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Please note the following story tags: Incest, Pregnant, Creampie, Consensual Sex, Rape, Non-Consensual Sex, Hardcore, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Young Teens, Male/Female, First Time. *** ".of the total number of baryons predicted by Big Bang nucleosynthesis, as inferred from density fluctuations." there was a knock at the door.

Newlyn had been studding again. He did this when ever he could. It started about eighteen years ago as a cooping technique to deal with the pain of his greatest regret. As part of this he had next to no social life so, the knock at the door was a surprise to him. The only time any one ever knocked on his door was for mail but, Newlyn could not recall ordering anything recently.

Newlyn put down the paper and went to the door. He recoiled at the sight and took a quick step backward. "DAD!" Newlyn said as he tried to recover from his initial shook. "Hello, Newlyn. It is good to see you again," his father, Eric, said although, the remark did not match his cold expression.

There was an underlying anger there Newlyn knew too well. His father likely could not careless if they ever saw each other again yet here he was. "It has been a long time. You never call," his dad continued. "I.I have been busy," Newlyn replied. Although he had been busy, it had nothing to do with why he had not spoken to his father since he graduated high school and moved out.

"May I come in?" Newlyn's dad asked. "Uh.sure," said Newlyn as he opened the door for his father. Newlyn's father looked around the tiny apartment with a frown. The small apartment had only four rooms all of which could be seen from the front door. Directly across from the front door was the bed room.

The door was open and his father could see straight in and see the bed. Next to it was a small safe that served as a nightstand with a lamp.

Other then some bookshelves there was nothing more that could be seen from here. The kitchen was lightly furnished with a single small table and chair.

The counters were clean and bare. The bathroom was closed so nothing was seen there. The rest of the apartment was the actually living space. This consisted of a couch, arm chair, and small coffee table. The table was currently covered with open books, notebooks, pencil, and paper including the one Newlyn had recently been reading.

Across from the arm chair was a flat screen TV hooked up to a computer. Every bit of wall space available was occupied by a full bookshelf. Beyond the book shelves the place was practically empty. "Still studying I see. Are you still in collage?" Newlyn's father asked. "Sort of," replied Newlyn. Newlyn's dad raised an eyebrow at that. "How many PHDs do you have?" he continues. "Four. Working on my fifth," Newlyn said with no sense of accomplishment in his voice.

He said it almost sadly. "Your fifth?" said his dad with wonder. "I would hate to see how much you student loans are." "Actually I do not have any, when all mine time went to study or getting scholarships I was able to avoid loans completely," Newlyn commented again without any pride in his efforts. Newlyn's father looked around the apartment once more and shook his head. "Your sister was right," he said.

"Juliana?" Newlyn eyes widened in fear at the mention of his sister. "Ya," said his dad. "What did she say?" Newlyn asked desperately. Before answering his father just looked him in the eye and held his gaze. "The only reason I am here at all is because of her. I honestly think I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing you again but, she insisted we come.

Said she needed this, said so did you," he said this and let out a sigh. "After seeing this," he made a dismissive gesture to the apartment, "I would have to agree with her." "Juliana is here," whispered Newlyn in horror. "Yes, as is your mother and the twins," he let the last sentence hang. Newlyn did not seem capable of replying so he continued.

"I have seen enough for now. Your mother should be here in a few minutes." With that he left. As he was leaving he looked back at his son and opened his moth to say something but seemed to think better of it and instead just looked at him for a moment before closing the door. Newlyn was dumbfounded. For years he had been actively avoiding his family. The whole reason for his spars lifestyle and endless study was to divert his attention from his past.

Now it was at his doorstep, literally. He was rubbing his temples and had been standing for several minutes trying to process what was going on and had not moved since his father left when another knock was at the door. Hesitantly he opened the door to his mother, Stephanie. "Hi, mom," Newlyn said with a slight squeak in his voice showing how nervous he really was. His mother said nothing and barged into the apartment her anger all too apparent.

After looking around for a moment she turned her attention back to her son. "So this is it huh? My worthless son lives in small apartment and spends his time reading? It's more then you deserve," she almost spat the last part out.

It was not unexpected. His mother had been hostile toward him ever since she found out what he did all those years ago.

She was polite enough in public but if she was ever alone with Newlyn he could expect animosity in everything she did or said if she said anything at all. For his part Newlyn could not blame her and considered he deserved it himself. After nearly fourteen years though he had hoped it would be a bit better.

It was better but not at first. "How could you do something so terrible and then simply disappear as if nothing happened? Do you think it is something she would just forget? Something we would just forget? We had a happy family and then you ruined everything," his mother ranted and her anger only grew as she went. Newlyn felt terrible as his mother screamed at him but, he knew it was all true.

He was caught off guard when his mother's mood changed though.

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Her boiling rage turned to tears. "You ruined her," she then said with tears. With tears streaming down her check she asked her son the first question she actually wanted a response to, "Do you know why I are here?" Newlyn shook his head slowly, "No".

"I am here because Juliana asked me here. She wants to put this behind her. Her and her damn therapist believe this is necessary. I do not agree with them but, I cannot deny I have not seen Juliana this happy for a long time," Newlyn's mother said this while she wiped her tears away.

Newlyn still had no idea what to say to any of this. Luckily his mother was not done yet. "That damn therapist of hers is either certified genius or certifiably insane. I am not sure how she did it but Juliana has been doing better then ever. I would like to forget this whole thing and move on as well but, I do not think I ever could. Juliana however might be able to," she said this clearly struggling with her inner emotions but somehow managed to remain calm.

With out another word she turned and left leaving Newlyn once again standing there trying to comprehend what had just happened. His mother had come in and gone form angry to tears to lenient in under two minutes and left.

He had only been able to say three words before it was over. He was still trying to collect himself when there was a finial knock on the door. Newlyn could hardly breathe as his trembling hand went to the door. Just as he feared Juliana was waiting for him on the other side. Before he had even thought about what he was doing he dropped to his knees and pleaded with his sister. "I am so sorry, Juliana. I never meant to hurt you. It was the single biggest mistake of my life. Even if you never forgive me and hate me for ever I still love you and am so sorry," Newlyn cried to his younger sister.

Juliana took a quick look around the apartment and then looked down at Newlyn. She gave him a sad smile as she stooped down herself and clasped his hand. "You poor thing. You are just as miserable as I thought you would be," she said sadly. She raised herself and her brother while still holding his hand and asked, "Why did you do it?" Newlyn was confused with his sister. She had actually taken his hand and smiled. She would never have done that before. It did not seem right so, he took his hands from his sister and turned away saying, "I don't know.

I was stupid. There has not been a day since that I have not regretted it." "Is that why you study so hard? Trying to forget about it in your books?" Juliana asked. "Yes, I cannot forget it but, I do not have to think about it while I study," Newlyn replied. "It was devastating. Life has never been the same. Do you realize how much I hated you?" she asked again. "No, probably more then anything in the world," he replied.

He was however somewhat hopeful with her word choice of 'hated' that was past tense. She was also speaking to him much more amiable then last time they were together. Her eyes narrowed and her whole domineer went from pleasant to loathing as she said, "I could not have hated you more." Newlyn cringed away from his sister but just as quickly she changed back to calm.

"Not any more though. I can honestly say I do not hate you," she continued. "It has taken me a long time to get where I am and even longer for me to realize something else. Do you know what that might be?" she asked softly. "No," was all Newlyn could say. She answered her own question, "I realized I was not the only one suffering.

