Two handsome hunks in buttslamming adventure

Two handsome hunks in buttslamming adventure
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Knock. Knock. Knock. There was some movement behind the door; I was expecting Will to open the door. "Hello, Ryan. William is upstairs getting ready. I told him he was going to be late." Mrs. Bin stood to the side to allow me to slip past the door. I put on a smile and thanked her. Their house is two floors tall, and the grand foyer was— of course— grand. The decor was very comfortable, and made you feel at home.

One wall was covered of pictures of his family: aunts, uncles, cousins. She directed me to the stairs, even though I already knew their house like my own, before returning to whatever task was at hand when I arrived.

I counted the steps as I ascended. One. Two. Five. Twenty. Twenty three. Top step. First door was the entertainment room. The hallway, around the corner, was next to the top portion of the grand foyer. From there, the next door, which was situated in the middle of the hall, led to the bathroom, from which I could hear the shower running.

Then at the end of the hall were the bedrooms. Will's to the right and his parents' to the left. I veered right into his room and sat down on his bed.

His dresser was right inside the doorway. The top was littered with little nick-nacks. The closet was directly in front of the bed, the doors of which were large mirrors. I heard the shower turn off across the hall and knew he'd be coming soon. He called down to his mother from the railing, "Is Ryan here yet?" "Yes, he's in your room." I chuckled to myself a bit.

He walked in the room, towel wrapped around his waist. His hair was dripping water onto his chest. "Hi." He turned to his dresser and took out a pair of briefs.

His were bikini cut, which he thought was very sexy. He unwrapped the towel and bent over to put on the underwear, flashing me with his bare ass and pink little pucker.

My cheeks felt hot, and I began thinking unholy thoughts about my friend. "I should have known you were going to be late." I felt the front of my jeans tighten and tent, so I pulled my legs up to my chest. "Oh, shut up. I know you don't mind being a tad late." He tossed his towel at me, and went over to his closet.

He smiled at me through the mirror before sliding it over and reaching in. "Wanna help me choose a shirt?" I climbed off the bed and readjusted myself before walking over to peek in his closet. He picked out a pair of black jeans and slid them on. I looked through his shirts before settling on a cute blue bowling shirt.

I handed it to him, he slid it on, and I buttoned it up. I looked into his eyes, but felt a twinge of sadness. I was in love with my best friend. And I couldn't have him. I gave him a faux smile and stepped back. "Ready to go, then?" I nodded to his question. I felt a slight stirring in my groin, along with a familiar warmth.

"Lemme take a piss first." I went down the hall to do my business. When I had finished, we left and climbed into his car. ………………… We paid for the tickets at the front desk.

Inside the theater, the ticket-check guy tore our tickets and told us which room we'd be in. "I'll go get us some good seats; you get us some popcorn." I obliged and got into the line for snacks. I thought I'd buy some gummy worms, also.

Before too long, I was in the dark room looking for my friend, who was waving his hand from the top row. "Gummy worms. Cute." He pushed me slightly and grabbed a handful of popcorn. He sat back down and took his bag of popcorn from my lap. "I like gummy candies." I slurped on the soda and sat down. "D'you want some?" I held the candies over to him. He reached over and grabbed a few, dropping them one by one into his mouth.

The movie started in a few minutes. It played through the commercials for a while, but we all cheered when the title came up. We all love Harry Potter, and I had a feeling I would be sad by the time this is over.

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. "I can't believe you cried!" He pushed the theater door open and let me out. I shivered as I felt his hot breath sweeping across my cold skin as I squeezed past him. "I have been following this story since I was a kid. I was bound to cry.

I can hardly believe it's over." I dabbed at my eyes, which I could feel becoming moist again. He softened up after my response, and draped his arm over my shoulder, bringing his face close to mine.

"It's not over. Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you." He let his arm drop, and rubbed my back. He knew I was broken up over the movie. We trekked in silence until we got in the car, at which point I broke into tears again. Will knelt next to my open door while I cried. He opened his car console and pulled out one of his handkerchiefs and dabbed my face.

