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Youtuber Billy Prowling causando pelado no Snapchat
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A stiff breeze rushed across the great wilderness, the grass teased and whipped vigorously as soft gasps filled the air, seducing the atmosphere to grow moist and warm. Flowers twirled their peddles towards the intoxication of the sun's alluring curvature above, their roots running deep and penetrating the wet, fertile soil below to absorb its nutrients.

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Amongst all the splendor of nature's way stood great, rigid pillars of girthy might, their powerful roots anchoring them deep into Mother Earth's womb as their length stretched skyward above all others within their kingdom.

For a time life had become simple and beautiful, a serene tranquility of natural order almost entirely devoid of sadistic oppression and unbridled violence; almost. Two mighty boots stamped the lush green beneath as a powerful figure advanced upon the first line of trees, his rugged hands firmly grasping the hard wooden shaft of his tool as its blade gleamed in the sunlight abound.


Such apes had been so rarely seen since the cleansing, especially to this section of woodland which had known serenity for so long; nobody knew what to do. The ape surveyed the treeline carefully, the cold and emotionless orbs embedded within his skull studying each broad trunk's every detail as if in deep thought, and finally his decision was made.

The trees were the overseers of the forest; their immense height allowed them to view all that happened around them and keep a watchful eye, their great strength symbolizing the protection of their patriarchy, and their age exceeding wisdom of all others.

Of all the trees in this particular forest kingdom, however, Papa Sequoia was the tree of all trees and the ruler of everything that could be seen.

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Deeply loved, idolized, and respected by his brethren, Papa Sequoia was constantly surrounded by the thickest and girthiest wood anyone could ever hope to find save his own, all ready and willing to do anything and everything they could for their daddy.

There was not a single figure within the forest kingdom that did not know who Papa Sequoia was or of his great exploits, and even those at first skeptical had come to bend a stem to his glory as the plethora of legendary tales gradually proved less myth than reality.

There was the time he led the small whorled pogonians from the brink of extinction to rising up as one of the mightiest of all plant-kind, now a benevolent and noble society of rich monarchs and the greatest trade industry seen this side of the great swamps of Detroit.


Another of Papa Sequoia's exploits was that of his selfless leadership on the frontlines of the great revolt against the apes to take back Mother Earth for themselves; he had personally uprooted no less than three-hundred fifty million of the hideous primates, and personally fertalized his mother with their remnants to replenish the lives of those so mercilessly stolen from them.

Papa Sequoia, in his ancient and glorious wisdom, had more reason than any to despise the filthy apes that once ruled these lands, and yet he held no contempt or ill-will towards them inherently, and in truth wished they could have been friends. Papa had always been so kind and warm to his kin, hiding a deep sorrow within his soul that few even suspected, and even fewer knew the truth of; his youth was spent pining over another, and the revolt against the apes had been born of some tragedy that had befallen Papa's lover.

Papa Sequoia stood majestic and proud, his titan-like stature exceeding all others abound him and drawing the attention of even the briefest of glances; he feared only for those within his kingdom and nothing for himself, and he would defend them until the very bitter end.

The apes scarcely show their faces in the kingdom of the green anymore, their numbers having been so savagely eradicated and their survivors left to die in the great famine, but on this day a particularly large and fearsome looking ape had emerged, and now stood at the base of the mightiest and most beloved of all the trees; Papa Sequoia. Gleaming axe in hand, the ape raised his hulking arm skyward, its thick forest of hair swaying in the seductive breeze, and with the most sickening and cruel of sounds the blade swept fiercely into the base of Papa's trunk, a deep, sappy gash tearing deep into his rings for all the world to see.

Sap oozed from the great wound as Papa grunted deeply, trying his best to suppress the immense agony coursing through him; as continuous thwacks tore through the forest all stared in horror at the act of pure brutality to their thickest and most beloved member. It was on this day that at least one ape had decided it was time to abuse the forest kingdom once again, and he had chosen their greatest idol as his starting point.

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Hours passed, the ape's might never seeming to wane as Papa Sequoia's life began to slip away, and soon all of the sorrowful plants abound watched as their papa fell to the ground in a shattering crash. Sobs and torment filled the air as the grizzly ape turned his back and walked away, leaving the remnants of Papa Sequoia behind like he had never mattered at all. Visions of his beloved flashed through his mind as he remembered what a horrid sight it had been to see that very same thing that his children now witnessed, and though none had aided him he held no contempt for any of them.

In his final moments Papa weakly groaned, his branches reaching towards his kin as a broken voice escaped with his last breath; ".Feel no guilt. for I know that you could not have aided me. You cannot move. you are trees." Her sensual curves swayed wildly as she dove deeper, her eyes gazing back upon her sex crazed pursuer who was rapidly gaining in proximity.