You have been hurting just as long as I have with one major difference. You were not the victim so, no one cared about you." Newlyn would have looked up to his sister at that moment if it were not for the fact that she was a tiny lady not even 5' tall but he did meet her eyes. "What do you mean?" he asked. Juliana answered, "I have an analogy not a great one but stay with me.

When you are learning to ride a bike what happens when you fall? Someone is there to help you back up. You just happened to fall off your bike over the edge of a cliff and took me with you. There were people there to help me back up but no one cared about you since, it was your fault. You crashed into me after all. I brought every one here to help you back up." "Mom and dad both eluded to something like that. What do you mean, "help me back up," he asked tentatively.

She held his gaze a moment before speaking, "My shrink first suggested it. When I told her how the only thing you ever did was study afterward. She said it could have been a form of penitence. I of course dismissed the idea thinking you were just ashamed and wanted to hide like a coward. Would say that is still partially true. The thing is later I really started thinking it could have been because of some kind of self inflicted punishment. That was when I first looked you up.

When you graduated you did not tell any one where you were going nor did any one ask or care. So when I first found you again online I was angry all over again. You were featured on the collage webpage as brilliant man with PHDs involved in all kinds of research.


You had ruined my life yet here you were living a great fulfilling one. I truly had a hard time letting go of my hate at that point. It was made worse by knowing how successful you were but I managed somehow years later. You know what happened then?" Newlyn only shook his head.

She continued, "I looked you up again this time with out anger. I was trying to contact you I just did not know what I would do when I did.

The more I found out about you though the more I came to understand things were not going so well for you. When I found out you were living in a shabby apartment building on the bad part of town I started to understand what was wrong. Look around this place. This is terrible for someone as successful as yourself. Why do you live like this?


It is because you were and still are punishing yourself." She let out a sigh, "Well you should get ready." "Ready for what?" Newlyn asked.

"For dinner of course. We are all going to be there. You need to meet the twins," she answered. Newlyn figured there was more to this then that but thought he would ask the simple questions first. "Where are we going?" he asked. "Do not know this is your town after all. Where would you recommend?" Juliana asked. "I do not know any places actually. I do not get out much," he answered ruefully.

Juliana raised an eyebrow, "I should have guessed." She took out her phone and found a place and told Newlyn they would be meeting there in an hour. Before she departed Newlyn had one finial question he need to know. "Do they, do the twins know about any of this?" he asked. She held his gaze as she answered, "No, but they should after tonight." With that she left. *** Newlyn took his time getting ready trying to drag it out as long as possible. It did not help at all though. He was still nervous when he arrived.

He was the last there and not at all surprised. The rest of the family had already found a table outside and were currently the only ones outside. Newlyn met the twins Eric and Stephanie for the first time since he had graduated. They sure had grown. Eric defiantly resembled himself and Stephanie looked just like Juliana if she had been taller and kept her hair shorter.

The twins were excited to see Newlyn after all they had not seen him since they were young and they hardly knew him. The rest of the family was polite and cordial but, Newlyn was well aware of the underlying tension.

He was pleased to see the twins again but felt more awkwardly out of place then anything else. Juliana was the most enthusiastic of them and seemed to drive most of the discussion. Her chipper attitude helped and Newlyn found himself almost enjoying time with his family again. They filled him in on the last few years while enjoying one another's company.

Turns out Eric and Stephanie would be graduating high school that year. They were even considering applying to the same collage he went to. Things started to get a bit serious as the evening winded down though.

The questions got progressively more difficult to answer without revealing anything. Such as why he never visited or called. Why he had four PHDs without ever telling them. Why had he just disappeared. He tried to dodge the questions unsuccessfully when Eric had enough. "Enough of this.

What happened between you two?" Eric asked of Juliana and Newlyn. "Ya, we are not stupid. We know something happened between you two," added Stephanie. Juliana and Newlyn looked at each other silently asking who should go first. Juliana turned to the twins and asked, "Do you know where you got your names?" "Of course, we were named after mom and dad," said Stephanie.

"Ya, because we were twins they thought it just made sense. We have heard the story many times," said Eric. "I am afraid that is only partially true," answered Juliana. "You are actually named after your grandparents," she continued.

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"No we aren't neither of our grandparents are named Eric or Stephanie," remarked Stephanie. Juliana let out a small sigh and a half hearted smile, "Actually they are and you only have one grandma and one grandpa." There was silence as the twins processed this.

Their bewildered faces looked around their family. Rubbing his temples Eric finally said something, "Wait what? That does not make any sense." Keeping his gaze down Newlyn decided he had better clear it up for them though he hated to do so. "It happened a long time ago, before you were born. Has any one ever told you about the time the power pole fell on the house?" "Ya, we have even seen pictures of that. We were not even alive yet. What does that have to do with anything?" asked Stephanie.

Newlyn continued his story. This was something he had not ever told any one but, he guessed they already knew when it happened. "Well we were forced into a motel for a week while they fixed the house. That is when I made the biggest mistake of my life." He paused here hoping that would be enough but, the silence that followed implored him to continue.

"I took advantage of my sister, of your mother, of Juliana," Newlyn said this holding back tears. "I raped her while she slept. She did not even know. Then she got pregnant. It was all my fault." There was silence as the twins looked around confused. No one would met their gaze and kept their eyes down. After what seemed like ages Stephanie crossed her arms and shifted uncomfortably before asking, "so you are our real parents?" Juliana now spoke up again looking at her own parents as she spoke, "Yes, Newlyn is your father and I am your mother." Newlyn's mother, Stephanie, put her hand on her granddaughter's shoulder and added, "we wanted to tell you but, it was not our place to let you know." Juliana's father add his own comment, "No more secrets now.

I hope it is better this way." No one spoke until the waitress appeared with the check. Newlyn took it without hesitation and put $200 cash on in it. Way more then was needed but, he could afford it and wanted to leave.

With the bill more then paid for he got up to leave. As he stood Juliana called to him, "wait don't go yet." Newlyn looked around the somber table before replying, "and ruin someone else's life? No, I have done enough damage for a life time. I am sorry." With that he left. *** Newlyn was reading again. It was not doing any good though. He had read the same page possibly six times already and had no idea what he was reading. He just could not shake the evening off.

He had not had emotions this strong for years and forgot how difficult it was to put them out of mind. Frustrated he started at the top of the page once more when there was that awful sound of a knock at the door. He knew who it would be before he even opened the door. Just as he expected it was Juliana. "Some how I figured you had more in mind then simply revealing the twins true linage tonight," Newlyn commented to his sister. "Of course, I told you I was here for you didn't I?" she told him.

After a pause she asked, "May I come in?" Newlyn ponded the question for a moment but had no reason not to let his sister in. After all he figured he owed her a lot more then that. He stood aside and gestured for Juliana to enter. She entered and took a seat on the couch.

Newlyn knew from that she must have a lot on her mind. He did not feel like talking right now but, the very fact that his sister was willing to talk to him at all was a good sign. He took a deep breathe while he closed the door and took a seat. Juliana started, "I am sorry about what happened tonight. That did not go as I had planed but, it needed to be done." "I suppose," Newlyn agreed. Truthfully he was glade the twins knew. At the time it was awful but, now it felt like one less shackle.

