to find herself thinking about her smart superior in such a way, as her thoughts skittered away from that image to a greater anxiety: '.

oh, shit, I hope I'm doing OK, I really do want to stay on here . oh, surely I've been doing OK, haven't I?' As Julie came back to earth, she started to catch on to her boss's conversation. It didn't sound like a business call exactly, or at least not an external one. 'Hmm, yes, I've got her in here now . yes, it's fine, she looks good, really . yeah, cute, very nice .' Ms. Fenton suddenly uncrossed her legs and leaned forwards, looking Julie in the eyes and pointing the pen in her right hand directly at the young probationer, transfixing the pretty blonde in her chair.

The manager's knees were pressed together but her feet in their expensive stiletto heels swung apart, her right toe tapping impatiently on the sandalwood floor.

The woman continued: '. yes, oh yes, I think she could have quite a future here, with us .' A tidal wave of relief washed through Julie, leaving her a little light-headed.

'. once she knows how to perform, of course, when she's learned our particular ways .' Julie wondered what that might mean, but she realised that she had not been at the company long, only just over a month, and of course every line of business and every company had its own methods.

From the occasional sideways glances of the permanent staff, she had realised there were secrets that she was not being told, matters she was not included in no one had been in the least unfriendly or rude, and Julie was smart enough to realise that this reserve was natural, until her own status became clear: was she going to be there long-term, was she going to become 'one of us'? She hoped so, oh!

she did really hope so . especially as she liked the other women here, and particularly Lise-Jo, who was only a couple of years older than her and worked at a desk nearby, hmm, yes, she admired and liked Lise-Jo a lot, in fact maybe she had a bit of a crush on her . and so it was at this very moment, of all moments, that Julie suddenly realised that her feelings for cute bubble-butt Lise-Jo were a lot more than just friendly, in a way she hadn't felt since those, mmm, those wild nights with Sandra, her first-year college room-mate the first girl to make a pass at her, and into whose arms and bed Julie had leapt as fast as if someone had fired a starting gun for the 100 metres hurdles.

It had been a wonderful, exhilarating, liberating experience (and the sex had been fucking amazing and amazing fucking too!) for five months, but then that statuesque black bitch from Atlanta had swept Sandra off her feet and right out of Julie's life .

and that had hurt, more than she'd cared to admit at the time. She had lost confidence in herself sexually, and instead had funnelled all of her energies into her studies, becoming a real boring book owl . but it had paid off in one way: she had graduated the top student of her year, and that had got her noticed and interviewed for this job. So maybe she could start again, maybe venture into the girl-girl dating whirlpool again, maybe with pretty Lise-Jo it might work out .

They say that nothing is coincidence, and Julie's unconscious mind had tuned in to the right wavelength much quicker than her conscious one . had tuned into to a station called Sapphic FM (with FM meaning femme, and femmes only). Julie hadn't really noticed until now that several of the twelve silver buttons that ran vertically up the front of Ms. Fenton's black leather skirt were undone that wasn't unusual in itself, of course, because the garment was intended to be worn with the bottom two or three buttons undone (four perhaps, if you were daring, like Ms.

Fenton), that was an intended part of its sexy 'now you catch a glimpse, now you don't' style. But her boss must have been sitting there with five or six of the buttons already undone when Julie had entered the room, and since then she had unobtrusively undone at least two more, so that only the top four were still fastened.

With her legs crossed and her knees tightly together, this hadn't been apparent but now, now, Ms. Fenton swung those slim knees slowly apart, using her right hand to ease the skirt away from her thighs so that it fell open to each side. Julie gulped, for suddenly she was looking straight up her boss's legs, in the most unmistakeably sexual way. Ms. Fenton was wearing sheer black traditional-style stockings (of course, so classy!), above which was a contrasting expanse of pink smooth and trim inner thigh and then a full-on display of the front of her panties.

And, what panties! These were a skimpy triangular scarlet thong, of such fine lace and gauze weave that the vertical line of the woman's fully-shaven vagina was clearly visible through them. Their thin gusset was pulled up tight, cutting a camel-toe groove at the base of her pussy-slit, and for one wild moment Julie suddenly thought with envy 'fuck, that must be getting her off she's been grinding on that, she must be all hot and wet down there, however fucking cool she looks up top'.

With her face flushed, her mouth partly open and her eyes wide in surprise, Julie tore her gaze away from her manager's cunt, and looked upwards. Ms. Fenton was smiling now the knowing smile of one who sees realisation dawn on the young woman they are seducing, realisation and no real resistance. Without any hesitation or pause, the older woman continued her dialogue on the telephone.

