India Summer and Megan Rain make out

India Summer and Megan Rain make out
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Once in the bedroom, the others found a spot on the king size bed and were sitting up to watch as I undressed. I wanted to laugh when Bob's eyes widened at the sight of my hard, thick eight inches.

I knew he was mentally comparing it to his own more than adequate cock. As I joined my wife, daughter and brother-in law on the bed, I thought, "Bob, my unsuspecting in-law, if all goes according to our plan, you're going to do more than see how large this cock is!" The four of us sat without moving to get things started, so Jenni, once again took charge. "Uncle Bob", Jenni said, "as you know, I saw you fucking Mom's ass, and I'd like to experience the same thing.

My first choice would be for Daddy to bust my cherry asshole. But, as you can see, he's pretty big! I think a smaller size for the first time might be less painful. Use your mouth on my ass to get it wet!" Jenni rolled over and got into position on her hands and knees.

Offering her ass to Bob, she raised it high into the air.

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Bob knelt behind Jenni's firm little ass and spread her cheeks with both hands. He leaned in and began to lick the tiny brown hole before starting to work his tongue inside. Helen and I did nothing but watch because we didn't want to be so occupied that it might interfere with our plan.

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Helen thought this first ass fuck for Jenni would be too painful if only salvia was used for lubricate, so she reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. Pushing Bob's head away, my wife began to work the KY into our daughter's asshole.

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She worked it in and stretched the hole enough to get three fingers inside. Helen finger fucked our girl's asshole for awhile, then said, "Okay Bob, it's all yours." Bob took up his position behind Jenni and placed the head at the entrance. He was very gentle and took his time getting inside. Even with the easy, gentle movements, Jenni screamed with pain when the head broke through the sphincter.

Helen crawled under our daughter's belly to lap her cunt as Bob forced more cock up Jenni's ass. Bob managed to sink the entire shaft and waited for Jenni to relax. As he waited, Helen crawled back out from Jenni's cunt.

Bob started some slow strokes out and into the tight asshole. Jenni continued to scream with each stroke. But, gradually, the screams changed to moans. It was time for the next part of our plan. Out of Bob's sight, Helen prepared my cock by smearing the head and shaft with KY. She spread some over her fingers and inserted one up Bob's ass. Helen had told us about fucking Bob's ass at times, so it was no surprise to him. She fucked the hole for a few strokes, then moved out of the way.

Bob was so engrossed in screwing his prick into Jenni ass that he didn't notice me get into position behind him. Helen pulled her fingers out and I pressed my cock to his ass. I grabbed his hips in preparation for a thrust and, at that point, he realized what was happening.

"Hey, what the fuck!", he yelled as he tried to move away.

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"I'm not into that kind of thing!" "The hell you're not!", Helen told him. It's time you feel what an ass fuck is like!" "Mmmm.that's right.uh.uh.Uncle Bob.mmm", Jenni said between moans. "Either take the ass fucking Dear Brother", Helen added, "Or there'll be no fucking at all.

NOW OR ANYTIME!" Bob wasn't ready to give up fucking his sister--or now his niece. He tried to relax as he went back to screwing Jenni's ass. I resumed my position. Again, took his hips and began pressing forward. This time it was his turn to scream with the pain!

I drove it up his ass and started the fuck. He continued to fuck Jenni's ass as I fucked his. Helen lifted our daughter's head up and slid under. Jenni was eating her mother out as Bob fucked. Bob was the first to cum but stayed inside Jenni's ass until I filled his with a heavy load.

Bob and I moved out of the way to let the two women move into the 69 position.


We watched as mother and daughter brought each other off. Bob and I went into the bathroom to clean our cocks. Once cleaned, we returned to find the two women locked in an embrace, as each passionately tongued and kissed the other's mouth. Jenni hadn't had enough because she broke the embrace with her mother. Getting back on hands and knees, she said, "Your turn Dad.


Fuck my ass!" I applied more KY and got into position behind my daughter's ass. My cock was only semi-hard, but hard enough to work inside the tight cavity.

Once init started to grow! I waited until I was completely hard before pulling back any. The screams from Jenni were once more heard. The brave, hot little bitch didn't waver from wanting her Dad's cock up her ass.


Between screams she was begging for more! Bob got himself another "woody" from watching me ass fuck my daughter, so he mounted his sister--my wife Helen. The four of us continued to fuck until Bob and I released another load--mine up Jenni's ass, his up Helen's cunt. We were all so tired after that workout that it was all we could do to shower and return to the bed.

We were all four soon asleep.