Old guy licks teen pussy xxx Frannkie And The Gang Take a Trip Down

Old guy licks teen pussy xxx Frannkie And The Gang Take a Trip Down
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Background Info: Keira Clayton- Thirteen year old girl, attending Asteca Jr. High. Lives with her brother, and has lush dark brown hair, and glimmering blue eyes. Full lips, tan skin, and an hour glass shape figure. C-Cup breasts, and five feet three inches tall. 7th period. Keira sat at her desk in agony, two fifty-seven, three more minutes until the bell would ring.

What seemed like a mere three minutes, was taking forever. She watched the hands on the clock, the second hand barely inching its way through the array of numbers. She sighed. The teacher caught her staring at the clock and not doing her work, Keira sunk back into her chair.

"Keira. How many times must I tell you to stop watching that clock? You know, a watched pot never boils.

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I want you to stay after class for an hour. To help me with papers and such. It's the fifth time this quarter. It's just three minutes, can't you wait?" "But…Mrs. Lind, I have to catch the bus…" "No buts, I don't want to hear any of it.


You are staying after class and that is final." She knew it was useless. She could never win her argument against Mrs. Lind no matter how many times she tried. People around her were whispering and snickering at her embarrassment.

The bell rang. Everyone swiftly ran out of the classroom doors.


But Keira stayed behind. "Mrs. Lind, I really have to catch the bus, my brother is working late and can't pick me up… and my parents are out of state…I can't walk home, I don't know the way." "Well, maybe this will teach you…okay get started, those papers don't file themselves." "Fine…" An hour passed, and Mrs. Lind excused her. "Next time, will you just sit in your seat patiently and do your work?" "Yes, Mrs. Lind…" "Okay, good. You may leave now, have a nice weekend." She called her brother, Brendan, and he said he would try pick her up around six-ish, and hung up.

She knew he wouldn't be here. But waited anyways, she went to the library to finish all of her homework, and walked around the school a couple of times. It was eight o'clock and her brother still hadn't arrived, he never really cared about her anyways. She was more of a nuisance to him then a sister really. He always teased her and played pranks on her, just because, she was a better student than he was.

She got all A's, while he got C's and B's. Her parents were proud of her, and always compared her to her brother which obviously aggravated him.

So she decided to walk home. Throughout all of the school year at Asteca Jr. High, she never once paid attention to the route the bus made daily from her home to the school. So, she tried walking home from memory. But it got her nowhere. Right or left? She flipped a coin, right. She always thought fate had a way of getting people through their hard times. But, apparently it wasn't working to well. She took a wrong turn some twenty minutes ago, and now was on some street she never heard of at nine o'clock.

What now? She saw some people across the street, and decided to ask them for directions, but changed her mind seeing that they were prostitutes. She turned around quickly. She walked the other way, and for the next ten minutes saw no people. She was about to cry, so scared and had nowhere to go, but held her tears in and convinced herself to try harder. Another twenty minutes and a silver Acura MDX started to drive behind her slowly.

Its headlights very bright in the dark night, she turned around, the driver rolled down the window. Just as she was about to ask him for directions, he quickly looked around and asked, "So, how much do you charge?" "Excuse me? Uhm…I don't understand…" "You know, for a little somethin' somethin', you know…it…" "Do you think that I'm a—well I'm not…I'm only thirteen and I'm not planning to do it anytime soon with anyone not for any price.

So, I'll just leave you then…" "Hold on there sugar, you're thirteen? I bet you are lost, a street like this, is no place for a young girl like you, how about I give you a ride home." "I would rather not, I don't want to be a nuisance or anything, I'll just walk, I'm fine really.

I could use the exercise." "It's no problem at all honey, really, just sit back there with a couple of my fella's and we'll be at your house very soon." "It's okay…really…I'll just walk home…" "Listen here. I tried being nice. But it obviously doesn't work. Get in the car…" Her eyes widened in fear. Her voice was shaky but she managed to say no, and ran away.

She was no match for the car, it quickly chased after her, and two men were chasing her. Within the next few minutes, they were able to catch her, and put a cloth with chloroform up to her mouth, and she quickly stopped struggling. One man carried her back and dumped her in the van, he took some ropes and tied her up, and some duct tape and sealed her mouth so she wouldn't scream when she woke up.

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The three men talked about her in the car. "Damn, she's hot; I bet she's a virgin too. Thirteen! We scored big this time fella's." "Hell, I can't wait to fuck this piece of ass." They drove off to a nearby deserted warehouse. They locked the doors, and put Keira down on the floor.

They set up a few camcorders, and lights. She started to stir, still dizzy from the chemicals. All she saw was black, they had blindfolded her. "Whe—where am I?" "Well, I can't tell you that now can I…well, you're here.

