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Gay guy and sex play back shot slow Twink Boy Fingered And Fucked
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"Jamie, come on, wake up!" David's voice was soft and warm in her ear. "Mmmmmm." Slowly Jamie drifted into awareness; her brother's strong arm around her waist as he gently nuzzled the back of her neck. "Wanna do it?" he asked. "I mean, you been runnin' around all evening in nothing but those stupid leotards and I'm.kinda all worked up, ya know?" "Tough shit" Jamie mumbled, pulling the stiff hotel sheets back over her shoulder "use your hand." Silence -- for the moment.

"Bet you want it just as bad as I do" David whispered again, voice soft and persistent. "Yea, and how do you know?" Jamie asked. The question conveyed both irritation and curiosity. "'Cause" David replied, utterly sure of himself. Jamie sighed. Sometimes her brother acted as if he could read her mind, as if he possessed some magic that allowed him to look right through whatever she said or did into her deep, personal core.

It could be kind of scary sometime, other times (like right at that moment) it was almost.comforting. And the fact was, now that David had her awake -- and especially after the shit they had both gone through that day -- Jamie wanted some lovin'. Yes, she mused, one of her brother's long, gentle fuckings was just the way to put things right again. Still, she didn't want to appear *too* eager.

"Well.maybe" Jamie said. "What about you-know-who?" She nodded her head in the direction of the folding bed in the corner. A young girl, the daughter of their father's latest girlfriend, lay curled up in it, sleeping soundly. "I'll be really quiet." David whispered. Almost immediately his hand began to trail down her stomach.

"Uh-uh." Jamie rolled over onto her back. Taking her brother's hand in hers she carefully placed it over the firm mound of her developing breast. "Start here." she sighed. -------------- Comfort is where one finds it and the fact that Jamie found her's in the arms of her brother didn't bother her very much anymore.

After all, in the three long years since their dad had been laid off and mom had left there had been precious little in the way of comfort (or stability) and Jamie was not about to deny herself what little she did have. David was the one constant in her young life and, while she did sometimes wonder what forces had turned her brother into her lover, she didn't question them.

If pushed, she would have guessed it was simply blind luck, or perhaps fate. Fate -- and the deeply troubled man who was her father. Jamie had just turned sixteen when her Dad lost his job.

All through the halcyon days of the space program he had been a successful engineer at a large aerospace company, but with the downsizing of NASA (and all its supplier companies) he had became expendable. He took it well at first, remaining his old self as he looked for a new job that paid as well as his old one, but his search was fruitless.

One month went by, then two, then six. As the money ran out and his hope turned to desperation Jamie's father changed. He became surly, angry, and his occasional one-to-many beers after dinner became not so occasional. He was no longer a happy, comforting man and (as both David and Jamie were slowly beginning to realize) what little remained of his marriage was becoming unglued -- the solvent being booze and self-pity.

His world fell down around him and, the day his wife left, he came to Jamie's room and woke her up. Jamie never lost the memory of that night: how she came awake as he sat on the edge of her bed next to her, his hands on his lap, an odd expression of grief on his face.

"What's the matter, Daddy?" she whispered in a voice of sleepy confusion. Her father didn't say anything but Jamie could see his large frame quaking and feel the vibrations on the bed beneath her as he began to silently cry.

What was a little girl to do or say when the man who's presence anchored her world and was the source of her stability was crying and helpless? Jamie sat up and put her small arm around his large shoulders, her baby-doll nightie (the one he had bought her with the last of his unemployment money) riding up her stomach as she reached to him.

"Don't cry, Daddy," she said, hugging him as he wrapped a large arm around her small, girlish frame and hugged back. "I'm sorry, honey," she heard his voice croak wetly in the semi-darkness. "It's just that." "What?" "Your mother has gone, Jamie," he sniffed. "She didn't leave a note or anything but she's gone and I know we'll never see her again." "Gone?" Jamie was becoming fully awake now as she tried to think and hold her father in her bed.

