Nikky Blond nimmt einen massiven Schwanz

Nikky Blond nimmt einen massiven Schwanz
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Everyone in town knew my mom was a total slut, and she flaunted that fact pretty publicly too, considering how she rarely walked around the streets with her ass or tits hanging out of whatever outfit she may have been wearing at the time. My mom regularly also had people come over to our place where she'd fuck them out in view of anyone, including me, her 15 year old son, and my baby sister, her 13 year old daughter.

Apart from the obvious benefits of being able to rail my mom whenever I wanted to, one of the advantages to having such a whore for a mom was that she'd regularly fuck my teachers. It wasn't that I wasn't hard working or stupid, but it helped to get that extra boost when I wasn't the one doing any of the extra credit. Earlier in the week, my mom came by to do her rounds. I walked into gym class, and got changed, and when I walked out into the gym, I noticed my mom was standing there talking to Mr.

Thomas, my gym teacher, and being her regular flirty self. She was dressed in modified denim shorts that her ass was eating up, and what looked to be a netted pink tube top, with no bra. She had on a pair of massive red stripper pumps, as was her staple. Some of the guys were staring open mouthed at her, even though a bunch of them had already gotten head or fucked her at some point. "Hey hunny, how's school going?" my mom asked me with a smile, as she bent over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey ma, not too bad. You here to talk to the teachers?" I replied happily. "Yep, just gonna talk to Mr. Thomas when he's free." "ALRIGHT, guys, we're gonna be running 5 laps, and then you guys can run any team sport you want. I'm not gonna be able to supervise you, so I'm trusting y'all to keep it together and not do anything stupid, alright? Don't screw with me, or I'll hand it to you next class," Mr.


Thomas yelled to the class at large. "Hey Jason, come with us, alright?" Mr. Thomas told me in a soft voice as the scramble started up from the class to get their activity started.

He led us down to his office off the side of the gym, and locked the door as we got into his dingy little storage room converted to an office. "Alright, slut, on your knees, and suck me off," Mr.

Thomas ordered. He was a big black guy who fucked my mom once a month, and in exchange, I stayed on the soccer team, and continued getting a 90 in gym class without needing to do much work. Even though I was solid at soccer as it was, it was always nice to pimp my mom out for something or another. Mom fished out his cock from his gym shorts and started sucking on the massive hose. It never ceased to amaze me how mom could stuff his whole 9 inches down her throat, and lube it up with her throat slime.

While she was sucking him, I reached over, lowered her fishnet tube top, and peeled the jean shorts off her ass. Mr. Thomas was used to this, as this wasn't the first time that we'd double-teamed her in the office.

My mom had once even gangbanged the whole soccer team before a game to motivate us to win, and so became our unofficial mascot. My slutty mother sucked my gym teacher off and stuck her ass into the air, inviting a cock into her hungry pussy. I accepted the invite, and thrust myself roughly into her cunt, not bothering to take care or be gentle.

I fucked her roughly, while she moaned and slobbered all over Mr. Thomas's cock. She loved to suck black cock, since it was the only type that was most frequently able to stretch out her loose pussy. "Yea, suck my cock bitch. You suck cock good," Mr. Thomas said to my mom demeaningly. "Mmph, mmm, mmh," she mumbled while getting her throat fucked hard. "This bitch needs some double fucking. Let me get at her ass, kid!" And with that, I repositioned myself so I was under my mom, cock still buried deep into her pussy, and the coach got behind her and entered her ass with his massive black cock.

"Ooh, yea, get in there. Get in as deep as you can get, baby," my mom cooed. Coach and I drilled mom hard and fast, using her for all she was worth, while she moaned and writhed getting double penetrated by her son and her son's teacher. After 10 minutes of pounding into my mom, I could feel Mr. Thomas tense up and begin to come inside of mom's ass. "Brit, you are one sweet piece of ass. And kid, you're lucky as hell. This whore lives with you," the coach said as he pulled out of her ass.

He beat his rapidly deflating cock against her ass a few times and wiped off his cock slime on her ass cheek. I pulled out of my mom, pushed her over onto her back and knelt over her face as I jerked off my cock, aiming for her eyes.

I came on her face, covering her nose, forehead, and upper lip. Her black hair fell down her shoulders and a few stray strands fell into her face and stuck to the cum, while the rest of the cum dripped down her face giving her a truly cum covered look.

