Interracial vixen can not be satisfied

Interracial vixen can not be satisfied
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection. --- Learning From the Gimp (Mf, 1st, bd, ds, nc, preg) by Krosis of the Collective --- Being a dominatrix is all about control.

Ava felt that control temporarily slip from her grasp when her younger sister Noelle asked her to teach her about sex.

It was a surprise, as their Mom and Dad were conservative Christians, and she thought Noelle would have been all goody-goody after being brought up repressed like that. Their parents didn't talk to Ava anymore, not once they had found out about her job, but she and Noelle had kept in touch through Facebook. Noelle didn't actually use the Internet to ask her sister to teach her about sex.

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She knew her parents went through her chat logs regularly. She had called her older sister from her best friend Megan's house one night while she was staying over. "Please, Ava? I'm 16 years old and I haven't even kissed a guy. Mom and Dad won't let me date while I'm living with them!

I'm so frustrated, and when I finally start dating in college I'm not going to know anything!" Noelle whined. Ava thought about her time in college. That was exactly what had happened to her. The first time she'd ever seen a guy's cock she had screamed and freaked out. The guy had taken off, and her antics had become public knowledge shortly thereafter, making her time at college both embarrassing and depressing.

She wasn't going to let that happen to her little sister as well. "Okay, sweetie. Ask Mom and Dad to allow you to stay over at Megan's this weekend, and then come to this address Saturday afternoon at 3." Ava gave her sister her "office's" address, which was within walking distance of Megan's place. "Really?!" Noelle squealed.

"That's awesome! See you you!" "Love you too," Ava said, already deep in thought as she hung up the phone. --- Ava answered the door in her silk robe at 3 PM sharp on Saturday.

In her doorway were Noelle.and Megan! "Noelle," Ava hissed at her sister as she glanced at her friend, "you were supposed to come alone!" Noelle looked sheepish. "You didn't say said stay over at Megan's and come at 3, and we're here." In retrospect, Ava should have stopped everything right there, as she did not have full control of the situation. She had only been a dom for a couple of years, but the mantra of the dominatrix is, "control, control, control." She had lost it, right then and there.

Instead, Ava sighed and motioned them into the entryway. The girls took off their coats and shoes. Noelle was wearing a sundress and Megan a blouse and skirt.typical blah clothing provided by their conservative parents, and quite at odds with what usually went on in their current location. Both Ava and Noelle were brunette, tall and slim. Perfect for the job, Ava had been told. Ava had never liked Megan. The curvy sandy blonde had caused Ava all sorts of problems growing up, such as going through her stuff and tattling when the older girl did or had anything her parents would have disagreed with.

Megan looked innocently at Ava. 'Well,' Ava thought to herself, 'it's been a few years.maybe she's changed. It's not like she would want to get her best friend in trouble, and Noelle was the one who asked for my help.' "Come with me," Ava said, heading toward her work room, "and keep it down! This could be a shock." She opened the door and entered. There, before them, was Congressman Adam Delphy, tied down to a weightlifting bench on his back, naked, his hard cock pointing toward the ceiling.

The girls couldn't tell who the man was because of the full-face gimp mask and ball gag he was wearing, and he couldn't hear their gasps because of the noise suppressing ear protectors Ava had put on his head.

Ava was in work mode now, so got to it, grabbing her riding crop and giving the Congressman a smack to his thigh. With no way to see or hear it coming, he jumped at the impact. His cock never wavered. Ava looked back at the girls. They hadn't gotten past the doorway, their eyes as big as saucers. She waved them in, and they shuffled in slowly, standing behind her.

"Stand here and here," she commanded, moving to the foot of the weightlifting bench and pointing to either side of it. The girls did as she said, as all her clients did when she used that tone. She had control back.

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She slid the riding crop up Adam's inner thigh, across his six pack abs, and then back down his other thigh. For an older man, mid-forties, Delphy kept himself in good shape. Ava was glad he was here this week instead of some of her other clients.

Some of them weren't much to look at. She pointed at his cock. "Have a look," she said. Both girls bent down only a little. "Get down on your knees!" she commanded. They did. Adam's cock was no more than 2 feet from either of the girls. Ava continued, circling the riding crop lightly around Adam's private parts.