"You're the woman of the house now," he told her. "You have to take care of me and your brother." "Oh daddy, I.I." she stammered as her father turned towards her. Draping his other arm across her back he pulled Jamie's face tight against the hardness of his chest. Any lingering sleepiness was driven away; both by the news her father had brought as well as the strong, sweet/sour, yeasty odor of stale beer and sweat.

"Oh God," Jamie thought "he's drunk again." "It'll be okay sweetie.daddy 'll make it right." Her father cooed into her ear, rocking her back and forth, and with sudden, complete, shock Jamie realized he was rubbing her nipples back and forth against his chest.

"Please." she whispered, pushing her hands against his arms as she tried to escape his smothering embrace. Large hands roamed up and down her back, open palms smearing the cool smooth material of her nightie over her warm skin, and as she raised her face to protest he leaned forward and planted a sloppy, wet kiss straight on her mouth.

"DAD!" she tried to yell, but it was muffled by her fathers lips pressing tightly against hers. She jerked her head sideways, leaving a trail of her fathers liquor laden spit across her cheek, then pushed as hard as she could against his chest.

"Oh baby" he mumbled, totally unaffected by Jamie's struggles. Jamie realized in horror that her father was leaning forward again, using his body to press her hard into the mattress.

"No." she pleaded, on the edge of panic. "Dad?" came the voice from the doorway. David stood perfectly still, his small frame a shadow outlined by the hall light. Jamie's dad immediately froze, his breathing hard and heavy then, almost imperceptibly, he loosened his tight grip on her young body. "Is everything OK with Jamie?" David asked.

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Slowly, supporting her head and back with his big arms, Jamie's father lay her down on the bed, as if he was putting a sleeping baby into a crib. "She's OK, just took it a bit hard," he said, calmly, then scooting his arms out from under his daughter's back slowly straightened his body and stood. "It'll be hard for all of us," he mumbled, seemingly to himself, then turned and without another word walked out of her bedroom.

"Oh Jamie, what are we gonna do?" David asked, totally unaware of what had been going on. Jamie burst into tears. ------------------- That night David -- at Jamie's tearful, pleading insistence-- dragged the pillow from his own bed, plopped it beside his sister's, and in his clumsy, big brother way, held her as she cried herself to sleep. The next night as well, and by the end of the week (although Jamie had stopped crying herself to sleep) he did it without even being asked.

With their mother's leaving their dad had fallen completely apart, spending his evenings in a drunken sprawl on the couch, and as their once secure family disintegrated Jamie and David did what they could to cope. Laying in the darkness of her bedroom, holding one another, they talked and whispered; about their father mostly, but also about themselves and how they could keep the family going. It was purely asexual, and it might have remained as such -- except for the simple, biological fact that teenage boys wake in the morning with hard-ons.

Something nudged Jamie from her sleep the morning it happened. She didn't know what it was so she just lay there, in her bed, and took stock of what had disturbed her. She was laying on her back uncovered, the blanket having fallen to the floor during the hot evening, wearing just a pair of baggy, white shorts and an old, torn t-shirt.

It was quiet and still, in the bed for a time, and Jamie was just about to fall back asleep when she felt it again. A steady jiggling in the bed. It wasn't a lot of movement, just a slight perception of the bed undulating.

She had no idea what it was, but it was becoming clear to her that the jiggling movements were coming from her brother's body as he lay next to her, with his side and hip just barely touching hers.

Curiosity finally got the best of Jamie and she opened her eyes, just a slit, then tilted her head so slightly and so slowly that David would not detect that she was awake. She could see down the length of his body as he lay next to her. Jamie almost gasped at the sight but checked herself. Her brother lay on his back, wearing a white t-shirt and nothing else.

His underpants were down at his ankles and David was doing the oddest thing Jamie had ever seen anyone do in her life. He was holding his fleshy dick in his hand and he was quickly rubbing the hand opposite Jamie up and down the rigid shaft.