'Yes, I think she's getting on-message right now . mmm, I think she's gonna be good . yeah, sure . I'll let you know how it goes . such a cute babe, if she's willing, I'm sure we'll want to keep her on .

yeah, if she scores well, I'll call you down, honey .

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then you can do your "confirmation review" right on the spot, if you like .' Ms. Fenton then laughed out loud, a rich husky sound that sent a shiver of anticipation racing down Julie's spine: 'Oh, you do like? You're a hot bitch, you know that . but then, that's why I love you!' The manager laughed throatily again, blew a kiss into the phone, and signed off: 'Ciao, babe . I'll call you back'.

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It suddenly clicked with Julie who Ms. Fenton was talking to it could only be Ms. Hartensen, the owner of the whole company! And, of course, they were clearly lesbians . and lovers, too . in fact, it sounded like they lived together, but also enjoyed fucking their employees . shit, how many of their employees? There were maybe thirty women in all, ranging from those just older than Julie to three in their 40s, who like Ms. Hartensen were enviously well-kept and trim of figure.

All of them? Shit, no! . or . maybe . Jesus! . yes? That would explain many of the sideways looks that Julie had been getting . were some of the other women sizing her up as a possible fuck-buddy, once the boss-lady and her deputy-lover had tasted the new package first?


Yes, now it all made sense, those strange under-currents, exchanges of glances, and the way Lise-Jo had responded so positively to Julie's recent hesitant suggestion of going out for a drink together or maybe catching a movie, saying eagerly that she'd love to but then contradictorily adding 'in a couple of weeks', and then warmly wishing Julie 'all the best' for her performance review .

now Julie understood why the hot minx had squeezed her arm earlier that afternoon and had huskily advised her to 'go for it . don't hesitate, babe, when the moment comes, just go for it'. Ms. Fenton picked up the pen again in her right hand and tossed her head, her waves of dark hair falling down her back.

But it was her left hand that drew Julie's attention like a powerful magnet . as the older woman put the phone down, spread her legs unbelievably wide apart, pushed her thumb inside the gusset of her panties, and then pulled the crotch sideways exposing her naked pussy to full view! 'Well, Julie', she said, looking boldly at the young trainee, 'this is your review .

so, do you want to perform, or not?' The manager's voice almost purred, like the sleek cat that she was, as she concluded: 'show me what you can do .' Julie floundered, stammering incoherently. It wasn't that she objected, not at all she knew that, whilst she was kind of bisexual (having had boyfriends for brief spells from time to time), that it was women who really turned her on the most, really got her wet and hot .

and her manager, and even more Ms. Hartensen, were just the sort of powerful older women she had always fantasised about as a teenager, plunging a deodorant tube as an improvised dildo in and out of her pussy until she came. It was just so unexpected . though really, why she hadn't seen this coming, she couldn't now understand!

Ms. Fenton took pity for a moment, and explained: 'Julie, dear, your work is just fine, there are no issues there . but we do need to be sure that you would fit in with the company ethos . you see, and I guess now you do see, we're all lesbians here, from Erika [this was Ms. Hartensen] down to the most junior. And we like it that way, though not everyone's a swinger, and Erika and I respect that .

some of the women are in couples, with a long-term partner here or elsewhere, and that's fine, they can join in the fun or not just as they like . but the rest of us, we sure do have fun outside of working time, of course, though Erika and I know there's often some quick fucking going on in the restroom at lunchtime, we don't mind if you want to eat pussy and not pastrami!

[here she laughed at her own joke, and Julie smiled weakly, still poleaxed by the turn of events] But outside of working hours, our staff do tend to see a lot of each other [Ms. Fenton arched an eyebrow, making clear the double-entendre that this meant seeing a lot of each other's naked bodies too], and Erika and I like to entertain regularly at our house, we love threesomes, foursomes and more, with different women, kind of in rotation .

you'll love it, don't worry, we just have a fantastic time, and everyone is happy and works so well together, and so the company works well too!' 'Oh, yeah', Ms.

Fenton added as an after-thought, 'and Lise-Jo wanted me to tell you that she thinks you're luscious, you make her panties wet every day, and once you're "in", she's gonna be in you next, she's got her best strap-on all ready and lubed up for your tight pussy!' Julie gasped in delight, and let herself be swept away into this exhilarating vortex of lesbian lusts . it was what she truly longed for, and her boss could see the acceptance and desire in the young trainee's face.