"This is a penis. I expect you haven't seen one before." Both girls shook their heads. "When a man and a woman are going to have sex, the man's penis fills with blood and gets all erect like this. It looks intimidating, but is actually quite warm. Noelle, touch it." Noelle looked at her older sister with fear in her eyes.

"Do it!" Ava commanded. Noelle reached out and tentatively poked the side of the cock with her index finger. It angled away and then bobbed back. She giggled. Growing bolder, she lightly grasped it with her hand. Adam's head tilted up at this. Ava never fucked her clientele, and rarely played with their junk, so this was unexpected for him.

Ava smacked the crop across his nipples and he laid back.

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Noelle was enjoying touching her first cock. "Try it, Megan," she said, letting go. Megan took Adam's cock in her hand, marvelling at the paradoxical firmness and yet softness of it. As she held the penis her eyes roamed the man's sexy restrained body.

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Her panties quickly got wet at the thought of what she was doing. She started to slide her hand up and down his shaft, eliciting a stifled groan from the man. She quickly let go, looking up at his mask-covered face.

Ava continued her lesson: "When a woman is ready for sex her vagina, or pussy, will produce moisture, or she may require some additional lubrication. At that point the man's penis can push into the woman's vagina, aided by that lubrication." Megan looked at Adam's cock, incredulously.

"How can that fit?! It's so big!" "Some men's penises are smaller and some bigger," Ava told her. "This man's is about average at 6 inches in length, and not too thick. It can easily fit most women, if their vaginas are lubricated and ready." Megan looked at Adam's hard cock, thinking about it sliding into her private place. She felt a throbbing sensation down there. "Okay," she said, looking back up at Ava, "how does it go in? Show us." Ava was taken aback by this question.

The plan had been to get them used to touching cock, and then maybe she would allow them to whack her client off if they weren't too freaked out. She looked at her sister, and Noelle was looking expectantly back at Ava as well.



Ava wasn't used to anyone telling her what to do when she was "in the zone". She had also found herself quite turned on by the juxtaposition of these innocent teenagers playing with her client's cock as he lay there in bondage.

Because of this she wasn't thinking right. If she had she would have stopped things right then and there. Instead, she dropped the riding crop and slipped her robe off.

Both younger girls gasped again. Underneath, Ava was clad in her dom gear: a corset, fishnet stockings with garters, opera gloves, underwear, and ass-kicking high-heeled boots, all black. Pausing a moment for effect, she removed her panties using the side snaps so she didn't have to undo the garters, revealing her trimmed muff. Her pussy lips were distended, betraying her arousal. Ava moved up next to her restrained client, lifting her boot and placing it on his lightly hairy chest, eliciting another grunt from him.

Both younger girls moved to one side to get the best view between Ava's spread legs. Ava used her fingers to gently pull her pussy lips open, noticing that she had produced a fair amount of lubrication herself. "See how wet I am?" she asked. The girls nodded their heads. "You can also see as I hold the lips open that my vagina is bigger than yours are normally.

It stretches to accommodate a penis." "Do it." Megan said, entranced, staring. Ava seemed to be in a trance herself. She moved her other foot back to the floor so she was straddling Adam's pelvis, facing his feet.

She lined up the cock with her cunt and moved her hips down. Her inner pussy lips had just started to surround Adam's cock head when she came to her senses and stood back up. What the hell was she doing? "Heyyy." Megan whined, "show us!" Ava got off of Adam and stepped to the side. "I don't have sex with my clients," she stated, crossing her arms. Now that she had come to her senses again she had just realized why she was so wet, and had almost lost control: it was her fertile time of the month.

Even touching the tip of Adam's cock to her inner pussy lips might have transferred some sperm-filled precum. It was scary, but also strangely exciting. Damned fertile brain! she thought. Megan looked at Adam's cock with undisguised lust. "Well.can you show me how it works?" "I told you." Ava started to chastise the girl, and then stopped as Megan unzipped her skirt, dropping it and her panties to the floor.