Jamie didn't know what to do. She didn't know what she WANTED to do. At once she was repulsed by the sight but oddly, at the same time, the sight of what her brother was doing made her curious and excited.

She watched through the slits of her eyelids, wondering just what David was doing. Wondering WHY he was doing it. Wondering how it felt to him. Oddly, as she watched, she became excited in a strange new sort of way. She could feel a stirring between her own legs and it seemed to be caused by what she could see her brother doing between his. David's movements quickened on the bed next to his sister.

Jamie thought she could hear him make a sound. An odd, excited, moaning sort of a sound. She wanted to lift her head and open her eyes so that she could better see what he was doing. Then she felt something. David had taken the hand closest to Jamie and suddenly placed it lightly over the mound of her pussy, between her slightly parted thighs.

Jamie could not contain her gasp of shock and surprise, but David seemed not to notice. He continued his rapid cock stroking, skinning the loose foreskin across the large, purplish head of his dick even as he tightened his grip on his sister's pussy mound.

Jamie scrambled to her elbows, abandoning all pretense of sleep. "Wha -- wha --" Jamie tried to form the words, but just then her brother's cock erupted. "AAHHhhhhhhhh" David gasped as the first wad of cum arched over his bare stomach to impact high on his chest.

The second went even farther, a drop of it splattering on his chin, then he loosed a long, steady stream of jizm, covering his t-shirt and stomach with thick ropes of pearly white. "Oh.God.yea." he moaned, hips undulating, lost in orgasmic pleasure. Jamie was totally speechless, staring in wonder at the sight of her brother's cum spurting penis. Gradually the streams of teenaged sperm slowed to a stop. David gave his cock a few last strokes then raised his arm and draped it over his face, covering his eyes.

"Ohhhh." he said, exhaling with a long, quiet sigh "I needed that." Jamie finally understood what her brother was doing -- `jacking off' is what her girlfriends called it -- and now that she had seen the act she didn't quite know what to make of it. She was amazed that David would do something so personal, so intimate in front of her.

She was also amazed (and a bit frightened) at how hard her brother had come; the male orgasm seemed so.*powerful*. Could I come that hard, Jamie wondered? And with that thought came the realization that watching her brother masturbate had gotten her really, truly aroused. Oh, she knew about the pleasant, tingly sensation she got when she touched herself between the legs -- but that was NOTHING compared to what she was feeling now; hot and flushed, butterflies in the pit of her stomach, and a sharp, sweet ache where her brother's fingers lay curled around her denim covered pussy.

"Oh man," Jamie whispered "are you.alright?" David slowly uncovered his eyes and grinned. It seems so natural to him, Jamie thought.

Does he jack off in front of girls all the time? "Yea, I'm alright!" David answered enthusiastically. Then, seeing the look of confusion and uncertainty on his sister's face, added softly, almost apologetically "Oh, uh -- I'm sorry sis.

I didn't mean to wake you, but sometimes I get hard in the morning and I just know, take care of myself." He tilted his head, looking at his sister with curiosity "I mean, you do it to, don't you?" he asked. "Well, uh.yea, sometimes. Like in the shower." "Feels good afterwards, doesn't it?" Jamie nodded, returning her brother's good natured grin in spite of herself.

God, he really WAS comfortable discussing this. "Uh, Davie." Jamie asked, voice soft and hesitant.


"Yea?" "Why are you touching me?" David glanced down the length of his sister's body. His hand was still resting comfortable on Jamie's sex mound, the fingers trailing into the area between her thighs, and Jamie had the distinct impression that David had put his hand there without even really thinking about it. For a long time he was silent. "Uh, well." he finally answered "I guess I thought that.uh, you know, you'd want to get off too." More silence.

