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Asian girl riding white guys dick
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Hey everyone! This is BrianGuy here with another story. This is the 2nd part of A Schoolyear with Sarah. The final part will be out soon, and I have another great 6 part story in the making. The next one will be longer and about the rest of Brian's 2nd summer. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Near the end of the year, the graduating class always has a big party.

They invite my school and the all girls school. The other private schools in the area do that too. This year the party would be held at Timmy Bechner's house. It was a badass ranch with more bedrooms than normal. This was ironic because the ranch was the one place they never stayed. It was a big three story house with about 4 bedrooms and three guest bedrooms.


They had games and snacks and everything we could want. You were free to walk the grounds whenever. Sarah and I went together. This party was the time of the year when the cheerleaders could wear last years uniforms, the geeks could exist at the same social gathering as jocks, and everyone was really hyper.

As usual, the Cheerleading squad was late, as they were to all parties. Lead by Sabrina Kwinton, (deemed the hottest girl ever) they marched in triumphantly. They organized most of the "unplanned" activities that night, like wet t-shirt contests, fake outs, and pranks. Fake outs were where you have a hot girl from the squad who meets up with a geek. They usually start making-out somewhere and then the girl will strip to her underwear. The geek will faint at this point, then you draw on his face (mostly the words "no dick") and hide his pants.

This had happened to me all too may times. Sabrina started a spin the bottle game. Our class was feeling different, because most people had heard about my affair with Sarah. I kept seeing kids pair up and leave. My guess is that most of the bedrooms, closets, bathrooms and good spots in the field would be taken. I looked at my watch. It was only 2 in the afternoon. I guess some kids were just eager. The spin the bottle game was more fun this year, because people treated me with respect.

I did not have to kiss other dudes when the bottle pointed at them. When the game was over, Sabrina said she wanted to talk to me. "So, I heard about your little sexdates with Sarah." "Is there anyone who hasn't?" "Hey, can I ask a question? Do you think I'm hot?" "Naturally. Why is that? "What?" "All rich people are hot, yet you seem to be the hottest." "Enlighten me." "Everyone is rich at the school.

Some more than others. The richer you are, the hotter you are. You know, like Helen. She's hot and rich. Now, I don't mean to sound gay here, but Tommy is rich and he's not a bad looking guy." "I know what you mean.

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Look, there is one spot in the house that lets you on the roof." I could totally tell where this was going. we went up to the roof and skipped the making out crap.

We stripped, she put a condom on me and started to fuck. I had fucked in many styles with Sarah, but this was by far the hardest I had ever fucked.

It was really fast. She seemed like that kind of girl. Then I stood up, and she did a handstand (don't you love cheerleaders?) and I spread her legs apart. I could get a full view of her tight pussy from there, and her ass.her boobs were flopping over and looked really big. I bent her back and put my dick in her pussy. I could get a full view from here. I saw my dick sliding in and out.

I kept bending over and running my hands over her entire body. "Hmm. Like my body?" she asked when we were both lying down. "Hell yes!" "We better get back to the party before people notice we're gone." Notice we're gone? I checked my watch. 3:30! We'd been gone for 1/2 an hour! We slowly climbed back in to the house via a window, just in time to see Sydney Voss (another cheerleader) get a load blown over her tits.

"You go, Sydney!" said Sabrina We sneaked quietly down stairs to the main room. The jocks at this point, being jocks, had organized some sort of game. Lucky for me, it was capture the flag. "Kay, kay, now, every one!" Jeremy Fign shouted in his Australian accent "My dudes and I here have organized a short game here. Where's my man Brian? Get awn up here!" He signaled to me and I thought my life had ended. Last year he did this, he gave me a wet willie and punched me.

In the 'nads. "Brian, you know the game of capture the flag, don't you? Well, this year, I have something planned. You are now our first captain!" The crowd cheered "And, my boy, a treat. Sarah Peterson will be captain number 2! Rock on!" Sarah? Holy shit! I would be playing the person I fucked throughout the entire year!

This is not going to end well. Not well at all. "Good luck Brian.You're going to need it." Sarah said with a deviant smile on her face "Oh dear neptune" I muttered.

------------------------------------------------- "Alpha team! Flank left and go behind the trees. Beta, I need you to take a direct approach, straight down the field." I was grouping troops and giving orders as fast as I could.

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"Archers! Ready the flaming hot-dogs!" All defense measures were only precautionary. "I'm a gonna head down to the shed quietly and group three will enter from the rear!" There was a large snicker from the male section of the team. "Oh grow up, will you?" The horn sounded and 50 teenagers ran off into the war zone.

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I sneaked quietly to the red shed near the property border. I opened the door only to find group three gagged and tied to chairs naked in the back. The lights clicked on. "Hey Brian. Looking for someone?" a tall, blond girl said. Dammit! I thought to myself. Senior girls. Sarah, you've done it again. All the girls were in bikinis and were standing behind me. Their arms felt me and pulled me back into a circle of them.

