Masturbating sexcam slut fingers her box

Masturbating sexcam slut fingers her box
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True story. If you've read my past story, then you know my name is Sam, and all I write is true stories. So this is another sexual experience that I had, that I want to share with the guys, so I hope you enjoy, because god damnit I sure did!

So a few weeks back I went to this after cast party for the play my best friend was in.

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There were a lot of people there, and it was a great time. People were drinking, playing drinking games, having a great time. I myself sure was filling up on beers, so I was definitely feeling off. Most people there were either in grade 11 or 12, so we were ages 17-18.

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I was hanging out with a couple buddies, talking about some of the girls there. There were a lot of good looking girls I admit. I flirted with them a bit, some of them flirted back, some didn't; but who cares, it's a party. It didn't matter, I was drunk, fuck it. I'm here to have fun, so what happens happens.

So my friends and I just finished playing a good game of flip cup, and we went over to take some shots. The music was blasting; there was plenty of noise, and plenty of people. If there's one party I love, it's a house party.

Especially when the house is massive. So I was definitely feeling this party, getting comfortable. But of all the girls at this party, there was this one beauty that struck me once I saw her. She was sitting across the room, on a couch with a couple of friends. She was a relatively thin girl, with some beautiful love handles, she had brown hair, and the most adorable freckles on her face.

She had a beautiful body, with nice curves around her hips. She was pretty pasty, but it just made her even better, it suited her perfectly. She wasn't ridiculously pale or anything, she was the kind where it a girl like her could pull it off. Her tits were a perfect size, and she had a nice plump ass I'd just love to squeeze.

She had on this nice black shirt, which was low cut so you could see some nice cleavage. It made her tits stand out more. I could see her fondling her necklace with her hands, this silver thin necklace, with a stylish little lock, the one you would see attached to a door or something. Once I saw her, I just got this feeling in my stomach, where I felt like I had to have her. I saw my friend Taylor get up from talking to this beautiful girl, and walk over to me to say hello.

Taylor was also a nice girl. She was very thin, but still attractive. I've known for at least a year now, and we'd become good friends. I never really considered her being a girlfriend or anything, I like being friends better. She would be a good friend with benefits, but that's as far as I've thought it through. I watched as Taylor walked up to me, a glass of some mixed drink in her hand. "Hey Taylor." She said hello to me, giving me a nice hug.

We then struck up a conversation about the school year, and what not. Eventually, I asked about the girl I'd been eyeing." So who's that girl over there on the couch? I saw you guys talking." I discreetly pointed to her. "That's one of my best friends, Laura. She goes to our school, didn't you know?" I couldn't believe I missed a girl who looked like THAT.

"What grade is she in, eleven?" I asked again. Taylor smiled, revealing her gorgeous white teeth. "Yup, same as me.


Why do you ask hun?" I didn't reply, just took a sip of my drink and looked over at her again. "Awww, you have a crush on her? That's so cute." Taylor said smiling. You could call it cute, but I want her. I thought to myself. "You think I should talk to her? She's been talking to that one guy for a little while now, so I don't think she'd be interested." I contemplated.

Taylor rolled her eyes. "Nawh, that's Jake. She's not really interested in him. Just wait till he goes away, and go up to her, trust me. But she's really shy though." I could change that. I thought, smiling to myself. So Taylor and I hung out a bit more with a couple of guys, just chatting it up. It was a simple house party so we wandered a bit, but I always had my eye on Laura, that beautiful, freckled brunette on the couch. I would watch her get up and walk around a bit, then sit back down.

She had a beautiful figure like I said, and I wanted to be on it. She wore these tight jeans and I just wanted to run my hand down her jeans, and rub her sweet pussy. I took my eyes off her for a bit, and watched as my friends did some more shots. Taylor and her friend were hovering around me, and we were just joking around a bit with each other. From the corner of my eye, I saw that beautiful girl Laura look over at me and smile, pulling her hair back behind her ear.