Slowly, tentatively, Jamie pushed her crotch towards her brother's enveloping hand. "Jamie, I'm a mess. Let me take a showe --" "No." Jamie was scared, excited and very, very determined to experience what her brother had. "Do me!" she hissed. David turned to Jamie and raised his body, supporting himself on one arm as he lay on his side. He smiled into her eager, curious expression for a moment and then looked down her warm, budding body to where his hand cupped his sister's pussy mound.

Jamie felt a thrill as he squeezed her there, the pressure and electric feeling causing her to open her legs a little for him.

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"Ohhh," the sound whistled out between her lips. "Jamie, I." he hesitated, a look of odd embarrassment on his face. "What?" David looked down at the strip of mattress between them. "I don't really know how to get a girl off," he admitted.

Jamie sighed in excited exasperation. "You don't know how?" "Well," he started, "I never really.touched a girl.down there before." "Well you were touching ME." "Yeah, I know" he replied sheepishly.

Jamie sat up and looked into her brother's face for a moment and then with both hands reached down and grasped the waistband of her shorts. Lifting her ass from the mattress she pulled her pants down and off of her. David saw the alluring, newly grown, tuft of dark pubic hair at his sister's crotch as she pulled her white pants down over her rounded hips and then worked them off her legs and lay back. Jamie looked up into his astonished expression for a moment and then said, "Well?" "Well, what?" "Do me.

Do me like you did yourself." "How? There's nothing to jack on," he said as he looked down at the fuzzy mound of his young sister's naked pussy. Jamie snorted impatiently. "Look," she said, laying back and placing her middle finger gently down into the cleft between her pussy lips.

David watched as the tip of her finger sank down between the soft-looking, down covered pillows of her sex. "You just do this," she explained as her brother watched her begin to gently move the tip of her finger around between the soft pillows of pussy in a slow, circular motion, as if she were rubbing some special spot in there.

David watched her diddle herself for a few moments, seeing the muscles of her legs tense as her finger worked in the crack of her sex, the same way his leg muscles tensed when he jacked on his cock. He looked up at her pretty face and saw that her eyes were closed and she had an odd look of concentration on her features.

"How does that feel?" he whispered to her. "Good," she dreamily answered and then opened her eyes. "But it would feel better having another person do it to me." Jamie stopped her masturbating and reached over and took her brother's hand, pulling it down to the soft hair between her open legs.

"You do it," she instructed. David gently worked his middle finger into the tight space between his sister's soft pussy lips. He was surprised that it was so wet and slick between the dainty mounds as he felt his finger slide easily around. Jamie gasped and closed her eyes as David's finger made contact with the hard little knot, just down inside her slit, and he watched her legs tense again and her toes curl.

He knew that he had found her sensation spot. It must be the same thing as that receptive, sexually ticklish place he had just under the head of his penis. "Yes!" he heard her whisper and saw the muscles of her flat stomach tighten. "That's it. Rub me there, David. Gently though." David began to swirl his slickened fingertip around on that soft knot of flesh, watching his sister work her pussy back up to meet his finger and hearing the breath whoosh from her lips and nose as he did it.

He could hear a nasty, slick, wet sound, coming from her pussy as he worked his finger in it. "Ohhhh, yes!" she whispered loudly. In spite of her excitement, David pulled his finger from his sister's warm, furry crotch and looked at it. It was moist with clear, thick sexual fluid. He put it to his nose and sniffed it excitedly.

It smelled like a spicy mixture of old pee and feminine sweat but there was something else about the heady odor of his sister's most intimate area. Something about the enticing fragrance of girlish pussy that made his spent cock go suddenly strong and rigid as a pipe again.

"What are you doing?" Jamie asked, looking up at him, red faced, her voice a mixture of both impatience and embarrassment. "I wanna see it" David answered as he hastily scrambled to his knees. Leaning low over Jamie's stomach he planted an awkward kiss just above her pubic fuzz (once again catching the enticing aroma of his sister's sexual scent) then, reversing himself on the narrow bed, pressed his feet against the far wall.

