Me watching bids and playing

Me watching bids and playing
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I was just out for a walk when i was aproched by two guys and asked if i had a smoke, i said sorry i dont smoke a started to walk away.


Everything seemed ok as thay walked away as well. About 10 min latter i herd some sounds behind me and turned to see the same two guys behind me.

I got scared and started to walk alittle faster (but walking in high heals is not an easy thing to do ). The guys kept up with me and soon i was in the park by the river. It was not very well lite.

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One guy said hold up for a min baby, we just want to talk. I was scared but had no where to hide, so i stoped. They asked if i wanted to go back to there place and smoke a joint.

I dont smoke i said, but they blocked my path so i said can i go now. The biger guy grabed me by the arm and said listen you bitch all i want is a head so start suckin, i looked down as he unziped his pants. I thought if they found out my seceret they would kick the shit out of me so i went with it as he pushed me down in front of him. He was not hard yet but was starting to get hard. He grabed me by the hair and pulled me to his cock, I just opened my mouth and started to suck, it was warm on my tounge and spungy and tasted great.

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His friend was geting hard so he droped his pants and steped forward to get some of my mouth too. I had never sucked two cocks at once but thought this is my chance so i sucked both of them at the same time, first one then the other. I continued to switch back and forth for atleast ten min,then the smaller guy said im gona fuck you good now bitch.

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I got real scared and stoped and said no i cant, its my time of the month. He said for fuck sake man just pull you skirt up and let me at that ass.

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I said i have never been fucked in the ass before besides you dont want me becouse im a guy. The bigger one said what did you say. I repeted my self and thought here it comes, hes gona kill me but he just stood there for a second and then said well you got my dick all hard now and you look like a girl so bend over.

That is when the other guy steped behind me and lifted my skirt to look, ya he is a guy kevin he said. kevin smaked his friend and said no names fuck head. kevin grabed me by the hair and said your still gona get fucked you know that right. Then the other guy grabed me by the hips and put his dick to my ass and said what the fuck is this as he pulled my but plug out with a poping slushy sound.

He through it to the ground and quickly replaced it with his cock. One quick thrust and he was all the way up may ass. it felt totaly great as he sawed in and out of my ass, I went back to work on the cock in front of me as his buddy went to town.


I was in total hevan then realized that kevin was going to want his turn at my ass soon and i was sure his cock was not gona fit as it was all of 9 inches long and atleast 2 and a half inches thick with a larger head at the top.

I was still sucking what i could of this cock and thought i was doing a good job, But i soon realized how good i was doing when his cock started to twich as he grabed me by the back of the head and shoved his cock all the way in my throught and started to fill my belly with his cum. I had never tasted another mans cum so sweet in my life.

He heald me there for about 10 seconds and then pulled his cock out of me mouth and was still spraying at my face when his friend pulled out of my ass and came on my back. kevin spoke first as he said i want your ass bitch and spun me around and fliped me over on my back. then he started to slip into my ass. He still had to fight to get the head in but when he did he pushed my legs over my head and started to fuck like a rabbit in heat.

It was hard for me to breath but i felt so full i dident care.


His buddy came over and knelt over my head so that when i looked up all i saw was his cock, balls and asshole, I opened my mouth and sucked on his balls and licked his asshole, This was somthing i have always dremped of as my ass is also sencitive.

This got him hard in no time and he then put his cock in my mouth.

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Kevin was starting to slow alittle as he was geting tired so i reached around and played with his balls as thay slaped agenst me, this turned him on and he picked up the pace to full steam ahead. So here i was in the middle of the park on a warm summers night dressed as a woman in a skirt, blouse, bra with brest forms, stockings and garder belt with 5 inch heals and all the makeup on my face geting fucked by two guys.

I could not see much untill the guy on my face came alover my face and pulled back alittle. That is when i saw a flashlight coming towards us, It was the police, The two guys got up and ran in to the trees.

I was busted for sure but the police man ran after them leaving me there to fend for my self. I waited untill he was gone then got up,fixed my skirt an took my heals off an ran the other direction.

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when i got home i showered jerked off and went to bed.