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Edit Hipoan nila dodong ang sarap
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Princess Emerelda remained, balling on her stomach on her bed before dinner arrived, and after it was taken. She now sits on a hard wooden chair in the main dinning hall between her uncle, Lord Thalanger and Sir Knight Calven.

She is not only struggling to sit still on her chair but she is struggling inside. She is embarrassed that the man sitting beside her has seen her naked and is caring on like it was nothing. He is engrossed in a debate with Emerelda's uncle, his father, King Abmute and a variety of their loyal knights. Calven turns to Emerelda slightly and utters to her from the side of his mouth threw a smile, "Stop squirming, child." Emerelda only then realizes that she has been.

This only makes her squirm more now that she is thinking about it. More disturbing than that is the fact he continuously refers to her as child. Why child? He has has shown her no respect yet. Emerelda is horrified.

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"Sit still.or I will have a servant fetch you a pillow?" Calven only retreats back to his conversation. No one seemed to noticed he had talked to Emerelda, or that she was even present for that matter. She looked to him. She hasn't had an examining look at him til now. He was masculine. She has seen his build, felt it too.

He had a stern girl, strong chin, and rough dimples. His light brown hair is nicely tended to. With warm, dark, blue eyes, they were too icy to gaze into. Child? He wasn't much older than Emerelda, maybe only four years. "What is it child?" Calven once again was also keeping an eye on her. No one at the table hear them talking because they were laughing and by now had enough alcohol in their system.


For the first time during dinner, Calven turned to Emerelda. This time She did not turn away. Full of confidence, she talked to him.

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"Why must you insist on calling me child. I refuse to contribute to your power trip. I see nothing powerful about you." Emerelda stares her component down. "Do you always insult people that stronger than you are?" Calven is not going to let her insolence keep him down.


He will win. "First answer me this, why are you here? And why were you sent me my private quarters? Most men sent to my room are known well by my uncle. I hear it is a great gift given to them and only after much trust." "Our room.

No one told you. I thought you would be informed, but you haven't, at least not yet." Calven just mentions this nonchalantly and returns back to his wine.

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"Excuse me?" The princess fully turns to Calven who is now looking away. "Yes, child?" He seems to be growing old of the conversation.


"Physically, mentally or do you mean will wise?" "What, child? Speak clearly." Calven looks down at Emerelda in confusing. "You first. You asked a very ambiguous question" Entertainment of dancers and jugglers are now entering the room. It is hard to keep a conversation with all the outside noise. "And which one of my questions confused you?" He tries to speak over the noise. "The one about insulting you. Yes, you are stronger physically, but I am not sure about mentally.

I think I would be favored.

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I know i have a stronger will than you," "That was a rhetorical question. Keep yourself in line. That is what I ment then and I mean it now, child." "I am not a child! And haven't told me what yet." "What?" The distractions grow in the large room. Dancers enchant the men and the musicians play.

Servants are now clearing the table around Calven and Emerelda. Their company is laughing drunk. "What hasn't who told me about what?" Emerelda was now getting frustrated.

She wasn't getting what she wanted, and she usually does. "Its none of your concern." Calven could see that he was really upsetting Emerelda. He thinks to himself, so, she thinks her strong is greater than mine.

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"None of my concern? It involves me directly!" "But you cant do anything about to." He loves how he is able to tease her. He is in good humor now. Everything will work out alight. "Prince Calven, what is your thoughts in Dormar?" Emerelda's uncle turns to Calven to include him on his and King Abmute's conversation.

"Although h the conflicted seems to have started with the murder of King Heralamin by, to simplify it now, lets just say, Dormar.

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He was asking for it in my opinion. Camden has been allowing his people to raid Dormar. Rumor is that Camden also held secret blackmail over Dormar. I hope the fighting stops, but this conflict is far from over." "Here-here!

Now that's the kind of analyzing any great land needs of its leader," Thalanger interrupted and then King Abmute interrupted him.

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"Cheers to Prince Calven, the soon king of Demporth!" Everyone raised there glasses, cheering and laughing above the noise of the room. King? This knight who has come to Eroma is a prince.

Everything is now starting to fall into place for Emerelda. She hates it. Who was he to tell her that there was nothing she could do about it.

Quickly through her mind she thought of a plan for tonight. I must visit Mog. Moggleath Knucklebumble is someone Princess Emerelda could trust. He is the assistant of Kalemina Irothiss the Great Wizard of Eroma appointed by Lord Thalanger.

Kalamina had done his land a great services. He single highhandedly was able to wipe out the all powerful army of the past king of Aldorma. Legions rose from that conflict. Aldorma was out control all lands.

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Little by little everything was part of Aldorma and it was unstoppable. Kalamina, right after soared to the title of wizard, created a spell witch took them all in a single night. Mog was one of Princess Emerelda's only friends.

She barely saw him because she was forbidden to. When ever they collaborated, mischief took over and they got into trouble. To save both of their asses, Emerelda's from the eyes and hands of strange men and Mog's from Kalamina's switch. Being only in training, most of the potions Mog created did not work how they were wanted them to.

The princess was always able to have faith in her friend.