Leyla bentho fingering himself in bathroom p

Leyla bentho fingering himself in bathroom p
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My niece Angie's next payment. Yesterday Angie calls me telling me she has 100 for a payment on what she owes me. Telling me her husband and sons are out of town for two days.

She wanted me to come over today but I don't really think that was a good idea. There's always a chance they could come home early. Although yesterday was a most pleasurable day I've had in a long time.

She allowed me to do things to her I had never done before. Hell we did things I've never done before my life. I would never fuck a woman in the ass until she told me to. I have to admit it was fucking great. It all started when I stuck a finger in her ass while I was washing her back side. I slipped my finger into her ass as I soaped and rimmed her with my finger and she didn't complain. I have tried to finger her ass before and she always told me was gross.

I don't know what changed her mind other than she used a vibrating egg while I worked on her in the shower. In fact she enjoyed having me finger fuck her in the ass so much.

She told me to fuck in the ass. I actually think she enjoyed it more than having her pussy fucked. Anyway today she is supposed to come over to my place. I'm afraid to go over there. Just what we would need is her husband to come home and catch us. I receive a phone call about 9 o'clock.

Its Angie saying she'll be over in a little bit. I tell her to go ahead and put her car in the garage. Then come on in. Less than an hour later I hear a car pull in then the door shut.


Angie comes in the back door. " Hello Uncle Dick where are you?" I don't answer I just let her look for me. I had stripped down sitting nude on the couch watching TV. She comes into the front room and sees me sitting on the couch nude. Laughs saying "You're pretty sure of yourself aren't you." I laugh and say "No its just too fucking hot to wear clothes." Angie has a bright yellow sundress on almost matches the color of her hair.

She smiles at me saying, "Well I want to be comfortable too." With that she pulls her dress over her head. She's completely nude underneath. I love to look at her beautiful body. Her sun bleached blond hair, green eyes, pert nose, full lips and beautiful smile. Her C cup tits that have just the slightest hint of sag. The thin blonde patch of hair at her crotch. She makes me hard just looking at her. I say "Looks to me like you're pretty comfortable to begin with." Angie says "Too damn hot out to wear under clothes.

Anyway I never wear any when I'm wearing a dress." Me, " Well that's a tasty piece of information." She says " Speaking of tasty." She comes over stands on the couch in front of me with her pussy right my face. "Yummy my favorite snack.


Delivered hot and juicy right to my face. Better than drive up." I can smell her female scent, like perfume to my nose. Angie says "Dam! You can be such a pervert sometimes." Me "You're the one shoving your pussy in my face." She says "Yeah I guess that's why we make a good team." I says "You're right this is definitely a team sport. I think there should be a special sex Olympics. Cocksucking, pussy eating and fucking.

Each one can have its own subsection too. Style, duration, number of cums. Sounds like a winner to me anyway." Then I bury my face into her pussy. Find her clit and starts sucking on it. I pull my face out of her long enough to say "Why don't you lay down on the couch it will be a lot more comfortable." I give her clit a kiss.


"Ok with me." she says She climbs off the couch, I get up then she lies down. I crawl between her legs and start eating her again.

After about 5 minutes she has my face and the couch soaked with her pussy juices. As I feel her orgasm I run my tongue into her as far as I can. She responds by grabbing my head and grinding it into her cunt. She finally releases my head after she nearly suffocates me. Reluctantly I get out from between her legs and stand up. " My turn." She says as she siting up. "Come over here." I stand right in front of her my 7 inches sticking in her face.

She grabs it with one hand then slides the head into her mouth. She runs her tongue around the head of it probably a dozen times. Then she swallows the whole thing until my balls touch her chin. She does that at least five or six times. Which pushes me over the edge and I shoot my wad into her throat. She gags a little but not much. I start to pull my cock out but she grabbed my ass and pulls me back in till I finish. Finally releasing me, I slide my cock out of her throat.

Making me shudder with pleasure. I start to slide my cock out of her mouth. Again she stops me by grabbing my ass, holding me with the head just in her mouth. She keeps sucking my cock head just to keep it hard. Which is no problem, because I'm turned on to the Maxx. I pull my cock out her mouth. She gives it one last slurp as it comes out. I pushed her back onto the couch.

Crawl between her legs. She reaches for my cock and lines up with her pussy. As I slide the head in it's the most wonderful feeling in the world. Its so tight warm and slippery. I adjust my position to screw the fuck out of her.

She's already rotating and bucking her hips to meet me. She reaches up pulls my head to her and kisses me.

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Sliding her tongue into my mouth as far as she can get it. Our tongues mingle as I suck on hers. She breaks the kiss and tells me to "Fuck me hard." I frantically pound my cock into her. I feel her pussy gripping my cock tighter and tighter. I know she is right on the verge of cumming. Her cunt grips my rod like a vice.

Then she just collapses under me. I pound her until I get my rocks off. I collapse on top of her. My cock still buried in her tight love tunnel. Slowly I pull out not wanting to but I do. I crawl out from between her legs. Sit on end of couch.

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" Oh my god that was great." She says. " Fuck I'm gonna be sore tomorrow." I say "Tomorrow you'll be sore before you get out here girl. I never said I was done are you?" Angie says "I need a rest. Please!" I say "Okay I'm kinda thirsty anyway you want something to drink?" "Yes please something cold." It's then I realize the picture window is wide open.

I look out the mailman is standing here with this thumb up, smiling." I kind of freaked out but he goes about his business. I don't think Angie ever seen him, or if she did she didn't care. I don't know how long he was there but he got one hell of a show.

