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Anal fuck for tattooed brazilian pretty bitch hardcore blowjob
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"Raped while I slept in my room, yeah right, who did you hook up with last night Teri? Signing to Sherry 'I'm not lying.

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Joe and his friend held me down in the basement and raped me!" Tears in my eyes as the look of disbelief on the face of my so called best friend tells me she doesn't believe my story.As if she can't help but see the bruises all over my arms, the dried cum on and between my thighs or the torn night gown I was wearing when I went to bed.

"Okay say I believe you, just how did they find you alone, in the basement dressed only in a nightgown?" How indeed!


My mind drifts back over the past two days as I begin to shake remembering the events I'm about to describe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sunday May 28th It began much like any other Sunday with my pillow alarm vibrating me awake at seven forty-five am, in time to watch "The Ernest Angley Hour" at eight.

I love the way he would bend down to a suppose deaf person and say 'bebe' after allegedly healing the damage ear. Wondered what he would do to someone what was mute like me!

Maybe make them swear on the telecast!" Just as the show credit were rolling the TTY flashes at the same time the wrist band starts to vibrate. Going to the keypad/ modem I see my bff Sherry Urston is calling to see If I wanted to spend Memorial Sunday at her place for a sleepover and Memorial day picnic leading to a firework show.

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I was so excited just to be asked since Sherry was about the only person who treated me like I wasn't handicapped, so of course I accepted. Of course it didn't hurt that her brother Joe would be there. Six foot of sculptured abs and muscles that I wouldn't mind painting in the nude if he was willing.

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We agreed that I would get to her place by noon,giving me three hours to pack an overnight bag consisting of a night gown, bikini a couple of t-shirts, couple pairs of shorts, some thongs and socks. Necessary toiletry items were put into a smaller bag and then into the overnight bag. When I'm ready I hop the bus and make it to the Urston's at 11: 58.


Pressing the doorbell, I wait then the door is opened by Joe and my knees start to shake. He moves his palm to the side of his head, folding his thumb in front of the other four fingers then moving it away from his head and smiling. In my mind 'oh my god he knows American Sign Language!' "Sherry told me you agreed to spend the weekend here so I thought I learn to at least sign hello!" What I nice thing to do is all i was thinking as Sherry came running down the front stairs.

Throwing her arms around me, hugging me and welcoming me before leading me up to her room.


Her room overlooks the backyard and most of the pool deck, where i just happen to notice Joe lounging shirtless. Sherry notices and follows my path of vision "Oh god not you too!"Shaking her head as I sign "What?" She shakes her head "Oh nothingjust that he as empty headed and a hand puppet is that's all!" "But what a body to hoist that empty head onto!" I sign only for Sherry to just shake her head and go "pshawww!

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As my eyes return to Joe's body wondering just what he looked like without his swim trunks on. As if sensing my thoughts, Sherry grabs my hand and leads me to Joe's room. Opening the door I see a six foot cutout of him shirtless and holding a protien shake canister.

I had no idea that he was a model, but seeing that made me want to have one for myself. Signing "Any chance I could get one for myself?" receiving the comment that I was hopeless!. After an hour we finally have her room ready for a two person sleepover so we retire out to the pool but by the time we get there Joe is back inside. For the next three hours we sunbathed, gossiped and watched video on our Iphones.

Inside I was hoping Joe would come back outside and join us, but he never did. Just as we were both laying there our bellies started to rumble so we when in to get something to eat.

Inside there was Joe with two friends in front of the TV watching the Indy500. Bottle of beer and bowls of chips on the coffee table "Gee Joe what did mom sy before she left this morning about keeping the living room clean?" huffing as she walk through to the kitchen "Relax Sher, Keith and Rob have manners to clean up their messes!" rolling his eyes at us but hitting his friends with a pillow across the sole of their shoes.

"Hey guys try to keep it clean will you so my little sis has nothing to blab to mum about!" In the kitchen Sherry, asked me to make a green salad as she started working on egg white omelets with white cheddar cheese.

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Just as I finish tossing the salad, I move to take it to the table as Keith butts the swinging door open knocking the bowl out of my hand. The bowl shatters on the floor and the salad joins the glass shards all over the place. "Hey look you done!" then holds the door open "Hey Joe can you believe this they're in her tossing lettuce all over the floor!" Joe comes in ,spotting a large shard of glass "What happened here?" he staring straight at me "Well i asked you a question!" Sherry jumps in "You stupid friend Keith just rammed the door open and knocked the bowl out of Teri's hand that's what and can the attitude, you know she's a mute!" I could tell he forgot and that he was trying to cover it up when he turned to Keith "Hey get the broom and dustpan and help clean up will you?" "Why it's the dummy's fault not mine?

Keith blurts out. "Just do it or you can get out!" then turning to Teri and taking her hand "Sorry I came off like I thought you did this!" Teri signs to Joe then stops turning red as she remembers he doesn't know sign language. Turning to Sherry signing for a few minutes. "Joe!, Teri wants you to know she's not offended by your question and wants you to know she feels partially responsible for what happened!" Sherry relays then adds a comment of her own "And I believe Keith owes Teri an apology!" Hearing that Keith tosses the broom to the floor and walks out making Joe say "I'll apologize for him, since he's not man enough to admit he's also at fault!" taking Teri's hand and brushing his lips to it before dropping it.

"Tell you what I'll take the guys down into the rec room, so neither of you two have to deal with us okay?" Sherry tells him that they were going up to her room for the rest of the night. So neither group of people intermingled with the other. Around ten Sherry and Teri change into their night gowns, Sherry donning a sport bar under her's while Teri goes commando. By eleven, Sherry is on her bed drifting off to sleep while Teri still had energy to burn.

Not to wake her friend Teri goes down to the living room determined to catch the Tonight Show before calling it a night. Quietly creeping down there is a muffled bang from somewhere below her. Wondering if she should go and get Sherry, Teri decides to check out thing first. Moving towards the dining room, going through it to the door leading to the basement and the rec room.

Opening itthe light flood out along with the sound of empty bottles spilling over, then laughter. Quietly Teri slowly goes down until she can see the back of two heads on the couch in front of a large screen TV, where a pornographic movie was playing.

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Behind the couch facing her a pile of empty beer bottles and chips, obivious what the last thing she heard was. Turning to go back up.

"Hey what's the rush pretty girl, come down and spend some time with us!?" Teri is grabbed in a armlock and forced down the steps. "Hey guys look who wants to party with us!"!

Rob brings her in front of the couch.

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"Well Dummy if you wanted some why don't you just say so!" Keith gets up and tries to kiss her on the lips by grabbing her chin. Touching her breasts through the thin fabric of her night gown. "Damn these feel nice, just got to see em!? Grabbing the neck of her gown and tearing down, ripping it open enough that it falls to the floor.

All three at one "God damn nice tits and pussy! Teri wants to scream out but she can't!

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Hoping beyond all hope that Sherry will wake up and notice her gone and come to find her as she's lifted onto the couch. Her legs pulled apart and Joe climbs between them. "Always wanted to know what a mute tastes like!" To be Continued