Blowjob teen amateur dick drooling

Blowjob teen amateur dick drooling
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Tracy dropped her gum into the trash can on the bus as she got off, making the driver smile as he said good bye. She shrugged him off and ignored his wave as she turned her back and went into her house. He carefully took it out of the trash before he closed up the "barn" for the night.

When he got home, he carefully extracted the gum from the baggie he'd carried it in, then swabbed it to get a clean sample of her DNA from the residual saliva. He then grew the sample in a small petrie dish, which took about an hour.

The petrie dish went into his DNA analyzer, and he loaded it into his computer. Fifteen minutes after that, he smiled when he saw the digital representation of her on his monitor. She was just as beautiful digitally as she was in real life. He transferred the program to his 3D visor, then put it on and let it run.

In the visor, he saw her asleep on the floor of a white room, and she was naked. He concentrated, and she was wearing her school clothes; plaid skirt and white blouse. He went over and knelt beside her, stroking a little lock of hair from her eyes and tucking it behind her ear. The movement began to wake her up, and she saw him there as she opened her eyes.

"Where am I?" she asked, sitting up.


"You're safe, here, with me." he smiled, squatting next to her, then helping her stand up. She looked at him. He was about thirty, she guessed. Dark haired, with more than a hint of beard growth, but only his goatee; not his neck or cheeks. He was taller than her, probably six feet to her own five and a half.

Medium build; not quite two hundred pounds, she guessed, but she didn't recognize him at all. "Who are you?" she asked. "Where am I?" She looked around, but all was white space around the two of them. "What is this place?" "This is a computer program," he said. "You're not really you; you're a computer program written with Patricia Darnell's DNA.

This place isn't really real, either." "I'm a program?" she asked, considering. "But no. I'm Tracy! I'm me, and you can't tell me I'm not!" Her voice was stridently insistent, so he raised his hands and surrendered the point by ducking his head and grinning. "I'm glad you're you," he said. "This way, I get to learn all about you without risking making you mad at me in the real world!" "Is that why you did this?" she asked, looking at him fiercely.

"I feel like I've been kidnapped, you know. If you hope I'm somehow going to fall in love with you think again! I hate you for this!" He looked at her sadly and shook his head. "That's not why you're here at all." He looked at her and grinned.

"Are you a good dancer? I like to think I am." She looked at him blankly, and the background blurred around them, then blinked into focus, and she was on a little round stage, the center one of three such spotlighted areas in an otherwise darkened room that was somehow filled with mutedly cheering men.

He was sitting in an easy chair, the only one in front of her stage where she was holding a shiny steel pole with one outstretched hand. She snorted a laugh and let go, putting her hands on her hips and glaring at him. "Seriously? This is how you see me? You think I'm a stripper? This I what you want from me?" She was offended to her very core. Somehow, just the very fact of him seeing her in such light made her worth less to herself, and she felt a little panging burn of shame deep in her guts.

He looked her straight in the eyes, and she could see the truth of his words in them. "It's exactly what I want from you. Can you be a stripper for me, Tracy? Will you dance with me so everyone can see how beautiful we are when we move together?" She froze for a long moment, then she saw him smiling at her as he tilted his head in a certain way as his eyebrows did a little thing, so she smiled back and turned her back on him, flipping her skirt up for the briefest of seconds and showed him her perfect white pantied ass.

He smiled broadly a her, and held up a bill, indicating she should come closer to take it. She came over, walking right to the edge of the platform. She saw that it was hundred dollar bill, and he moved her skirt aside to tuck it into her panties, patting her pubic mound with a little rub to ensure that it was seated properly (it was.) As she moved back, she heard him call out "Dance for me, Tracy, come on, I know you got some moves in there!" Tracy's though flickered to the one time she had seen a TV showing an adult scene she hadn't been old enough to watch but she had snuck a peek to see what was forbidden, as all children do, and saw a woman on a stage just like this one, but she had taken her top off and bared her breasts for the whole room to see.

She set her feet and cocked her shoulders square as she took the pole and did a quick twirl, smiling at the little wave of dizziness that washed through her for a moment. "Show us your tits!" someone near the back shouted, and a chuckle rippled through the room. "This is a lady!" he said, defending her.

