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Big boobs amateur porn
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It was a warm spring Saturday afternoon on campus and I was sitting in my apartment resting up from yesterday's meet. At that particular time in my youth, I was a sophomore sprinter and long jumper on the college track team and had become a, what do you call it, "big man on campus".

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Okay, so it was a small school, in a small town, in a small state, track wise, but, let me say, they appreciated my speed and jumping abilities. I was a skinny little shit back then, but I had the "hops for a white boy". I lived off campus in a three bedroom apartment with two other guys, both sophomores. There was Paul, my roommate from last year when we lived in a dorm and Mike, a friend of Paul's, who was the funniest guy I have ever known.

Ol' Big Mike, as we affectionately called him, was a jolly hunk of a man, standing 6'4'' and topping the scales at around 300 pounds. Now he wasn't all fat, but he did maintain a certain jiggle to his walk. Mike was nothing like Paul and I, physically. Paul was small in frame and weight, and, like me, had been a trackman back in high school.

Where I decided my freshman year to continue with the sport, Paul made the opposite decision. Anyway, the three of us had lived together for two terms, working on our third, and always got along fabulously. This afternoon, it was Mike and I, holding down the fort, watching a little TV and relaxing.

Paul was out with his girl friend, who still attended high school, Pam, and I didn't know when or if he would be back today. About 2 PM, Paul pulled up in front of our apartment and as he got out of his car, Pam and two of her girlfriends got out also and walked towards the door. Since Mike was lying around in his skivvies, he made a mad dash for his room to put some cloths on. I hurriedly cleaned up the place a little as to make it respectable for our guests.

Paul opened the door for the ladies and in they walked, first Pam, then Molly, followed by a charming little thing I had never had the privilege of meeting before. Molly, I had met several times before.

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She often accompanied Pam when she came to visit Paul; I think Mike was somewhat smitten with her. She was, let's see the polite thing to say, is pleasantly rotund. Okay, she was a little on the heavy side. She had big boobs, big hips and, well, she was a big girl. But her heart was just as big. And funny, my gracious, when the two of them got together, you just had to hold your sides and roaring.

"Ben, this is Pam's friend Roberta, just call her Bobby, everybody else does. Bobby, this is the track stud I've told you about, Ben," Paul made the introductions. "Bobby, I'm very happy to make your acquaintance. How is it that this is the first time I've ever seen you. Pam, you've holding out on me," I said. Bobby started blushing a little over my rousing greeting, but shuck out her hand and said, "Nice to meet you too, Ben." Seeing her reaction to my greeting just made me take that much more interest in her.

She was rather small, about 5' 2" or 3, maybe she weighed 100 or 105.

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She had a slender build, nice figure and her looks would turn heads anywhere. Her long brown hair, currently pulled back in a pony tail, accented her beautiful green eyes. Yes, she was really a looker. After everyone had found a place to sit and had settling down, Mike came bounding out of his room in his cut-off sweats and tee-shirt, making a grand appearance with his arms wide open. Molly immediately jumped up and joined him in his frolicking good time.

Paul and Pam just grinned and Bobby looked a little shocked, but smiled at the sight. We all sat around gabbing and joking, when Mike suddenly said, "Where are our manner, Gentlemen? No one has offered these ladies anything to drink. What will it be? We have beer and beer." Pam laughed and a requested a beer and Molly was right behind her. Bobby looked a little embarrassed and said that she didn't want anything.

Pam and Molly instantly started giving her a bad time and directed Mike to bring a beer over to Bobby also. Bobby, reluctantly accepted the beer, but every time I stole a glance at her, she was "nursing" it for all she was worth.

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Mike noticed it also, so he made another suggestion, "Hey, everyone, let's play a drinking game! Everybody, form a circle on the floor. Everyone, move. Now this game is simple, it goes on a cadence of three. You make a fist and bring it down on your palm like this," he said demonstrating.

On the count of three, he brought his right hand down on his flat left palm and then he stopped and said, "Now, everyone think of a gesture you can give with one hand that is uniquely yours and on the third count you have to give your gesture and then on the next third count you must give someone else's gesture. Like this. Molly, what is your gesture?" Molly gave a thumb up, so Mike said, "Okay, my gesture is, you guessed it, the middle finger, so it goes like this." He counted to three bring his fist down on his palm with every count.


On the third count, he put up his middle finger. Then he counted again with his fist on his palm and at the third count, he put his thumb up in the air. "Now," he said, "Molly, you have to, in cadence, give your gesture, the thumb and then give someone else's gesture next. If you miss giving another person's gesture, in cadence, you have to take a drink of at least two inches of beer.

Okay? Now everyone think of their own, unique gesture." "Everyone got a gesture? Then let's see them," he commanded. I made a running gesture with my two fingers, Pam's was similar to Mike's but she moved her middle finger horizontally towards herself.