She had a gorgeous smile, which made her eyes just light up. I was thinking to myself now I had to go in and make a move, since that douche bag Jake was gone. I began to approach her, when a great dancing song came on. Everyone started rushing to the middle of the big open room, to dance and grind.

I saw Laura get up with a girl friend of hers, and they started dancing. I grabbed a buddy of mine, to go in and dance with them. We moved up to them and started dancing; Laura immediately smiled sweetly and started dancing closer to me. Before I knew it, because I was still tipsy, we were grinding against each other. Her ass was rubbing against mine, her tight jeans against my jeans.

She felt amazing our asses were perfectly rubbing against each others, moving to the beat, I turned around and started moving myself against her ass, and then gripped her black shirt lightly, feeling her waist with my hands. She was wearing a light material that made it easier to really feel her hips, and god they felt good as I moved with her. I was feeling pretty forward and ambitious, and I was lucky she was showing interest in me, because she completely when along with the move.

Now, I'm not a fantastic dancer, but when you get a good amount of drinks in me, and play a good song, I can grind; because grinding is pretty basic. Before I knew it, I was rock hard, and we were still grinding intensely. Lucky for me the song was long, and I was sure as hell hoping another good song would come on after.

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I was really starting to move her against my crotch, and she would just move with me. I couldn't hear her, but I could see she was enjoying it just as much as I was. Her eyes were closed a bit, and her arms were moving over her waist and jeans.

I felt her pasty hands grab my wrists, and move them down to her ass and around her thighs. I immediately caught on and starting moving my hands all over her thighs and rubbing her ass.

As I did this, she would move her body up down against my erection. I was getting so hard, and I knew for sure she could feel it. I started to move my hands up again slowly to her waist, and over to her stomach.

My hands carefully move under her shirt, to grab her belly and pull her right up next to me. I could feel her stomach sink in, as it twitched a bit. I was moving my hands all over her belly and near to her bra, I skimmed it a couple times, but I wasn't going to be a creep and get at them now, with all the people near by.

I couldn't hold it in any longer, and I knew that if I played my cards right tonight, I could be fucking her tonight. "Do you wanna get outta here?" I asked, over the music. She nodded, and her and I moved through the crowd and out of the room. I saw Taylor watch us, and I winked at her. She laughed back. We found ourselves on the stairs, just in the other room. We immediately starting making out as soon as we reached the stairs, sitting beside each other.

"Mm you know Taylor, right?" Laura said in the middle of it, still kissing.

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"Yeah, your like her best friend aren't you?" I asked, focused on her mouth and her tongue. "Yeah, she told me about you." Laura giggled a bit, still kissing back. "Oh yah? What did she say?" I chucked back. "That you had a crush on me." Laura giggled again, putting her hands on my lap. "I didn't think she would tell you." I continued.


"But I've got you now." "Yeah baby." She breathed heavily, moving her hands slowly to my cock. "Let's go upstairs, I know there's a spare room." I said, standing up with her. "What were you planning this?" Laura teased.

"How long have you wanted me?" "God ever since I saw you." I kissed her again. She released the kiss, and smiled at me seductively. "You can have me." That was all the words I needed. I took her into one of the spare bedrooms, and laid her down immediately on top of the bed.

I practically jumped on top of her, unbuttoning almost all the buttons on my shirt right there. I was still massaging her waist now, kissing her intensely. Her arms were wrapped around my neck, and she was moaning softly. Laura kept repeating in my ear quietly.

"Oh baby I want you, do you want me baby? I want you." I would reply sensually as a started kissing the bottom of her neck. "I want you now Laura. I want you so badly right now." "Yeah." She whispered back. "But it's my first time Sam, baby is that okay? Will you make love to me still?" She sounded nervous, but I comforted her, wanting to make her feel safe and wanted… badly. "I'm going to do it however you want to; I want to make it perfect for you." Completely honest, because I had never had a virgin before.

