Hardcore slavery for fat wazoo blondie

Hardcore slavery for fat wazoo blondie
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Chapter 10 Jennifer came up onto her knees and rubbed her tits against her brother's cock and balls, letting him frig up her deep cleavage and then sucking his prick into her mouth.

Her blonde head bobbed up and down and his prick swelled and throbbed as she expertly nursed on it. Thinking that he was going to get another blow-job, Joe began face fucking his sister, while the two dogs bounded about frantically, lapping at her cunt-bush and tits and up the crack of her ass. But after she had snacked on her sibling's prick for a while, getting it really hard and hot, Jennifer pulled her mouth away.

"Don't stop, Sis -- milk me off!" Joe demanded. Her saliva was steaming from his cock and his prick-head was glowing. He shoved his prick into her face. Jennifer kissed and licked it lovingly, but refused to take it into her mouth again. Her mind had been working hard and she realized that the only way to take all three cocks at the same time was by getting on top of her brother, since the dogs were more limited as to positions.


She lapped up Joe's heavily veined cock-stalk, then pulled back again. "Lie down," she whispered. "I wanna sit on your cock now, Joe! Let me ride the fucker!" That was fine with Joe. He sank to his knees, then dropped over onto his back, arching so that his prick was towering above his loins, jutting straight up like a stake, as if he had been impaled on his own pole.

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Tracy squirmed up, onto one elbow, eager to watch Jennifer screw her brother. She was wondering whether incest was more naughty than doggy fucking or cunt-lapping -- and wishing she had some blood relation to ball, as well. Jennifer leaned down and sucked on Joe's rampant prick again, drooling down his cock-stalk.

Then she rose up and threw one knee across his hips, straddling his loins. Joe humped up from the ground, and his sister slowly slid down, taking his cock-head into her sodden pussy. She pushed down slowly, feeding his cock up into her cunt an inch at a time.

Squatting on trembling thighs, she took him in to the balls. Her pink cunt-lips were plastered around the hairy root of his thick cock-rod, dribbling milky goo out onto his cock and scumbags. She held the full load in her and squirmed around on it. Joe tried to hump in and out but Jennifer pressed down and wouldn't let his prick slide in and out yet. Tracy crawled over, pushing the dogs aside. She ducked down to lick at Joe's balls where they were tightly jammed under his sister's ass.

Then she ran her tongue up the crack of Jennifer's ass. She began to rim out Jennifer's tight brown shit-slot. Both frantic dogs were jumping wildly about, tongues slapping everywhere. "Ummm, yeah, get my asshole nice and wet, Tracy!" Jennifer moaned, grinding her ass against her dark-haired friend's reaming tongue.

"Ahhhh! Shove your fucking lapper right up my shit-chute, honey! Open my ass! I want one of the damned dogs to ass-fuck me!" Tracy squealed, tongue stabbing, slobbering into that trim little bud. The puckered brown slot rippled and opened, all soaking with saliva and ready for cock. Jennifer looked back over her shoulder. Major was hunkered down behind her, quivering, his tongue hanging out and his prick looming up.

"Let the Great Dane mount me, Tracy," Jennifer sighed. "Help him get up my ass!" Tracy moved out of the way. Major, finding himself confronted by female haunches, instinctively leaped up and clung tightly to Jennifer's ass. His spine jerked, and he hammered his cock out into her crotch in normal doggy fucking fashion.

But the girl's cunt was already stuffed full of Joe's cock and the dog's prick simply bounced off Joe's scumbags and slid on up through the crack of her ass. "Put his prick in me!" Jennifer squealed. Tracy was more than happy to assist in coupling them in this bestial buggery. Major was humping away with enthusiasm, but his prick was angled wrong, so that the long cock-stalk was running up and down through the crack of Jennifer's ass but not probing into her shit-tunnel.

Tracy studied the situation for a moment, then grasped the brute's balls and hiked his loins higher.

