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Latina dildo fucked on the bed cumming
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Thursday, 8:00 pm "What a day!" Pam thought, as the last conference ended and she watched the parents walk out of her classroom. She just dreads the grueling parent teacher conferences. Even though she knows that her shapely legs, nice firm ass, well-formed breasts and slim athletic build help smooth out many sticky points that may arise.

Frequently during conferences Pam has noticed the dads agreeing with her on every point as she catches them staring at her ass or breasts. School is closed tomorrow and she is so ready for this long weekend, already planning for a long hot bath, a bottle of wine and some time to herself.

But Pam decides that she will stay a little longer tonight to get her classroom ready for Monday morning. Her long hot bath and bottle of wine will just have to wait.

Thursday, 8:45 pm Max has been waiting for what seems like forever. "Where in the hell is she! The parent teacher conferences ended forty-five minutes ago." Max complains as he checks the time on his watch. He is now starting to get cold and his legs are cramping-up. Suddenly Max hears footsteps coming this way. He reminds himself to be still, be quiet and that he is ready. He anticipates the car door opening but the footsteps continue on by and fade away.

"Shit", Max almost screams, his frustration building. "After all, how much can a man take", this is the third time that the sounds of a woman's footsteps have approached, only to pass by.

Max has been following her for weeks. He first noticed her one morning at the coffee shop. He immediately became obsessed with her. He needed to have her. Her shapely legs, slim athletic build, nice firm ass and her movements drove him crazy. So he followed her, from the coffee shop to work, from work to the gym and from the gym to the grocery store.


Learning Pam's routines and schedules. Max wonders to himself if she ever became suspicious. Especially that one-day, when after her workout, she left her car unlocked while shopping and he stole her pantyhose from her gym bag. The very same pantyhose Max plans to use tonight. Thursday, 9:15 pm Pam mumbles to herself that she is tired and has done enough for tonight as she turns out her classroom lights, locks the door and heads for the parking lot. She wishes she had moved her car closer to the door when the conferences ended and there were still people around.

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The parking lot is deserted and it is dark. Pam begins to walk quickly as the dark lonely parking lot spooks her. Max hears footsteps again. They sound like a woman's and he notices the pace is quick. Max's heart rate also quickens as he anticipates the car door opening at any moment. He tries desperately to control his breathing as he fashions a ligature from the pantyhose that he stole last week from Pam's gym bag. As Max tightens his grip on the pantyhose ligature the footsteps stop close to where Max is hiding.

Pam opens the car door and in one smooth motion slides into the driver's seat as she quickly closes the car door. She lets out a sigh of relief that she made it safely across the dark deserted parking lot to her car. "Finally", she thinks, "time to go home". Thursday, 9:25 pm "Finally", Max thinks, "time to get going." From his hiding place in the back seat, and before Pam can start the engine of her car, Max quickly, quietly and smoothly loops the pantyhose ligature over Pam's head and under her chin.

In one smooth continuous motion, he also pulls back and up on the pantyhose ligature while pulling it tightly right to left and left to right, in a deadly scissors motion, around Pam's throat. Max immediately hears Pam's futile attempt to scream as a muffled high-pitched screech fills the car. Instinctively, her hands come up to her throat as she tries to pull the ligature free.

Pam fights for breath as she arches her back, lifting herself up off the front seat, as she tries to loosen Max's grip on her. Max continues to pull the pantyhose as tight as he can around Pam's throat as he drags Pam's body by the neck towards him and through the car's center console, wedging her body between the driver and passenger front seats. Pam is now flailing her arms wildly as she searches blindly for Max in an effort to pull his hair, gouge his eyes or loosen his grip.

At the same time, Pam also begins kicking her legs and feet against the dashboard, windshield and steering wheel as she tries to gain leverage against her attacker. Max responds by dragging Pam farther into the back seat, pulling her body closer towards him, and wedging her body more tightly between the two front seats. Max continues pulling the ligature tight with all his strength while shaking Pam's head, violently from side to side.