My first time was with someone who wasn't a virgin, but I liked being on the other side. I wanted to make her first time good, and memorable; and not something she wants to forget as a mistake she made at a party. At that, she kissed me again, and I could tell she was relaxing a bit more. She moved her hands from my neck, and started undoing the top of my jeans, and putting her hand inside my boxers. As I kissed her, she giggled seductively as she grabbed my cock, seeing it was rock hard for her.

"You want me, don't you Sam?" She whispered, as she started jacking off my cock slowly. Fuck she was good at it. As far as good goes, it isn't too complex. She was making me really horny now, and I stopped for a second, as I slowly pulled up her shirt, my hands on her stomach again. She started breathing more deeply, as I removed her soft black shirt from her body, and rubbed her breasts in her bra. After awhile, she pounced up on me, biting her lip. I found myself on my back, watching her as she undid her bra over me, and cast it aside.

Her tits were better than I imagined. They weren't as puffy as I thought they would be, they were about a c cup size, very perky. No freckles on them, only her face.

Her nipples had a stunning shade of pink, and I felt my dick move more, just from getting even hornier. Laura moved back a bit, so she could get a full grip on my cock. She started pumping it again, looking at me while she smiled seductively. Then suddenly, without warning she moved back again, and leaned down, slowly putting her mouth over my cock. I pulled her dark brown hair back as she did, watching her soft lips slowly move down my dick. She was good, I could tell she had done it before; she may have been a virgin, but good god she wasn't in oral.

I watched as her lock necklace dangled around her neck, while her head moved up down more intensely. She put her hand at the bottom of my shaft and started stroking it while her lips smacked against my cock still.

Her brown eyes looked up at me while she starting sucking harder and faster, practically gagging. "Lauren." I called her name as she persisted on my cock. "You feel so good." I could hear Lauren moan more, agreeing with me. She grabbed one of her tits as she moved faster, and I watched them shake and move, with the necklace. She had a beautiful form to her as I watched her back arch downwards, the more she sucked my cock.

God, her backside was slender and smooth; I removed one of my hands from her hair and ran it along her. I could feel myself ready to come the way she was sucking, but I didn't want it to end. I motioned for her to stop, and I slowly kneeled as she kneeled the bed, and undid her jeans. As I pulled them off, with her panties; it revealed a perfectly shaved pussy, and I couldn't believe my luck as to how perfect this girl was.

I simply smiled at her, showing her how attracted and horny I really was for her. She could tell I wanted her so badly. We were both fully naked now, touching and stroking each other as we were making out a bit more on the bed. I was feeling her tits in my hands, and they felt perfect. They were nice and soft, and I loved the feeling of them against my chest. As my left hand moved down to her clit, I could tell it was unexplored territory. Looks like the guy she was with never returned the favor, so I was going to give her the experience.

I danced my two fingers around her pussy lips, rubbing her clit slowly, while watching her face. I then quickly put my two fingers inside her pussy, and fingered her. She cried out suddenly in pleasure, with a big sweet smile on her face. I moved faster and faster, and she moaned more and more.

Laura's face started to blush, as her breathing became louder and heavier. I leaned down for intense embrace, sticking my tongue all up in her mouth, with my hands still fingering her at a constant speed.

I would slow down to tease, and she cried for more, so I could start going hard again. I could tell she loved it, and her expressions and sounds were so sexy.


I wanted to taste her now though, so I stopped kissing her, and move down, pulling her closer to me. I instantly dove into her pussy, first licking the outside, with my hand rubbing her clit in a circular motion. I then began flicking my tongue against her lips, and digging inside her. I could feel her body tremble in pleasure, and she moaned so loudly, I thought the entire party would hear it over the music, but it wasn't so.

I continued what I was doing.

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"God baby, don't stop. Don't stop Sam!" Laura yelled out, her breathing much faster and intense. I continued to flick her pussy with my tongue, once it got tired, I licked her gently. She started squirming and moving all around the bed as I kept doing this. Her hand was on top of my head now, moving it slowly against her. She motioned for me to slow down, so I did.

