Fucking like a crazy bitch

Fucking like a crazy bitch
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I am going to talk about female stuff here for a bit so if you would rather not hear the disturbing details please skip the next paragraph or two: My female cycle is timed with the lunar cycle. This is actually kind of freaky according to my OBGYN. I typically "start" on the day of the actual full moon, sometimes the day after. If I am particularly stressed out my schedule gets out of whack and then I am usually late, but my cycle rights itself in time.

I always go back to the lunar sync. I refer to this ritual as *Mother Nature* being in town. Now I don't want to dwell on this too much as this is a very non-sexual topic to me, I am just trying to explain in detail why I am the way I am. Now as soon as *Mother Nature* gets out of Dodge I literally go into female reproductive heat.

This lasts for two weeks directly after You Know What. My female doc refers to this as a Lupine Breeding Cycle.

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Great, I am half dog. This explains my severe "drooling-during-oral sex" problem. Now making actual sweet love is an important part of a loving and healthy relationship. I have never had this kind of sex before. Not that I don't want to, I would love to make tender love to a man and break down crying in his arms while he whispers sweet nothings into my little pixie ears, it's just that I haven't quite felt like doing that with either of my boyfriends.

I don't really know how to explain it, and I certainly don't mean any of this negatively. This is going to focus more on men. I have discovered that when I go into actual full fledged heat I become obsessed with The Penis. Not any one particular penis, just The Penis, from here on referred to as The Cock. Back to my point, I love The Cock.

So round, so firm, so fully packed. Simple in design and quite aerodynamic.


I have touched two of them in my life, but I have looked at thousands upon thousand of them. My computer is full of pics and video of guys jacking off. I love that. I fucking adore it. I get so hot watching a guy jerk off.

I especially like it when they pay attention to their balls and other body parts. I like it when they use toys. Neither of my boyfriends did this but I have hundreds of galleries of this for my personal viewing pleasure. Only a man knows how he really likes to be touched. I have always wanted to just spread out and masturbate in front of each other. Man that would be fun. Back to The Cock. What kind of cock do I like? Well, I like a medium sized one for starters.

I have been dabbling quite a bit with anal sex and quite frankly a smaller cock feels much better. Hence my using smaller toys on cam. I like to use a larger toy now and then for variety but for day to day stuff I like smaller.

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I am able to relax more and enjoy the sensations. I like a cock that isn't overly sensitive. One that I can get a bit rough with.

I am not talking fingernails and teeth I am talking about a cock that I can "arm wrastle" with a hand full of drool. A cock that I can squeeze and jerk while I suck on the end of it. One that I can slide as far down my throat as possible and try to actually swallow. This brings me to gagging.

What the fuck? Yea, you heard me, gagging. I like it. How did I happen upon this little perversion? Masturbation of course. I had two toys out one night while home alone and off cam, one down below and one in my mouth. I was getting ready to cum and my hand holding the rubber cock in my mouth spazzed and sort of rammed it down my throat. My whole arm kind of like jerked all at once. I gagged.

I came right when it happened. I have done this several times while playing alone. Now my body associates gagging with sexual pleasure. I can be fully dressed and stick a dildo down my throat, gag myself, and my panties get wet. No joke.

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Gagging on a real cock would be even better. Want to know what my favorite part about sex is? The very first time the cock goes in. If I am really worked up or it's first time sex I will cum right then. I like it to go in all at once. Yes, it hurts but I like that. Plus I am usually pretty wet by that point from kissing and such so nothing rips, it just hurts a bit. That's the cool thing about being petite, I am built like a little girl down there.

It's also why I don't want to have any kids. Doctors told me to adopt as my cervix and vaginal opening are smaller than normal.

Ok, so I am deformed? Underdeveloped? No, just small. I don't use big toys though I have tried. Don't even fucking ask me about fisting. Back to the sex, panties down around the ankles, cock in hand rubbing the tip against my wetness to help it go in easier.then push it in.

Not too hard, but hard enough to hurt a little. That is my all time favorite part. I like all the rest of course but that is what I live for. The initial penetration of any encounter. What's my favorite position? Well I like them all but my absolute favorite is standing up.

Doggy would be my second choice. Let's talk about standing up. This position is why I am so fucking addicted to masculinity.

Strong manly arms holding me up against a wall with my legs hooked around his elbows fucking the shit out of me. Seeing a mans jeans around his ankles turns me on.

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I think that might even qualify as a fetish. I adore faded blue jeans, and I have no clue as to why. Being up on a counter is very similar, this pelvic positioning is what feels best to me. I love to hook my legs around a man or spread them really far apart in this position. I like rough sex. I like to be fucked pretty hard, and I like to be spanked. I like my hair pulled and I like to pull hair. I like to bite and scratch and I like to be bitten and scratched.