She got up and out from under me, fishnet top just below her tits, face and asshole dripping cum, pussy juice glistening on her thighs, and she stood up unsteadily on her stripper pumps. "Alright boys, thanks for the fun.

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I gotta finish up the rest of my rounds though," my mom said with a smile as she walked out of the office, not bothering to get dressed at all. Mr. Thomas and I both got our gym shorts on, and walked into the main gym to see my mom standing there in her freshly fucked glory, talking to a few of the guys in my class.

Her raven dark hair was slightly mussed up, cum still on her face, she giggled occasionally as some of the guys made her laugh. Her tits were on full display, bare ass still leaking cum. "What do you kids think you're doing?" yelled Mr. Thomas to the guys standing around ogling my mom.


"Leave the lady alone, and continue playing your game of basketball. She's got business to take care of." The guys backed away from my mom, and she gave them all a boner-inducing, cum-covered smile before leaving the gym and walking down the halls to go fuck whomever she next needed to. As soon as she left, a couple of the guys approached me and asked if they would be able to come over at some point after school to get their rocks off in my hot mother.

I told them that since she was doing rounds, she probably wouldn't be home any time soon, and that they could feel free to drop by any time during the week, or if they didn't mind taking my sister instead of my mom, they could come by today too.

The rest of the class went by without an incident, and by the time the day was over, I had a few other guys come up and ask me when my mother was available. I went to my locker to collect my things and began to make my way out, when I heard my name being called to go to the staff room by the intercom.

I made my way over to the staff room, and walked in without bothering to knock. I saw my mother in front of me, and clearly she had been getting fucked throughout the day. Her eye makeup was streaked down her face, eyes red and bloodshot. Her hair was mussed up, wet, sticking to her forehead, and looking very wet with a variety of fluids mixed into it.

She wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing outside of her red stripper heels, which she gripped with both hands as a cock sawed in and out of her asshole. Her big tits were still flopping on her chest, but they were covered in spit and cum, a pool of cum gathered in her navel, jiggling with every thrust of the cock into her bowels. Her face was slick and wet, and there was still chunky cum all over her face and upper body.

She had clearly been mixing the cum that was added to her skin throughout the day into her skin, making it a little difficult to gauge exactly how much cum she had collected throughout the day. She was lying down on a coffee table, a cock bobbing above her head which she had been sucking on prior to me walking into the room, at which point she'd looked up to see who came in. "Hey baby," she said panting, before bending her head back and vacuuming the cock into her mouth again.

She moaned around the cock, which belonged to the principal of my school, while one of the other teachers continued to fuck her ass. I sat down on one of the couches and waited for my mom to be done. While I waited, I took my phone out, snapped a couple pictures, and sent them to my sister. She sent me a text back saying that she'd be home pretty late, because she was going out with some of her friends, and to have fun. When the last two staff members had finally come inside my mom, they pulled out and put their clothes back on while my mom let go of her legs and just lay there recuperating and catching her breath from what had probably been a 3 hour marathon fuckfest.

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Eventually the whore decided to get up, and as she did, strings of cum stuck from her back to the coffee table. She looked around at me, smiled, and opened her mouth to show me the little pool of cum that she had in there. Then she spat it into her hands, tipped her head back, and poured the cum and spit mixture between her eyes, letting it run down on either side of her nose. "Time to go home baby," my mom said as she straightened out, and stretched her back out. I got up and followed her out of the room, observing her incredible naked body.

She clicked her red heels as she walked down the hall, cum and spit and sweat covering her body, hair messed up and soaked with cum in various parts.

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Her ass was still leaking cum, and there was a drip of cum coming out of her pussy, which swung from side to side, occasionally sticking to her thighs as she walked. We exited the school building without seeing anyone, and we walked across the parking lot to our car.

Mom unlocked the car and sat down in her driver's seat that was always covered in a plastic sheet since mom had a tendency to get cum on random places, and cleaning car seats once a week could be a little difficult. Mom started driving, making occasional small-talk about school, and how some of my teachers had mentioned that even without her occasional "talks" with them, I'd be doing well in class. I looked outside the car, and saw that we weren't going home. "Where are we going?" I asked.

"Oh, to the supermarket. I need to buy some bread and milk," she replied nonchalantly. I shrugged. If she didn't have a problem with being naked, and cum-covered, then there was nothing more to say about it. We got to the market, parked, and mom got out as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Despite the fact that I lived with her and regularly saw her lewd actions, she still managed to find ways to surprise me.