Juliana crossed her arms and shifted uncomfortably before continuing, "I would like to tell you a story." "A story? What type of story?" he guessed he knew what it was but wanted to confirm it. "My story," she answered. Newlyn simply nodded giving the ok for her to continue. "You know part of it already but, if you do not mind I would like to start at the beginning any way," she said. "I would say it started with a dream.

A dream I had while at the motel. You know the one. The one we stayed at when the power pole crashed into the house," she continued. Newlyn saw no point in answer and let her continue. "I had never had a dream like that before. I do not even remember what it was about but, I remember how it felt. That morning I woke up with a fire in pussy," as she said this her face turned red. Newlyn knew what this story was likely to be about but had not expected his sister to be so brazen.

Juliana did not stop though, "I had never felt anything like that before but figured it was just a one time thing and thought nothing more of it. Problem was it didn't stop. The longer we stayed there the more intense the dream and the burning passion got. I of course knew about sex at the time I was not naive on that.

I had even seen porn but it seemed pretty gross and boring. Yet there I was dreaming about sex. At some point the dreams became so real it felt like I was having actually sex even though I had no idea what sex was like.

Sleep was something I was starting to fear yet secretly looking forward to. Then there was the morning of the accident," Juliana paused here as she recalled what happened. "I woke up that morning from a vivid dream of wild sex with a burning desire to rub my pussy. Looking back I would describe the feeling as "horny as hell".

There was a problem that morning though. I woke up with my nightgown pulled up to my belly leaving me exposed. I panicked as I got out of bed hoping you had not seen anything. It was a silly over reaction on my part but, I was sleep drunk and could not help my self. I am not sure if you saw anything or not since I woke you up because of it." Newlyn answered, "I remember that. No, I didn't see anything when you got up." Newlyn did however know why she woke up the way she did and felt a wave of guild wash over him as he recalled his part in the story.

"But you sure saw more of me later," Juliana continued. Both of their ears turned a bit pinker remembering what followed. "Any rate after waking up flustered I went into the bathroom to calm down. I remember just staring at my self in the mirror taking deep breathes. It was not enough though.

I was still a bit jittery by the time we were having breakfast. This was destined to be a bad day. I spilled juice all over myself because I was still a bit shaken and horny. I was angry with myself mostly at this point. How could I be letting this stupid feeling affect my behavior to the point of clumsiness? Then you know what happened? I found out I made a mistake when packing.

I had shorted my self a pair of panties. I did not like it but, I would have to wear one from a previous day. What else could I do? Not like I could wear a pair soaked in juice. I could not wear a pair covered in mildew either though was the problem." "Oh I was so angry at that moment. What fool had put a water bottle in the laundry? The clothes were soaked with water and smelled foul.

Could things get any worse? Yes, yes they could and they did. Not only did I not have a fresh pair of panties but, the only clean clothes I had now was my blue mini dress. I am not even entirely sure why I packed it. I had not actually planned on wearing it to school but, I was left with little choice. I would be going to school commando in a mini dress. With no other options I got dressed in what little I had and went back to breakfast. I felt so naked I didn't know how to move safely.

I did not even know if there was a way to move safely. While I ate I could not help but think what would happen if people found out? Then what happens? Not ten minutes after changing my brother sees my bare pussy. Not on purpose I am sure. You slipped after all but, you saw it. I know you saw it. I could have died from embracement right then and there. Then what did you do? Either out of kindness or embarrassment or something else you decided to pretended nothing happened.

I was so grateful but, the day was just starting and this was a terrible start." "That was a stormy day too at least a windy one. Wind is not kind to skirts in the first place but, made worse by not wearing anything underneath. Believe me I know and, I found out first hand right when we got to school. The wind picked up my skirt right as I got out of the car thankfully no one saw but, I learned real fast how to keep my skirt down.

That day was terrifying. Every class I had to be so careful when sitting down or getting up. All the while I kept thinking something terrible might happen and someone would find out. What if I had to go out in the wind again?

What if I tripped? What if it snagged something? What if some asshole decided to just lift skirts in the hall? Somehow I managed though. I made it the whole day without anyone the wiser other then my brother form earlier of course. Then there were the tryouts." "I had been so focused on not accidentally exposing my self I had forgotten about the gymnastic try outs that day until after lunch.

The one thing I had been looking forward to that day I was now dreading. How could I possibly be expected to pull off gymnastics without panties? The first problem actually came up in the changing room. There was no way I could change in front of the other girls. They would see right away I wasn't wearing panties. I changed in a bathroom stall and luckily no one questioned it. It was so embarrassing running around, jumping, and stretching in the tight fabric. There was no way I could do this with out exposing myself.

I do not know how visible it really was to others but, my own camel toe was so pronounced it felt and looked like it could be seen from across the gym. I never heard anything about it so was probably not that bad.

What made it worse was you. The only person who knew I currently had no panties was watching me. Why were you there? I still do not know how I managed but, I did it. Nothing exposed and no one found out. I was so relieved after it was over. It was short reprieve though.

I had to go back into the mini dress and I then find out it is not over yet. You hand me an umbrella and tell me we are walking home." "I couldn't believe it. I thought I was in the clear yet here was another obstacle. It was as if something wanted to expose me.

So we start our walk home in the wind. I use to like the wind but, I have not liked it since that day. It started out ok. I kept my book bag in front of me and thankfully my long hair could hold down the back of my skirt. It worked perfectly and, we were nearly there only about a block to go.

Then at the top of hill the wind struck. I couldn't help my self when the wind hit I reacted. It nearly yanked the umbrella form my grasp. I should have let it go but I didn't. Instead I held it tight with both hands.

The wind did not forgive this mistake and came at me again and inverted my dress the second time. There I stood fully exposed for my brother at the mercy of the wind. On the top of a hill bent over holding an umbrella, showing him my complete lack of undress and I could do nothing to stop it.

How long did it last? Too long, far too long. By the time the wind finally let me go the damage was more then done." "I had never felt so horrible in my life. I wanted to run, to scream, to cry, to hide, anything.

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None of it would have helped though. Then what does my brother do after his sister flashes him? Nothing. You did nothing, not a word was spoken about the incident. You were going to allow us to pretended it never happened.

I was again grateful even more so then before but, felt so shamed at the same time. I couldn't even look or speak to you. When we got back to the motel I cried silently about what had happened hoping nothing like that would ever happen again." "It was a rough day. I was so tired that night but there was no way I could face my brother after what happened earlier. There was also no chance I was going to lay in bed awake with him. Both of us knowing how naked I was.

I was careful to go to bed late that night and take my time giving you plenty of time to fall asleep first. Then do you remember what happened?

You were asleep but, you were taking up both sides of the bed. I couldn't believe it. I tried to move you without waking you but it didn't work. The thing I had been trying to avoid happened any way. We were both awake and fully aware of my lack of garments. Despite how tired I was I stayed awake a long time. I just could not sleep with you there. At some point I did fall asleep though and the dreams returned." "That night I had the wildest and most vivid dream yet.

Full on sex so vivid I could even see who I was having sex with. I do not recall waking up though but, it was clearly you in my dream. I felt so ashamed for having a dream about sex with my own brother and enjoying it yet, I still woke up that morning feeling hornier then I had ever been. My hand was already in my soaking pussy when I woke up. Despite how shameful I felt for dreaming about fucking my brother I could not help myself.

I started fingering myself right there in bed next to my sleeping brother. It felt so wrong and so good at the same time. It was the first time I had ever masturbated and it was incredible." "The reason I tell you this is because of what happened.