Her puffy pussy was clearly very wet, almost dripping. Noelle gasped at seeing her best friend act like this. Ava was torn, but this situation was getting really fucking hot. "I don't know." she said. Megan, always one to push boundaries, clambered to straddle Adam's hips, facing his feet as Ava had. His cock was right in front of her wet pussy. Ava's recent realization of personal fertility reminded her: "Megan." she warned, "I don't have any condoms here. You could get pregnant." She didn't keep any condoms on hand just so she wouldn't have an excuse to fuck the clientele when she got turned on.

Until today it had worked. By this point Megan had lifted her hips up, and was rubbing the head of Adam's cock along her pussy lips, stimulating her clit as they bumped together. She gasped, asking Ava, "You can have sex at certain times of the month and not get pregnant, right?" Ava considered it. "When did your last period end?" Maybe Megan was close to her next one so it wouldn't matter?

Megan thought for a moment. "About a week ago.a little longer?" She gasped as she managed to line Adam's cock up so the head dipped into her wet pussy a little.

Ava realized that Megan was right in the middle of her fertile time, just as she was. It explained Megan's wantonness. As she paused at this realization, the younger girl took advantage of the delay and managed to get a couple of inches of Adam's cock into her virginal pussy.

She gasped in pleasure and he grunted. Ava thought quick: 'I am a professional dominatrix. Control is my business. I need to stop this.' Then she paused again, her mind flashing through the years of suffering Megan had put her through. She remembered coming home to find Megan had gone through her diary and told her parents about the sexual things she had written there. She had found the Playgirl magazine a friend from school had lent Ava, and had given it to her parents.

So many times Megan had fucked her over; getting the older girl in trouble.sometimes she was grounded and sometimes worse. Spurred on by her heightened arousal and sudden realized desire for revenge, Ava made her fateful decision: Megan deserved some fucking (ha ha) comeuppance. "It's okay, sweetie. You're safe." Megan smiled, in that self-satisfied way she did when she got what she wanted, rotating her hips to get Adam's cock deeper inside her.

Ava knelt down on the other side of the bench from her sister. Noelle was unable to tear her eyes away from the sight of her best friend's pussy getting penetrated by the restrained, nameless man's cock. Ava continued her sex education, feeling her control return. "Look here, Noelle.see that nub? That's the clitoris, or clit for short. If it's stimulated it can help a woman to orgasm, which feels really good and does some more things we'll talk about in a bit.

See how Megan's pussy is able to take the penis inside her now? She had rubbed the head of the penis on her clit earlier, which stimulated it and helped her make enough lubrication to do this." Megan raised her hips up and sank down on Adam's cock another couple of inches.

She was shaking from the pleasure. Ava looked at Megan's rounded hips, what some call "babymaking hips", and smiled. Adam's cock had been drooling precum when Megan mounted him, so there was probably already some sperm inside her. Still, Megan might not get pregnant with such a small amount.maybe Ava would tell her to get off of his cock before he blew his potent seed deep inside her.

Maybe.maybe not. Ava liked this feeling of power over bitchface Megan. Finally Megan managed to get the whole shaft inside her, and settled down on Adam's lap. She paused to catch her breath. "Oh, Noelle," she gasped, "it feels so full inside me." Ava pointed to Adam's very full balls, dangling below his cock that was currently deeply embedded in a fertile 16-year-old pussy, and continued her lesson, "These are a man's testicles. They hold his seed, his sperm. When a man orgasms, the seed comes from these and mixes with semen from his prostate gland.

That mixture, called ejaculate or cum, rushes out the tip of his penis, usually with great force. This combination of orgasm and ejaculation feels really good for the man." Megan had been watching the lesson as well, getting more turned on by it as she sat on her first cock.

She raised her hips up again, allowing half of Adam's penis to leave her wet cunt, before settling back down again. She did it again and again, building up a rhythm. Her eyes were closed now, her mouth slack. Ava continued, smiling knowingly: "When a man puts his sperm inside a woman at just the right time of the month -- when her egg is released from her ovaries -- there's a chance the sperm and egg will come together and fertilization occurs.