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Her hand slid up onto his cock-shaft and, turning her wrist, she nudged the tip of his naked cock-knob into Jennifer's saliva-soaked asshole. If the dumb brute realized that his prick was embedded in the wrong slot, it certainly didn't make any difference to him.

Gripping Jennifer around her hips, the big animal began to hump with vigor. His fat cock-knob stuck in her brown eye for a moment, then it began to wedge on up into her shit-chute. His naked cock-head vanished and Jennifer's brown ring clamped around his hairy cock, collaring the thick, throbbing cock-shaft. "Yeah, shove that hot cock up my ass, boy!" the naughty blonde girl wailed, wriggling on his prick. She pushed back, and the Great Dane fed her another inch. Her tight asshole was sucking him deeper.

Tracy continued to assist, licking around the rim of Jennifer's brown bud, lapping at the dog's shaggy cock-stalk and swollen balls and even ducking behind the brute to tongue-fuck his doggy asshole for a tangy moment. Slowly, his cock vanished up into Jennifer's asshole. His knob was the thickest portion of his prick, plowing ahead and opening her tight tunnel as his hairy stalk thrust in. With a yelp and a lurch, pulling her back by the hipbones, the mighty dog plunged in to the hilt.

Jennifer wailed with joy, stuffed by fat prick in both of her love holes at once and writhing in hot ecstasy between her brother and the doggy. Joe's cock-head flared in the core of her cunt and his thick cock-shaft levered in her fuck-tunnel, while the Great Dane's knob was glowing deep in the girl's bowels and his stalk was throbbing all the way up her shit-chute.

His cock was so far up her digestive tract that she thought his cock-head must be splashing around in the pool of fuck-juice she had so greedily gorged on from the other end. The dog's balls were pressed tightly against Joe's scumbags, in Jennifer's crotch, and their cock-shafts were throbbing, separated only by the slender membrane that divided her two tunnels. Joe was still trying to hump in and out, but his sister squatted on his loins, holding all of his cock in her cunt-hole, not ready for the sliding action yet.

Major was trying to plunge in and out of her asshole, but her tight shit-track was holding him buried, the inner rings gripping his long cock in a pliable vise. It was absolutely lovely to have both of those hard, hot, spunk-filled pricks stuffing her to the brim -- but Jennifer was a greedy girl and her mouth was empty. "C'mon, Adolph! Fuck my mouth again!" she whimpered, showing the doggy her flashing tongue. The German Shepherd knew all about blow-jobs by this time -- and it was welcome knowledge, indeed, the sort of new trick that a horny doggy cherishes.

He squirmed up toward Jennifer's head. She tilted her face up and opened her mouth, just the tip of her tongue sticking out like an oral clit. The German Shepherd hunkered down, his balls swinging just above Joe's upturned face. Then he sprang up, mounting Jennifer's head and shoulders. He stabbed his prick out and she licked at it.


In his haste, the big dog missed her maw and his cock skimmed over her cheek. Her tongue flashed against his cock-stalk as it shot past her lips. Her head swayed, shifting, mouth open and eyes glazed by desire. The dog thrust out again and this time his hairy prick pumped into her maw. His balls swelled under her chin as she gulped all of his cock into her mouth and held it there, working her lips on the root.

Now Jennifer was truly plugged, every hole stuffed full. She gurgled on doggy cock. Her cunt squished on slick human prick and her tight shit-chute slurped on the Great Dane's massive prick. How thrilling it was to degrade herself so, to let them -- make them -- use her nubile body as a threeway scumbucket! The trembling nympho held steady for a few more moments, savoring the full penetration as she wriggled about on those three pricks.

Then she began to fuck and suck and bugger, setting the carnal machine in motion.