"Show some respect!" "Yes, sir." came the man's voice again. "Show us your tits, please!" Another burst of laughter rippled through the crowd. He raised his eyebrows and smiled again. "Well, we really want to see them. Will you show them to us?" "I'll show them to you," she said quietly, looking straight at him and only him.

"You really want to see them? They're quite small, actually." "I want you to dance as you tease me by not showing them to me as you strip out of that top," he told her.

"Show me how much of a sexy little slut you know how to be." he gestured around at the crowd of men, invisible in the darkness. "There's nobody here except me." "And me!" she exclaimed.

"I'm here, too! Don't forget that, and me being a stripper is YOUR fantasy, not mine! I have no idea how to even begin!" Everything blanked away to the white room again; just him and her, standing in front of each other, She was wearing her school clothes, and he was wearing tan khaki pants, a white button up shirt, and a tan blazer.

"What's your fantasy, Tracy?


We can do anything we want here. What do you want to do?" She looked at him blankly, then looked sad. "I don't know what I want." She looked at him, even more depressed. "I want to do whatever you want to do.

You want me to be a stripper? Okay, let's go back to the club. I can be your stripper, I guess." "I have another place, too. Not the club. The basement of the club. Do you want to see that?" He looked at her craftily, and she suddenly didn't trust him.

"What's down there?" she asked, warily.


"Am I going to like it?" "You're going to lose count of how many orgasms you have in a row," he said confidently. "Everyone enjoys orgasms, right? You're going to have the time of your life, trust me." "I've never had an orgasm," she told him. "I'd like to, though. I'm old enough, no matter what anyone says!" She said it a little defiantly, refuting her own mother's remembered voice. The white room flickered, and when her surroundings became clear, she found she was naked, with her wrists an ankles bound to a cross, where she was spread-eagled.

She couldn't speak, because a gag blocked her from saying anything. She looked at him and made a loud moaning noise of protest, and he laughed as she began shaking her head in negation and crying. "Ahh!" she screamed as he came closer and caressed both her breasts with both hands. Her eyes had the wildest look of fear he had ever seen as he let his hands move downward, trailing slowly over the naked skin of her tummy and the outsides of her thighs, and when he began bringing them back up the insides, she shook her head and screamed again, sobbing as she was powerless to stop him.

"You're very beautiful, Tracy." He whispered the words into her ear, then licked it lightly. She moaned as his kisses moved to her neck, and the nibbling that he made her feel was the most unwelcome sort of pleasure she had ever experienced, She felt dirty, in her soul, because deep down, it felt good, and she knew in her soul that she was not supposed to enjoy any sort of rape. "No, please stop this!" she moaned through the gag in her mouth, but it came out muffled and almost unintelligible.

He unclipped the ball gag and let it fall around her neck. She closed her eyes and wishing it would all go away. Nothing stopped, however, and she felt one of his hands slide up and cup her most intimate part, with one finger rubbing back and forth so that it worked it's way inside her labia.

"This is your clitoris, Tracy," he said softly, pressing on it lightly, causing her to moan again. "That feels good, doesn't it? Would you like me to do it again?" She shook her head, sobbing as she struggled in her restraint, but nothing she did was able to keep his finger from finding that spot again.

He pressed it harder this time. "Please, stop touching me. Just let me go and leave me alone! I don't want this; I don't want ANY of this!" Her words were soft and begging at first, but by the time she was done, they were the shrillest of screams. All of her fury was vented into that, and he looked her right in the eye and laughed.

She saw no pity at all in his face, and her heart twisted and broke and fresh sobs came forth. "Please let me go?" He lifted his hand and smelled his fingers, the one that had been almost inside her.

She watched him lick it, smiling, and made a wry face of disgust as she turned her gaze away. "Smells like a virgin," he said, and her face grew pale as she realized what he meant and saw his grin widen. "I love breaking cherries. Thanks for keeping it so safe for me!" "Oh my God, please don't do this to me! Please just let me go!" she begged. "Please?

Not like this, oh God, please, not like this!" She opened her eyes and looked at him, her eyes begging. "I don't want my first time to be while I'm chained to a cross; please. I'm begging you! Just let me go?" "Go where? He grinned. "You want to go back to the club, so all those men can watch me fuck you?