Ms. Fenton's expression was now more dominant, and her look was as hard as the nipples that chafed stiffly inside her bra cups. As she had been speaking, her fingers had been rubbing her pussy lips, and now she spread her labia apart, showing the pink valley between. The older woman was now thoroughly aroused, hot with desire for the sweet and innocent-looking young blonde, and eager to get her hands and mouth on the impressive pair of breasts that had been so temptingly trawled in front of her in the cute girlish halterneck dress at Julie's interview.

Breathing harshly through her nostrils, the manager jerked open her red silk shirt to reveal the whore-house style bra beneath, a shiny scarlet half-cup topped with frilly black lace. The manager's skirt was now rucked up completely around her waist, and with a savage tug she pulled the crotch of her panties further aside, and snapped: 'So, c'mon, you little bitch don't just sit there, swinging those surfer-babe tits at me!

It's show and tell time, show and tell you can either go down, or get out! If you wanna stay, eat my cunt, bitch, and eat it good!

Julie snapped out of her transfixed state, galvanised not only by the cracking note of authority in her boss's voice, but also by the rising flood of her own lesbian lust, all the more a raging torrent for having been dammed up for so long. At once, acting on the earlier advice of the hot new girlfriend whom she had apparently just acquired, to 'go for it', Julie fell onto her knees and crawled forward on all fours like an eager puppy under Ms. Fenton's desk, homing in like a missile on her target the sweet scent and vivid sight of her boss's naked pussy.

'Oh! Oooh, yes, oh! Ms. Fenton please, yes, me yes, yes! I do, I wanna so much to . oh, God, you're so hot, ooh, your pussy, so fucking its hot!' gasped Julie, her syntax near to incoherence, but her meaning crystal clear.

Reaching her goal in an instant, the young woman gripped one of Ms. Fenton's thighs in each hand, and her rambling words were cut off in mid-flow as she plunged her mouth down onto her boss's cunt. Julie began vigorously to lick and lap at the widening gash, squirming her tongue in as deep as it would go, and then surging and slurping up and down the deep wet pink chasm.

Ms. Fenton gave a satisfied moan and leant back in her desk chair, pushing her pussy further forwards into Julie's face. The manager pulled the cups of her black lace and red satin bra violently downwards, so that her firm breasts spilled out, and then she seized her own nipples and savagely squeezed them.

As Julie's questing tongue found its target of Ms. Fenton's clitoris, the older woman gasped with pleasure. She grasped the back of Julie's head with one hand, and ground the willing trainee's nose and teeth into her capacious cunt. Julie braced herself against Ms. Fenton's widespread thighs, snatched a quick breath, and then curled her tongue for added rigidity and speared it into her boss's vaginal hole. To her satisfaction, she heard Ms. Fenton take a sharp intake of breath, and felt a rippling shudder run through the woman's pelvis.

The manager began to shift and squirm on her chair, her head lolling backwards and her eyes glassily half-closed, as she savoured every second of her heightening arousal. She began to give soft gasps and whimpers, intermingled with instructions to Julie to suck harder, go deeper even to bite her, yes, to bite her clit!

Well, Julie was always a willing worker, and she did not hesitate to follow her boss's orders she found the older woman's engorged and surprisingly prominent clitoris, sucked the nub between her lips, and then closed her front teeth to press against it not exactly quite biting, but a pressure sharp enough to mix an acid undercurrent of pain with the burgeoning erogenous pleasure.

The outcome was convulsive. Ms. Fenton's hands left her breast and Julie's head to clutch at the edge of her desk with a vice-like grip, as intense orgasmic convulsions exploded in her pelvic region and surged volcanically through her nervous system. The mature manager gave vent to an ululating wail as she came, and a dousing of watery cum-juice splattered Julie's nose, cheeks and chin.

'Well .' said Ms. Fenton, once her panting breaths had slowed enough to make speaking possible, 'well . well done, Julie, that was good, in fact very good. On that performance, I feel sure that you will be offered a permanent position here which I very much hope that you want [at which Julie nodded eager affirmation] that's good then, very good.' 'Now, there is one final stage', continued the lithe and sexy manager, 'as perhaps you have guessed from my phone call?' Julie nodded again, scarcely able to conceal her amazement at such good fortune after all, for a girl who was attracted to powerful and experienced older women, Ms.

