Busty blonde milf seduces pool boy and gets pussy smashed

Busty blonde milf seduces pool boy and gets pussy smashed
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I'm Telling Dad! II It was Saturday. Gina and Tina were in and out, busy doing girl stuff. Kurt finally came in the kitchen and he still looked spent. "Where's Tina?"…he asked. I told him there was a puff of smoke…and she was gone…poof!

He smiled and punched me on the shoulder, as we laughed. I never pried into his personal life so I just waited. He wouldn't stop smiling and day dreaming. I asked him: "Are you 'in love'?" He smiled and said: "No, I'm in 'Lust'" We laughed . .I kept looking at the clock as the time stood still. I waited for tonight. I came close to having full on sex with my own daughter last night, and the desire was now raging even more with at super blow job she gave me last night.

Why couldn't she be ugly, why so hot and sexy, I thought.


I figured the super sex I was having with Tina would make it go away…no way. It was growing and growing even more. I wanted both those 13 yr olds, and my dick agreed with me. (of course!) Wow… a whole 5 minutes has passed waiting for tonight. Kurt left and I took a nap in my chair. Two hours later I was awakened by two girls kissing and feeling me up. They said: "Daddy would you take us to the Mall?" --------- I sat in the Mall watching the all the girls walk by.

Ahhhh this was nice. I mentally fucked about 90% of them. Two girls about 16 came and sat on the bench too. I could hear them talking low about some guy at their school. How hot he was and how they had the hots for him. I pretended to be falling asleep, so they ignored me and kept talking a little louder. The 'guy' turned out to be a teacher!

I didn't need a boner while in the Mall, so I started to move when one said: "Aren't you Kurt's dad?" I said yes and smiled. I look at those two cute girls in shorts, skimpy tops with nice tits and looked at my watch, and said I had to leave, "Bye", hand in pocket holding my boner back.

They giggled and whispered as I left. The girls found me and both sneaked in little feels as I took them home. .Those girls just had to tease me all afternoon and evening. They kept changing clothes and walked sexy around my chair, showing off their body's.

They fixed dinner and brought it to me on a tray. Tina would feed me while putting her hand under my lap tray to feel my never ending boner.

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Gina would rub my legs and anywhere else she could find to rub. They were like two princesses waiting on the King. Kurt came home and the girls went after him, feeling him up and teasing him. He still looked in a daze from last night with Tina. Gina whispered something to him and they went upstairs together.

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Tina took my tray away and came back and sat on my lap with her back to me. She put my hands on her sweet little titties and moved my hands all around. .Tina now called Gina her sister, and me daddy. She smelled so good, hard to explain but like all female.

Sex just oozed from her hot body sitting on me. My arms around her was tormenting my head. She put her hand between her legs and softly stroked my boner. I whispered: (&hellip."shower time"…) She jumped up and skipped up the stairs. I heard the shower start up.

I put my robe on and entered the bathroom. Tina was already naked and waiting for me. She took my robe offlocked the door, turned off the lights and we got in the shower. All we could do was about feel in the low light. She slowly washed me as I washed her. Very erotic! Feeling us naked, wet and slick was making us both very hot. We got out and dried off, more erotic darkness feeling. We put our robes on and she led me to my bedroom.

I wondered if Kurt and Gina were&hellip.I thought I heard a tiny moan from Kurt's room. Gina was in there with him. Her bedroom door was wide open, his was closed. My attention went back to Tina. Tina took off her robe and mine and we got under the covers. Again she had the room lights off, just some light from the window blinds. She was setting the mood. We lay sideways holding each other. She was kissing me with little quick kisses all over my face and neck.

She had a way of teasing me to the point of insanity, and she knew it. Feeling a 13 yr old's body is hot enough to make me crazy, and she knew that too and liked it that way. She was a very sexy girl&hellip.


We definitely heard a moan from Kurt's room. Tina smiled which made me smile. My hands wouldn't stay still. I had to keep feeling Tina's smooth body over and over. Her hands never stopped either. Those little fingers touched me so gentle, and her touch was sending warm chills of some kind across my skin. She then turned and went down to my dick, to play with it. Now I've got a patch of red pubic hair staring me in the face.

( Come on heart, keep pumping I thought&hellip.I thought I was going to faint.) My trembling hands reached out for Tina's little warm legs and gently pulled her pussy to my face. She moaned and squirmed, I guess with the anticipation. I eased my face between her legs and just as I started to lick her pussy, I felt Tina's warm mouth go over the head of my dick.