Her mouth pulled up and down on the German Shepherd's savory cock. Thighs tensing, she rose and fell on her brother's towering cock while, with the same movement, she dragged her shit-chute on the Great Dane's cock. The dogs fell into the rhythm, fucking into her face and up her ass, and Joe humped up from below, driving deep into her pussy. His thrusts jolted her ass back and up as the frantic Great Dane shoveled his prick into her hot bowels, forcing her fuck-hole back down onto Joe's cock.

Cocks shot into her from all angles, all directions. She felt as if she were being inflated, as if her horny body had become a mold for cocks. She swallowed dog cock down her gullet, took more up her gut, riding on her brother's prick at the same time. They ground on, increasing the pace only gradually. Because all three of those sets of balls had already been drained several times, this dynamic threeway action was going to last a long time, Jennifer knew, delighted by that prospect.

But Tracy, cockless, was becoming impatient.

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It was thrilling to watch her girlfriend take that triple load, but Tracy was getting boiling hot. The ebony-haired teenager crawled about, licking at the edges. She lapped at doggy balls and tongued out doggy assholes and slurped at Jennifer's brown ring and cunt-lips as those hairy cocks plunged in and out. But her pussy needed some attention now. She moved back, studying the situation and then grinned happily as she saw how she could fit in very nicely.

The Great Dane and the German Shepherd, mounted on Jennifer's kneeling body at either end, were face to face over her arched back, both of their tongues hanging out and dripping. Tracy stood up and stepped over Jennifer, mounting her as if she were a horse.

She shoved her trim belly out and the German Shepherd immediately slapped his lapper into her steaming cunt. Tracy jerked against his muzzle as he bathed her creamy pussy and washed her cunt with slobber. Then she shoved her ass back and the Great Dane, fucking up one asshole, began to tongue out another. Tracy spread the cheeks of her ass open with her hands, churning against the dog's snout. She shoved her belly out for some more German Shepherd cunt-lapping, then pushed back again, her slim thighs tensing as if she were riding Jennifer.

Cunt-juice and doggy saliva streamed down Tracy's legs and coated Jennifer's spine, dripping down her slender ribcage and flowing onto her swinging tits.

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The blonde girl looked as if she were lathered by the wild ride. Her head went up and down, swallowing prick. Her lithe body coiled, then uncoiled, taking a heavy asshole full and slamming down to stuff her fuck-hole to the brim. Jennifer was starting to cream, feeling as if her mouth and her bowels were cresting, as well as her cunt and clit.

She lashed about wildly, frantically, cunt-cream spraying from her pussy as she stuffed it with her brother's cock, the overflow soaking his balls and slathering the Great Dane's scumbags as they splashed in, all solid and full.

Ass-juice pumped out and ran down into her pussy, blending with cunt-juice. Her horny mouth slobbered and drooled as she savored that delicious mouthful of dog cock. Tracy shuddered, almost falling from the naked saddle of Jennifer's arched back. The girl was at the crest and holding there in a sustained rapture, jerking her loins back and forth between the lapping dogs.

She jutted her ass out and let the Great Dane tongue her asshole until she was at the very peak, then shoved her belly forward to finish with the German Shepherd's lapper slapping into her crotch. She sank down, legs shaking, closing her thighs around Jennifer's neck and riding that pretty blonde head from behind.


Cunt-cum ran down Jennifer's neck and shoulders, flowing onto her cheeks and trickling in pearly strings onto the slopes of her jiggling tits, all steamy and hot and gooey. Jennifer moaned, thrilled to feel her sexy girlfriend creaming on her so juicily. Cunt-juice was running in a milky stream down her backbone, following the little raised ridge of her spine from the back of her neck to her ass-crack. Tracy's thighs were all hot and slippery against her cheeks, trembling as she rode up and down the scruff of Jennifer's neck.

