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Casual Teen Sex Rocky Star
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I had always fantasize and encourage my wife to do porn. Samantha didn't want to do it because she didn't want her parents to find out. After her mom passed away, Samantha felt life is so short as her mom was only 45yo & she is 23yo. We mourned for the mother death for a month, during this period,I notices her sexual drive increased.

She's like a nymphomaniac but right after she had her orgasm, she will cry thinking she had lost her mom. I got bored of sex at one point and I started to fuck her less.thus our journey begins. Chapter 1 : Earning money Samantha : darling. Me : yea? Samantha : let's travel around the world!

Me : turned away*. we just bought a house and a car. Samantha : I didn't say we had to go to expansive places. Me : easy for you to say. Samantha : *stood up on the bed, took out her lingerie and started to masturbate while standing* Please darling.i need.a vacation.a

Me : *looks at her for a while, then look away, continue playing with my phone* Samantha : *she notice it didnt turn me on and sat back on the bed* How about I earn money myself and you get us to travel? *she grind* Me : I look at her and laughed* you have never work before ever since you graduate from college. Samantha : *smiles* I have these. *showed me her 32C breast which looks huge on her slender body* Me : *I couldn't resist but to grab her right boobs and squeeze it hard* Very nice, indeed.but what can you do with these?

Samantha : my friend Natalie, her husband had been pumping her out.*bit her lips as I fondle her breast*. Remember you say you wants to want me to star in porno?

Me : gosh, your friend Natalie Lee!? she's hot! That's my dream for you to star in porno and I will be your manager! Samantha : maybe I can follow her footsteps.*pulled my pyjamas pants down and started to give me blowjob* Me : *moans* your blowjob skill are.

*loud gag sound as she deepthroat herself* good. Samantha : *had tears in her eyes after the gag, mumbling with my dick in her mouth* Me : *quickly put my dick in her pussy and fuck her in missionary style* of course, u must.please.*I couldn't hold for long as I was so turn on by it* Samantha : *moans as i cum deep into her* You like the idea of your wife being a whore dont chu?

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*smirk* Me : of course.*smiles and hug her to sleep* The next morning I woke up, Samantha was already downstairs preparing food. After getting ready for work, I went downstairs and she was kneeling on the ground and greeted me like a sex slave and master relation. Samantha : good morning, master. Your food is ready. Me : what are you doing ?

i giggled* Samantha : *she jumped up and hug me* preparing myself to be a whore.*laughed Me : ok, quickly get dress. Raj will be here anytime soon. *my dad hired him as my driver* Samantha : *look down & turned off* ok. Me : on second thought, let's play a game *grind* Samantha : what? what!? *look excited Me : you pretend sleeping on the sofa naked while I pretend I'm still upstairs preparing and let Raj have a look at your body.

Samantha : and he is just a driver. Me : trust me, old people have experience and a whore cant choose their customers. *grind Samantha : ok, what if he touches me or rape me. Me : it wouldn't be rape if you are willing right ? Samantha : more than willing *walks to the sofa like catwalk Raj rang the bell but as no people answer but soon he notices the door was unlock. When he enters he saw someone was sleeping on the sofa and he is sure that wasn't me because of the skin tone color.

Samantha have very fair skin tone. He also notice the person sleeping on the sofa have breast as he walks closer to her. He gasp in shocked cause at first he thought it might be some random girls I bring back or it was Samantha friends but he saw his boss daughter in laws fully nude. Then he heard sound of me coming down, he quickly walk towards me. Me : morning Raj Raj : morning Sir. Me : pass this blanket to my wife will ya?


Raj : *look shocked* sure.*gulp his saliva and walks over. he wanted to help her cover* Samantha : thank you. smiles to Raj. Raj : shocked* Sorry ma'am i woke u up?

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Samantha : Nono, I'm about to wake up anyway. *She sat up exposing her upper body* Raj : looked away*. ok. Me : walk over to Raj* Omelette?

Raj : look at me and slowly stares at Samantha boobs, she is rubbing her eyes pretending that she just woke up* Me : hahaha! not that omelette. Raj : i prefer that type of omelette *tries to joke* Me : hahaha!

how much will you pay for it *in joking tone* Raj : I don't know.RM 50 maybe? Me : how about RM 200 until you cum? *serious time Raj : *breathing heavily* ok sir? Me : *turn back and pulled Samantha roughly over.

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push her down on Raj lap* your first customer. Samantha : *close her eyes and put her head on Raj neck and whisper* will you fuck me? Raj : Sir, I only bring RM 100 with me today, sir. Me : RM 100 will do then.*took out my phone and started recording* biii, kiss him and show the world you are a whore. Raj : took out RM 100 note* Samantha : *uses her lips to grab it from his hand gently and spit it to the floor* *move closer to Raj lips with both her eyes close* Raj : grab her head and started kissing her passionately and never let her go, like animals never eat for months* saliva dripping all over while he squeeze and fondle Samantha breast.

Samantha : moaning while she unzip his pants as she pulled out his brief. She look shock as his dick was thick and long.