--------------- .Kurt and Gina weren't having sex, they were watching porn and both masturbating. The moans we heard was from the computer. But the sound and mental picture added fuel to Tina and I getting ready to have very hot sex. .As I felt her put her lips over my dick I dove in for her cit. She now she moaned real loud for real. Her red pubic hair really excited me and I licked her pussy like no other.

This girl could move her hips to the action, and she used my tongue as a her personal fuck toy. I was dizzy with exciting pleasure. She could take all my dick down her throat and do something to massage it while it was in there. I thought I would loose my mind.

I could tell she was building up to a climax in my face, when she held my balls and fondled them and she…pulled them up tight against my dick as she jacked my dick with her mouth. I started to moan, she started to moan. She squirmed her pussy on my face and I thrusted my dick deep in her mouth.

Our timing was perfect as we both came together in a glorious squirming moaning climax. .If Kurt and Gina heard us we sure the fuck didn't care. Our minds and body's were spinning in delight. She flooded my face with her juice as I flooded her mouth with loads of cum, over and over.

We both shook and gasp for air. Both our body's trembled in pure sexual excitement. Spasms and jolts were going off in us. I don't remember when they finally stopped as we drifted off&hellip. .Kurt and Gina had heard us and both had cum as we did. Gina whispered: ("that was awesome!

Kurt! Listening to them fuck, sure got me off!") Kurt wished it was him fucking Tina and Gina wished it was her fucking me. Gina made plan after plan in her mind to fuck me. Hearing us made her determined to have me. .The next day…my mom came by. She asked where Tina was. To me that meant she was getting the hots for her. Tina was in the laundry room and mom went in. Tina said: "HI MOM!, and hugged and kissed her, slipping her a little tongue.

My mom was stunned! First that Tina called her 'mom' but the fact she slipped a little tongue in her, gave her a buzz in her pussy. Mom said: "Hi Tina!…wow you look so hot! " Tina had on very shorts and a tiny (no bra) top.

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They talked and mom said how she never had a daughter and Tina and Gina were so cool. They hit it right off and talked and talked. Mom was very excited sexually and Tina and her soon held hands and whispered and giggled.

Next thing I knew mom and Tina were taking a shower…'together' and I had to just smile and shake my head. Tina knew my mom as bi at times and played it up big. I was laying on the couch watching T.V.

when Gina came in and attacked me, giggling and fondling me. I whispered that mom and Tina were taking a shower together. Gina giggled and said Tina wanted to play with mom sometime, and I guess the time is now…tee hee. Gina said she just knew she was going to have a bad dream tonight and could she sleep with me…to be&hellip.safe? I smiled and said: "Why sure, I think we're overdue for a 'special sleep' don't you?" That was the first time I had indicated that we may be finally going to have sex.

She was so excited she (almost wet her panties) she said. She started kissing me and fondling me real good. I check the windows and mom and Tina were still in the shower, so I slipped my hand in her little shorts and rubbed her little clit.


She orgasmed right then, and moaned and gasp for breath&hellip.she moaned very quietly and whispered: ("oh daddy, you just made me cum!…I can't wait till tonight, I want you so bad.") She ran upstairs to get ready for tonight, singing and dancing all the way. Mom and Tina got right to it, Tina told me later. They locked the bathroom door and with only a night light on, undressed each other while kissing and letting their tongues go wild.

She said mom went wild and had her hands all over Tina. They got in the shower and soaped up and in went both of their fingers in each others pussy's.

Tina said mom was so hot, and she taught Tina new things to do. Mom slipped a soapy tip of her finger in Tina's little butt hole, just enough to make Tina start to cum. Then just teased her with it.


Of course Tina did the same to her. They played like this until the hot water ran out. Both were exhausted, and made plans for Tina to go to moms house and spend the night tonight. Wow, those two work fast. My mind drifted back to Gina and tonight with her. I remembered just getting to feel her legs and body and my hands tingling as I felt her, when we got interrupted by Tina and Kurt.

I wanted to re start from that hot point tonight again, and continue. Feeling Gina's 13 yr old body made me start breathing hard, just thinking about. She has the smoothest baby like skin that gave me electric chills. It was like no other. Tina had it too, but it wasn't the same. Gina's was somehow like her mothers, and I still missed feeling it. Jen, her mom was so hot and beautiful like Gina. .After dinner mom, (Julie), came to pick up Tina. Mom never had a daughter and was so thrilled to have Tina to play with.

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(literally) Tina made her grand entrance walking slowly down the stairs in a long lavender dress…wow, she looked hot. She had on long earrings and fancy makeup. Mom just stared and I saw her shiver. Before they left I peeked at them in the den and watched my mom feel Tina all over.

