Japanisches Mädchen bei der Arbeit nackt

Japanisches Mädchen bei der Arbeit nackt
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Emma Kline looked at her watch for the third time in the last five minutes and mumbled glumly, "For all the damn money I pay her you'd think she'd have the common courtesy to be on time!" It was fast approaching eight thirty in the evening and Emma was to say the least a little put off. For the past three years the sixty one year old matron had had a standing Thursday at seven o'clock appointment for a shave and bath.

Every six months or so the service would send in a new girl, or as Emma liked to call her, "a bather".

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Her first and last requirement was that she be no older that nineteen, and preferably eighteen and a half or younger. This last girl was absolutely beautiful and wonderful at her job, but to say the least punctuality was definitely not her long suite!


Emma was growing more exasperated by the minute, and was just about to reach for the phone and register a complaint when the front door bell chimed. She slammed down her magazine and as she opened the door was about to give young Belinda a piece of her mind when she was taken a back when she discovered it wasn't Belinda at all!

"You must be Mrs. Kline," the cute little blonde said while extending her hand. Emma gave the young woman a quick once over before asking, "Where's Belinda?" "We had to let her go," the blonde replied while looking around the well furnished living room.

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"And you're…&hellip.?" Emma asked. "Oh, I'm sorry," the young woman replied, "my name's Petra, but everyone just calls me Pete." "Well, you seem to have inherited Belinda's penchant for tardiness," the older woman commented evenly. "I'm sorry about that, ma'am," Pete replied softly, "but I just found out ten minutes ago that I was to take over Belinda's book." "I can assure you that from now on I will be on time for all of your appointments." "Well," Emma replied, "I guess it's not your fault." "Shall we go up stairs?" "That's a good idea!" Petra answered quickly.

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"Lead the way!" "My, what a lovely bathroom," the nineteen year old offered while taking off her coat. "Thanks," Emma answered while watching the young woman undress. "You have a very lovely body," she said softly went Petra got down to her bra and matching panties.

"I guess I'm not quite as busty as Belinda," she replied while doing a slow pirouette. "But I think I have a nice bottom, don't you?" "Oh yessssss!" Emma moaned softly while ogling Petra's tight little tush.

"M-may I touch it???" "Hmmmmm, later, first let's get you undressed," the young woman replied with a smile. "O-okay," Emma croaked while slipping off her dressing gown leaving her in just her bra and panties. "Oh my!" Petra gasped.

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"You have a very large chest!!!" "Do you like it?" the older woman asked hopefully. "Mmmmmm, yes, I just love nursing on an older woman's big fat nipples!" "Help me with my bra!!!" Emma ordered fiercely while turning around to afford access to the four clasps.

"How old are you, Emma?" Pete asked while kissing her bare shoulder. "O-oh, god, I'm sixty one!" she moaned softly.


"You have a wonderful body for someone your age," Petra whispered as she undid the last hook. "Now turn around an let me see those great big tits!" The older woman shivered a little as she turned to face the cute little teenager. Her two monsters hung heavily onto her round tummy while the erasure sized nipples stood out proudly like twin thimbles. "My goodness gracious!" Pete sighed while cupping the heavy udders. "I'll bet all the men just love watching you walk down the street!" Emma turned red as the little minx leaned forward to take a red cherry into her warm sweet mouth.

"Ohhhhhh, that feels wonderful!" Emma gasped. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, yes!!!" "Suck mama's big fat titties!" For the next five minutes Petra gorged herself on the fat mammaries while the old bitch slowly but surely began to slip into a state of sexual delirium!" Petra gave each hard nipple a little bite before asking softly, "Shall we take off your panties and see what you have hiding in there?" Without even bothering to reply, Emma grabbed the elastic waistband of her full size panties and shoved them down to her ankles with one hard push!

"We're getting a little anxious, aren't we?" Petra asked with shining blue eyes. "I-I'm sorry!" Emma moaned. "I just can't help myself!" "I'm so wet I think my juices are running down the inside of my legs!" "Let me check on that," Petra said a matter of factly while forcing the older woman's legs wide apart.

"Oh my goodness!" she sighed. "Your vagina is simply dripping!" "Does this feel good?" she asked while sticking a finger into the bare naked labia. A loud gasp was all the answer the young woman needed as Emma's legs buckled slightly while a small but substantial orgasm raced through her vagina! "Hmmmmmm, I guess it does!" Petra replied rhetorically. "I guess it does!" After letting the old woman regain her senses, Petra led her to the tub and helped her climb over the edge and down into the hot churning water.

"A-aren't you going to take off your bra and panties and join me?" Emma asked while lolling back with her legs spread wide apart. "In a few minutes," the young woman replied while taking a bar of soap and rubbing it over the bulging mons. "God, I didn't think anyone could be as good as Belinda," Emma sighed while the young woman massaged the soapy lather all over her twitching groin. "But I don't think I've ever been as turned on as I am tonight!" "Why thank you, ma'am!" Petra said while continuing to work on the fat labia.