Pam groans loudly as she desperately grabs at her throat, groping for the ligature while trying to shift her body weight forward and back into the front seat. Pam continues to groan, but now much more softly, as the movements of her arms, hands and legs become slower and her resistance seems to weaken. Thursday, 9:30 pm Then suddenly, she sighs loudly and her body falls backwards, landing into Max's chest.

Pam's head comes to rest just below Max's right shoulder, allowing him to breath in the sweet scent of her hair. Just then, Max feels her body tense and her muscles tremble while she moans loudly, as if in the throes of a full, intense orgasm climax.

Max continues to pull tightly on the ligature while Pam moans and her body trembles until all at once Pam's bowels release gas and her bladder empties, her urine soaking into the car seat and Max's pant legs.


Immediately her moaning stops and her body goes limp. Pam's left arm falls down landing between her parted legs and onto her crotch, as if searching for her clitoris in the hopes of prolonging her orgasm. Her right arm simply falls limply down to her side. Max continues to pull as tightly as he can on the pantyhose ligature.


As he pulls he counts 1001, 1002, 1003&hellip. During this time Pam's body has several leg twitches and subtle muscle spasms until Max finally reaches 1120. Pam's body is now completely still, and there is total silence. Max now loosens the pantyhose ligature from Pam's neck, releasing his death hold, while gently pushing Pam's body away from him. Like a rag doll, her limp body rolls slowly away from Max and to the right. Her head and upper body land softly on the back floor.

She comes to rest on her right side with her right hip remaining on the back seat supporting her weight. Pam's long, shapely legs are extended between the font seats console and into the front seat.

Max notices that, during the struggle, her skirt has been hiked-up almost to her waist exposing all of her long beautiful legs and most of her desirable ass.

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Her right arm is wedged between her right hip and the back seat, leaving her right hand sticking out beyond her hip and resting palm down on Pam's nice firm ass, as if grabbing a feel. As Pam's body rolled to the right, her left arm, which was still resting in her crotch where it fell when she died, became wedged between her thighs and still seems to be searching for her clitoris. Thursday, 9:40 pm Max now gets on his knees in the back seat.

He leans over and grabs a hold of the back of the collar of Pam's blouse and pulls her limp body up off of the car's floor.

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He pulls her body by the neck towards him and the driver's side back seat door. He props her head and shoulders against the driver's side back door and pulls her legs from the front seat and into the back seat, placing them in front of her body. Max now brushes Pam's hair away and looks into her face.

Pam's mouth is slightly open with her lips parted, exposing a portion of her front teeth. Her pale blue eyes are also open and staring blankly up at the ceiling of the car. Her expression seems peaceful and satisfied. After all of the trophies he has had, Max still can't decide if the death stare he sees on Pam's face is one of surprise, shock or pleasure.

He likes to believe that it is the look of the pure complete pleasure of one final great orgasm, compliments of Max of course. Thursday, 9:50 pm In the process of moving Pam's body into the back seat of the car, her skirt is now hiked up all the way to her waist, completely exposing her legs, ass, and crotch.

Max unbuttons and unzips Pam's, skirt, grabs hold of the waistband and pulls down with all his might. The skirt soon moves free of her hips and Max is able to pull it down over her ass and legs and off at her feet, tossing it into the front seat of the car. Max now grabs Pam's blouse and tears it open, popping off all of the buttons. He then takes the penknife out of his jeans pocket, opens the blade and slices the small strip of cloth that holds the front of her bra cups together, releasing her beautiful milky white breasts with the rose pink nipples.

He now grabs hold of the waistband of Pam's pantyhose at each side of her hips and begins to pull them down. After some effort Max has the wet pantyhose off of Pam's hips and down below her ass. He now slides them down her legs, up off of her heels, over her toes and off of her feet. He lays the pantyhose aside for later.