My feelings toward you changed. I was falling in love with you as more then just a brother. I didn't know what to make of it. I am pretty sure if you had asked me I would have been more then willing to have sex with you back then. Which made what happened next so much more devastating for me." Juliana let out a sigh of sadness, "but we both know why I had such an intense dream that night don't we? You raped me that night didn't you?" Newlyn could not answer and only bowed his head and shuffled his feet.

He had not known his sister had such feelings for him at the time. He felt worse then ever now knowing how he had set her up just to let her down. After a moment Juliana decided to continue with her tale, "that was my first experience with sex and it didn't stop there.

I finger fucked my self silly at least once a day for a month after that. I even had dreams though never as intense as the first one. The most common fantasy I had when I did this was of you. The thought of you fucking me was my favorite. I couldn't help myself and felt terrible about it but, I wanted to have sex with you so much. Then I got sick." "You remember that don't you? I know you do," Juliana lowered her voice as she said this. "Ya, I remember it too well," Newlyn replied.

Juliana continued, "it was just a little nauseous and vomiting there was not even a fever. Yet the whole week you were by my side every chance you could. Pampering me to the point I was more sick of you then anything else. It didn't stop there though did it. Even after I got over it you continued to coddle me as if the worst was yet to come. Of course you knew that but no one else did. Not yet. The cravings were strange. Pickled eggs, I wanted pickled eggs even though I had never had them before and other such strange foods.

I thought nothing of it though. Why should I? Then I started to notice things. One day after gymnastics I noticed my suite was not fitting right. I was getting a belly. I thought it was just because of the strange foods and started to cut back on my diet.

It didn't help though. My belly only grew. I knew something was wrong and after practice one day I asked mom for any weight loss tricks. She of course laughed something about how cute it was her little girl was starting to worry about her weight at such a young age.

She did share some tips though but, it didn't help. Another week went by and I asked her again. She admitted that she had noticed I had started to get a bit of belly but, it was normal part of growing up. I was however still concerned and, I stopped going to practice.

Told them I was not feeling well. Maybe another week later mom was really noticing how large my belly was growing. It got to the point were dad was even asking. The only person convinced it was nothing was you. You tried to convince us it was just a phase. That it would pass. The next day mom took me to the doctor." Juliana took a deep breathe before continuing and when she did her voice was shaky with pain and sorrow, "You know what happened?

The doctor said I was pregnant. Almost two months pregnant in fact. How absurd. I was a virgin. I had never even had a period before. Can you imagine my surprise, the utter shock? It was not possible, it could not be happening, but the signs were all clearly there. I was defiantly pregnant. I cried a lot that day. Including the entire trip home.

Mom could hardly speak to me. She didn't say it but, I know she was thinking it. How could I be so stupid as to go and get my self knocked up? I had been cry all day and by the time dad came home mom was finally convinced I was telling the truth when I said I had no idea how it could have happened.

Dad believed me almost right away. He could not imagine his little girl going about having sex. He did want to know how it happened though. Then you came home." Juliana's tone changed once again this time to anger as she recalled her next memory, "you had a look of horror on you face when you came in. Dad figured out almost right away.

I am not sure how but as soon you asked "what was wrong" he knew. Perhaps your shock and surprise didn't look right. Do you remember how he went quite. The next thing he said he made sure he was looking directly at you when said it. "We are going to have DNA test and find out who did this," he said. The topic had not even been brought up yet, he direct the comment to you.

The next thing you said shattered everything I knew about you. "There is no need for that," that is what you said." Newlyn wiped a tear away as he recalled the worst day of his and his sister's life. Juliana continued her story, "I had to quit gymnastics and was pulled from school. I was home schooled for the next year. Couldn't see my friends and couldn't leave the house. It was hell and I hated you for it but, at the back of my mind I thought it was my fault.

When I had exposed my self to you by mistake I must have somehow let you know I had been fantasying about. That you had picked up on this and simply given me what I wanted. I felt guilty that I let you do it. That I had in some way asked for it. I hated you so much and felt so much shame I do not even recall speaking to you the entire pregnancy." "We did actually contemplate abortion. I was too young to have much of an opinion on it though so, I let mom and dad decide. They of course were pro-life at the time and decided I should keep it.

It is interesting how people's opinions can change though when faced with an obstacle they never thought the would have. It was a lot of work to carry the twins to term in secret. They actually changed their mind about the abortion but, by the time they wanted one it was too late." "Birth hurts. The day I had the twins it hurt so much.

The whole time I could think of nothing but, the pain you had brought me. Yet there was still that underlying guilt that it was my fault. Miraculously we pulled it off though when the twins were born everyone thought they were mom's. I even managed to get back to school and gymnastics after breastfeeding with none the wiser.

I of course was never going to be as flexible as I could have been with out the pregnancy but, I was happy to be back." Juliana's voice softens, "Did you notice how this whole time there was nothing done for you? You were not punished, you were not helped, you were simply ignored. I suppose this was about the time you started studding a lot but, I am not sure since I too ignored you.

Then you graduated and simply disappeared. I do not even know when I first noticed you had actually been able to graduate a year early.

I did not care. You were gone and good riddance. So I thought. It was not until my last year of college that I though of doing anything other then hating you when ever I was reminded of you." "That last year was very stressful and I got a shrink to help with anxiety. Not by choice but, since it was going to be covered by the collage I decided to try it out. You somehow came up during a session and I couldn't help my self from talking about you.

Its funny. I had never told any one before and here I was telling my deepest secrets to a stranger. Life has improved a lot since then and I am almost finished with therapy. I didn't know I even needed help but, I learned a lot from it.

For one I no longer feel at fault for what happened. That was all you and, you and I both know it. I also no longer hate you and, realized you needed help too. Before that though I need to hear something. Something I have never heard before. It is time I hear your story." Juliana looked deeply into Newlyn's eyes as she asked her last question, "have you ever even told anyone?" Newlyn slowly ponders the question before answering, "my one has ever asked for my story." "And that has been a huge failure for all of us," Juliana comments.

"It is time you told someone," she encouraged. Newlyn rubbed his temples and began, "it starts a little earlier then yours but, only a few days I would say. That first night in the motel was actually really awkward for me. Not sure if it was for you or not. I was in bed with my little sister in just boxers and you were just in a thin nightgown.

I had the impression you did not care much if at all. You seemed more upset by simply being in a strange bed then anything else. Do not get the wrong idea though. I was not uncomfortable because I was attracted to you or had planned on doing anything.

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It was just awkward." "Believe it or not it was an accident the first time. I am sorry to say that yes it did happen more then once too. You were not the only one to have erotic dreams that week. Only difference was they were not the first erotic dreams I had and, no, I had not had any dreams with you.

I am not sure how it happened but, on, I think, the second night I had one of these dreams. I woke up before it had concluded and guess where I was when I woke? I woke up spooning my little sister with my erection between her legs. I actually panicked and froze. This was the first mistake and everything snowballed from there. I should have just gotten out of there and gone back to sleep but, I didn't.

I hadn't moved and as my panic ebbed away I realized you were not waking up either. Sorry to say I rubbed my self off between your legs that night. Nothing happened though really.

I stopped before anything happened and finished in the bathroom. I went back to bed so ashamed and scared I would get caught I kept my distance as much as possible the rest of the night.' "As I said I made a mistake and they just got worse and worse from there. It should have ended here but, again it didn't. Due to some extremely flawed reasoning on my part.