I like my clothes ripped, especially my panties. Let's discuss The Panties for a minute, and by panties I mean underwear for both men and women. I like boxer shorts.

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I really really really like boxer shorts.those ones that are tight like briefs but cut boxer style. Kind of like those spandex biker shorts. Why? I dunno.I think mostly because they are "manly" to me. Tightie whities and bikinis remind me of girl panties, and on men I like masculine stuff.

Here is another never before mentioned fetish of mine (nobody has ever been told this, not one single living soul). I dig bulges and button flies. I have lots of porn of guys with hardons wearing button fly jeans. Man oh man, seeing a guy undo those straining buttons and reveal a pair of boxers with a raging hard on pressing against the fabric makes my clit jump.

I am getting myself excited here, no bullshit. Simply visualizing it makes me hot. I can almost smell sex on a guy. I know when his cock is hard without having to see it. I am extremely and intensely sensitive to body language and find myself studying people all the time.

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I'm a people watcher. Speaking of smells there are two non sexual things that really really get me going.


One would be music and certain sounds, the other would be smells. I will explain smells first. The smell of leather excites me. Mens cologne excites me, especially CoolWater By Davidoff. Polo is very very nice too. I like the classics. Fresh out of the shower smelling of soap and water is a huge turn on as well. For the love of all that is Holy for some reason new carpet smell turns me on. I have no reasoning for this but it does.

I think it has to do with the carpet being new which means it's clean and clean is very stimulating to me. Very stimulating. Sounds. Sexy music of course, but there are certain "every day" sounds that give me actual shivers and make my heart start racing. Go out and rent the movie Jumanji, the one with Robin Williams. A decent movie but there is a sound in there that I have not been able to find anywhere else. Mostly because of the Dolby Digital shit they have going on.

Anwyay, about half way through the movie there is a scene where there is a male lion loose in the house. A big manly male lion. He sneaks around and does his thing but this sound that he makes drives me fucking bonkers. It's that really low grumbly-purring sound, not the roar.

That low, gurgly, breathing inward, throaty sound. I feel it in my bones when I hear it. I have watched that movie close to 30 times just so I can hear that part. I have heard it on other shows and it still turns me on but it comes across the best in that movie. I would love to hear that in real life. Haha, there I am at the zoo watching the big cats.manly lion-guy makes that sound.I geek out and have spontaneous orgasm in front of unsuspecting tourists and families.

Open headers on a big block make me hot. GlassPaks make me hot, Flowmasters make me hot. I think it has something to do with very low vibration. Darth Vadar's voice stimulated me the first time I heard it and to this day still does. I like deeper, sexy voices. Again, it must be the low vibration thing. Speaking of voices.I lose it at dirty talk. I can cum just from being talked dirty to. I fucking can't get anyone to talk dirty to me and I think it's because I am aggressive and overbearing.

I have only been forward with a few men, and only had sex with two of them. Being forward can seem slutty but when I do it to a guy it's because he is something special, he affected me in a way no other has.

It is really hard for me to make porn and talk. My natural sexy talking state is a low husky whisper which does not grab on film very well.

I like swear words and dirty words if you couldn't tell. Fuck, cunt, pussy, cock, suck, harder, deeper, bitch. Hehe, I like to be called a bitch. Seriously. Makes me feel very primal and I like feeling like that. But like I said, I couldn't ever get anyone to talk to me, so I started talking to myself when alone. Hahahaha, no joke. I like it too. I fantasize about having a guy fucking me pretty hard while violently and hoarsely whispering very nasty things to me while sucking and biting on me, especially on my throat and neck area.

Egads I am a damned psychotic sexually deviated bitch! If I ever settle down and marry a guy I fear for his very life. I hope and pray I end up with a guy just like me or I just might find myself at BellVue with some nice padded walls. Most especially I like whispers.

The movie Astronauts Wife (Johnny Depp) has an awesome sex scene in it. No, I don't like the movie because he is in it, he's too feminine for me. Anyway, the scene where he's fucking her up on some balcony rocks. He talks to her and says the most wonderful, nasty things to her in a low, labored voice. I can find sexual stimulation in the weirdest of places. It's getting worse as I get older. They say a woman's sexual peak is in her 30's. I am in some serious deep shit if this is true.

I masturbate every damn day except for You Know When.

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I make up for any lost days though, hehe. I truly and genuinely like sex. Masturbation is a very big part of my life. The first thing I think of in the morning is "What is my schedule like today, when can I fit in some solo time". Then I whip out some boxer shorts porn and have at it. This is where I am going to end it. I am really freaking horny just from writing all this shit.

I am going to go take a nice hot bath and of course masturbate furiously.thinking about bulges in button flies. THE END