Hot babes convinced to show their boobs

Hot babes convinced to show their boobs
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Nerd Love part II It was 5 P.M. as Jimmy was packing up his computer getting ready to head over to Carly's, he couldn't help but get excited as the exploits of the afternoon still were running through his head. Her sweet angel mouth engulfing his throbbing 6.5 inch member, her body heaving trying to catch her breath under him on his couch moaning from the intense pleasure they were both experiencing.

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He wanted to get over to her house as fast as possible so maybe after they completed the dungeon they were planning on doing she maybe would have enough energy to conquer his "dragon". Jimmy laughed to himself after calling his penis such a nerdy name.

With that his stuff was packed and ready to go so he decided to make his way to her house. When Jimmy got there he knocked on the door but no one answered. He knocked again and heard a faint "come in". As he trekked through Carly's house he couldn't help but notice how nice everything looked, everything was clean and neat, not what you would expect from a gamer girl's house. As he was admiring the nice paintings on the walls he heard Carly yell "I'm over here, take a left".

Jimmy did as he was told and took a left, what he saw shocked and amazed him. What he saw was Carly sitting at her computer in nothing but pink knee high socks with blue and yellow stripes and a pink thong, no bra!

Jimmy just stood, mouth agape trying to think of what to say. Even though he had fucked her a few hours ago he still was shocked and amazed by her beautiful body, to him it was like Eden and he was anxious to traverse this heaven on earth.


Finally after a minute of just standing there Carly spoke for him. "You like what you see?"All Jimmy could think to do is nod. "Well don't just stare, you're making me shy." Carly said, putting on a look that could melt an iceberg.

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With this Jimmy set his computer down, and slowly walked to her. She took his hand and placed it on her chest and he took the hint and slowly started massaging her nipples.


She bit her lip and moaned at this, his fingers were going in circles on her nipples and pinching them lightly ever so often which would make her instantly moan in pleasure. He decided to take it one step further and bent down and started licking her tit and sucking on it, this make Carly call his name out in ecstasy over and over again. He was still licking her boobs when she reached down and started rubbing his dick through his jeans, he was already pretty much rock hard just from licking her boobs, she smiled at this, it made her feel good.

She decided that she wanted to taste his dick again so she decided to pull it out of his pants and started stroking it and licking it, teasing it, not giving it exactly what it wanted, she liked doing this because it made her feel in power.

She started out at the head and licked down the shaft while playing with his balls; she made her way back up with her tongue and started swirling it around the head of his dick making him moan deeply. She decided that she would give him what he wanted and she took all of his cock in her mouth at once, she gagged slightly but kept going despite that.


She started bobbing up and down on his hard shaft, sucking and licking all the way. Jimmy just loved the feel of his dick in a hot soft mouth, he wondered if every girl's mouth felt like that. By this time Jimmy was close to cumming and let her know. She took his dick out of her mouth and started stroking it, while telling him "Cum all over me, I want your cum all over my body". Hearing this was too much for Jimmy and he let loose and shot his cum all over her, it came out in spurts.

The first spurt landed on her boobs, the second landed in her mouth, the third landed on her nose and the last landed on her chin. Just as he finished cumming Jimmy and Carly both hear the sound of someone clearing their throat.

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Jimmy looks behind and sees a woman, no older than Carly, standing in the doorway. "Oh my god Trisha, I thought you were going to be at your boyfriend's house today" Carly said, shocked that her sister was back home today. "I decided to cancel our plans…What is going on here? Who is that?" Trisha said with an eyebrow cocked. Jimmy and Carly rushed to cover up and Carly explained why Jimmy was there and who Jimmy was.

"Don't go and stop the fun just because I came home. In fact…mind if I join?" Jimmy couldn't believe his ears; in the same day he lost his virginity two girls wanted to have a threesome with him!

Man he felt like the luckiest nerd in the world. With that Trisha walked up to her sister and started making out with her, tasting Jimmy's cum in her mouth. Their tongues swirled around, almost fighting each other as they kissed; Jimmy had never seen anything like this before.

It was so hot that he even though he just came he could feel his cock springing back to life. Trisha noticed this and as she grabbed it she said "Oh, What do we have here?" She started stroking his full length right away and Jimmy started to groan with pleasure. Carly started to take off her sister's clothes starting with her pants since her mouth was busy engulfing Jimmy's still hardening dick.

When Carly got Trisha's pants and underwear off she started to tease her sister's pussy by barely licking the outer lips and then taking a deep lick and sticking her tongue in her sister's hole.

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Trisha started to moan almost in tandem with Jimmy, getting all three of them even more horny. Carly now was sticking two fingers into her sister's pussy and one finger in her ass and Trisha was working hard at keeping Jimmy satisfied. After a few minutes of this Carly decided that she wanted some attention and made Trisha move and stop sucking Jimmy off, this made Jimmy get a little upset at the fact that he just got interrupted, but what was coming was way better, Carly stood over Jimmy who was now laying on the floor and very slowly lowered herself onto Jimmy's throbbing member.

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She started riding Jimmy slowly at first, letting his cock almost come out of her then really fast lowering herself again, this went on for a few minutes all the while Trisha was fingering herself but nothing was as good as a real dick she thought to herself. Trisha then decided that she was getting a bit bored so she went to the couple who were so lost in themselves and she started licking Jimmy's cock right at the base so when Carly would lower herself she would also be able to lick her pussy in one motion.

This lasted for a while and both the stimulation from Jimmy's cock and her sister's tongue pushed her over the edge and her moans grew faster and louder and with one last super loud moan she came. She was so exhausted that she rolled off Jimmy and Trisha decided to take a turn on Jimmy, but Trisha didn't want to ride Jimmy, she wanted Jimmy to take her from behind so she got on her hands and knees and told Jimmy to do her doggy style. He positioned himself at her pussy entrance and then she pushed back onto his cock to start his movement.

He kept thrusting in and out of her extremely wet and surprisingly tight pussy. With each thrust you could hear a slap of Jimmy's pelvic skin against Trisha's ass. All the lewd noises surrounding the room made the sex even better, Jimmy was just going wild on her, he kept going faster and faster till he felt like he was going to cum.

He told her and she responded with "I want you to cum in my pussy! I'm on the pill so don't worry." The thought of cumming into a girl made Jimmy explode in ecstasy and string after string of cum entered Trisha's pussy. The feeling of having a man cum in Trisha made her cum as well. The trio just passed out naked on the floor with the scent of sex surrounding them. Thank you for reading, please Rate and comment, Constructive criticism wanted. Also some nice comments would be good too ^-^