I convinced myself that if I woke up spooning you again I would take it further. It was meant to happen if I woke up spooning you again right? Problem was I did wake up spooning you again. It was pretty much a repeat of the night before and sorry to say it only got worse from there." "Did you know how heavy a sleeper you were?

Do you know if you still sleep that deeply?" Newlyn asked. "No, I think I am deep sleeper but, not that much," Juliana answered. Newlyn continues, "Well if you are now or not I do not know but, back then you were the heaviest sleeper I have ever seen or heard of. You see I again was using you while you slept. Problem was one night I had an accident. I couldn't control myself well enough and end up cuming in your panties.

You can probably imagine how terrified I was when it happened. I didn't know what to do. I could not leave you like that. What do you think would have happened if you woke up with your brother's cum in your panties?" Juliana answered, "compared to what actually happened? It would have been better if I woke up that way." Newlyn shook his head, "I have no doubt it would have but, that didn't happen.

That is when I found out how deep a sleeper you really were. I actually managed to replace your panties and clean you up that night. I always wondered. Did you ever find it odd that you woke up one of those nights with a different pair of panties?" Juliana again answered, "Yes, now that you mention it.

I do remember that. Wait, that means it was your fault I had no panties our last day there." Juliana's eyes widen with realization at this. Newlyn replies, "sadly more then you know. You mentioned the water bottle in the laundry? That was me too although that was also an accident. I knocked it over in the dark while cleaning you up. I did not know what it was at the time though.

Did not even know I had done it. I figured that out later when I saw you pantieless at breakfast days later. At any rate that was how I found out you were a deep sleeper." "The next night might have been your first wet dream. I remembering wanting to know what type of dreams you were having while I did all of this. I guess I know what type of dreams you were having now. You see that night I did more then pleasure myself for once. That night I fingered you to your first orgasm.

Your first orgasm was not the one you remember. It was a few days earlier. It was also the night we both lost our virginity. Not on purpose. I had been getting more careless and wanting more. The mistakes just got bigger and bigger.

I had not meant to do it but, you were so slick after being fingered that I slipped right inside and blew my load. It was only about an inch deep but, enough that you may have gotten pregnant that night." "The clean up was way easier so, every night after that I would deposit my load deeper and deeper inside you. I had not planned on getting you pregnant honestly. I was young, naive, horny, and extremely stupid. Mostly stupid. It was not until the last night that I realized what I had done.

You mentioned how horrible a day that had been for you. Going commando in a mini dress. I admit I was shocked and wanted to see it again after I saw it at breakfast. I am sorry to say I was probably not silent out of kindness.

I just did not know how to deal with it either. But I also could not help but get excited every time I thought about it.

There was however; no way I would exploit my sister like that. Ironic really. I had no problem taking advantage of you while you slept but, not when you were awake. During the walk home when the wind caught you I saw everything and I liked what I saw. But the look on your face. I felt so sorry for you I did not know what to do. The only thing I could think of was to simply pretended it hadn't happened. You were not the only one to have a bad day that day though.

Granted I thought it was the best day ever until that night. I had seen my sweet little sister exposed and had the best sex I had ever had with her later that night. You know what happened though?" Juliana had a pained look on her face as she hears her brother recount the story but answers any way, "No, what happened?" Newlyn continued sadly, "I remembered something.

Something to this day I do not know how I could have forgotten. I had just finished raping you while you slept that night for the last time. As I was drifting off to sleep it hit me. Girls get pregnant when they have sex. I was so horrified at what I had done I am not even sure I slept that night. There was nothing I could do though. I thought about morning after pills but, I had no idea where to get those at the time. I did not even know if they would work.

After all the first time I came in you was a few days ago by this point. I did not even know if you had started having periods yet. Were you even old enough to get pregnant? Where you fertile? I just did not know." "The next two months were the worst in my life.

I managed to get the day after pills about a week later but, they were no good by then. I watched you so closely for any sign that you were pregnant. I remember trying to find signs of your period.

When you were not around I checked you room for anything.


Tampons, pads, blood, something, anything. When you left the bathroom I would always go in and check for packaging or blood, please just let me find something. I never did though. Then you got sick." "A sinking sensation in the stomach does not even remotely describe how I felt when I heard you had thrown up. I was sinking so far and fast I am surprised I didn't fall through the floor. I threw up that day too. I tried to convince myself that it was nothing. Just a flu bug or mild food poisoning but, I knew what it was.

You were pregnant with my child. I was a father and you were a mother even if you didn't know it. I wanted to tell you, to make it go away, so badly. There was no way I could though. Instead I just ended up pampering you to the point you were sick of the sight of me. The weeks speed by while I watched in agony as my sins manifest themselves right before my eyes. My dread grew as your belly did. How long would it be before the inevitable? When will everyone notice she is pregnant?" "I was not surprised the day I came home with you crying.

I had been dreading that day for almost two months. I am surprised it took as long as it did though. Dad saw right through me as soon I stepped into the living room. There was no way I would be getting away from this. The signs were every where and it all pointed back to me when put together. Why didn't he kill me on the spot? To this day I do not know why.

You cried yourself to sleep that night. I heard it. For good reason too. Your own brother had raped you. You were pregnant with a child you had not asked for and did not even know about. Nothing would ever be the same again. I had not even been punished for it. No spanking, no grounding, no stern talk, no cops, nothing. The guilt and shame were too much for me and I think I broke that day.

I silently cried myself to sleep that night too," Newlyn wiped another tear from his face.

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It took a minute before he could continue, "the months that followed were horrible but, it all felt like it was happening to a different person. I was simply a shell. I did not talk to any one unless I needed something, no would speak to me unless they needed something. I was never asked how my day was going. No one cared what I was doing. There was no joy in anything any more. I simply existed. This was when I started to forget everything by studying.

I became an anti social super brain. It was not out of any desire for knowledge or because I was smart either. It was simply a way to escape the guilt. I hardly remember anything from school after that." "The day the twins came home I promised myself I would not hurt anyone again. Starting with them. I am not sure I made good on that promise or not but, I did not let their past influence how I treated them.

Best thing I could do I thought would be to disappear. Cannot hurt anyone if they don't know you. I graduated valedictorian a year early and immediately left for college. Not sure if you paid attention to me enough to even know though. I have been studding ever since still just trying to forget the horrible things I did to you and our family.

I do not ask for your forgiveness nor would I expect it," Newlyn concluded head down. There was a long silence before Juliana said, "thank you for telling me, Newlyn." And for the second time that day Newlyn actually allowed himself a small smile. He had done it. He was not proud but, he had told someone and a weight seemed to lift from his shoulders. "Your welcome," he said. Several more minutes pass before Juliana said one more thing. She looks at Newlyn seriously even though he never met her gaze he could tell from the tone, "there is just one more thing I want you to do." Newlyn looked up and met her eyes apprehensively but, he knew he owned her.

He had been waiting for some kind of punishment for eighteen years and, he was ready for it. What ever she asked he would do it.

"Name it," he said. Juliana leaned in close and surprised Newlyn by giving him a great big tight hug and said, "I am so sorry." Newlyn floundered for a moment not sure what to do and awkwardly hugged back. "Sorry for what? It was all my fault," he said. His sister did not reply though and simply began to cry.