David wrapped one strong arm around his sister's leg, holding it still as he lay his head gently on the exposed thigh, then with trembling fingers reached over and spread the lips of his sister's pubescent pussy. David was transfixed, gazing in awe at the moist, pink flesh of Jamie's cunny. Her clit was clearly exposed; the small bud poking out from it's fleshy hood. Further down David could make out his sister's cuntal opening, then the skirt of flesh that widened into her ass cheeks, then finally, almost lost in the shadow, the dark red rosebud of her anus.

"David!" Jamie moaned impatiently. "Oh.uh, yea." David suddenly remembered what he was supposed to be doing. He hunched over a bit more, bringing his face within inches of his sister's sex, then hurriedly placed his middle finger between her parted lips and resumed stroking.

"Mmmmmmmm.doitdoitdoit" Jamie groaned, her thighs muscles tightening against his cheek as she rotated her hips. The spicy sex-scent of Jamie's pussy was deep in his nostrils, and as his finger tip circled her clit he opened his mouth, exhaling onto her ultra-sensitive flesh.

"Oh Davie, I'm almost there." Jamie whined. David could no longer control himself; pulling his finger from her furrow he wrapped both hands firmly around Jamie's ass cheeks and dragged her pussy to his waiting, hungry mouth. "DAAAVVVVIIIIIDDDDDDDD!!!!" Jamie screamed in ecstasy, clutching her brother's thighs as she came.

The orgasm was overwhelming -- it was as if her insides were being slowly shattered. David kept his mouth glued to Jamie's frantically bucking crotch, sucking her pussy lips, flicking his tongue rapidly against her clit, prolonging as best he could his sister's sweet agony. His mouth was filled with Jamie's tangy secretions but David didn't care; in his passion he was willing to drink his sister dry, slurp up every last drop of her juices.

He pushed his tongue-tip hard against her vaginal entrance, wanting desperately to enter the core of his sister's sex. The opening was clamped shut however, and as Jamie uttered her last feeble gasps of pleasure David gave up. Slowly, reluctantly, he released his grip on his sisters ass then allowed his head to fall backwards onto the bed. ----------------- For a long while both kids lay still, panting heavily, not saying a word.

It was only sound of their father, flushing the toilet in the bathroom, that caused them to jump from the bed and pull up their underwear. Wordlessly, they went about the morning routine of getting dressed for the day.

------------------- That evening, Jamie went to bed early. She didn't wear her usual shorts and t-shirt. She put on her lacy, black panties and a short, sexy, red camisole top that used to be her mothers.

Looking in the mirror, Jamie could plainly see the evident curves of her budding body. The slight space between the lacy top and her bikini panties revealed the roundness of her hips and the narrowness of her waist where she had looked so boyish before. She also noticed that her tits almost (but not quite) filled the sexy bra she wore. Hartened by the sight of her body, Jamie spent even more time in front of the mirror, brushing her hair and pinching her cheeks to give them a red blush.

She then scampered into bed and lay waiting for David, her heart beating fast and a strange yearning in her pussy that she had never experienced before.

An hour went by, as she lay in the dark, but David didn't come. When she had gone up to bed her father and David were watching a movie on TV. She was sure that she had let her brother know she was going to bed.

Where was he? Wasn't she obvious enough? Jamie suddenly felt an odd ache in her chest. She got up from her bed and walked, in the darkness, to David's room. She could tell from the silence that everyone had gone to bed. Why had David rejected her? she wondered as she reached for the doorknob to his room. She could feel the wet trickle of a tear as it dripped down her left cheek. Jamie slowly opened the door to her brother's room. The dim light from the window lit the figure of her brother as he lay in his bed, on his back, with his underpants off and his legs apart.

She could hear him pant and see the blur of his hand as he jacked urgently on his large, hard cock. For a long while Jamie just stood there, wide eyed and silent, watching her brother masturbate. "David?" she whispered, trying desperately to keep the ache out of her voice. Jamie had never, ever felt so utterly worthless -- or alone. For a split second David froze, then he became a flurry of motion as he grabbed the bedsheet and frantically yanked it over his exposed crotch.