Our walk across the parking lot went by without incident, but once we got inside the supermarket, we started to get some attention from the other people around us. Mom picked up a shopping basket, and walked over to the bakery section, and deposited a loaf into her basket. I walked beside her proudly, and looked around at the people in the supermarket.

Since it was still just shortly after school let out, not too many people were out of the office yet so there weren't too many people who were at the market other than the employees and the occasional housewife doing some last minute shopping. "Hey mom, it looks like you have an audience.

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I guess these good people like what they see," I said with a sly smile as I winked at her. She looked around and saw some horrified expressions from the prudish housewives as they looked at her. "We should give them a show. Maybe they can learn a few things. I recognize a few of these ladies, and I'm sure they recognize me too, since they probably suspect I'm fucking their husbands. And some of their sons, if I'm right.

Pull out your cock, I'll show them how to suck dick properly," she said lewdly. I quickly pulled out my cock from my pants, and mom got on her knees. I'd been hard since watching her get fucked earlier, so it really didn't take me too long before I felt my balls tightening up. I looked around at the mothers and housewives who were standing around actually watching, and to my surprise saw a couple of them looking with approving glances.

I grunted to her, indicating that I was going to cum, and she pulled her mouth off my cock with a pop, quickly reached up into the shelves, pulled an apple down, and directed my cock at the apple.

I came all over it, while my mom sat there with a hungry look in her eyes as she saw my cum splatter on the shiny apply. When I'd finished, my mom stared at one of the ladies who had a disgusted look on her face and took a big bite out of the apple. Mom then got back up, I tucked my cock away, and mom picked up her shopping basket with the other hand and continued eating her cum apple as she walked up and down the aisles, inspecting various fruits as the cum on her skin from the fucking she'd received at school dried.

I decided to make things a little bit raunchier for mom while she continued to do her shopping for the benefit of her audience.

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I picked up what I was thinking of, and then walked over to my mom. "Hey bitch, face me and bend over," I commanded her. As she turned around to face me, and bent over, I lifted her chin to look up at me, and spat a gob into her face. She flinched a tiny bit, but didn't complain about the spit that was on one side of her face. "Now turn around.

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I want to see your ass." She turned and exposed her ass. I told her to grab her ankles, and as soon as she did, I used the cucumber I'd picked up, and stuck it into her pussy. I wiggled it around in there for a bit while my mom rocked back and forth trying to maintain her balance against my assault on her pussy with the vegetable.

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When I deemed that it had been in there long enough, I pulled the cucumber back out and stuck it forcefully into her ass. I shoved the cucumber halfway in, and left it there.

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"You can get back up and finish up your shopping now," I told her nastily. She grunted as she straightened out, and got a few more groceries into her basket. The whole time that she walked, the cucumber waved from side to side with every step, protruding from her ass comically. As I walked beside her, I would occasionally slap her ass or one of her tits as hard as I could, making a satisfying slapping noise and attracting the attention of anyone who still hadn't yet noticed my mom.

We finished up our shopping, and mom and I stood in the checkout line. Mom stood casually and looked around, and I looked at our cashier. I saw that we had a young male as our cashier. Naturally, I thought to myself. Mom of course had no money, since she wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing other than her red stripper pumps, and I wasn't carrying my wallet since I'd left it in the car with my stuff. I figured mom would figure some way to pay for the groceries some other way.

When we got to our turn at the cash, mom put all of her groceries on the belt. After the cashier checked everything through the system, he continued staring open-mouthed at mom. "Hang on cutie," she said, and then right in front of him, reached around and pulled the cucumber out of her ass. "Add that to the pile too, please." "Listen hun, I really need these groceries, but I seem to have forgotten my purse along with my clothes.

Is there any other way I can get these paid for?" my mom asked innocently. "Umm, uh…no worries ma'am, I can cover it. It'll be on the house, don't worry about it at all," the guy stammered out.


"Aww, thanks hun. I'll make it worth your while," mom said with a wink. When the guy had rung up all our groceries and paid for it with his own debit card, mom asked me to take the bags back to the car.

Apparently, she had some 'business' to take care of with the cashier. As I grabbed the bags, mom moved behind the counter where the guy was standing, and kneeled down, hiding herself completely. I knew that guy was about to the get the best blowjob of his life, from the sluttiest skank I could think of.