Fenton was real hot but Ms. Hartensen was off the top of the temperature gauge completely! 'Ooohh!' she whispered in excitement, 'you mean, you really mean . Ms. Hartensen checks everyone out? I mean, she really wants to fuck me? . ooooh, wow! that's amazing, oooh, yeah!' Ms.

Fenton smiled with pleased delight at the new girl's sudden sapphic eagerness, and picked up the phone, jabbing the buttons for a three-figure internal extension. It was answered almost at once, and Ms. Fenton came straight to the point in bringing her lover and the company CEO up to date. 'As I thought', the manageress said with a satisfied grin, 'she's a hot little lez, no question ate me out with no hesitation, and really well too .


maybe she's not done much fucking recently, but her instincts are right-on, which is all that matters. So, honey, you wanna come down and grab some peachy blonde ass, otherwise known as your "confirmation review"? Hmmm? Yeah? Oh, OK, I guess if you really need to finish that off . no, no, it's fine, hon, I'll keep Julie busy till you can get down here and join us . but don't take too long, you'll miss too much fun . and those advertising proofs don't absolutely have to be checked today, y'know?

Yeah, OK, good kisses, kisses, see ya real soon!' After putting down the handset back on its cradle, Ms.

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Fenton looked at Julie with amusement. 'Well, sweet thing, it seems that we need to fill in a little time Erika's always so conscientious, when she's started a bit of work she hates to leave it unfinished but, hey, we should complain? That's how she made this company what it is! So, to fill in time . yes, I think I'll fill you!' Ms. Fenton rose smoothly to her feet, and removed both her skirt and her top, folding them neatly over the back of her chair.


Then, as Julie gazed in admiration at her svelte figure, she stripped her damp panties down her legs, and tossed them into the corner of the room, followed immediately by her bra. Now naked apart from her shoes (oh! those so fucking hot shoes!), stockings and suspender belt, the manageress strolled like a jungle cat over to the filing cabinet, opened its top drawer, and removed a plain cardboard box. Julie gasped when Ms.

Fenton opened it, and took out the unmistakeable shape of a strap-on dildo harness. Looking at the young probationer as she buckled it around her waist and hips, Ms. Fenton gave a sultry smile, and murmured: '. never leave home without it .' The young blonde had not moved from where she had been kneeling to eat her boss's cunt, but now she obeyed Ms.

Fenton's pointed direction, and crawled round to the open space in front of the desk, where she remained on her hands and knees, her legs spread slightly apart. 'Good girl, good girl, I see you know the drill . so now, I drill you!' laughed the manageress. Actually, this had been Julie's favourite position during her short sapphic education at the hands, mouth and cunt of her college room-mate. She was much more of a bottom than a top, though not entirely submissive and certainly with no inclination to the S&M or bondage scenes .

well, OK, maybe a bit of light bondage and role-play would be fun, with the right person, she thought . someone like Ms. Fenton, for example, or . and she nearly orgasmed from this further hot mental image . someone like Ms. Hartensen! Lost in that stunningly erotic fantasy, her butt naturally perked itself outwards and upwards, parting her vaginal opening, just at the right moment for Ms. Fenton to grasp her hips and thrust deeply into her. After a few deep hard penetrations from her boss's strap-on phallus, sweat was sheening on Julie's back and flanks, her round sexy ass was quivering, and she felt as if electric bolts were exploding in her pussy.

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She began to give guttural gasps, groaning in between her sharp indrawn pants of breath. Ms. Fenton was indeed drilling the novice lesbian harder and deeper than she had ever known was possible, and driving her busty young employee to paroxysms of ecstasy. Julie had lost every inhibition and was slapping at the sandalwood floor wildly with one hand and screaming out imprecations to be fucker harder and still harder, when from the corner of her eye she saw the door open and a pair of immaculate white boots come into view.

Shuddering and gasping, almost on the cusp of the biggest orgasm she had ever known, the young woman squinted upwards, as Ms. Fenton paused for a moment in the rapid staccato rhythm of her shaftings of the tasty blonde's well-lubricated pussy.

Julie moaned, and immediately climaxed with convulsive force, her pelvis quivering and her hips juddering, for she had just seen a vision surely sent from sapphic heaven and from what a perspective as well!

Ms. Hartensen had decided it was time to join the action, and had come prepared to do so. Gone was the classically elegant pale blue silk wrap dress that she had been seen in earlier, although she had retained the chic white plastic knee-high boots that had set it off.

