Hyderabad hot bus conductor showing her booty

Hyderabad hot bus conductor showing her booty
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Today I got the shock of my life! It was just a normal weekday in my house. Mom and dad were getting ready for work, my older brother was doing the same, my sister and I getting ready for school. Just the typical american family living in the suburbs of a southern city. The difference was, I wasn't your typical 18 yr old kid. Sure from appearance I looked the part but I had a craving for cocks like no other. Not just any cocks, but the biggest cocks! My name's Chris and I'm 18 years old, I am a skinny guy, 6' tall, 135lbs.

I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I've had my share of girls tell me my cock was pretty big, 7.5 inches and pretty thick.

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Now, I love pussy and try to get it as much as possible but there's just something about a big cock that makes my mouth water. I've sucked a few and got fucked by just as many. I believe that this craving for a very, very well hung man, was due to the fact that I'd never experienced one before. But that was about to change in a big way. My big cock addiction began when i was young, at the hands my big brother, Jeff.

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When mom and dad were out one night, my brother told me I was going to take a shower with him, so I wouldn't be left alone. You see, I've always wanted to hangout with Jeff but he was your normal big brother, always wanting to play with his friends and leave baby bro to entertain himself.

So,I jumped at the chance, thinking we'd hangout more afterwards, only his plans were somwhat different than mine. While we were in the shower, I watched as he lathered up his dick with soap. It kept getting bigger, not huge just big. I was confused about how and why it was growing, so I asked, "why does it get bigger when you wash it"?

He smiled, "because it gets happy and you make it happy". Still confused but more proud of what I did, "how did i make it happy?" I questioned.


"Because you're so cute and small and I bet your little asshole is super tight. It'd be even more happy if you played with it", he said stoking it.

I scrunched up my face, "how am I supposed to play with that"? With that simple question, I was led down a path of obedience and submission. He taught me how to stroke, suck, fuck, submit and obey during our special playtime. I loved it, I was hooked after that. My brother and I had many such encounters, and I was happy he enjoyed my body and eager to learn to please him in anyway he needed. Then he told my cousin about our fun and I soon had 2 older boys to please.

I continued to please them for the next 7 or 8 years. I guess they couldn't get over the fact that my cock was getting bigger than their 5 inch dicks. I remember the disappointment when both Jeff and Tom were done with me for good, I was lost without a piece of sausage to chew on. I desperately searched for fat cock to scratch this itch but it was hopeless.

I didn't know where to begin and I ended up using all sorts of things to imitate that fucked feeling. Carrots, hairbrushes, fingers, anything that looked phallic in shape. The sizes varied, but I noticed I enjoyed the larger objects much more than the smaller ones.

Eventually, reality set in and the quest for a warm meaty cock, was over. After about two years I was content to please myself until, I stumbled across my fantasy cock. It started out as just another day, everyone doing their daily routine. Mom was downstairs, Jeff had left for work and Stacey, my sister, was in the bathroom. I was heading back to my room when all of a sudden, THWACK!

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It was so loud it made me jump and it came from my parents bedroom. My curiosity got the better of me and I headed for their door. When I reached the door, I waited a few seconds to see if there were anymore noises.

Terrible thoughts of my dad lying on the floor in pain or worse, pushed me forward. I lifted my hand to the doorknob but, just before my fingers contacted the cool metal, there was another thud. Then more.thud.thud.thud coming from beyond the door. Everyone of those heavy sounding smacks caused my body to jerk. Swallowing hard, I turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. I scanned the room from one end to the other.

Finally, seeing my father standing in front of his dresser mirror, completely nude. He was still in good shape for a man pushing 50, standing at 6'3" tall, weighing around 225lbs of pure muscle, with a handsome face.


The look he had on his bowed head was disheartening, then I realized why his head was tilted down. My eyes followed his gaze and my jaw dropped at what I saw. He was holding the biggest cock I've ever seen! It was so big, it made his hand look small and it wasn't even hard! He had a hold of it at the base and there was still about 4 inches hanging down over his hand. My heart started beating so fast, I thought it would jump out of my chest.