That was rather suggestive, I thought, but Paul loved it. He instantly made an "Okay" gesture for his. That left Bobby. Her gesture was a flat hand pointing downward. There was no mistaking the meaning of her gesture. We started and stopped many times, people asking for clarification and an interpretation of the rules, but after about a half-hour or so, we were well along with our game.

Even Bobby was having a good time. But, after a bit, everyone was starting to feel the affects of multiple beers. After a "potty break", as everyone started settling down again, Pam said she had to stop drinking because she had to drive home later. Paul, thinking out loud almost, said, "Then you'll just have to take off a piece of clothing instead." A look of horror came over her face.

The guys all responded with cheers but the other two girl's look of astonishment told their feelings on Paul's suggestion.

Pam, suddenly squared her jaw and pronounced, "I will if you will!" That was met with howls from the guys and Molly, but a nervous little laugh from Bobby.

"I'm in!" declared Paul. "Me, too," declared Mike. "Me three," slobbered Molly. Everyone stopped and looked at me, so I said, "What the hell." Now, everyone fell silent as all eyes switched to Bobby. She knew everyone was looking at her, so in an instant, she just raised her shoulders and said, "Okay, I guess." Everyone let out a loud cheer as Paul gave us the instructions.

He had everyone move over in two lines facing each other, about two feet apart. The girls were in one line and the boys in the other. We had to give the gestures out in front of us at full arm's length so everyone could see it. Paul had us all remove our shoes and socks and then he asked if there were any questions. Hearing none, he started. The first round was intense.

Everyone was concentrating to their fullest, not wanting to be the first to start the disrobing. After several rounds, Mike broke cadence and the round ended with a cheer from most, but a nervous smile from Bobby. Mike tore off his tee-shirt with a growl and started up again.

When he started it wrong, everyone stopped the game and he had to remove his sweats, leaving him sitting back down in just his boxers. "Holy, shit," he said. "I've got to start concentrating." "Let's make a new rule," interjected Paul. "If you get naked, you can stay in the game, but if you lose again, the person that makes you lose, can have you do anything they want you to do." "O wow! That's insane! Why not?" came the cries from all, except poor Bobby.

I bet she is wishing, about now, that she had stayed home today. As we started again, we went about three or four rounds before Paul put out a "Palm down" gesture and Bobby didn't pick it up soon enough and she broke cadence.

She quickly jumped up, removed her jeans over her bare feet and, just as quickly sat back down. Her eyes quickly glanced at mine and she turned a little red. I knew she would come after me next, so I decided to fake a mistake and take some of the pressure off of her.

I removed my shirt and started again giving the middle finger towards myself and Pam was looking at Paul, so she missed it completely.

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As the game progressed, clothes started flying all over the place. As the beer consumption continued with those who didn't have to drive, the reaction time of this game started to take its toll on the participants.

Soon, the count was Mike, naked; Molly, bra and panties; Paul, undershorts; Pam, panties; Bobby, bra and panties; and I, boxers only. Molly was the next victim and off came her bra. Her tits were huge! And seeing everyone's reactions to them, she started swaying them as she walked the length of the line and back up the other side. This brought howls from the spectators, even Bobby. Then it was Pam's turn to get naked as she stood up, quickly pulled them down and sat back down to remove them.

Everyone cried foul but she said that there was no rule against it. Everyone relented and the game went on. Pam missed again and this time, Paul told her to stand up and put hers arms out wide.

She reluctantly did as she was told and everyone stared at her beautiful nakedness. The group fell silent as she showed off her body, then she slowly sat down.

For the first time, I started getting a tingle in my groin. The game went on with Paul losing his shorts and then it was my turn. I stood up, looking right at Bobby I pulled down my boxers, exposing my semi-hard manhood to her and everybody. Mike and Paul got all over me saying that I must be starting to get aroused.

I just sat back down and, I guess, turned a little red in the face. Mike got called upon to shake his snake at Molly and Pam had to get up and rub her crotch in Paul's face. Then lighting struck again at Bobby. This time she covered her face with embarrassment.

Then reaching back to unclasp her bra, everyone, except me, demanded her to stand up and "take it off". This caused her to turn bright red in the face and, as she was too embarrassed to protest, did as she was told and stood to remove her bra. As it came off of her shoulders, she caught it for a second in front.

Glancing in my direction, she removed her hand and bra to expose the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. They were perfectly shaped; small and perky, yet full and robust, the kind and shape that made you want to immediately start to fondle, pinch and suckle. A gasp must have came out of my mouth because her eyes came back to mine immediately as the sound left my mouth. My eyes met hers and a sudden smile crossed our lips. Molly lost her panties next and as she stood and exposed her thick patch of hair to us all, Mike started crawling towards her trying to reach his target.