Max immediately notices Pam's beautiful feet. Smooth, soft, perfectly formed without a callous or blemish. And her toenails are perfectly manicured and polished to match her fingernails.

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In similar fashion he removes her wet underpants exposing her full wet pussy. Max now takes the pantyhose he just removed from Pam and ties one end around her left leg at the knee, while he ties the other end tightly around the driver's side headrest. This raises Pam's left leg high and spread eagle. Using the pantyhose he strangled her with, Max ties off Pam's right leg in similar fashion, using the rear seat shoulder harness bracket to hold her right leg high and in place.

Pam's legs are now lifted high and spread wide exposing her wet pussy. He now applies some gel lubricant to her exposed genitals while slowly massaging her clitoris. After several minutes, Max decides the foreplay is over and Pam is now ready and so he strips naked and applies the same gel lubricant to his penis. Thursday, 10:00 pm Now naked with his penis steel rod hard, Max crawls up between Pam's spread legs and immediately enters her.

Pam's body is still warm and moist and his penis grows even larger and harder inside her. Max grabs her ass and thrusts inside of her as hard as he can. As he does this he lifts up on Pam's ass releasing some of the weight on her legs, this results in her legs bending at the knees pushing her legs forwards and towards Max giving the illusion, and feeling, that she is thrusting her hips back into Max. Max continues to thrust into Pam rocking her body back and forth and from side to side.

With every one of Max's thrusts and movements Pam's suspended body seems to respond in like kind, her soft warm pussy seeming to spasm. Several of Max's thrusts into Pam are so violent that he can hear the sound of air being forced from her lungs and escaping from her throat, sounding almost like soft moans. By holding onto her ass, Max moves Pam's body violently as he thrusts into her.

Her breasts jiggle and her head lolls from side to side in rhythm to his lustful movements. As Max nears orgasm he grabs Pam's ass hard and thrusts up and into her with all his strength lifting Pam's lower body as high as he can.

Max then explodes inside Pam filling her with his juices. He cannot believe the intensity of his orgasm, as he begins to feel light headed. Max now withdraws from Pam's body and falls face first onto her body. Thursday, 10:30 pm Max climbs into the driver's seat, starts the engine and drives away.

As Max drives he catches glimpses in the rearview mirror of Pam's body riding along in the back seat. With every bump in the road or slight swaying movement of the car Pam's body makes subtle corresponding movements. Her soft, supple thighs, calves, ass and breasts jiggle, her feet bounce keeping time with the road. Since her left leg is tied at the knee to the back of the driver's seat head- rest, her lower left leg extends over the right top edge of the front seat.

With Max sitting in the driver's seat, Pam's right lower leg and thigh extend over his right shoulder and into the front seat, allowing her ankle and foot to dangle in the air almost in Max's face. As he drives, Max tunes in the radio and catches a Stones two set tribute, Satisfaction and Let's Spend The Night Together. Max smiles and thinks to himself, "Oh yea! I'm getting plenty of satisfaction tonight and OK Pam; let's spend the night together.

What do you think, Pam?" Of course Pam does not answer. She's not thinking straight right now in fact she's not thinking anything at all. Friday 12:00 am Max pulls the car off of the county road and onto an isolated access road.

He climbs into the back seat, enters Pam's body one more time, and f_ _ _s her brains out.

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After he is finished with her, Max unties Pam's legs allowing them to fall limply onto the back seat and floor. He then reaches over Pam's dead body and opens the driver's side back door allowing Pam's head and shoulders to fall out of the car.

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Max now leans his back against the passenger side back door for leverage. He places his feet into Pam's crotch and with all the strength in his legs, pushes against her pussy, forcing her body out of the car. She tumbles out of the car like a rag doll, hitting the ground with a thud and coming to rest on her back. Grabbing Pam by the arms, he drags her body a short ways down the access road and then pulls her off to the side into the taller grass. He removes the remnants of her blouse and bra, lays her out on her back, ties her arms together at the wrists with a pair of her pantyhose, places her arms in front of her body so that the tips of her fingers are touching her pubic area and arranges her legs spread eagle.