Her cunt-juice gushed down the crack of Jennifer's ass, the stream dividing around her asshole, where the Great Dane's prick blocked the seepage. Juice welled up on Joe's balls and, increased by Jennifer's own hot flow, turned her groin to a swamp. "Cumming, fuck, cum, oooooh!" wailed Jennifer, her pussy turning to cream. Yearning to feel the dogs and her brother all spurt their fuck-juice into her, she sucked voraciously and flashed her ass wildly about, slamming her cunt-hole onto Joe's cock, and her asshole onto the dog's big prick.

Her pelvis danced spasmodically. Her mouth drew the German Shepherd in so deeply she seemed to be gulping his cock-head right down her throat, as if that fat slab was destined to meet the Great Dane's prick-head as it came driving up her digestive track from the other end.

"Unghhh -- umpfff --" she gasped, gorging greedily, relishing cock-meat and longing for jism. Her mouth and throat, belly and bowels, were as starved for cum as her seething cunt-hole. She deep-throated the Shepherd as the Great Dane plunged into the depths of her guts and her brother rocketed up from the floor, gorging her cunt-gash.

Tracy, drained again, slumped over Jennifer, rubbing her sodden pussy up and down the blonde girl's slimy spine and panting in the aftermath of her cumming. Jennifer was clinging to the crest, her orgasm going off in a prolonged sequence, ebbing and flowing and hanging on as she waited for those three big pricks to empty their sweet loads into her body. They came one, two, three. They didn't exactly shoot simultaneously, but came close enough together so that their shooting overlapped as they hosed Jennifer down.

The German Shepherd came first, in her mouth. His hot jism splashed on her tongue and into her cheeks. She swallowed, whimpering. The brute hosed her with a second dose, then a third and, while he was still draining his scum-bags into her head, her brother soared to the crest under her. His slime shot up in a geyser, the thick stream filling her pussy with squirt after squirt. Then the massive Great Dane added his scum to the torrent.

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As Jennifer slammed her cunt down onto Joe's jetting prick, the dog pumped his erotic enema up her shit-chute in a great, solid wad. The welcome stuff splashed into her guts like quicksilver. Jennifer cried out in joy.

She felt as if she were being pumped full of spunk by three dynamos that were dousing her with their foam and dousing the fires that raged in her body in that blanket of frothy fluids. The German Shepherd had started coming first, and he ebbed off first, spilling out the last of his delicious jism onto her tongue and lips and then jumping down, whining.

Her head, vacated, swayed about, a dazed and dreamy expression on her pretty face, blue eyes glazed and spunky lips parted and panting heavily. Joe's final geyser burst into her cunt, and the boy dropped back, spread-eagled on the tiles.

Jennifer held her cunt down to the root of his spent prick, squirming, while the Great Dane poured the last of his burning juice into her flooded ass. He pulled out, yanking his drained cock from her tight shit-hole and lurching away from her haunches. Jennifer sighed and pulled her pussy slowly off her brother's towering prick. She sprawled out, belly down, cum running heavily out of all three slots. The tiled surface around the swimming pool was as damp as if they had just come dripping from the water after a swim a swim in a swamp.

Tracy, although she was well-creamed and not really horny, for the moment, hated to waste a single drop of those precious fluids. She knelt over Jennifer and began mopping her up, giving her a tongue bath. Jennifer purred.

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Tracy licked up and down, tasting her own pussy nectar. She turned Jennifer's face to hers and carefully explored the blonde girl's mouth with her tongue, slurping up the sweet seepage from her soft cheeks and off her spunky lips and from her drenched tongue.

Then she slid down again, licking out Jennifer's ass-crack and shit hole and dipping into her groin for a suck of human jism, as well. When she had lapped up every drop, Tracy leaned back and they gazed at each other, dark girl and blonde, so different in appearance yet so similar in their tastes. Soon, they both knew, without having to mention it, they would be in the mood for some more cunt-lapping -- unless one or more of the available pricks happened to luckily get hard and hot again.

But satisfied for the moment, they decided to jump into the pool for a refreshing dip. After all, that was what a swimming pool was for -- among other poolside pleasures . End