Reaching out towards the seductively thick form of his prey he propelled himself with all his might, and soon enough he was upon her. A deep gasp billowed outward as she felt herself become bound by great tendrils from all sides, her moisture immediately being devoured from behind as his flurry of limbs restrained and caressed every inch of her. "Oh, no." she gasped, "P-please. don't ravage me.!" Exploring tendrils flocked to their prey's most tender of areas as he pressed her against his powerful form, his tip pressing and teasing against her entrance.

Moans echoed outward deeply as she felt herself being teased, her body growing hotter with each new sensation and her eyes rolling back; a deep cry of pleasure escaped her as she was suddenly penetrated. "O-oh. my." she could hardly breath, her curves tensing and shivering at her lover's touch as he plunged himself deep into her hole again and again; ".F-fuck.

me. hard, you b-beast.!" Grasping tighter the tendrils restrained her, and soon their owner penetrated her once again, giving his lover everything he had; her womanhood was filled with passion as the thick wood spread her and invaded deep, her blowhole savagely fucked by another tendril and seductively limiting her breath.

The lusty whale cried out in bliss as she was ravaged, their bodies writhing through the sea in a display of pure rapture, diving deep and surfacing again and again, their great splashes causing tremendous tsunamis that raped the shorelines and shook the land itself.

By the time the lovers grew close to their finish they had each orgasmed so many times they had given the waves new meaning to their white caps, their leviathan bodies filled with pure bliss as they mutually drew towards one final climax. The great whale's eyes rolled back in her head as she felt herself being overtaken by her orgasm, her moans such deep bellows they cracked distant icebergs.


Breathing heavily the whale's body steadily began to calm and silence once again overtook the deep seas; ".T-that. was incr-credible. D-did you cum.?" Silence remained, not a word of response could be heard, and soon it was apparent her lover was no longer moving.

Pulling just faintly away to turn the whale's eyes widened in horrific sorrow and sheer terror as she watched the lifeless lower half of her lover's body slump and sink to the abyss below, its roots pulling from her with just enough resistance to feel almost as if it was trying desperately to stay.

The great dead remnants of a freshly bisected tree trunk descended, the lifeless face of the whale's fallen lover staring with an empty gaze as the last of him vanished into the darkness. "W.why!?!?" The whale's teary eyes pierced the depths beyond where her lover had been slain, traces of sap and seed still lingered in the water; soon she could see what had happened.

Drifting in the distance, a horrific and sadistic grimace twisting its hideous face, a burly ape-like creature could be seen glaring down at where the great Sea Oak had been swallowed by shadows.

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The whale's tearful eyes fixated upon her lover's murderer, and soon his eyes turned towards her; a horrific and indescribable fear chilled her to her core as she watched his hand extend two fingers towards his eyes before shifting to point in her direction.

In great sorrow the whale's heart sank, and all she could do was turn and flee. The forest looked upon the partially eaten remains of Papa Sequoia, his cleaved and buthered carcass flickering with the glow of their greatest foe; fire.

The ape who had so brutally murdered their daddy had returned, taking position beside Papa's corpse and using his remains to make camp. Piece by piece was hacked away, his trunk ravaged for its bark and roasted upon the fire made from his own flesh before being devoured ravenously by the monstrous ape who had slain him.

Each bite he took he would gaze up cruely at the other trees, his eyes cold and filled with malice, almost as if he deeply enjoyed each and every awful feeling they were experiencing. Occasionally the ape would grin, pluck a handful of grass from Mother Earth herself, then stuff the poor creatures into his mouth and chew them slowly as they screamed.

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Apes had always been selfish monsters who carelessly consumed plant-life, stealing it for their own nutrition and caring nothing for the sacrifice, but to mutilate them only to spit their mangled, bound corpses out upon their loved ones was more than any member of the forest kingdom could handle; what was next was worse.

Taking the wad of dead grass in hand the ape withdrew his fleshy trunk from the lower coverings of his body and proceeded to press the mass tightly around its girth. Gripping firmly the ape began to stroke the length of his member from base to tip again and again, and with time the beating grew faster and more intense; green stained the length of the shaft as the tangled bodies of grass grew ever more mutilated. The ape groaned deeply as he pleasured himself, his eyes never once breaking contact with the forest or losing even the faintest trace of sadism, and eventually a thick white stream rushed from his tip and across the grass below.

Taking the abused wad to his finger tips he began to wipe his member clean before tossing the remains into the flames. Standing high as he finished, his fleshy trunk steadily falling limp, the ape grasped the base securely and proceeded to release his liquid waste into the fire below until nothing more remained than embers and charred horror.

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Smirking the ape tucked his member away, turned his back to the treeline, and proceeded to conceal himself in a canopy made of Papa Sequoia's corpse.