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"It's okay. I'm here with you. It may be over, but it will never be gone." He hugged me close, and I was leaning out the car into his arms.


I stopped crying for a moment and looked into his face, and I saw genuine compassion in his eyes. "Thank you, Will. I'm sorry." I squeezed his hand, and gave him a sad smile, assuring him I would be fine. "I'll be okay. Let's get home." "You sure?" He looked up into my eyes again and pushed a lock of my black hair out of my face.

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I nodded and he pressed his hanky into my hand. He stood and got into the car, turning it on. "You can stay at my place tonight. My parents are gone." I glanced at him and smiled. My breast glowed with warmth and unrequited love. "That sounds fun." I could feel my emotions fizzling down, and I was looking forward to a sleepover. I wiped my eyes again, trying to dry them out.

Curse my seventeen year old hormonal emotions.

. When we got to his house, I called my parents to let them know I wanted to stay. "Okay, son. It's nice to see that you want to spend time with your friends. Say hello to William for me." My mom is always happy when I do things that get my out of my room.

"I can stay here, tonight." I yelled up to his room. I went into the front guest room and put away my shoes. When I went to find him, he was brushing his teeth.

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He was wearing a blue pair of silk pajama pants and cute little fuzzy slippers. "Hey, Ry. You okay?" He asked as he rinsed his brush off. "Yeah. Just a little sad.

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It seems like it ended so fast. But I'm alright." I brushed my teeth with his brush, since I didn't have my own. It would have been disgusting, had we not been doing it since we were children.

He went and sat down on the toilet to start up the water in the shower/bath. "Gonna take a bath?" I asked through a mouth full of suds. "Well, I thought a warm bath would make you feel better. I'll give you some of my pj's to wear tonight." He adjusted the nob and left me to bathe after the water was ready. I closed the door behind me (not locked because I never lock bathroom doors). Then I slipped out of my jeans and polo shirt, which left me in my low rise boxer briefs.

"I'm getting in." I shouted to him before I slipped out of my last garment and into the suds. The water caressed every inch of my body, and I couldn't help but to sigh. I began to stand to attention, causing the pink head to kiss the surface of the water. I couldn't have cared less. It felt as if every cell in my body was being warmed. Soon, my little Ryan had gone down again, and I gently pushed myself into a sitting position.

My scalp thanked me as I poured the shampoo into my hair and massaged the dirt away. After my head was rinsed of the soap, I rubbed in some conditioner and let it sit as I slowly scrubbed my body with the bar of soap. I heard a click next to me and the door opened. Will stepped into the room tentatively, carrying a long brush and a small stool. I sprang to attention again, but held myself down under the suds.

He said nothing, just sat on the stool and took the soap from my hand, leaning in so his breath tickled the nape of my neck.

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His eyes glowed with a lust and desire I had never seen before. He reached behind me and started stroking my back with the soap. He then took the brush, which he soaped up, and started scrubbing my back with one hand, trailing it down a little to tickle my lower back and bare ass. The other hand gently brushed my chest and stomach, which merited a shiver. "I have wanted this.

For a long time." He said almost inaudibly. I didn't know how to reply to that. His arms wrapped around my body and pulled me into a kiss.

His lips were soft and warm, and he prodded with his tongue. I opened for him, but didn't move the rest of my body.

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Our tongues danced for a few seconds. Suddenly, he broke away and looked at me horrified. "I'm so sorry. I don't know what. Oh, please don't hate me." He backed away from me and out the room.

I stood up and jumped out of the room, grabbing the hand towel to cover myself, parts of which did not want to be held down. I yelled over the banister after him, "Wait!

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Will!" He ran down the stairs and out the front door. I chased him out to the sidewalk, where he was sitting on the curb crying. He looked up at my naked body as I knelt next to him. He looked at me with sad, lustful eyes, begging me to forgive him. I softlyuttered, "I liked it." He looked at my face, shocked at what I said.

"Wha—?" "I liked you kissing me. I like you." I brought my hands up to his face, which means the small towel covering me fell, and kissed him again.

I was bare ass naked, but I didn't care. It felt like we were the only ones in the world.