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My own cock strained at the confines of my jeans and my tight, neglected asshole twitched, wanting to be stretched. My mouth watered and my knees felt like jello, then I started feeling light headed. Swaying a little, I reached for some kind of support and found his work desk. There wasn't much grip on the smooth finish, causing my hand to go further than I expected. I knocked a stack of papers off the desk, noisily hitting the floor.

My senses instantly returned and I ran out the door and into my bedroom. I didn't know if he caught sight of me or not, but I was terrified either way. I started to relax a bit after about ten minutes, since nobody was knocking on my door. I looked at the clock, 7:15, almost time for school, so I grab my backpack and headed downstairs.

In the kitchen, I saw mom at the sink washing dishes, Stacey sitting at the table with her eyes glued to her cellphone screen and dad was drinking coffee while reading the newspaper.

I plopped down into my chair, grabbed a fork and started stuffing my breakfast in my mouth. I didn't think about manners, all I could think about was the huge cock hammering my parents dresser.

I was about to take my last bite when a piece of toast hit me in the arm, grabbing my! attention. I look up at dad and he asked, "were you in my room 20 minutes ago?" with annoyance in his voice. The question caught me off guard but I recovered quickly, "uhh.nooo.why would I be in your room?" I replied sounding annoyed.

I guess he was satisfied with my answer because he went right back to reading his paper. When everyone was done, we each left for our respective destinations. School was uneventful, as usual. Even if something dramatic did happen, I wouldn't have noticed.


My thoughts were only about two things. First, why was my dad so depressed and snippy. Second, how was I going to play with his very large member? The day seemed to drag on and on. When 12:30 came around, I put my books in my backpack and slung it over my shoulder, and off I went. I had a half day for the work program I was and headed out the door.

The drive home was a vague memory, as i racked my brain, trying to find an answer to my questions. Before I knew it I was sitting in the driveway, parked behind both of my parents cars.

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"They've never been here before me. Something has to be seriously wrong for them to be off work at this time." I thought to myself. Walking into the house gave me an eerie feeling, it was quit.too quit. Looking around downstairs turned up nothing so I went upstairs. I was almost to my parents door when I heard muffled voices.

Being the nosy guy I am, I slowly opened the door. Once it was open a few inches, I could hear and see them clearly. They were sitting on the bed, my moms arms around dad, talking softly.

I heard mom say, "it's not a big deal honey. All men have this problem sometime in their life". My dad looked at her with appreciative eyes, "I just can't understand.I've always been able to get hard, especially with my baby". She kissed his head before standing up and moving between his legs. She lifted his face to meet her eyes, "let mommy try to help", then dropped to her knees at his feet.

She fumbled with his belt and slacks, ignoring dads protests, pulling them down around his feet. His cock was so big, the head and about 3 inches layed flat on the bed, overall I'd say it was at least 8 inches long and as thick as mine was when hard. I watched as mom smoothly caught his cockhead between her lips with the vacuum her mouth created, sucking it into her mouth. I was so turned on but also jealous that it was in her mouth.

She worked her mouth down until only about 2 inches of his big cock was left.

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Daddy put his hands behind her head, pulling her down more. Mom gagged and pulled off, coughing a little. She held his cock in her small hand, looking up, "honey, you know i can't take you down my throat".

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I thought to myself, "if you let me suck it daddy, I'll swallow it all even if its hard", my asshole twitched again at that thought. She put him back in her mouth and worked on him for a good five minutes, before daddy lifted her head off his cock. He looked at her with a sad expression, kissed her lips and pulled her down onto the bed with him. I crept out, making my way to my bedroom. Closing my door gently, I strip my clothes off, and lay on my bed with my eyes closed.

I try to imagine what it'll look like full size, as I stroke my cock, bringing myself to a mind numbing orgasm. Relieved, I lay back, thinking positively about my lifes unanswered questions. I think to myself, "I am going to have a chance to taste it, I will be able to make him hard, I will please him and I am going to do whatever he says.when he says it.how he says it.

I just need to figure out how." I close my eyes, letting my thoughts carry me away. End of part 1 This is my first story. Leave a comment, tell me what you think and how to improve on part 2. Part 2 will also feature much more sex. I hope.you enjoyed.