They giggled and toyed with me. "Oh Brian, this shirt looks to hot on you!" the girls laughed. I couldn't help but get hard when they removed my underwear. "That's a big weapon you're packing there." a redhead said.

She removed her bikini top and bottom as all the other girls did. They pressed up against me and one another. I just kept getting harder. Must.restrain.self! I thought, but my mind went blank as I realized that one of the black haired girls was tittyfucking me and I had just blown all over her face. The other girls pushed me on the floor and were climbing on top of me.

"No, Brian!" they all said in sad voices "Stay with us! Come on, relax!" They all nodded and whimpered and made sad faces. Fuck this shit! I thought to myself. Stay in goddamn control.ungh!!! At that point, the blond had made one final jerk of her hand on my shaft and my load blew onto her and two other girls.

FUCK! It has begun.

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I let the realization that they had won take over me. The redhead was now directly on top of me now and was teasing me. Another girl had her head between the redhead's legs and was sucking me. I wasn't hard quite yet, but I was getting there. "How ya hangin', guys?" I yelled over to the tied up team.

"MMMPHHH!" they replied. They all had raging hard-ons and looked like they were going to die of tease. Before I had time to finish my analysis, however, a black haired girl sat on my face. "Lick, goddammit!" the horny girl said "I wanna get one off before the game ends." My tongue was already exploring her when I remembered: FUCK! The game! I tried to escape my sex-craving bonds but the weight of all three of them was too much. But apparently, during this time, my tongue was still moving and the horny black haired girl moaned in orgasm as her juices flowed onto my face.

"FUUUUUUUCK this guy's good!" she panted "You have to try this." The girls changed position so that one was kneeling inches away from my dick while another girl took her turn at my face.

After a few minutes, I had just about set her off. "GOD!!! Oh fuck!" she moaned "This feels so good!" She gasped as her orgasm hit her and I felt a shudder run through her body. At the other end, I was being teased by the blond again. I had a great idea. "Girls! Want to try something fun?" "Yeah!" they squealed in unison. "Okay, for this, untie another one of my men." two brunettes went over and untied one of the bound battalion, who I recognized as Arnold Barting, a friend of mine.

He walked over to me. "Untie the others while I take care of the girls, you will have to help me with three of them, though." I whispered the directions to him. He seemed more than happy to oblige. "Got it!" "Okay, girls," I said louder "Three of you will have to get on the floor and wait for a while." God, this is going to take a while, but the other men can get out.

"I'm first." The black haired girl stood up first. I looked her over carefully. She was a bit taller than I was. She had long legs and hair down to her upper back. She was a bit flat in front for a senior, but in a semi-sexy way. I signaled for her to get between Arnold and I.

Arnold went first. He had lubed up his dick and was sticking it into her ass.


The look on her face was classic. Pleasure mixed with shock and discomfort. I slowly inserted my dick into her other slot and we both violently fucked her in hopes to tire her out.

It worked. "Ahh.AHH.AHHHH!!!" She let out three moans of pleasure as she cummed and dropped to the floor. How I was getting through two more of these I didn't know. Wait! That was a better idea. "Arnold, go take care of the next one, I'm a gonna untie the dudes.

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I'll go." I sneaked to the back of the room where the four boys were gagged and bound, naked. I untied the ropes.

"Go fuck the girls, I got this." I quietly got out of the room in the open sunlight. There was cheering near the big swimming area. Yes, I mean area- not pool. I looked and what I saw shocked me to death: the swimming area was about 100m away. On the left of the biggest pool, I saw a red flag heading for the boundary line. This was good, as I was the blue captain. To the right, the blue flag was the same distance from said line and being carried by none other than Sarah.

Fuck. What do I do now? Stop Sarah and win the respect of two entire schools, or let her capture the flag, thus keeping my relationship strong and loosing. Choice 2 would probably result in death by at-party humiliation. Screw this! I ran to the right. I was running like never before. When I was 50 meters away, Sarah turned to see me with a look of shock on her face. The collision was imminent now.

"Sorry about this next part." I said calmly to Sarah. I put on my last burst of speed. "BWAAAHH!" I shouted as I crashed into Sarah, sending us both flying into the pool. The red flag barer crossed the line, but no one was watching him. They were all wondering the same thing: What the hell just happened? The moment under the pool seemed like forever. Sarah and I had a long conversation with our eyes that went something like this: "What the fuck was that for?" a menacing look said.

"Hey, it was you or me, so why not you?" a slightly sarcastic look replied. "You could have warned me." "I did." "Not very clearly, though." "I did my best" "Fuck you." "Fuck you." This last one I must have said out loud, because I realized I was running out of air.

I pushed off against the bottom of the pool. When my head reached the surface everyone was quiet. I thought for a moment and yelled: "WET T-SHIRT PARTY!!!" and dozens of teens screamed and jumped in the pool.