I don't think THAT'S what you want is it?" "Untie me? Please, not like this. I don't want my first time to be like this!" He smiled at her gently, and she got a glimmer of hope.

"I'll let your hands be free," she heard him say, and she fell to her knees an instant later. She rubbed both wrists with her hands, even though there was no pain.

She just did it to reassure her own mind that the bonds were truly gone. She looked up at him, then quickly looked away again when she saw him rubbing his groin through his khaki pants.

"Oh, no, please don't do that!" she whispered, begging some more. "Please, no, I've never even seen one, and I don't want to!" She closed her eyes as he began opening his pants. She heard his belt jingle, and the sound of his zipper. There was silence for a long moment, so she opened her eyes a crack to see him stroking himself with one hand.

His penis was already erect, more than seven inches long and about two inches thick. She shuddered and closed her eyes again, trying to forget what she had just seen. It was burned into her mind, however, but she could hear the faint sounds of his hand moving, and there was a SMELL, somehow, and she just couldn't deny it. She opened her eyes again because there was no denying what was happening right in front of her.

"Oh, Tracy, you're so pretty. Look up at me, look up and see me, Tracy!" he said, so she looked up into his eyes and saw the lust for her that he felt in them. He stared back down at her and kept stroking his cock with his right hand, merely inches from her face.

"I can see you; I can see how beautiful you are!" He didn't want to rush anything; he knew this was her very first sexual experience, and wanted her to learn everything she needed to know slowly. He had all the time in the world in this place, so there was no hurry at all. He could luxuriate and bask in her very presence here.

"You see me as beautiful?" she whispered. Nobody had ever said that to her before, except her parents, and their bias was patently obvious, so it was easy to discount. She dropped her eyes down to his cockhead for a moment, as if seeing it for the first time.

She saw it, angry red, and turning purplish as his hand pushed blood up to the tip every time he stroked, and she noticed the head if it flaring as he brought his hand back down. She was fascinated by the sight, and found it hard to look away. "Look at me, please?" he said, asking.

Pleading, and she couldn't deny the longing she heard in his tone. She looked up at him, meeting his eyes once more. "Oh, God!" he moaned.

"Thank you!

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I'm coming!" She felt a burst of hot, sticky fluid jet into her hair and across her cheek. When she looked back down, she saw his cock pointed straight at her, and it erupted again! This time, she saw the milky white stream jet out, and it sprayed her mouth, nose, and chin. She quickly turned her face away, closing her mouth but still tasting the muskiness of the little bit that got in.

She felt about three more spurts spatter her face and go into her hair. "Oh my God!" she gasped, and then he was squatting down in front of her, smiling. He wiped her cheek with two fingers and pushed some come into her mouth, then immediately put the ball gag back in place. She couldn't spit it out, and the taste was all she could know for a long moment, until he was done with the strap again and let her look at him.

"I want you to get intimately acquainted with the flavor of my come," he told her. "You're going to be tasting a lot more of it in the days to come, so get used to the flavor, okay?" She felt a little sick to her stomach as the meaning of his words became clear, envisioning it spurting like that right into her mouth, and shuddered. He chuckled again. "Time for you to bend over," he said to her. "Hands and knees. I'm going to fuck you doggy style." She moaned loudly into the gag, protesting as he pulled her forward and made her get into position.

She screamed and let her face collapse onto the floor as he moved behind her, sobbing as he pulled her hips up and spread her knees with his. "You feel that?" he asked moving his cockhead up and down over her whole sex.

He slid the whole length of it across the whole of her pussy, making it press firmly against her hooded clit as he did. He pushed it forward all the way, then bent it upward and marked a spot on her lower belly with his other hand. "It's going to be inside you this far." She moaned as he pulled it back, feeling the head of it slide down and push at her opening a little.

"Put it inside with your hand, Tracy. Put my cock inside you." She moaned in protest and collapsed under him, refusing to participate in her own rape in such a fashion. He chuckled again. "No, Tracy, get up and put me inside you. Trust me, it's better this way than other ways I can think of." She moaned into her gag, but then she raised her butt of her own accord and reached back to find his cock.

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A moment later, she put the head of it back in place, ready to enter her. "Thank you, Tracy," he said genuinely. "I'm glad I'm not raping you. You deserve better than that for your first time." She sobbed, waiting for him to push inside her, and knowing it was going to hurt.