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She then looked at me and said to me: "I want you to make love to me right now Sam, I want you now, badly." "Are you sure?" I asked, suddenly wondering why the hell I would ask that. She smiled, biting her lip. "I want you now." I sat up, and straightened my bulging cock slowly into her. I stopped suddenly, unfamiliar with the feeling of her hymen in the way.

I moved out slowly as I heard her wince in pain, and moved in again, forcing at the hymen. The more I did this, she cried out in pain. I wanted to end it for her, and felt her hymen burst as my cock went right through her, and it wasn't long after that that her pain turned into pleasure.

She suddenly gave a sigh of relief, and began moaning in pleasure once again, and I loved the sound. I put her legs just above my buttocks in a missionary position, and started to fuck her even harder now.

"God yes, yes Sam yes!" Laura began to get louder, her breathing intense again. "Fuck me." Her arms were spread out on the bed, and her eyes were looking up at me with an expression of complete pleasure, and I knew my face probably was the same. "Laura." I called her name. "You feel so good." I arched my head into the air, my waist thrusting at her beautiful body. As I was doing this, Laura sat up, her arms back holding her up, moving closer to me. I watched as her beautiful breast moved up and down faster and faster as I screwed her.

I then stopped, and started pounded her slowly, each time I forced myself inside of her, she moaned in ecstasy. I stopped screwing her for a second, to see her pull herself off. I could see where she wanted to go, so I laid back on the bed, holding my dick up, stroking it while watching her move around.

Her soft body moved across the bed to me, as she slowly mounted herself on my cock. When she sat on fully, she moaned as if something hit her suddenly. Once she was on, she put her arms on my chest, and started rocking herself back and forth on my hard cock. Her mouth was open, panting as she was riding my cock. Her pussy was completely soaked with virgin juice, so I grabbed her by the waist again, and starting moving her faster on my cock. As I did, her smile lit up, and she put her hands up on her tits, and grabbed them while they were shaking.

She moved my hands from her waist, and suddenly sat up a bit on my cock, and started to take control, as she moved up and down my shaft, she felt so good. She started to scream in her own pleasure, as her hands were practically tearing off the bed sheets. I could feel her body shaking against mine, every time she put her pussy down on my cock.

I took her off my dick, and put her on all fours in what seemed like seconds. And before I knew it, I was pounded her from behind, from my favorite position. I watched her head sink down, see her exhausted. My hands reached down again to her belly, and I pulled her up towards me, my cock still inside her. When she was up with me, I was pounding her again, holding her tits.

I could see her silver necklace bouncing all over the place as I fucked her harder and harder. She began to scream again, and she was loud. "Your gunna make me cum baby, come on make me cum!" She yelled. I put her back down on all fours and fucked her hard. I can't even remember doing this hard before, but with her wet pussy and my cum moistened dick, I was drilling the fuck out of her sweet pussy, and I knew for sure someone downstairs had to have heard us. Laura gave a high pitched moan, and I could feel her pussy juice spill all over my dick while I was inside of her.

"I'm gunna cum too baby!" I yelled, exhausted, still pounding her. Laura pulled herself out in exhaustion and looked at me with a sexy look. "I wanna taste it." She said, smiling. I watched her put her sweet lips on my cock again, and started jacking my off like crazy, while sucking me.

"Your so sexy Laura, fuck yes." She went faster, and I started to gasp, and then just let it all out, she kept her lips around my dick, and I watched as my dick pulsed, the cum coming out of it.

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It felt amazing. She gagged a little, but I watched her hesitate and swallow it. "Laura your amazing." I was out of breath, and after I collapsed. Laura spit what was left into some Kleenex and went up beside me, sighing. Her face completely red, as mine. We laid panting for a bit, sweating completely.

Laura looked up at me and said. "Baby that was amazing." I smiled back at her. "You're so beautiful, you know that?" Laura gave an adorable smile, and kissed me again.

"Your so sweet. Will I get to see you again?" "Definitely." I said. And I really meant that.