"Hey! Ever hear of knock--" he yelled, but then he suddenly realized that the negligee clad figure standing in the doorway was his sister. "Huh" he voiced in confusion, and then for the longest time David just stared; bedsheet in one hand, cock in the other, his eyes glued to his sisters ripe, young body.

"Oh, Jamie." he whispered in awe "your gorgeous." Never in all her life had Jamie heard such sweet words. She wanted to yell, jump up and down, scream at the top of her lungs. HE STILL WANTS ME!!!. The rush of emotion was so intense her legs started buckling; she grabbed the doorjamb for support. "Why.why didn't you come!?" Jamie's cried at last, her voice echoing both joy and puzzlement. David propped himself up onto his elbows. "Jamie I.I." he stopped, then shook his head.

"C'mere" he growled. Jamie stumbled to the side of the bed then dropped to her knees. David rolled onto his side and Jamie, having laid her head on the mattress found herself staring straight into her brothers big, dark eyes.

"Jamie" David's voice was soft, almost pleading "look. We can't be doing this -- it's not right. I mean.your my *sister* for cryin' out loud. I'll get us both in trouble or--" "Why?" Jamie interrupted. "Huh?" "Why ain't it right?" Jamie asked, voice soft and defiant. David started at his sister in disbelief. "Dammit Jamie!" he exploded "I supposed take care of you and protect you not-." "But I liked it" she interrupted again.

Then, softly: "and you did too, didn't you?" Silence. "Ahhhhh Jamie!" David groaned, putting his hands over his face. A part of Jamie wanted to make her brother pay for not coming to her bed, but even as she wished that she realized that David was feeling just as miserable as she had earlier -- maybe even more so.

Jamie knew, without question, that he wanted to fuck her. Well.maybe not fuck, but he certainly wanted a repeat of that morning; but instead of jumping her bones David was trying to talk himself (and her) out of it!

He was trying to do what he thought was right, trying to be the best brother he could be -- and it only made Jamie want him even more.

Slowly Jamie got to her feet, standing over her brother as he lay curled in the bed. "I turn you on, right?" she asked. Slowly, hesitantly David dropped the hand covering his face and looked up at his sister. "Uh, well I.uh.yea" he finally admitted. "I mean, ever since you got your ti-- I mean your breasts." "That's okay. So you like my boobs, huh?" Jamie smiled. Seductively. David shook his head. With deliberate slowness Jamie pealed the camisole top over her head, dropped it on the bed, then reached one hand behind her back.

David heard a muffled 'snap', then watched open-mouthed as the loose fitting bra fell away from his sisters's chest. Jamie shook her shoulders, allowing the straps to fall down her arms. Grabbing the flimsy material she casually tossed the bra aside, then with open palms Jamie cupped her firm, luscious, teenage tits; one in each hand. "There all yours" she said quietly. David pushed his face to his sister's chest, feeling the soft, fleshy mounds against his cheek as he kissed her chest and then her hard left and then right nipple.

"Ohhh," Jamie gasped as she gripped his shoulders. As her brother suckled her tits, Jamie felt his hand push down into her panties and down to her pussy. She didn't hesitate to open her legs a little and give him room to explore her most private area as she thrilled to the sexual effects of his mouth on her nipples.

David seemed to be overtaken by a lustful frenzy as he sucked his little sister's sweet tits and pushed his finger deep into her dripping snatch, feeling her soft hair against his knuckles.

He wrapped his free arm around her soft, thin waistline and hauled her onto the bed so that she was laying in front of him with her crotch in front of his face. Removing his finger, and smelling the sharp spiciness of her female fragrance, David pulled her silken panties down her legs and pushed his face between her thighs, thrilling to her sexual scent as he meshed his mouth against her soft pussy and thrust his tongue between her mons to taste her sweet, syrupy juices.