"I think we're ready for your shave, don't you!?!" "Oh, yesssssss!" the older woman hissed through gritted teeth. "P-please be careful, I have only one clit to give for my country!" Petra chuckled at Emma's little joke, but she took her words to heart and very carefully began shaving the older woman's most sensitive region.

"How does it feel?" Petra asked gently while working around Emma's aroused clit. "Soooooo nice, I just love feeling the cold steel on my warm pussy!" "Mmmmmm, I'll bet, mine's shaved too," Petra replied. "Okay, all finished!" "Let me help you out so you can dry off!" Emma's whole body was now a glowing pink as the blood had rushed to the surface of her skin in an attempt to cool her heavy body.

"Mmmmmm, you smell so nice!" Petra offered while drying off Emma's big fat ass. "Thank you," Emma replied. "Now it's my turn, let me help you with your bra!" "Okay," Petra replied while playfully slipping out of the older woman's arms. "Let's go into the bedroom first, though, all right!?!" Emma lumbered along after the fleet footed youngster while her massive tits bounced crazily from side to side on her plump tummy.

Once in the bedroom Petra easily eluded the older woman and ordered, "First, you lay down on the bed with your legs spread, then, and only then will I take off my bra!" "What about your panties?" Emma whined. "Of course, them too!" Petra shot back. "Now be a good girl and lay down!" "Okay," Emma replied a little sadly.

"But I don't think it's fair that you got to help me but I don't get to help you!" Petra laughed a lilting laugh that was absolutely like soft wind chimes before replying, "That's a good girl, now watch Petra, okay?" With her eyes dancing and sparkling the young woman easily slipped off her bra, allowing her perfect 34b cups to shimmy sexily just out of the older woman's reach.

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"Do you like them?" Petra asked sweetly while cupping them gently in her hands. "Oh, yesssss, let me touch them, please let me touch them!" "I don't know," Petra replied doubtfully. "Have you been a good little girl?!?" "Jesus, yes!" she gasped. "Hmmmmmm," Petra hummed. "I think you have to show me what a good little girl you can be!" "W-what, what do you want me to show you!?!" the older woman almost shrieked. "Show me what a good little masturbater you can be," Petra said softly.

"Do your big fat clit and show me a nice hard cum!" The older woman's groaned deeply as she buried her fingers into her steaming quim while never taking her eyes off of Petra's pert little nipples. "God, you're beautiful!" Emma moaned while her middle finger worked furiously over her super charged clitty.

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"You like young girls?" Petra asked coyly while softly twisting her nipples. "Ohhhhhhh fuck, I love 'em!" Emma gasped while her orgasm bubbled ever closer to the surface. "Are you really close, dear?" Petra asked gently. "S-so close!!!" "A-almost there, almost there!!!" "I seeeeee," the young woman replied a little haphazardly. "Do you think it would help if I showed you my pussy?" "Show me, oh yes, show me!!!" Emma moaned while her eyes slowly began to glaze over.

"Weeeeeell, I guess it would be okay," the young woman replied while slipping her fingers in her waist band.


"How do you like this!?!" The instant Petra's panties cleared her crotch Emma's whole body spasmed while she gasped, "M-my god, what is it!?!" "What's what?" Petra asked calmly. "Y-you know, you have a cock!!!" "Ohhhhhhh, you mean this!?!" she asked disinterestedly. "Sweet jesus in heaven!" Emma groaned while staring at Petra's cute little three inch erection. "Y-you're a little boy!!!" Emma stammered while her pussy lurched from one orgasm to another.

"Do I look like a boy?" Petra asked softly while cupping her perfect breasts. "N-noooooo, but you have a cock!" Emma groaned.

"Mmmmmmm, isn't it cute?" Petra giggled. "I like to think of it as my pussy on a pole!" "Do you like it?!?" "I-I'm so confused!" Emma panted. "I've never seen anything like it…………" "Well, is there something you'd like me to do with it?" the young woman asked gently.

"Maybe you'd like me to fuck you with my little girl cock?!?" "Oh yessssssss!!!" "Fuck me, stick it into my pussy!" "Are you sure?" Petra asked. "Fuck me you little cunt!" Emma demanded.

"I'm going out of my mind!" Finally taking mercy on the overheated matron, Petra slid easily between her side open legs and guided her little pecker into Emma's super charged pussy!

"Oh jesus!" Emma gasped. "You're fucking me with your little girl cock!" On many occasions Emma had been humped by her cute little bathers, but this was the first time that one of them was actually able to fuck her fat dripping slit! And what was even more incredible was the lightning speed at which the little slut could pound in and out of her incredibly need slit! Almost like a rabbit the little cunt rammed her tiny little pecker in and out of Emma's pussy until without warning the two women were whip sawed as brutally satisfying orgasms rocketed through there intertwined organs!

Petra literally collapsed in a heap between Emma's massive breasts while the old woman gently pressed a nipple into the young woman's warm lips. "My goodness!" Emma sighed. "That certainly was different!" Petra looked lovingly into Emma's eyes before asking softly, "Does that mean you want me to come back next week?" Emma cuddled the little waif even closer to her bosom and replied, "And the week after that, and the week after that…&hellip." THE END

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