She quickly sat back down but Mike was on top of her. They laughed and rolled around but soon fell silent as they started to fondle and touch each other in all of the right places.

Pam looked at Paul and then moved over and gave him a passionate embrace. As they rolled to the floor, their hands were seeking out the most desirable places to touch each other. I slowly looked at Bobby as she turned her gaze towards me.

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I grinned, and she looked away in embarrassment then brought her eyes back to mine. I rose to my knees and held out my arms to her. She looked down at the floor for an instant and then, rising to her knees also, crawling over to me. She was still wearing just her panties.

They were flowered, cotton briefs, fitting nice and tight over her mound. Her lovely small breasts swayed slightly as she crawled up to me and melted into my arms.

"Bobby, do you feel comfortable being here like this with me?" I asked, giving her an out if she wanted. I hoped beyond all hope that she would not take my opening and she just looked up at me gave me a nervous smile. I took that smile as a "Yes" and permission to proceed, so I gently brought her into my arms and gave her a sensuous, warm embrace.

The warmth of her soft skin as it was crushed into my bare chest caused us both to exhale in a simultaneous display of desire. As I carefully placed my hand on her chin, I guided it towards my mouth and gave her a wanting kiss, one of the first of many to come.

Her arms encircle my back as I parted my lips just a little. She responded in kind as our embrace became greater. My arms and hands were all over her back, pulling her breasts tight against my chest.

My hands went down to her butt and I pulled her into my now erect manhood. She gasped as a reaction to my hands and my crotch, but soon she was back in my arms, plunging her mouth deep upon my own. I could feel her tongue as it separated my lips and sought out its counterpart and when it did, there was an unbelievable fencing match. My hands were pulling her butt into my crotch with force now.

I could feel the desire for this beauty building with each thrust of my tongue and my hips. I had to have her. So I suddenly broke the kiss, looked down into her eyes and rolled onto my back, carrying her with me.

We were face to face and I looked into her eyes, searching for the answer to my unspoken question. She knew the question and the answer to it.

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It came in a slight rolling action, off of my stomach onto her back. She was pulling me down upon herself. As I came to rest with both of my knees between her legs, she continued to look up at me with those loving green eyes and gave me permission.

I slid my face up her body until my mouth was right at her tender mounds of flesh. I looked longingly at one then the other. The auroras were puckering up into a wrinkly little mass of pale brown sentinels with the nipples sticking upward like a top hat on a gentleman. They were begging to be tasted, so I slowly ran my tongue up her breast until it approached the part that needed suckled and then, taking it in between my lips, I kissed, then sucked softly on her nipple.

"O God," she sighed loudly, "Ben, yes." I took that as a sign that she wanted me to continue, so satisfying one, I switched to the other.

As I did, she involuntarily wiggled her hips into my stomach and I felt the first hint of moisture coming from between her legs. This caused me to break off my assault on her lovely soft breasts and slide my way down so my tongue traced its way to her navel. Stopping there just for a second to insert my tongue into its swallow little indention, I kept my weight upon her crotch, and resumed my slide down over her abdomen and her flowered cotton panties.

I came to rest inches away from the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, the kinky protrusions of her panties, indicating the exact shape of her pubic mound. She lay there breathlessly as I starred at the Holy Grail, a mere two inches from my nose, confined in a shroud of double layered cotton briefs, displaying a growing spot of moisture.

I drowned myself in the musty aroma of her womanhood, the smell that could only mean one thing; she wanted it to be touched. I slowly lowered my nose down and placed it right between the lips of her crack. She jerked violently and twisted her hips around. As she once again settle back down with her hips fully on the floor, she grabbed my head and pulled my nose back into her crotch and raised her hips to meet my face.

This time as my nose went between her lips; my tongue sought out the source of the wetness and curled up into her opening. She jerked again then moaned and pulled my face into her waiting crotch. I raised my nose up her crack towards to top and I got the desired response. She moaned loudly and bucked her hips up off of the floor as she pulled even harder upon my head into her groin. She was wiggling her hips uncontrollably as I made my way back up to the waistband of her panties and started to remove them.

She froze for a moment. I wondered if she was making the decision as to if she wanted to stop or continue. If it was her first decision, I didn't want to rush her. She slowly started moving her legs together. As I moved my knees out from between them, I thought the decision had been made to stop and I was fine with that. I was disappointed and frustrated, but I wasn't going to rape her either.

Then she did something I didn't expect, she tugged on her waistband giving me the green light. My hands were at her hips in a second. They each grabbed hold of the elastic and started their way south. Slowly as they made their way down over her hips, the fabric of the panties gave way to the most beautiful sight I could imagine.

I first saw a trace, then a small bush, then the entire display of her light brown pubic hair, covering the lips of her guarded treasure. As the sticky wetness on the panties came free between her legs, a moist little strand of goo held on to her hair and popped as they pulled away down her legs. As I deposited them along side her other garments, I turned my attention back to the sight of my life.