Jamie gasped loudly again as her brother took her sexually with his mouth and tongue. It was the most thrilling sensation she had ever experienced; her brothers face between her thighs and that hot tongue lapping at her clitoris. She wanted to think about how dirty it was. the thing that David was doing to her. But the immense, sexual urge in her was too great and she pushed her upper body to his, feeling his warm, lower belly on her breasts and the tickle of his pubic hair on her cheek.


Opening her eyes, Jamie could see her brothers erect cock and hairy balls right in front of her face while, all the while, she felt the thrills that his mouth was generating in her throbbing pussy. Dreamily, Jamie began to kiss her brothers hard, warm shaft; she heard his gasp (and felt it at her crotch) as she kissed the sensation charged head of his penis.

Propelled by her lust, Jamie licked the head of David's cock and felt it lurch against her lips as she did so. Then, without thinking about anything except the sensations of David licking her pussy, Jamie opened her mouth and took David's cock between her lips and began to suck. "Awwww!" David squealed into his sister's wet pussy as he felt the warmth of her mouth engulf his rod. He began to lick and suck her with a fury even as he felt her return the sexual favors with her lips and tongue.

As the tempo of their sexual activity increased, Jamie sensed David's penis releasing a sweet, slippery fluid into her mouth. She delighted in its taste as she licked and sucked him more urgently and wrapped her arms around his buttocks to hold him to her. She could feel herself at the edge of climax and she felt she had to hold onto him to keep from losing herself in the feeling.

As his tongue motions took her to the brink and just before he made her body tumble into the abyss of total pleasure, Jamie felt her brother stiffen against her and hold her tightly as his penis began to forcefully spurt a thick, bitter tasting, milky liquid into her mouth.

Jamie didn't care because, just after the first spurt, she began to climax herself. It was the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced and she was propelled through it by her brother's licking tongue and the tempo of the throbs of his rigid cock as it shot streams of sperm into her sucking mouth. Jamie, in the throws of her climax, swallowed each spurt greedily until both she, and her brother, were totally spent and laying together, panting on the bed.

---------- It was Jamie who finally broke their mutual embrace, letting her brother's gradually softening cock slip from between her lips as she rolled over. The orgasm had left her weak and drained, and apparently David was the same way -- he was flat on his back beside her, completely motionless, eyes closed. Slowly Jamie sat up, then awkwardly (her legs didn't feel like working at all) she scooted around so she could lay next to him, resting her head on his pillow.

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"Davie?" she asked quietly. David opened his eyes and stared into his sisters face. Jamie's lips glistened, shiny with his cum, and a line of semen trailed from one corner of her mouth down to her jawline.

He watched, completely mesmerized, as his sister scraped the last of his jizm from her face. Jamie started in fascination at her cum slicked fingers then, slowly and hesitantly, wiped the sperm off onto her chest. "Oh Jamie, I'm so sorry" David pleaded. "Huh?" Jamie's voice was slow and thick.

"I your mouth. I'm sorry." "No, no -- it's alright" Jamie replied, soothing her brothers agitation. "But." "Hush." Jamie cut him off with a shake of her head. "It doesn't taste all that bad -- honest. Besides.I *wanted* you to cum. It makes me feel.I don't a woman, I guess." David looked questioningly at his sister. "Even in your mouth!?" Jamie managed a smile.

"Well, I hadn't exactly planned on that part, but so what? In fact." Jamie paused, and David watched as her smile turned into a shy grin ".I, uh.well, I kinda like this sex stuff." "Oh Jezzzz" David's mouth hung open in disbelief. "Well, what's wrong with it, huh? I mean, can't we have fun and love each other and maybe even make each other cum?" David shook his head. "Jamie, I can't!