She was also wearing opaque white traditional stockings held up by a tiny lacy suspender belt (Julie learned later that almost all of the women in the firm favoured such stockings, as they made the removal of panties if worn at all the work of a second), and her full but slightly sagging 34D cup breasts were displayed to best advantage in an underwired three-quarter cup white silk bra.

All this worked so well because Ms. Hartensen, despite her Teutonic name, had ancestors from southern Austria who had intermarried with the Italians from the adjacent Tyrol region, so she had a slight and sleek hint of the Latina about her: just a touch of brown to her skin tone, deep dark hazel eyes, and jet black hair which was neatly trimmed around her ears and clipped to just above her collar.

The final touch, however, was the other black item in her appearance an intimidatingly huge strap-on, with a black leather harness and a long fat and ribbed plastic dildo. With Ms.

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Fenton's rod still buried to its hilt in Julie's cunt, Ms. Hartensen knelt down and reached under Julie's chest to cup and squeeze her ample tits, murmuring her appreciation of not just their size, but their near-perfect globular roundness and their firm youthful resilience. 'Just as we thought, dear', said the company owner with a warm smile, 'you will be such an asset to our little company you've shown that you work really hard and efficiently, you have such a nice helpful manner, and in addition you're gonna be such a cutie to fuck, with your tight round tush and these lovely ripe titties!' As she said this, the mature CEO brushed her thumbs expertly across both of Julie's nipples, sending an explosive tingling burst radiating out from each nipple.

Ms. Hartensen smiled with satisfaction and nodded at her deputy and long-time lover, and in perfect synchronisation the company owner squeezed Julie's breasts and twisted her nipples, whilst the young woman's immediate manager rocked her hips backwards, withdrew the dildo almost completely, and then slammed it forwards with convulsive force.

Julie gave a cracked and hoarse scream, her head rearing backwards, as a second orgasm ripped through her. Then her sweaty palms lost their purchase on the smooth wooden floor and her whole upper body flopped downwards, her tits smacking wetly on the sandalwood blocks and her ass helplessly thrust into the air, as she came with such explosive intensity that she would have collapsed entirely if the two older women had not already got a firm grip on her.

Julie's eyes were tightly-closed, and her nostrils flared and her half-open mouth blew bubbles of saliva as she gasped for breath, her flanks heaving and quivering but her sweat-sheened face bore an expression of dazed wonder and utter bliss.

The two older women exchanged glances which mingled mutual affection, amusement and accomplishment for they quite rightly took pride in the very visible evidence of their sexual capability: the well-fucked big-titted young woman who was now sprawled submissively on the floor at their feet. Ms. Fenton slowly withdrew the dildo from Julie's cavity, making the young blonde gasp and shudder as she did so, and then moved to one side to allow the CEO to replace her.

For a moment, Ms. Hartensen ran her hands over Julie's hips and ass, admiring the girl's curvaceous figure and firm young flesh. Then she positioned herself in line with the base of Julie's vagina, and thrust into her with the black dildo. It was wider and longer than Ms. Fenton's, and wickedly ribbed as well.

For a moment, Julie wondered if she could take it and then, for a heart-stopping second of panic, that if she couldn't, would she fail the test, and be thrown out of this new-found lesbian coven?

But she was so aroused and her pussy already so widened and slick with her cum, that, although she winced a little, Ms. Hartensen's dildo slid in without too much trouble.

However, it filled the young blonde in ways that she never thought possible, and even small movements had effects that this tightness magnified a dozen times over. Julie emitted a series of snorts through her nose for her mouth was clamped tight shut in a escalating pitch, as she rose to her own crescendo.

She was babbling, but so incoherently that it was only possible to make out a word or two here and there: '. fuck . do . come, I'm . ohmigod . cum me . yes, no . now, fuck . NOW! NOW!!!' and with the last of these, she screamed and climaxed simultaneously, with sweat dripping from her face and her blonde hair now dishevelled and tangled. The company owner and her deputy manager were far from finished however, and in any case Julie was such a delightful morsel that they could not resist her bushy-tailed innocent charms.

The two older women rolled Julie over onto her back, and stopped for a second to admire their newest employee's magnificent chest, for her bountiful breasts were thrust up into the air as prominently and firmly as they had previously dangled below her chest.

By the unspoken communication that passes between long-term lovers, each of the older women devoted herself to one of Julie's tender titties, cupping a breast around its base with their warm hands, kneading the soft flesh like bread dough, and teasing the nipple with their sharp teeth.