Newlyn then began to melt into his sister's arms and began crying himself saying, "I am sorry." They lost track of time as they held each other and balled. Years of pent up emotions, guilt, sorrow, shame, hatred, loneliness, all washed away in a never ending flood of tears. They remained in one another's embrace and continued to ball. Time seemed meaningless to Newlyn as he cried in his sister's arms and he hoped it would never end.

Juliana was first to break the hug when they finished. She actually laughed a little as she wiped tears away. The effort was pretty meaningless though by this point she had long red tear streaks down her face and only smeared them. Newlyn laughed too surprising himself, "we must look like the most ridiculous cry babies ever." Juliana laughs in response and asked, "that was unexpected.

Do you mind if I clean up a bit?" "Sure," Newlyn answered as he wiped away his own tears with equally poor results as his sister. With that Juliana excused herself to the restroom to wash up while Newlyn cleaned up in the kitchen. After a few minutes Juliana came back and greeted Newlyn with a smile which he returned.

It was the first time they had smiled at each other since the motel. Speaking as if picking up from her conversation earlier Juliana continues, "oh, about my request." Newlyn interrupted happily, "ya that good, I didn't realize how much we needed that." "Nor did I," said Juliana.

"However that was not actually my request." Newlyn got serious again and cleared his throat, "oh, what did you need then?" Juliana surprised Newlyn again as she stood on tip toes and gave him a gentle kiss on the lisps then whispered, "I want you to take my virginity again." Newlyn shook his head in disbelief and rubbed his temples.

There was no way he had heard that right. "I.I.I must have miss heard. What did you say?" he asked. Juliana smiled as if expecting the reaction and repeated, "you heard right.

I want you to take my virginity again. Although my body is clearly not a virgin one my mind is. I have never been awake for sex after all and, if I am not mistaken you have never had sex with a conscious partner either." "But why," Newlyn stammered. "Because.because I want my first time to be with someone who cares about me. Someone who loves. Someone I love. It has been eighteen years and you never stopped loving me. I may have hated you during that time but, you never hated me.

Why else would you live in a self imposed prison? Guilt? But who would feel that guilty for someone they didn't love? You do love me and I want to love you just as much," Juliana concluded and with that she flicked off her shoes and removed her shirt revealing her pink bra. Juliana tip toed again and kissed Newlyn who promptly broke the kiss. He could not believe this was happening but, Juliana was serious. She wanted him to take her virginity all over again.

"We can't do this. After all I have done to you? I am not going to hurt you again. Not when we were so close to making amends," Newlyn pleaded to his sister.

"And we will. But right now I only have bad memories of our times together. We need some new ones. Happy ones. Besides you took advantage of me eighteen years ago and robbed me of my virginity.

Now I am giving you the chance to do so again, only this time you better do it right," Juliana smiled gently. A half smile reached Newlyn's lips before he said, "for you." Juliana shook her head and corrected him, "for us." Newlyn smiled wider as he replied, "for us." They started kissing again and it did not take long before they were no longer kissing as siblings but as long lost lovers.

Although neither of them really knew what they were doing here, neither of them seemed to care and continued to explore this new sensation. Lost in the moment but refusing to break the kiss Newlyn began pulling Juliana's skirt down while she worked his shirt up. They only broke contact to get Newlyn's shirt off. Then they ran into a problem. Now that Juliana was only wearing her matching pink bra and panties they did not seem to want to come off. Newlyn's inexperienced fingers were having trouble with Juliana's bra.

It did not help that her long hair was getting in the way either. Before he got to frustrated though Juliana took pity on him and reached behind her back and undid the straps. Juliana had a slim figure and likely would never have had large breasts however; being a mother had its perks. Newlyn could not tell their size but, he would not have been surprised if they were C cups. The nipples were pink and hard while the breasts themselves were round and perky.

He did not have long to admire them before Juliana pushed him back into the couch. When she did this she grabbed his hands and placed them on her chest. Newlyn need no further prompting before he began to fondle his sister. To his delight they were just as soft and lush as they looked.

A sentiment shared by his sister as she let out a soft moan as he groped her. As much as they were enjoying it, it seemed Juliana was not satisfied with this.

Being fondled all the while she undid Newlyn's belt and before long grabbed both his pants and boxers and began tugging. Newlyn lifted his hips and let his sister slide his pants and boxers off revealing his cock which was very much ready to go.

There was a look of wonder from Juliana as she stared at her brother before her playful banter, "Oh, what have we here? Your pubs are trimmed?" Newlyn was not shaved but, he did keep his pubic hair short. "Oh, well I find long pubic hair irritating and itchy. I have always kept them trimmed," Newlyn replied shyly.

"It looks good," Juliana said and as she did so Newlyn reddened at his sister's approval. "Would you like to see mine?" she teased. "Yes!" Newlyn nearly shouted with excitement.

With that Juliana got up and turned her back to her brother. She then pulled her panties down leaning forward using her great flexibility. Newlyn got an eye full of his sister's long legs going all the way up to her toned ass but was unfortunately at just the wrong angle to see her pussy. Perhaps she had planed that though since when she turned back around she was covering her pussy with her hands.

She was now completely naked yet denying the view. "Well let me show you," she said with a smile. She then removed her hands and struck a pose. It was one of the sexiest things he had ever seen. His sister was posing for him showing off her wonderful breasts and slender body with a mischievous glint in her eye. Tracing her body all the way down to her clit he finally saw her naked again for the first time in eighteen years. She no longer had a bald pussy instead her blond pubic hair had been neatly trimmed into a delicate run way that lead straight to her pink little pussy.

Juliana stood there for her brother to ogle for moment before asking, "do you like it?" "Like it? I love it!

And your shaved too. I must admit I was not expecting that," Newlyn replied. She laughed as she sat back down on her brother's lap, "well I did prepare for this." "You planned this?" Newlyn asked surprised. "Well, some of it," she said while gently stroking Newlyn's cock and lightly fingering herself.

Before Newlyn could say another word she raised her self above his dick and was just about to come down when Newlyn grabbed her hips and stopped her. "Wait, are you sure about this? We can still stop if you want to," Newlyn said this hoping they would continue but still ready and willing to stop if he had to. He was not going to hurt his sister again and this was their last chance. There would be no going back.

"You really have learned haven't you? Even through a horny fog you love me enough to stop here?" his sister said this clearly moved by her brother's care. She leaned in and gave her brother a light kiss before saying, "I am touched but, we need this." She then impaled herself on her brother's cock. That is what it felt like to Newlyn at any rate but in actuality she was so tight she only managed to get two inches in. It was still enough to bring instant pleasure to both of them.

"Whoa, it is bigger then I thought," Juliana exclaimed as her eyes went wide. Worried he had hurt her Newlyn asked, "you ok?" "Ya, it is just a tight fit. We will just have to work our way into it wont we?" she said with a laugh. She then began to slowly rise and fall working herself deeper and deeper. Once she finally bottomed out she leaned in and kissed her brother.

They did this for a while as she ground herself on her brother. Juliana was clear enjoying herself when she sat back up and moved Newlyn's hands to her breasts once more. "So this is what it feels like? I am starting to understand why you did it," she comments as she started lifting her hips. Juliana had only been going for about thirty seconds before Newlyn felt himself ready to pop. It was an unfamiliar sensation and he had no stamina for this. "Juliana, you will need to get off.