I crawled back up between her spreading legs as I stayed on my haunches and knees to look into her treasure laden crotch. I marveled at its beauty and wondered as to its riches and then, slowly, tenderly, ran my fingers up both of her inner thighs and met at the junction. Her desire was building at a frantic pace. She was starting to beg, "Please, Ben, take me gently. This is my first time, so be gentle will you?" Hearing those words, I thought I would have an orgasm on the spot.

Knowing this was her first made me want to make it special for her. I wanted to take it slow and easy. If I could just keep my composure long enough and keep her under control, I was going to try to meet her requests. "I'll try my best, Bobby. You look so beautiful right now, I can't make any promises.

But I'll try my best." I knew I had to taste her. I'd be killing myself if I didn't take this chance. I hoped I would, but I didn't know if I'd ever get a chance to taste her again. I just had to. So I led with my tongue as I eagerly placed my mouth down on her crotch. She reacted violently. She tried to stop my tongue, but it was on a mission and soon, as it licked her hood node, she cried out and jerked her hips away from me.

I knew better than to try again, so I shifted my weight back on my haunches and I grabbed her legs. I raised her knees upward and back towards her chest area. I separated them and scooted my knees up to her crotch as tight as I could.

Grabbing my manhood with one hand and putting it just at her opening, I simply asked her softly, "Are you ready?" She squeezed her eyes shut as she said, "Uh huh." I entered her with the head of my manhood, slowly pushing forward with my intrusion. The walls of her vagina were tightly protecting her virginity, not giving up ground easily.

They would separate when they were prodded, but only with resistance. Slowly I proceeded with the entry, a half-an-inch at a time. I was dying a slow death trying to calm myself, yet enjoy the sucking feeling of her walls as they resisted my penetration.

As I pushed slowly in, I felt the resistance at her hymen. "This is going to hurt a little," I whispered to her. "I know," she said. "Be gentle." "I'll try." I backed out a little then I reversed directions and placed the head right on the membrane. Applying constant pressure to her barrier, it stretched then gave way and I was through.

She gave off a muffled cry as I came to a stop. "Are you alright?" I asked.


"Just like I've always heard, it hurt like hell. Can we wait a second so I can catch my breath?" "This is all your call, Bobby. I'm just honored I'm the first," I said sincerely. After a brief respite, she indicated her desire to resume by moving her hips up into mine. Now I lay down on her and she places her arms around my back.

"Thank you, Ben." "Thank me for what, I'm not done yet," I said, a little confused. "I know silly. Thank you for being so concerned for me," she said. I didn't answer but proceeded to start moving the rest of the way into her canal and then I drew it out slowly. I then repeated the penetration. My pace picked up as I started to feel that the vaginal walls were becoming more pliable and receptive to my intrusions.

Now, Bobby was getting into it also. She was panting hard and rolling her head as she flung her hips wildly up to meet my now frantic thrusts.

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I was sawing into her vagina with abandonment and I could feel the end was nearing. Over and over I was pumping into her.

"O Ben Yes!" she kept saying then screaming. I tried to hold back my orgasm as long as I could and then I felt her tighten up like a board. She had stopped breathing for a moment. Just as I couldn't hold it any longer and let out with a guttural growl from deep within my lungs, I heard her shriek from her pent up release and felt her flash her juices all over my manhood and abdomen as I returned the feeling with my own. Long, thick, powerful jets of sperm spewed up into the depths of her womb.

I could feel it recoil off of her cervix as it splashed time and again against her precious walls. I could feel those very walls, the ones who reluctantly gave way to my penetration, now hanging on to it, milking the last of its juices, reluctantly releasing it back from where it came. She twitched and moaned and then she went limp. I lay there, still inside of her but I could feel it shrinking and withdrawing from her confines until just the head was stuck between her lips.

After awhile, we both stirred a little and it came out completely. "O," she whined, "it's gone." "For now it is," I acknowledged. I wanted to say, "But maybe later," but I didn't. "That was great, Ben. I loved the way you made me feel. I loved the way you made love to me, not just had sex with me.

I will always love you for that," she said, giving me a long, warm kiss. Before I could reply, everyone started clapping and cheering. They were still on the floor, sitting there, watching. Bobby and I turned a bright color of red and I asked, "How long have you all been watching us?" "Long enough to realize that it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," Pam said, wiping a tear from her cheek.

"Bobby and Ben, that was wonderful!" I stood up now and said, "I don't know whether to be mad or grateful." Reaching down and pulling Bobby to her feet, I continued, "but I'll think about while we take a shower and get cleaned up." With that said, I reached down and scooped up our cloths and headed to the bathroom, Bobby in tow.