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As thick as her wrist and 8inch long when she compares it* I can hardly swallow. Me : of sure you can. I pushed the 6 inch dildo deep into your throat before. Samantha : but this is definitely long and it hurt my throat for few days after you did that.

Me : come on, I will help you out. *I put down the phone but still can see her and put her into position where she lies facing the ceiling and her head at the edge of the sofa* Raj : position himself at the edge of the sofa and prepares to push his dick into Samantha throat* Samantha : opens her mouth wide while Raj pushes his dick deep into her throat* *can easily see her throat bulge as he deepthroat her, she pushes Raj away as she was about to puke* Raj : no hands please.

ma'am, you are a whore, remember? Samantha : Sorry master.*but still she tries to push him away* Raj : move faster* I said no hand! *I will use my hand to slap you if you use your hands again. Samantha : pushes again and a loud sound of slap across her cheek* it turns red and had a hand print mark on it.* I'm sorry master, I'm sorry.

Me : I went down on her pussy and started licking it for the abuse she get* she hold my head tight while she gets deepthroat* Raj : move rougher and deeper until she puke a little but both her hands hold my head tightly to her pussy* Samantha : more please, master more please. *Raj continues until he cum in her throat* As I move away from her shaved pussy, Raj spreads her leg wide open to have a better look Raj : My gosh! look at those cameltoe tight pussy! like fresh abalone when you open it.


Samantha : moving her hips, asking for contacts* please, someone.anyone.fuck me already! Raj : I ain't wearing any rubber alright, i need to fuck this slut raw Samantha : looks at me* Can he fuck me raw please? I need him inside me badly Me : Lets play bigger! you are not to take any pregnancy prevention pills! Samantha : I promise, I promise! Raj : You two are funny couple.come here you!

*he move her torso over to him and sat her up so she can see her pussy get penetrated clearly* *He push the tips of his dick into her vagina* Samantha : *screams in pain* hurts, it hurts.deeper please deeper into me.

About 5inch into her, Samantha ask him to stop for a while as she need to prepare herself but instead of stopping, Raj push it deep into her hitting her vagina wall.

She scream loudly but Raj covers her mouth.

Raj : SHUT UP BITCH! you want the whole neighborhood to know you are a whore?


*While he roughly pounded her pussy Samantha : *tears all over her eyes* No sir, Ahhh Ahh Ahh ahhh.Al.I`m all yours.please.ple.please use me.use me as you want to.however it hurts! Raj : No worry, your husband will take good care of you after this.right? Me : Only if she let me fuck her good friend, Natalie! *i joked* Raj : Oh.I would love to train that slut too!

Samantha : Raj : You bet i will! Boss, can i send picture of this whore to my group of friends? Me : Sure why not but censored her face will ya? Raj : But I want to show her lewd face with her wedding ring to my friends. I want to show them, Im fucking my boss Daughter in laws. Me : Ok then.I will help you take the picture. Samantha : *tries to cover her face* No please, I can'!

Raj : Holds her had tightly so she cant block her face* Come on, don't be a party pooper! Me : Come on, make your parents proud.

*smiles and move her hair so we can take a clear picture of her* Samantha : making my parents proud?.*She look to the camera and had orgasm* Raj : Hahahahaha!

your parents gave you so much education and you grew up to be a whore! *pulls his dick out and ask her to clean his dick with her mouth Me : Come on, Raj.she is doing her job as a female.HAHHAHAHHAHA Raj : Bet her mom is a whore too! Samantha : She's not! please keep her out of this.*while she is licking his dick Raj : Ah, did i say the wrong things?

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Your mom is a whore thats why you're a whore now.facts.*pull her hair up roughly so she can look him in the eyes* Samantha : *starred at him* Fuck off. Raj : Ohh, little baby is angry at this old man for telling her the is what we gonna do.stand up, spread your legs and lean on the walls!

Samantha : walks towards the wall and spread her leg wide open* Raj : If you didn't block and took it like a champ then you're mom is innocent bitch. Raj took out his pants leather belts and started to whip her pussy, she tries very hard not to block it. Samantha : I'm a whore, I'm a whore.

Raj : LOUDER SO YOUR NEIGHBOR CAN HEAR! Samantha : I'M A WHORE! BORN TO BE A WHORE AND RAISE TO BE ONE! Raj : puts our dog leash on her neck* We going to visit your neighbor! Me : Yea, remember our neighbor always tries to peep at your in your swimwear? They gonna pay to fuck you for sure Samantha : I need them badly *opens the door* We walk Samantha over to the boys next door, She press the door bell with the leash on her hand. A group of college student open the door and look high as fuck.

We know them as they rent that place a year ago.

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Dom : whats supp? Me : whore testing Samantha : walks up the stairs* hi boys? can i come in? Dom : woahhh sure! we've been lusting for this hot stuff Me : Feel free to use her and return her to me tomorrow =) Dom : Sure, but pick her up before the garbage truck do. Me : HAHAHHAAHHA Samantha was passed around, at least 15 boys inside taking drugs