I wont last much longer," he said. "What makes you think I can?" she retorts as she picked up her pace. Unable to hold himself any longer Newlyn began pumping his cum into his sister. Although a short orgasm it was the best Newlyn could remember. It must have been enough for his sister too. About the time he shot his first load into his sister she bottomed out on him and started shaking in ecstasy.

After a brief moment once they both stopped twitch she simply leaned forward and hugged her brother while remaining joined at the hips. "I told you to get off.

Now it is inside you again," Newly stated a bit concerned but, it was not fully his fault this time. Juliana giggled as she answered, "I am not a stupid little boy. I am prepared. I am on the pill." As she finished her statement Newlyn twitched inside her. It did not go unnoticed by his sister. She sat back up still fully impaled by Newlyn's hard cock and said, "feels like you are ready for round two already." "Uh, ya.

Defiantly," was all he managed to say in response. "That was much too quick though. Let's see if we cannot last a bit longer this time shall we?

Oh and this time your on top," she said. Newlyn happily agreed to this. He then picked up his sister and laid her petite form on the coach all the while remaining intimately locked at the hips.

He then began thrusting in and out slowly. Careful to never fully exit but, using the entire length of his manhood. The build up was slow but, he was making sure not to rush it this time. Juliana was not so patient though.

"Faster," she asked. "Nope, going to make this one last," he said but did increase the pace. They had been going for several minutes when Newlyn started noticing his sister squirming beneath him. It was rather cute he though and she must be getting close. "So close, please go faster," she pleaded. Newlyn smiled and increased the temp ever so slightly.

Few minutes later Juliana appeared to be barely holding on. Her hands were grasping the couch in tight fists as her body writhed from side to side. She let out low moans of pleasure with eyes closed all the while Newlyn continued at his steady slow pace. Juliana continued to beg for more speed, "I cannot stand it I am so close." "What is the hurry.

We have time," he teased. Truthfully he was very close himself and only reason he did not speed it up was to tease his sister. "So close, please," Juliana begged again as she started jerking. After what seemed like ages Newlyn was about to lose control himself and start ramming his sister when she finally went over the edge. She let out a sharp shrike of pleasure as she grabbed Newlyn with her powerful gymnastic legs pulling him deep inside.

Feeling his sister's insides shuttering was enough for Newlyn as well. He shot his second load deep into his sister. The one previously had been good but, this one had defiantly been the best orgasm of his life and it seemed to just keep going. As powerful as it had been for him it was possibly nothing compared to Juliana's.

She had arched her back with her whole body completely ridged. Long after Newlyn had finished pumping his sister, Juliana was still holding him tightly with her legs for all she was worth. It was strong enough it was even starting to hurt Newlyn as she gripped him tightly with her legs. While she locked Newlyn in a death grip her hands did the same to the coaching attempting to tear peaces out while her whole body shook. Newlyn was not sure how long this lasted but, his sister did eventually stop shuttering.

After she stopped shacking and let go Newlyn withdrew his sticky cock and collapsed on the couch next to his exhausted sister. They just stayed that way for several minutes while they caught their breathe. Newlyn then looked over to Juliana. She had not moved and her eyes were glazed over while staring at the ceiling still painting.

Her legs were still spread and her pink pussy was still partially open with a single small stream of cum slowly oozing out. "You ok there Juliana?" he teasingly asked. She blinked a few times before replying, "if that is what sex is like I can understand why you did it." "It was never that good," Newlyn said.

They were both silent a while before he added, "we should get cleaned up." " should go ahead I do not think I can stand yet," came Juliana's reply. "You sure?" Newlyn asked. "Uh-huh," was all she said and it sounded distant.

Newlyn heaved himself up and made his way to the shower. As he showered he went over the day. He could not believe what had happened. He had started the day a miserable man going through life only trying not to hurt anyone again.

Now he had just had make up sex with his sister for raping her yet, it felt right some how. The world is a strange place he thought to himself. After his shower he found his sister still had not moved and was now sleeping contentedly. For a brief moment he contemplated taking advantage of her again but, it was instantly pushed out of mind.

He would never do that again. Instead he decided to simply tuck her into bed. He first cleaned up the little bit of cum off her dripping cunt then picked her up.

She was a tiny lady. This only made it easier to move her to his bed, where he tucked his still naked sister in. He then folded her clothes neatly and placed them at the foot of the bed and set her shoes near by. He kissed her goodnight before grabbing a spare blanket for himself and slept on the couch. Sleep without guilt was something he had not expected to ever do again.

*** The next morning he woke to the sound of running water. At first he was not sure what it could be. Then he remembered last night and figured it must be Juliana in the shower. Sure enough in a few minutes she exited the bathroom wrapped in a towel. "Good morning," she said with smile. "Good morning. You know yesterday morning I would never have thought I would have ever seen you smile at me again." he replied with a smile as well.

"A few years ago I would have thought the same. Do you have plans for today?" she asked. "Other then studding. No, not really. I do not have work or plans until tomorrow," Newlyn said. "Sadly I do though. I still need to check out of the motel, that I didn't even use, and then we will be meeting up with the rest of the family for breakfast before heading home," Juliana said this rather ruefully. "Still that is an hour away," Juliana continued. "Any idea what we could do before then," she said with a mischievous grin.

Newlyn had a pretty good guess what she had in mind but he was not going to say it. Instead he simply said, "we do have a lot of catching up to do. Could certainly talk for a while." "Talk?" she giggled. "You really are a tease. There will be time enough for talk but, that is not what I had in mind." With that she dropped the towel revealing her fully nude slender body. As she let down her hair she made a come hither gesture with her index finger. Turning her back she then started walking into the bedroom while swaying her lovely hips.

Her waist length hair only accentuated this as it swished from side to side. Newlyn needed no further invitation and quickly stripped down himself before following her into the bedroom.

"I noticed you moved me last night. Did you take advantage of me while I slept again?" Juliana asked as Newlyn entered. "No, there is no way I would ever do that again," Newlyn replied. "I figured as much. Thank you," she said as she sat on the bed.

Newlyn followed suit and sat next to his sister. They began to kiss like no brother and sister ever should. They started exploring one another. Newlyn wrapped around his sister and played with Juliana's breasts. At the same time Juliana lowered her hand to Newlyn's testicles and gently squeezed them. It escalated when Juliana worked her way up her brother's stout cock and started slowly pumping.

Newlyn allowed his other hand to wander to her slit and started tracing circles. It may have been partially because of the shower but, she was already soaking wet by the time he was fingering her.

This continued until there was a visible bead of precum sliding down Newlyn's cock. At this point Juliana took the bead and rubbed it over the head of his cock. Once satisfied without a word she got up on all fours while looking back at her brother expectantly. Newlyn followed her positioned himself to mount his little sister. He started smearing her pussy with his precum while her soaking pussy painted his cock.

Sufficiently lubed he started pressing his way into her snug little clit. Juliana sighed in content and arched her back putting her butt higher. Inch by inch Newlyn pierced her tight pussy. "How are you still so tight even after last night?" Newlyn asked in wonder. She giggled, "Are you complaining about your sister's tight little pussy?" "Uh, no," he replied.

"Let's make it quicker this time. Your teasing last night was agony," she continued. Still inching his way in, it was Newlyn's turn to laugh, " it sure looked like you enjoyed it." "Are you kidding?