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The fertilized egg then attaches to the wall of the woman's womb and grows. They will have created life." Megan, tremendously turned on by the sex talk and her own fertile state, bounced harder on Adam's hard cock. "Look at this, Noelle," Ava said, pointing at Adam's balls. "See how his scrotum, his ball sack, is pulling up toward his body? That means he's getting ready to cum, to ejaculate, to put his seed inside Megan's vagina." Megan was feeling really good, gasping as she bounced madly on Adam's hard cock.

He was going to put his seed inside her! What would it feel like? she wondered.

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Then she felt it. Adam grunted, thrusting his hips upward. His cock thickened inside the teenage girl's unused pussy, and then it started to spurt potent seed deep inside the unsuspecting girl.


Megan could feel the warm liquid spreading within her. At that moment Ava reached forward and rubbed Megan's extended clitoris. As Megan exploded in orgasm, crying out in pleasure, Ava explained to her little sister what was happening as she continued to lightly rub: "Megan is orgasming now. Inside, her cervix is opening up, and some of the sperm he's shooting deep inside her pussy is being pulled into her womb. If she was fertile right now, this orgasm would really increase her chances of getting pregnant and having his baby." Megan was shaking uncontrollably, her fertile body liking the idea that a baby could be made inside her by this wonderfully pleasurable act, but knowing that she was actually safe.

"Yes, yes." she murmured as she continued to cum on the dangerous, babymaking cock.

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Ava could take no more. She reached down and started to frig herself, watching the look of bliss on Megan's dumb face as her fertile pussy sucked up Adam's potent seed. Ava was already so primed by the naughty, sexy display that it only took a few seconds and then she was gasping on the floor in her own orgasmic seizure.

When she was done Megan was still embedded on Adam's cock, bent forward between his legs as she recovered. On unsteady legs, Ava hobbled off to the washroom to clean herself up.

As she cleaned up her orgasmic juices she considered her next steps. If the Congressman was still up for it she might see if Noelle could be convinced to give him a blowjob.

She heard a cry from her work room. She rushed in to find Noelle on top of the Congressman, her panties on the floor and her sundress obscuring what Ava knew was the loss of her little sister's virginity. Unlike Megan, she was facing toward Adam's masked head, crying on his chest. Megan hugged her friend, trying to console her. Ava rushed forward, trying to pull her sister off of her client. "No, no." Noelle said, pushing her sister away and wiping her tears.

"I' okay." "I want to see," said Megan, lifting Noelle's sundress. Both Megan and Ava bent down to see Adam's still hard cock pushed about halfway into Noelle's pussy. The sperm left from Megan's seeding had provided enough lubrication to allow Noelle a faster penetration than her friend, and consequently a quick deflowering. Ava could see blood mixed with semen pooling at the base of Adam's cock.

The sperm. "Noelle, when was your last period?" Ava asked, dreading the answer. Noelle started to move on Adam's cock, flinching a little from the soreness.

"Same as Megan.a little over a week ago. I'm safe too," she responded. It was too late.Noelle already had sperm inside her likewise very fertile pussy.

If Ava stopped her now the loss of her little sister's virginity would be for nothing, and the shock of the truth could destroy her budding sexuality. Ava resolved to do the best she could for her sister, given the situation. They pulled Noelle's sundress up and off, leaving Ava's beautiful sister in just her bra as she slowly bounced on Adam's cock. Megan removed her own shirt and masturbated while sitting propped up against the wall, watching, knowing how good what Noelle was doing felt like firsthand.

Despite the discomfort accompanying her maidenhead being ruptured, Noelle was a real trooper, riding Adam until he spurted his cum deep inside her, just like he had done with her best friend. When Ava and Megan heard him grunt and Noelle cry out in response, the other girls came hard again. Ava wasn't even touching herself at the time, it was so hot! After the girls had left, Ava sat there, her head in her hands. One or both of them were almost certainly pregnant.

Her poor sister! Their parents would kick her out for sure, and then what? She answered her own question.

She would let her sister live with her, of course, but how would they make ends meet with a baby on the way? The baby.of a Congressman. 'Well, well.' she thought to herself. A plan began to form in Ava's mind.