Tina was smiling and lifted up her long dress (no panties) and let my mom have one lick of her pussy, then giggle. I laughed to myself remembering her saying…she didn't like kissing camel toes…What she meant was she didn't want to bother kissing them, she wanted to LICK them! I knew later on I would get both of their stories in the next few days.

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Damn,… that Tina looked so striking in that dress. They left and soon Kurt left to so a sleep over at Freddy's house down the street. Gina watched all this from up stairs, so after a while here she came. She had on her mom's old prom dress, her hair all pulled up, lot's of eye make up and really looked hot and grown up.

She floated down the stairs like a princess in the white with blue trim dress. I stood up and bowed like she was a queen or something. She pranced around and showed off her sexy self to me.

She flashed me with her boobs and pussy (no panties) also.

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I was in the mood now, I started chasing her around the house as she went 'Ohhhhh don't hurt me Mr. monster!' I told her I was the 'licking bandit' and when I caught her she was getting licked!

She squealed&hellip. and ran away giggling. Since nobody was home, I started turning out lights. She yelled 'help!' and giggled more. I finally caught her and drug her to the couch.

I lifted up her prom dress and attack her pussy, kissing and licking. She gasp for breath and held my head and began to moan, out of breath. I picked her up and upstairs we went. She was excited and took big sucks of air. "Please don't eat me mister, don't lick my pussy and don't you dare lick my clitty!" I told her it was to late, her beauty had already put me in a trance and she should prepare to get licked!

I stood her up in my bedroom and slowly undressed her as she undressed me. Even in the low light she looked so hot, and sexy. I said softly: "now where were we…" She smiled big as she had her arms around my neck. "…ooooo I sure do remember that daddy, you lay down and we'll start in again, but first"…she just had to kiss me like a lover, her little tongue slowly playing with mine, as I felt her bare tits against my chest.

She loved to squeeze my butt cheeks as she pushed her pussy on top of my boner. She knew just how to turn me on and now she pulled out all the stops and used them on me.

I just let her have her way. I was super charged hot for her now and the tension between us was electrifying. I had watched her hot little body for a long time just get sexier and sexier.

We both wanted each other bad and now it was going to happen. We sank with me laying on the bed as she laid her little warm body on me, my dick still between her legs. I could feel her heart beating strong against my chest and she could feel mine doing the same. She started her turn around to suck my dick again and here was her sweet pussy coming to my face, all wet and ready. She was already moaning softly. I put my hand on those soft warm legs of hers and eased her pussy to me.

I closed my eyes and let my tongue do what it wanted. She jumped and squirmed some and pushed her pussy back to me tighter. I gently lifted her hips so my tongue could reach her little clit. She jumped and moaned as I let my tongue circle it. She couldn't stop squirming slightly as she was running her tongue up and down my dick.

I fought the urge to throw her on her back and slam my dick in her pussy, but instead I just enjoyed licking all over her pussy. I was making some pleasure noises of my own and filling my need for air. I could feel her little tongue tease the head of my dick and now I jumped and couldn't take a direct lick on the tip of my dick. . We just enjoyed us for a while, but the build up was climbing steady.

This time I was going to cum IN her pussy, and I had to hold off any other forces try to make me cum. It was close now and she knew it too and then in a flash we had to go for it. She turned fast and on her back she went, holding her arms out for me.

I was shaking as her little legs bent at the knee and her pussy was wide open for me.

She guided me in and the world stopped as it began. The feeling of her tight wet pussy was taking my brain and filling it with euphoric pleasure as mine and her body's blended together in one fucking motion.

. She moaned steady as did I and we just let it go and happen. He body clamped to mine as she kissed me in between gasps for air. My cum was cuming like the speed of light faster and faster and she pushed her clit hard against my body……Two long screams filled the room as it happened, we lost our breath as I felt my hot cum shooting in her pussy, all the way in her.

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I didn't slow down as my dick took on an action of it's own. .Her pussy massaged it as it shot over and over in her. She was moaning with joy, and climaxed right with me as it shook her long and hard. It felt like we left the earth for a few minutes and went into some new place just for few minutes. We let our body's take us over and pulse and spasm as we were just along for the ride to utopia and back.

We went slowly weak and fell into each other. .Time stopped for us. We let the spasm's run their course and then it was all quiet and peaceful as we let the needed air refill our body's. We began to hear beautiful music in our heads far away as we both drifted into slumber…&hellip. ------------------------------------------------------ good night --------------------------------------------------------------------