Pam's mouth is slightly open with her lips parted, exposing a portion of her front teeth. Her pale blue eyes are also open and staring blankly up at the sky. Her expression seems peaceful and satisfied with the look of surprise, shock or pleasure on her face. Max then kisses Pam on the forehead and whispers softly into her ear "goodbye Pam, I hope to see you again soon." He leaves her there, walks back to the car and drives away. Friday 12:00 pm Pam's body is now cold and stiff.

The morgue attendant has tenderly and thoroughly washed her body, positioned her on the cold steel autopsy table and placed her head into the neck block. Her once beautiful long hair is now wet and combed back away from her face and forehead, and falls down over the back of the neck block and onto the steel table where it collects together in a puddle of wet hair.

Pam's wet body glistens in the bright lights of the morgue. If she wasn't in a morgue and laid-out on an autopsy table you might think she just stepped out of the shower. Doctor Brown walks into the autopsy room somewhat pissed off. "Am I the only pathologist in the county", he says to no one in particular. He is thinking to himself that it seems this shit always happens to him every time he is scheduled to leave town. I catch every John/Jane Doe case that turns up.

He grabs the chart from the morgue attendant anxious to review the case summary and get this post mortem over with so he can catch his flight. He reads: White female, age approx 30 years, height 5 feet 6 inches, weight 130 lbs, The forensic crime scene team collected the following evidence at 9:00 am Friday: body was found at 7:30 am this morning by an electric company maintenance crew, her body was dumped on the electric line access road in a remote area of the county, her body was naked and dry, arms tied together with pantyhose and placed in front of the body, legs spread eagle and the body was laying on her back, apparent strangulation, there are signs of sexual assault, at 9:00 am this morning the outside air was calm and dry and the surrounding air temperature was 54 degrees Fahrenheit, the victim's core body temp at 9:00 am was 79 degrees Fahrenheit, at 9:00 am lividity is prominent and unfixed, at 9:00 am this morning the body is in full rigor mortis, at 9:00 am Friday it is estimated that the victim has been dead approximately 11 hours with a time of death sometime between 7:00 pm Thursday and 12:30 am Friday, no identification was found on or near the body.

"OK let's get started", Dr. Brown orders. As Dr. Brown approaches the autopsy table to begin his examination, he exclaims, "Holy shit, I know this woman.

She is, I mean she WAS, my son's schoolteacher. Her name is Pamela Hildress, she teaches third grade at Easton Elementary School. My wife and I had a parent teacher conference with her just last evening.

We left her room around 8:00 pm. I believe we were her last conference." Dr. Brown shakes his head and says to himself, "What a shame, she had such nice tits, ass and legs. Any man would want to have her.

Boy was my wife pissed at me last night when she caught me starring at Pam's ass for the fourth time." As Dr. Brown completes his external exam of Pam's body, he asks Max, the morgue attendant, for the scalpel he needs to make the standard Y incision in Pam's chest.

As Max hands the scalpel to Dr. Brown, Max fondly remembers Pam, as she was last night and the time they spent together. Max also remembers Pam as she was this morning when she was brought into the morgue. Max just loves cleaning-up after himself. As Dr. Brown begins making the incision in Pam's chest Max just smiles, wondering if anyone is, or will become, suspicious of him. He doesn't think so. Max is already thinking about his next victim as he assists Dr. Brown with the autopsy.

Pam's last conference turned out to be a real bitch. As Dr. Brown cuts Pam open, Pam's mouth is slightly open with her lips parted exposing a portion of her front teeth. Pam's pale blue eyes are open and stare blankly up at the ceiling. The look of surprise, shock or pleasure is still on Pam's face.

What a day!