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It didn't happen right away, even though she could still feel him in place. What she did feel shocked and surprised her. She felt him move some hair away from her neck so he could kiss her. She turned her head to the side so she could see his face, feeling his cock press forward the merest bit, so that the head of it was now between her outer lips and against her innermost self.

He kept kissing her, moving to her ear, and then her cheek, and finally the corner of her mouth. She was kissing him back as his cockhead moved almost imperceptibly, slowly moving inward millimeter by millimeter until the whole head of it popped inside all at once. "Oh!" she moaned into the gag, but he was still kissing her face as he held himself still, with the head of it just inside her.

"I brought you here because I love you," he whispered in her ear, then drove his whole cock into her and broke her open all at once, driving her hips down into the floor with the force of his shove. "Ahh!" she screamed into the gag, feeling his cock stretching her wide and deep; she didn't know something could go inside her like that! She felt him go all the way inside; he couldn't go any deeper than he was right now.

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His hips were tight against hers as he held her close. And then he started moving, he was pulling it back and pushing it back in; he was fucking her, and it felt wonderful! She felt a pleasure building inside her, and it was his cock stirring it up. She wanted it to stop, and she wanted this feeling to never end, both at the same time.

She felt conflicted, and hated it. She was the most sure of herself when she was in control of her environment, and right now, she was more vulnerable than she had ever been in her whole life, and the thrill was exhilarating. He was taking her from behind, and she never felt more alive in her life. Then he pulled it out, and she felt emptier and more alone than she had ever thought possible.

She felt like crying. "Stand up," he said, holding out his hand to her. She took it and allowed him to help her to her feet. "Are we done?" she asked. "Is that it? I thought there would be. more, somehow." "More what?" he asked, amused, as her feet were suddenly free and she stood beside him, in front of the cross.

She was still naked, and his khakis were still open, exposing his genitals. "There can be more. A lot more. Think of a place you would like to suck my cock in. Make it beautiful there for both of us." "Like this?" she asked, and the white space around the cross was gone.

Instead they were in a park, on a path beside a river some ten feet below them, down a rocky bank inside a gentle curve. They were in a little clearing that was big enough for a wooden picnic table, which she was sitting on while he stood in front of her. His cock was only about six inches from her face, and she wasn't shying away as she looked up at him.

"Just like this," he sighed, then moved his hips forward slightly and brushed his cockhead over her lips. She smiled and opened her mouth, sucking on the head as she let more of it slide deeper into her mouth. Instinctively, she raised both hands to keep him from going too far and choking her, and he respected her by not forcing himself on her too aggressively. He let her do it for several long moments, and when she was ready, he pulled it back and let it slip from her lips.

"You enjoy doing that, don't you?" he observed, and she nodded slightly, agreeing. She looked over at him, slightly ashamed, but he was smiling, with full approval, and her feelings improved greatly.

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"I like that you like it," he said. "I like it, too." She looked at him shyly. "Good girls don't like doing it. Only bad girls like it." She looked at him, even more ashamed. "I'm a bad girl; I'm sorry." He snorted a laugh. "I'm not.

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Most good girls are stuck up, cunty bitches! I'm sure you agree." She laughed. "I don't usually agree with using that word, but it fits, so yes, I agree." "I like bad girls, good girls, even some down right bitches. I don't really respect them, but I like 'em well enough." he told her. "Would you like to meet some of them, someday?" She looked around at the matrix they were in, then looked back at him, puzzled. "How would I do that?" "I'd have to upload you into a different matrix." he told her.

"This one will only do two at once, and there's nobody else here." "Could you patch into the Net with the extra?" she asked.

"That way, I'd be able to talk to everybody!" "I'd have to bring you, and everyone would know that I wrote you with somebody's DNA. Somebody who had not consented to any such thing. I'm afraid you're illegal, Tracy. You can never be free of this place. I'm sorry." She was looking at him with dawning horror. "What have you done?" She suddenly realized that her virginity was gone, and she had an eternity in this place.

She looked at him. "Reload me." "What?" He was startled. "Save this place. This park, this river bend, reload me, but in this place, and meet me on the path." She looked at him apprasingly. "Play it out right, and I'll give you my virginity so you don't have to rape me. I don't want these memories, and never put me on that cross again."