I LOVED it. I have never had an orgasm that strong but, I cannot stand the build up. No patients for that and, besides it is a bit exhausting and, I can still feel it in my legs," Juliana reasoned. By this point Newlyn had reached maximum penetration and began to slowly withdraw. "Come on I said fast," Juliana whined.

"Alright," Newlyn said. If she wanted it fast Newlyn would go fast. After slowly moving in and out a few times finding his grove Newlyn began to pound his sister in earnest. Juliana moaned in satisfaction and rocked her hips in time with her brother's powerful thrusts.

Newlyn was building up fast and soon felt the familiar tension in his balls as he approached his limit. Not wanting to peak before his sister he decided to help her out and grabbed her breasts. When Juliana felt this she let out a long 'uuuu' and archer her back even higher. "I wont last much longer," Newlyn grunted. "Keep going," Juliana insisted. He tried to hold off as long as possible but, inevitably he came and started shooting his load into his willing sister.

All the while he was cuming he continued to pump his hips into his sister. It did not appear to go unnoticed by Juliana. By the time Newlyn had let his first wave of fresh seamen into her belly she collapsed in euphoria with her butt held high and began twitching. Once Newlyn stopped pulsing he slowly withdrew from his quivering younger sister with not a drop wasted.

None of his cum was visible except for the drop threatening to fall to the bed hanging from his own penis. With his sister's recently vacated pussy still slightly open he decided to put the drop where it belonged. He leaned back over Juliana and wrung out his deflating cock and watched the last of his cum disappear into his sister. "Well we better get cleaned up before you go back to the motel," said Newlyn. Reluctantly and with a heavy sign Juliana got up closing her pussy as she did so locking everything within.

"I just showered too," she pouted. "Well we kept the mess to a minimal," Newlyn said trying to be helpful. "Externally you mean. I swear I can feel it sloshing around inside me," Juliana said with a grin as she patted her pussy. "How much was there?" Newlyn frowned as he pondered the question, "don't know.

There was probably more yesterday though." "Well I fell asleep before I noticed it yesterday," she commented. "Well I guess I will go clean up.again." "Need help with that?" Newlyn offered. Juliana smiled back, " a tempting offer but, I do not think we would ever get clean if we tried that." *** It was another thirty minutes before they left for the motel.

Before leaving Newlyn made sure to take a small item from his safe and carefully put it in his pocket. On the way to the motel, despite what they had been doing during the last twelve hours, sex was not even a topic of discussion. It had been the first time they had actually spoken to one another about daily life in years. Time flew by and they soon found themselves at the restaurant waiting for the rest of the family.

It was all too apparent to the rest of the family that the two had more then made up. When they first saw them they were laughing and enjoying one another's company like good friends.

It was infectious. Despite the melancholy mood they had ended on the previous evening. Soon the rest of the family was having a good time as well.

Unfortunately it would not last. The parents and the twins would need to be going before long. Newlyn once again paid for the meal this time he did not leave alone though. The whole family walked out to the parking lot while they made their final good byes. "Thank you all for coming. I didn't know how much I needed that. I hope it was just as helpful for every one else," said Newlyn as they gather around the car. "Sure was for me," replied Juliana.

"Hopefully next time you come and visit us." "Do not think for a moment this is over," commented their mother as her eyes narrowed. "I am not about to just forget this." "Oh come on mom. I have even forgiven him," said Juliana as she glared at her mother. "No, she is right. She can hate me," said Newlyn in his mother's defense. "But Newlyn," protested Juliana as she turned to look at him. Newlyn cut her off, "Look I did something terrible and I am sorry. I have regretted it every day since but, thanks to you Juliana I am prepared to deal with that and move on." He turned his attention to his mother and finished, "I would like to do so with you as a part of my life mom, but I understand if you do not wish me to be part of yours." His mother's expression did not change.

Newlyn left it at that. He knew his mother was a stubborn one. She might come around but it would take time. She had just opened the door to get in when Stephanie said her goodbyes. "Well I hope to see you again.

Maybe I should start calling you guys 'mom and dad' now. Both Juliana and Newlyn turned to Stephanie yelling, "No!" "I have never played the part of a father and I am not about to start with you two," said Newlyn. "That would be too weird," added Juliana.

"Well Juliana did breast feed you," piped in their father carelessly. Everyone looked at him in shock. Except his wife. If looks could kill he would have died on the spot. It sure looked she was putting that to the test though. "Dad why would you bring that up?!" cried Juliana. "Sorry but it's true. I was just trying.," he looked away lost for words at his now obvious faux pas. The twins gazed at their breast feeding mother in bewilderment.

Juliana did not meet their eyes and crossed her arms while shifting uncomfortably. Leave it to dad to make things awkward thought Newlyn. "Well it was good seeing you. Have a safe trip home," Newlyn said trying to dispel the mood. It did not completely work but did have the desired effect of changing the subject. The family quickly finished their good byes got in their car and drove off.

Newlyn waited until they rounded the corner out of sight before turning to his sister. Before she left he had one last thing for her. From his pocket he withdrew the small object he had taken from his safe earlier that morning. Holding the object tight he said to her, "Juliana, I have something for you." "Oh, what is it?" she inquired.

His had shook a little as he handed her the USB drive, "I have not looked at this once since I made it. I have kept it safe and it has been a constant reminder to me for eighteen years. I am giving this to you as you are the rightful owner of its content. Do with it what you want." She held the USB drive quizzically and asked, "what is it?" "Something I stole from you long ago. Just be sure to look at it alone," he answered. "Alright I will take a look," she replied.

They walked a few feet to her car in silence. Juliana was first to break the silence. "Well guess this is good bye for now," she said. "oh and next time we meet you better have a girl friend," she said this with a twinkle in her eye.

They shared one last hug and a kiss that should not be shared by siblings. She then drove off. Newlyn was still sanding there long after she had disappeared from sight. His last secret had left with her in that USB drive.

The pictures and video footage he had taken all those years ago were on that drive. He was ashamed of it but, Juliana needed to know. Newlyn just hoped she would still love him after she saw them. *** A week later Newlyn had found a new place and would be moving out soon. He had more then enough to buy a house but, while he was looking for one he decided to at least upgrade his current place. While he had been packing, mostly books, he heard a knock at the door.

Surprised much like the previous week for he had not ordered anything. Last one to knock on his door had been his sister. Turns out she was responsible for this one too. At the door was a man who had a package for him to sign for. After he signed for the package a quick look at the address told him it was from Juliana.

His heart skipped a beat as he opened the package. First thing that came out was a USB drive. Not just any but the very same one he had given his sister. The second thing was a letter. Dear Newlyn, I must admit I was surprised by the content of your 'gift'.

This must have been painful to keep all those years. A constant reminder you said. I can see why. I am thankful you shared this with me.

That could not have been easy but, it is over now. I am ready to let this go and, I can honestly tell you I love you and forgive you with all my heart for what you did.

Everyone makes mistakes that hurt others. Ours just happened to be on a whole different level then most. I have already told you I forgive you but, now I must ask that you forgive yourself. As for the content of you 'gift' I actually find it somewhat amusing now. I know it may seem strange but, I enjoy going through the pictures. It is like looking at another world to me somehow.

As for this belonging to me I disagree. This is as much mine as it is yours. That is why I made my own copies and have returned yours.

They are for you to do with as you please. Love, Juliana P.S. Do not forget. Next time we meet you better have a girl friend. Newlyn read the letter again and smiled. He still had his sister.