I mean, what am I supposed to do -- go around all the time asking you for blow jobs?!" "Well." Jamie reasoned ".how 'bout some of the time. Pick your night of the week. I'm available." "Jamie, I'm serious!" "So am I." The two siblings stared at each other; Jamie with her playful, yet serious grin, David in shock and bewilderment. Yes, Jamie knew that her brother was very uncomfortable with idea, but she also knew that he was a male.

Specifically, a horny teenaged male whom (at that moment, at least) she had total control over. Quickly Jamie shifted position; draping her leg over her brother's pelvis she rolled over, trapping David's left leg between her thigh as she lay half on, half off of him. David's cock was resting beneath her hip and as she started rotating her hips her brother's sex began to stiffen.

Jamie's smile widened. "Hey, lets do it." she breathed. "Oh shit." David moaned, soft and low. "C'mon, big brother" Jamie urged. The playfulness in he voice was gone. She had meant just to tease him, get him ready for another round of oral sex, but as soon as she felt David's leg pressing hard against her pussy and clit she knew that she wanted -- no, *needed* -- more than that. She needed her brother's long, hard dick as deep inside her as she could get it. "I'm ready" she half groaned, half whined the words into David's ear.

The ache in her pussy was intense, overwhelming.

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"I'm ready.!" "NO!" "Pleeeeeeessssee." David did the only thing he could think of. Reaching down he jammed his hand between his leg and his sisters gyrating crotch; clutching at his sister's tender pussy mound he covered her wet, open slit with his fingers, then slid the middle one into her tight tunnel, running it up to the palm.

Jamie gasped.

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Rocking herself back onto her brothers pussy-clutching hand she straddled her brothers hips, spreading herself as wide as she could; in response she felt a second finger sink far into her vagina. "OhMyGod.fuckme.ohfuck" Jamie babbled into the side of her brothers face as David pounded his twin digits deep into her body, stretching her cuntal walls. Jamie bucked wildly -- at first grinding her pussy mound against his palm then, when she felt David's erection brush against her stomach, trying to pull herself off.

David wouldn't let her go though, he kept grabbing her by the ass to pull her back down! She was trapped, impaled on her brothers fingers!

Again she tried, but now his thumb was in the act, circling just above her mons.

She knew she couldn't hold out much longer, the sensation of her brother's fingers wiggling back and forth deep inside her vagina was simply to much, and when David's thumb finally connected with her clit it drove her over the edge.

"Oh FUCK!" Jamie cried as her orgasm hit -- full force. David felt pain -- the pain of his sister's fingernails digging into his shoulders. Stifleing his own cries he braced himself against the bed and let Jamie cum long and hard on his hand, shreaking and yelling. She practically bucked herself off of his body.

Finally, with a long wail into his ear Jamie collapsed, spread eagle over his body, utterly exhausted. It must have been a good five minutes before Jamie stirred, lifting her head from her brother's chest. Her eyes were small slits of lust and anger. "Dam you" she pleaded "will you *please* take my cherry." "I won't -- not without some protection." "Davie, I don't care, I just gotta--" "No. I love you too much to get you pregnant." Jamie dropped her forehead to his chest.

For a long while she was silent. "I get it." she replied at last, her voice a mixture of sarcasm and resignation. "I hate you now but feel really grateful in the morning, right?" "Somethin' like that" he replied, gently. "OK. I hate you." Jamie said, but even as she spoke David was wrapping his arms around her, pulling her close, enveloping her body in a tight, loving embrace.

With a long, ragged sigh Jamie buried her face into the crook of David's neck. "Your hard again, aren't you?" she finally asked. David stared down at his erection. It was throbbing in time to his heart beat.

"Yes" "Uhhh.should I do something about it?" "If you still want to." For a long while Jamie did not move. Then, with a small, sad smile (to herself, mostly) she slithered down her brother's body, pulled his cock to her face, and opened her mouth. ----------------- In the three years since that night, David had been true to his word. Although he had made love to his sister many, many times not once had he done it without a condom.

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