That's all you need to know." She remembered what had been happening, the man, and the car—everything suddenly hit her like an oncoming train. "Don't you dare scream now…well—what's your name anyways?" "Ke.Keira." "Nice name, you got a last name?" "Clayton" "Keira Clay—really now?" "Why?" "Oh nothing… Back to business, well, my name is Chris.

My two buddies over there are Aaron and Matt. They're nice guys." "What do you want with me? I have no money, I don't have anything…can you please just let me go?

I won't tell anyone anything. I promise." "Although that's a nice deal, we're not after your money or your belongings…" "Yeah, We're after you sweet pea." "What? Oh no, PLEASE DON'T! I BEG YOU PLEASE DON'T." "No use arguing with us. You have no say in what we do to you." Matt untied all of the ropes, and Keira felt relieved as the blood started to circulate through her arms again.

But the feeling of relief didn't last very long. She knew that they would show no mercy to her. "Take off your clothes." He said. Keira shook her head, and looked down. "I wasn't asking you too. I am telling you too." Keira shook her head again. "Apparently, you don't understand this situation… you know what? FINE. Don't take your clothes off; I'll do it for you." He briskly walked up to her, and yanked all of her clothes off, leaving only a bra and panties on.

Keira tried to cover up, but he pulled her hands away, and took out a switch blade, he put it right next to her throat. "Listen bitch, one wrong move, and your life—gone." Without hesitation he cut off her bra, and panties.

Her breasts popped out, and her bald pussy was exposed. "Wow, nice tits. Bald pussy too, just how I like 'em" He kissed her, but she pulled away. Matt gave her an angry look, and kissed her again. This time she submitted, and he rolled his tongue around in her mouth, exploring the deep crevices which had previously been untouched. Then, out of nowhere, Aaron and Chris forced her down on her knees, and told her to unzip their pants with her mouth.

She hesitated. But did it anyways, afraid of what could happen if she didn't.

Two dicks poked out at her face. "Blow me" Aaron said. She obeyed. She opened her mouth and his dick quickly rammed inside. "Suck it, use your tongue…come on now…suck it like you mean it" She swirled her tongue around at the head of his cock.

"That's it…keep going…don't stop…" "Okay, now me…oh yeah…ohhhhh yeahhhh. That's it…right there." Chris said. After about seven minutes or so, Matt laid her down on the table. And licked her pussy. Flicking his tongue on the folds of skin and her clit, she let a moan escape and he smiled. "You like that don't you? You little slut, you like it when I lick your pussy?" He continued.

Slurping at her juices and enjoying it very much. He stuck a finger inside her pussy. "Damn, you're tight. Just one finger…imagine a cock…that would feel so good." He started to pump her with his index finger. "Have a taste…don't you dare keep your mouth shut…" She opened her mouth, and he stuck his finger inside.

"Quite tasty, eh?" "Enough chitter chatter, time for the real fun to start." All of the guys took off all of their clothes.

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There was a loud banging on the door. "oh shit…" "Don't worry, I'll go get it.

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Just, put your clothes back on, leave the girl." Chris walked over to the door, and looked through the peep hole. "Oh, its you, just in time…" He opened the door. "Hey man. What are you guys doing without me? Come on now.Let me see what you're up to." He walked in, and saw a girl lying on the table. "You guys got some bitch here and didn't call me up?

I wanna join the fun too" "You know, we thought you were busy…" "Holy shit. How did you get her here? This is going to be fun. Did you start yet?" "No man, shes all yours. Oh and by the way, we just had a visitor. We just call him Chance." "Hey you…girl…wait, what's your name?" "Keira. Keira Clayton." "All right then, Keira, are you still a virgin?

She nodded her head. He smiled. He started to unbuckle his pants, and a huge cock stood erect. He went up to her pussy, and lined the head of his cock with her slit.


With one strong thrust, he buried his cock inside of her. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." "DAMMN. She's tight." He started to ride her, each thrust tearing her open more and more. He managed to get all of his cock inside of her. And was groaning at how good she felt. His cock was throbbing in enlightment, and Keira was in pain beyond disbelief. Her pussy was in agonizing pain, she would beg him to stop, but he never would.

He just kept on going and going. The three other guys were all stroking their cocks waiting for their turn. He flipped her over and her back, and Chris laid on the bottom, and put his throbbing cock in her swollen pussy. Then another person, stuck his penis in her ass.

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"I can't take it, I CAN'T TAKE IT…IT WONT FIT!" He grunted, and with one strong ram, managed to fit his entire cock in her ass. They were double penetrating her and it was pain beyond what she had never felt before. "Come on now, cum for me.and don't you fake it." she turned away ashamed. "This is just the beginning darlin'" "Yeah, prepare for a lot more." To Be Continued…