Dark Video Of Girl Playing With Her Pussy

Dark Video Of Girl Playing With Her Pussy
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I'm not gay, but a health straight male with a NYLON fetish. My advice to any curious male.TRY IT, its.unreal. I've had a stockings fetish for as long as I can remember. It started when I was about 14, when I was babysitting for a family member. On the bathroom floor was a pair of tights, so being a curious teenager, slipped them on, WOW, the feeling was amazing.

The HARD ON I got was unbelieveable, solid as a rock, needless to say, I wore them most of the night, and wanked myself silly. As I got older my focus went to stockings.

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This started when I had an operation, and the nurse looking after me, unwittingly flashed a bit of stocking top, instant hard on, and it progressed from there. Everyones got that sexy aunt, luckily for me, I've got 2, and both wore stockings and suspenders.have I tried theirs, unashamedly the answer is YES.

One of the aunts lived alone but had a b/f, and I was a frequent visitor.


I'd often caught my aunt getting ready for nights out, pulling her stockings and attaching them to the belt clips. My favorite was the black basque with matching knickers, with black nylon stockings,she looked amazing.


The room I used was also used as their part time junk room. Whilst routing about one day, I found an old orange carry bag, its contents were soft. With trembling anticipation I opened the bag, and to my delight found old suspender belts, bras, knickers and stockings.

I often spent time in that room alone, trying on her old underwear and stuff, and wanking into old stockings. One night she walked in without knocking, luckily for me I was laying on the bed, and managed to pull the covers over me pretty sharpish. She'd popped in to wish me good night, she paused, scanned the room as if looking for something, then left the room, phew.that was close.

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The next evening, my aunt and her b/f went out, and later on in the evening it was arranged that I'd meet up with them,in the local pub. Having made the arrangement, I made sure I was there. Many beers later, we all walked back to my aunts Flat. I made my excuses and went to MY room, but with her b/f there, decided against trying the underwear and stockings.

I was just dropping off to sleep,when I heard the lock on the front door turn.with her b/f gone, I heard my aunt walk towards her room, now was my chance to slip on the underwear. I thought give it a couple of minutes for her to drop off, then I'd do it. Then I heard the footsteps again, the door to my room swung open, and in the light was a silouhetted figure of my aunt, she looked even better than normal.

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As she stepped toward me I could make out that she was wearing a black bra, knickers and belt set with a pair of black stockings, and carrying something in her hand, she tossed it towards me saying, "you've seen me in it, now its my turn to see you in it". As she turned the light on, I found in my hand the afore mentioned basque and knicker set," where are the stockings", I replied, " I'll help you with them when your changed, I'll be in the front room when your ready".

All I kept thinking was "SHIT, how am I gonna get out of this one". I'd never worn in front of anyone else, it was my secret, or so I thought it was.


A couple of minutes passed, when I heard her cal, "Are you ready yet, I'm waiting". In truthfulness it was a fantasy of mine, but when your hit with the reality, its totally different. I slipped off my shorts, and slipped on the knickers, they where a little tight, but god they felt good, my cock was really hard, and had trouble keeping it inside the front of the knickers.

Next came the basque, how the hell am I gonna hook it all together, I'm only used to a couple of hooks on a bra, I was shaking in anticipation as i started to wrap it round my body, I left the hooks at the front, then when they were all fastened, shuffled the basque round til it looked ok.

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Trembling and gingerly, I left the room, and walked towards the front room, as I opened the door, I headed toward the chair furthest away from her, my aunt sat up on the edge of the sofa and beckoned me over, "aren't we forgetting something", in her hand she held a new packet of stockings, I stepped towards her as she undid the package. I stood in front of her with my hands covering my rock hard cock. "We aren't shy are we??" she asked, I couldn't answer her, I was at a loss for words.

" lift you foot up", so I did, she placed my foot between her legs on the edge of the sofa, it was inches away from here pussy, she slipped the stocking over my foot and up my leg towards the suspenders, she brushed the under edge of my bollocks, I felt my cock twitch as I tried to cover, " Turn round so I can do the back one", without a moments hesitation I did as i was told, when she'd finished, we repeat this on the other leg.

" Step back so I can have a proper look", I took 2 steps back, "I can't see you properly if you keep your hands there, can I". I dropped my hands to my side, "NICE, infact VERY NICE, COME HERE". Again I did as I was told, but tried to cover my painfully hard cock. "We'll have to do something about that".

With that she pulled the front of the knickers down, my cock swung towards her face, she gripped the base of me cock with her hand, and slipped the tip of my cock in her mouth, she did this for a couple of minutes, stopped, looked up at me and asked "GOOD?" my answer was along the lines of "fucking hell is it" as she contiued to suck and wank me, she stopped again, "so you like to cum on my stockings?", "yes" I replied, with that se laid back on the sofa on put her stockinged feet around my cock, "FUCK MY FEET", "What?" ,"FUCK EM, Now".

With that I slowly started to fuck her feet, slowly getting faster as my orgasm neared its end,she laid there slowly fingering and playing with her wet pussy, "FFFUUUCCCKKK" I screamed out as I came over her feet, I thought my legs were going to giveway. I tottered toward her, "LICK ME", you don't have to ask me twice.

I got between her legs, at first Ilicked and sucked her hard nipples, "LOWER" she hissed at me, with each kiss, I lowered myself down towards her wet pussy.Firstly I slipped a finger in her pussy, fucking hell, she was dripping, and then a second finger and slowly started to fuck her with my fingers, I lowered my head and gently touched her clit with my tongue, I teasingly started to lick and suck her clit, she grabbed my head and tried to push it closer, I removed my fingers, and shoved my tongue up her hole as far as it would go, she responded more, by slowly humping back at my face as my tongue dart in and out of her her, "FINGER MY ARSEHOLE",so I did, there was enough lubrication there to slip 2 fingers in, "LICK MY CLIT, MAKE ME CUM", she was by now literally fucking my face, faster and faster she grinded against my face, suddenly she tensed up and stopped, "DON'T YOU FUCKING STOP"she told me as she shuddered through her orgasm.

Quiker and quicker I licked her clit and fingered her arsehole, her orgasm never seemed to end. I laid down beside her on the sofa, my cock starting to harden up,again.

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"EASY TIGER, LET ME HAVE A CIG FIRST, THEN WE'LL GO TO MY ROOM". I laid beside, whilst she slowly stroked my hardening cock."BETTER CHANGE MY STOCKINGS, FOR ROUND 2", with that she stood up, and led me to her bedroom by the cock. PART 2 TO FOLLOW.