Lecken Füße und haarige Muschi femaleagent)

Lecken Füße und haarige Muschi femaleagent)
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I had left my window slightly open, it was hot and I didn't want to leave my air conditioner on.


I only heard the click of my window shutting, I heard no one opening the window, no one climbing through the window, and no foot steps to my bed. The next thing I knew there were hands all over my body. I didn't know how many at the time but it felt like they covered every inch of me, from my feet to my thighs to fingers running through my hair.

As a chill ran up my spine I tried to scream for help, but a rough hand covered my mouth and I felt a heavy weight fall on my legs, before I got as much as a sound out.

Different hands, softer hands were then around mine as I tried to claw for something to defend myself with, a lamp my phone anything. I hit the light switch in my panic for something and caught a brief glimpse of the person on top of me. It was a man, late 20's, dark hair and skin, he pushed my head to the side before I could see anything more of him. He yelled at his accomplice for the blindfold. As they did this I got my hands free and dug my fingernails into the hand covering my mouth and holding my head down.

I managed to kick the man off me, he fell to the ground, I got to my feet to run to the door but the other person, a woman, long blonde hair and tanned skin, caught my foot. This time I scream, and I screamed loud.


The man got up and grabbed me, lifted me with no struggle and threw me onto the bed, he got a knife out of his pocket and held it to my throat and told me if I tried anything like that again I would have scars and he laughed as he put it on my night stand. They got the rope next and tied my feet and hands to each of my bed posts so I was spread eagle on my bed. Then the blindfold went on. This was the scariest moment as I didn't know what they were doing, I couldn't see them, they weren't touching me so I couldn't feel them, they weren't talking so I couldn't hear them.

I was completely alone, and completely vulnerable.

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I don't know how long I was like this. I felt a hand crawling up my thigh it felt like the mans but I cant be sure, I felt it crawl from just above my knee up the inside of my leg stopping just before it hit my panties, and then someone gently bit my nipple and began to suck, flicking it with their tongue then sucking it again. I was torn between excitement and terror as the hand that was crawling up my thigh moved again and reached pussy and very gently caressed it, I was sure then that it was the man.

He applied a little bit more pressure and stroked. He would have had to have felt the moisture that was beginning to gather down there, it made me feel sick knowing that these people were turning me on, knowing that I had no control and they could, and would, do whatever they wanted to me and there was nothing that I could do about it.

He started to pull at my panties and they dug into me.

He tugged them again and I wasn't sure what he was doing because my legs were tied he couldn't get them off then I heard a rip, he had just torn them apart, he must have ripped them at the crouch cause I could feel him pulling them up to my stomach and I felt the wetness on the torn area that my excitement had caused. I began to cry and they laughed I asked them why, they replied that I was the lucky one. I wasn't sure if this was true or not.

His tongue was on the lips of my pussy next and I shuddered, this time with excitement, he traced them up and down, I could feel my hips moving with his hands in anticipation, I knew he was either going to fuck me or lick me and I couldn't wait. My pussy started to ache with hunger for something, the pressure was building and I wanted some sort of release, his tongue parted my lips and hit my clit he flicked it and sucked it as he inserted 2 fingers into my pussy, while the woman began to kiss my neck, I could feel her breath and it made me feel even more aroused.

He started flicking my clit and sucking it quicker and harder and I felt like I was about to cum, I was trying to hold back, I didn't want him to have the satisfaction of making me cum, but he must have heard me breathing harder and as much as I tried to suppress my moans the woman definitely would have heard them, she obviously didn't want be to cum then, or maybe at all, because I felt her pull away and heard a slap and heard her say it was her turn.

Then she was on top of me working her way to put her pussy over my face, it was wet, I had never licked a woman before, so I tried just licking her the best I could. She must have been getting frustrated because she pinched my nipples and held my head still. She told me to stick my tongue and pinched it and pulled it so it wasn't just hanging out of my mouth then she sat back over me and started to move her hips over my tongue back and forth, I got the rhythm she was moving her hips to and started to wriggle my tongue back and forth and she stopped moving her hips.

She started to moan so I moved my tongue quicker over her clit. And she grabbed my breasts hard. So I slowed down a little and she slapped them. So I stopped and she slapped me again, it was nice to know that I had a little bit of control at this moment, but I started to lick her again anyway, as I got quicker she started to breathe heavier and moan and eventually she came, nearly falling on me in the process but I didn't stop I started to move my tongue as quick as I possibly could, and her whole body shuddered and shake I could feel her trying to keep steady.

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She was moaning and wriggling all over the place, and it was hard to keep a track of her clit but it didn't take long for her to come again, except this time she didn't stay where she was for long. I hadn't been paying attention to what the man was doing and next thing his cock was inside me, it was thick and hard and felt good sliding in and out, he pumped hard and my head banged against the wall, the woman did not like this. She untied my arms and legs they sat me up and put me on top of him and lent me back, she sat behind me and moved my hips, she knew what he liked and forced me to do it.

He rubbed my clit, a bit too hard but it still felt good.

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She grabbed the knife and showed it to me and said be good, he pulled out and I thought it might be over but they were just getting comfortable. He sat up at the other end of my bed, back to the wall, and she pushed me towards him, I sat on his cock and it felt good going in. he held me close and bounced me up and down, I could feel myself getting close to orgasm and he must have felt it to as he pulled out and said no not yet.

I felt my pussy quiver as he put his cock all the way in and pulled it all the way out over and over. He was just teasing me and it was driving me crazy.

Slowly in, and slowly out.

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It was too much so I pushed my hips towards him and started to wriggle back and forth quickly. He didn't like me taking any control and pushed me back and flipped me onto my stomach. I felt a weight on my back as the woman was laying on my back, he was fucking her then hard and fast he must have been playing with her clit because it didn't take her long to orgasm and having a woman laying on top of me orgasming was not something I ever thought I would experience but it was an incredible feeling.

He was kissing her and whispering something in her ear that I couldn't quite hear and she giggled. She got off me and pulled me up so I was now on my hands and knees. I couldn't wait to be fucked by him again his dick was thick and he knew just how to use it, but then I felt some moisture around my ass and started to panic. He shoved it in hard and fast and rough, I sat up and tried to get away, this wasn't fun anymore, it hurt it burned.

He kept me sat up and pulled me close to his chest and fondled my breasts and pinch my nipples, he kissed me on the neck at the same time.

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I wasn't sure if he was doing this to distract me from the pain, to stop me from wriggling or just because he wanted to.

He kept fucking my arse though and the pain didn't subside as he got quicker and harder. I started to cry the pain was that bad. I wanted this all to be over and started to scream stop when the woman started kissing me hard on the mouth, and shoving her fingers into my pussy. That helped me forget the pain a little bit. She moved and he pushed me back down and flipped me onto my back and shoved his cock back into my pussy and played with my clit he was pumping hard and fast and it didn't take long for me to get close to an orgasm, he pumped harder and harder, faster and faster, then I felt something across my neck and I couldn't breathe.

This was when he really shoved it in and out as fast as he could. All I could think was that they were trying to kill me.


Then I started to feel something building inside of me. Something I had never felt before. It was the most explosive orgasm I have ever had, it seemed to last forever. Then nothing. I woke up several hours later, my body was sore and I could barely breathe, I felt like I had been in a boxing ring, but when I tried to stand to grab the phone the rush of that last blast of pleasure hit me again and I had to sit down and think, who were those people that gave me the best orgasm of my life.