Julie shuddered and moaned from the electrifying effects which resulted, and she arched her back and spread her hips wide open in response to the erogenous stimulus.

Ms. Hartensen saw this in her peripheral vision, and without taking her attention or her devouring mouth away from Julie's right breast, the sexy mature woman reached downwards with her left hand and thrust two fingers into her newest employee's vagina, feeling the young woman's open wetness.

As Julie was entered again, and knowing that it was her powerful and commandingly-sexy ultimate boss who was probing her pussy, she shuddered and moaned with sensory overload, and then her pelvis spasmed again with another flushing orgasm. To her amazement, and Ms. Hartensen's delight, Julie's juddering vaginal muscles squirted a steam of her cum-juices in a little fountain that sprayed for several inches out from her hole something that the young woman had never done before, or even imagined that she was capable of.

'Well done, Julie!' breathed Ms. Hartensen in appreciation, 'you are performing well, very well indeed! I think there can be no doubt of the positive outcome ha, ha!, "out-come", oh, sorry about the pun, I couldn't resist it yes, really no doubt at all .

but, just as a final formality, I always ask a girl to do something for me as confirmation . something she is specially suited for .' Ms.

Hartensen then gave Julie's breast another maul, and continued: '. and I know just what will do perfectly in your case, my dear oh, yes, I do!' With that, Ms. Hartensen removed her strap-on and lay down on the floor herself, on her back, and spread her legs wide apart. She instructed Julie to kneel between her parted thighs, and then to rub her breasts against the older woman's meaty pussy, pressing the soft flesh against her and thrusting her prominent nipple under Ms.

Hartensen's clitoral hood and then against the nub of her clitoris. As Julie does this, Ms. Fenton squatted over her boss and lover's face, lowering her cunt for the avid attentions of Ms. Hartensen's agile tongue, and in turn reaching behind her back to haul the older woman's impressively-firm breasts out of their bra cups and give them a mauling massage. Julie was incredibly turned on by this lesbian triangle, and used the hand which was not forcing her firm breasts into Ms.

Hartensen's slit to finger her own clit, squeezing its nub. Whether it was the pure chance of beginner's luck or good instincts, all three women climaxed at the very same moment, their wails and cries of sexual triumph and release making a cacophonous three-part harmony. It was a good omen indeed, they all decided, as the exhausted Julie rolled sideways from the satisfied bodies of her two bosses.

Ms. Fenton rose to her feet first, looking down at their latest lesbian initiate with fondness as well as the smouldering embers of lust. She held out her hand, first assisting Julie to clamber upright and then almost to collapse back into the office chair across from the manager's desk where all this had begun, Julie saw with astonishment from the clock on the wall, less than an hour ago! But what changes, what accomplishments, and . oh! what a future now lay ahead!

The company owner came to stand behind Julie's chair, and reached down for another admiring fondle of the young woman's magnificent breasts at which, with a wild moan, Julie spread her legs apart again. From where she was still kneeling on the floor. Ms. Fenton smiled at the enticing invitation of cunt which was almost being thrust in her face, but with a smile she contented herself simply with dipping her index finger half an inch into Julie's slit, and running it nimbly up and down several times, causing the pretty blonde to shiver on the brink of another orgasm.

Ms. Fenton shook her head, leaned forwards and kissed Julie gently on the lips, and said: 'We have to get on our way home now this has been lovely, just delightful, but we've got a couple of friends coming for dinner this evening .' 'and they'll be coming in the bedroom, afterwards, too', interjected the company CEO with a lascivious laugh. '. just so', acknowledged her deputy, 'so we need to leave now, and keep some energy for pussy-pumping later.' Then she looked shrewdly at the slumped form of Julie, who was both physically exhausted and mentally exhilarated.

Coming to a decision, Ms. Fenton reached for her phone and dialled an outside number, whilst saying: 'Honey, you're in no shape to go out onto the streets on your own. I'm calling Lise-Jo, and she'll come and fetch you in her car . and I think she'd like to do that, take you back to her place and give you some tender loving care.' The manager raised one eyebrow interrogatively, and added, leaving the question in the air, 'if you'd like that, of course?' 'Oh!

oooh, YES!' responded Julie, thrilled to the core, and ready and willing to do just anything that sweet cute Lise-Jo might want of her, absolutely anything at all; 'Oh! yes, please please do!!' If you enjoyed this, check out my other stories . you might like them too . (to find them, follow the author link at the top of this story)