I tell Angie "Why don't we go to the bedroom it'll be a lot more comfortable. I'll bring our drinks in there." She gets up and starts heading for the bedroom. I can't help watch her beautiful ass she leaves the room. I grabbed two cold beers and take him into the bedroom with me. "How did you know I needed that?" "Because I know I did." We sit on the edge of the bed.

Drinking our beers and making small talk. She telling me Tom called last night telling her all about yesterday's events. Laughing says "I'd love to have told him you fucked me in the ass. Hell he's tried to get me to do it for years. I still don't think I'll let him though." "God you can be such a bitch sometimes." " I know but I let him it won't be special for us any more." " Hell yea!

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You'll get no argument from me about that." "So when will they be home?" "He said around 8 or 9 PM. He guessed. Wasn't sure what time they would get done. Also figured they would eat before coming home." I finish my beer crawling back onto the bed on my back. My cock has gone semi soft. Angie finishes hers and climbs on top of me. "Think you'd like to fuck my ass again?" "I think I would be happy with any hole you offer." "Looks like we need to work on it a little though." Taking my cock in her hand stroking it.

It responds immediately to her touch getting hard. After a couple minutes it's hard as nails. Angie put the head against her anus and tries to get it in. "I think it needs some lube first." I say. There's some ky jelly in the bathroom. She gets off and goes to the bathroom. Coming back with the tube. Squeezes some on her hand then works my cock over with it. "There that should do it." "You might want to put some on you too." She takes her hand still slippery with jelly and rubs it on her anus.

" Here I come ready or not." I'm thinking, Hell yea I'm ready. She climbs on me again taking my shaft, putting the head on her asshole. Then pushing down, the head slides right in. She is super tight and I'm loving every moment of it. "OH my that feels great." She mumbles.

Her eyes closed and smiling. I start to move my hips, she is working me deeper into her ass. As she hit bottom I say "Fuck yes!" I let her decide when she wants to go further. After a moment she starts moving her hips and grinding my cock in her ass. She slides up till the head is just in her. Stopping there for a moment I feel her sphincter tighten around the head. She is rubbing her clit with one hand at the same time.

I reach up and take her tits in each hand.

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Squeezing and kneading them. Taking her nipples between my index finger and thumb rolling and pinching the nipples. She responds by sliding me all the way back in. Then starts to work up and down faster and faster. I can't help it I'm getting close to shooting off into her. "Fuck I'm going to cum" "Go ahead I'm close too." A few seconds later I explode into her tight ass. I feel her anus tightening on my shaft. She is orgasming too. "OH OH OH!" She exclaims then settles down on my shaft fully buried into her.

Almost collapsing on me. Angie says "Holy shit, I can't get over how great that feels." After a couple minutes she slides me out of her. I can feel my cum dripping out of her ass onto my belly. "I better clean you and me up." She gets off me and heads for the bathroom. Coming back with a towel and wash cloth. She cleans my cock, still semi hard.

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Kissing the head when she's done. "I wish Tom could stay hard like you. One shot he's done and sleeping." I say "Really?" Angie "Hell yes, Once he's got his rocks off he's done. Hell he never wants seconds" Me "Fuck seconds, thirds even fourths if I can get it." She laughs "Yea I know." I say "I love to experiment with different positions too." "Then why haven't we?" Me "I wasn't sure how you felt about that.

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Every time we have sex you want to control the whole session. I'm just happy to get to fuck you. Any way I can." Angie says "Well we will just have to experiment next time. Right now I just need my cunt pounded hard." "No problem there, you want top or bottom?" "I'll take top you take it easy and just enjoy it." "Sounds good to me go for it." With that she climbs on me takes my cock and slid it into her tight hot wet pussy.

"Mummm, I like that." "Me too Angie." For the next 10 or 15 minutes she pounds her pussy on my cock. Then I feel my balls tingle as I know I close to cuming. "I'm going to cum. Angie" She buries me deep into her, then grinds her pussy on my balls. " FUCK!" I exclaim as I shoot my load into her. She works her pussy on my cock for couple minutes more and I feel her tightening up and milking my cock.

She is having an orgasm I can feel it. She stays on me for a few minutes my cock finally going soft. When she pulls off me. She lies forward on my chest kisses my cheek. "I love you uncle." "I love you too, Angie." "No I love you! Not just as my uncle.

I love you!" "You know I have always loved you Angie." "I know and I have used that to get what I wanted. This is different, I really love you. You always treat me right, care about my feelings." I say "That's because I do love you." Angie says "I never understood till just now though. I miss aunt May a lot, I now understand why she loved you so much." "I miss her ever day Angie. I also know I have to go on, just never forgetting her." " I wish I could take her place." I say "I would loved that but you have a family to care for.

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What we have must stay hidden." "I know but if things ever change I'd love to be with you." "Me to but I don't think May's family or your mother would understand." I say "Anyway it's getting late you need to get home. Tom and the boys will be home in a couple hrs." She lies on top of me for a few minutes more. Then raises her head kisses me and says "Don't ever change Uncle Dick." " Change why would I change. Nothing will change my feelings for you. I can tell you that." Smiling she kisses me again.

"Ok I better leave. I don't want to but I will be back. You'll get tired of me sometime." "Never will I get tired of you. You're as much in my heart as your aunt May." Kissing me again this time very passionetly. She gets up puts her dress and shoes on that wonderful body. As she starts out the door I say, "I Love you Angie." She smiles blows me a kiss and leaves. I cannot wait to see her again.

Taboo or not I love her. Next story; Angie pays off her debt to me.