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Milf fucked but husband nearby Who is she)
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It was the year the government passed a landmark ruling concerning sex education in the public school system. It was also the year in which the public school system became profitable. The ruling gave the public school system complete authority over the principals, teachers, students, and parents regarding fulfilling the requirements of the sex education program. The government ruling required that sex education be taught to all students in all grades, first through twelfth.

It also required the sex education to be taught by direct experience. Books, videos, and lectures could only be used as supplementary teaching aids.

Another requirement of the ruling was that students were to be involved in all areas of sexual experience. There were no restrictions. The school system had complete freedom to explore the world of raw animal lust.

By the new law, a parent's house could be used at any time as a sex education environment. . Sharon and Tom Anders grinned at each other as they walked down the hall toward the master bedroom. Three bright red skimpy nylon bikini briefs were lying on the carpet outside the door. The door was closed and had a "Do Not Disturb Sign" on it. The bikinis each had the words "Property of Jones Elementary" printed on the front and a number printed on the back. "It looks like our son is going to have a busy school year" said Sharon.

Tom picked up the bikini briefs and sniffed the crotches. The musky male odor quickly gave him a raging hard on. When he read the numbers on the bikinis he swelled with pride. "Jesus, Kevin went nearly right to the top of the class. He's already being sampled by the gods. Hot goddamn stud." The numbers on the bikinis were 1, 2, and 347. The principal's number was 1, the superintendent's number was 2, and the other number was Kevin's.

The school was one of the largest in the city, with several thousand students. The Anders boy was cute and had a large dick for a 12 year old. He was a defensive lineman on the football team and had a really nice muscular body. He was a very attractive animal. Tom and Sharon knelt down and looked through the keyhole of the door. Kevin was standing in the middle of the king size bed. The principal was kneeling in front of him and the superintendent was kneeling behind him.

All three naked males had full erections. The principal, a handsome man in his mid forties, was licking and kissing all over Kevin's large cum-filled balls. The superintendent, also handsome, was in his mid thirties and licking up and down the boy's asscrack as he held the asscheeks apart. Kevin had his legs spread and his hands on his hips. He had a completely relaxed look on his face.

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As Tom and Sharon took turns watching through the keyhole, the principal moved his mouth to the bottom of the shaft of the boy's steel-hard dick and began licking and kissing his way upwards, working all around the shaft. The superintendent, who had been gradually shortening his tongue strokes, was now zeroed in on Kevin's tight asshole. The man stiffened his tongue and started working it inside the boy's ass. A few minutes later, the principal was deep throating the boy's large, rock-hard dick over and over and over.

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"Oh fuck!" moaned Tom. He had pulled his dick out of his pants and had been vigorously stroking it. He was now pumping a load of cum all over the bedroom door. Sharon laughed her ass off.

"Looks like our stud son got you hot as hell, honey." . As could be expected, some parents objected to the new ruling, but once their asses were thrown in jail for a week their attitude quickly changed.

The ruling required a Psychologist to oversee each school's sex education program and to make discipline recommendations as necessary in order to reform belligerent attitudes and maintain complete adherence to the program. Obedience was the only virtue which was important.

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. The ruling also allowed the school system to produce and sell explicit sex videos using the principals, teachers, students, and parents as performers. Two classrooms were converted into studios and dedicated to sex education use only. . It also allowed live sex shows to be performed for general public entertainment and approval.

The auditorium was used for live sex shows.

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. At first the teachers were running the program, but before long a few of the students were put in charge of producing the videos and directing the live sex shows.


The school management found that the students were much more aggressive as directors and had more creativeness in exploring the areas of sexual pleasure. Parents were finding themselves paddled for the slightest deviance from complete obedience.

All parents were required to wear diapers at the start of a sex education class, and the best looking parents were required to wear diapers in public during the warm summer days. . The store manager got a hard-on as he watched the two teenaged boys teasing a gorgeous well-built blonde in a shopping aisle. She was in her mid thirties and wearing nothing but diapers and high heels.

One boy was fondling her full firm tits and the other boy was fondling her lush ass. The boys were talking dirty to her and her beautiful face was blushing. After the teenagers finally left her, a mother with a little boy walked past her.

The boy walked over to her and started sniffing the front of the blonde's diapered crotch. She was obviously in heat because there was a large wet spot on the front of the diaper.

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When the mother saw what her son was doing, she left him alone for a few minutes, then eventually came back to the aisle and took him with her to do the rest of her shopping.

The young handsome manager was so aroused by now that he couldn't help his actions. He walked over to the blonde, grabbed her hand, and led her to the back of the store and into his office.

He closed and locked the door, then began taking off his clothes. "Get down on your fucking knees in front of me" he ordered the woman. Naked and with a fully erected dick, he grabbed a fistful of the blonde's hair, then pulled her face into his crotch. "No man on earth could be faithful to his wife with something like you walking around.

Give me a good blowjob. Start by licking my balls. Worship me." The beautiful woman knew she had no choice but to do exactly as she was told. After making love to the young man's balls and dick for several minutes, she settled into a steady rhythym of deep throating him.

The man held her pretty face in his hands and gave it a really good fucking. Then he unloaded every bit of his cum right down her tight warm throat.

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"Jesus sucking a donkey dick, that's the hottest I've been in a while" moaned the manager. . One of the more interesting developments that occurred when the students took over was the introduction of Satanism in order to fully eradicate any traces of religious beliefs, especially in the parents.


Real-life statues of Satan, in the nude and sporting a large fully erected dick, were installed in the sex education classrooms. . "Get me the goddamn paddle" the student director ordered the woman's husband. The man didn't want to see his wife get her ass paddled but he had no say in the matter.

He crawled over to the paddle then brought it back in his mouth to the student. "Please don't paddle me" begged the beautiful asian woman. She was fastened to a pillory with her head and hands locked securely. Her naked body was luscious with her legs spread apart and fastened to the floor with ankle straps.

"I'm sick and tired of your arrogant attitude. That religious crap has rotted your fucking brain. Spirits, afterlife, supreme being - you're holier-than-thou bullshit beliefs are really getting on my nerves. By the time I'm through with you, the only thing you're going to be worshipping is my turds when I take a shit." The student director had lost all patience with the stupid mother.

"You're going to give Satan a blowjob and take his dick up your stuck-up ass whenever I ask, just like your husband does." The woman began wailing as the young boy paddled her firm lush ass unmercifully. Without obedience there can be no order, and without order there can only be chaos. The sex education program was based on perfect order.

Free will is nothing but a fantasy. Within the first year of the new sex education ruling, the government passed a new ruling giving the students complete authority to run the program. The principals, teachers, and parents were relegated to a submissive position.