Fiebermessen im po

Fiebermessen im po
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When Janelle and Bridget walked into the bar, their husbands greeted them with a kiss. "What have you been doing?" Dewayne wanted to know. "Eating pussy and fucking the shit out of Janelle. What the fuck do you think we were doing?" The guys had been in the bar long enough that Janelle didn't want Kent driving. She got behind the wheel. Everyone was hungry and needed a good dinner. Dewayne and Bridget got in the back seat.

Bridget gave her husband a very detailed account of why it took the women nearly an hour and a half to get to the bar. She felt Dewayne getting hard the more graphic her story. During the meal, that included a couple bottles of champagne, Bridget discovered Janelle's job coaching adult directors and performers as she had a bachelor's degree in film. Janelle also had a number of adult scenes but was far from a true star.

Kent was an independent photographer. He shot a lot of stills during the filming of adult movies. That is how those two met. Bridget was amazed at the amount of money even rookie porn stars get for a 10 or 15-minute scene.

Dewayne too became very interested in the money that non-actors in porn made, like photographers, film editors, etc. Both became intrigued at the stories about things that actually happened either on the set or in the dressing room.

When the conversation turned to sex, they told each other their sexual fantasies in explicit detail. Both women wanted to be DP'd before the night was over. Dewayne said he wanted to see Kent fuck Bridget's ass. He also made it clear he wanted his wife to watch when he fucked Janelle. Kent admitted that he occasionally had gay sex and would oblige Dewayne; that was not really his forte.


They sort of agreed that once they got back to the hotel they would each get two wishes. One was to fulfill an individual fantasy. The other was what they wanted to see their spouse do.

After dinner Bridget drove everyone to a local club. Kent wanted to observe the dancers for possible work. Janelle wanted to get Bridget's juices flowing with sexy women dancing at the pole. She even orchestrated a couple of dancers to put on a show directly in front of her friend. The dancers earned their tip. Clearly Bridget got aroused, especially in front of Dewayne.

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After a couple of hours and even more drinks no one was in shape to drive. Kent ordered a limo. Inside the plush interior, Bridget lost all inhibitions immediately.

Janelle began sucking Dewayne's cock. Bridget gave similar pleasure to Kent. The women would occasionally look at each other with lustful eyes. That gleam was sort of like, "Look at me you stupid bitch.

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I'm sucking your husband's cock right in front of your fucking face. What are you going to do about it?" Bridget made it a point to be exceptionally nasty, knowing that she was performing not only for people in the porn business and also for her husband. She spanked her stuck out tongue with Kent's cock and made very vocal sounds in so doing.

After pulling her top below her bust line to make her knockers appear larger and firmer than natural, she put Kent's cock in her mouth to puff out a cheek. Slurping the entire length of the shaft as a sweet but forbidden lollipop, she maintained eye contact with Kent the entire time. "Oh fuck," Kent moaned while taking deep breaths and rolled back his head in pleasure as Bridget gently squeezed his balls while encircling the dickhead with her tongue.

"I love to suck fucking cocks and make them hard and wet before they fuck my nasty pussy." Now completely oblivious to Janelle and Dewayne, Bridget jerked Kent's cock while sucking it. Spitting on her hard new toy made a moist cock exceptionally sloppy. Her aim was simple make it nasty but elongate the pleasure as much as possible. She didn't care that her top was now wet with slobber. Well, yes she did care she wanted it that way.

The feeling of giving a blowjob in a moving limo was also a new experience for Bridget. She enhanced that by playing with her own pussy through her mini. Both men had exceptionally hard cocks dripping with spit. Dewayne really struggled with maintaining control.

The feeling of a hot studded tongue going with and against his cock grain about drove him insane. Watching his lovely wife suck and lick another man's cock and balls increased the sexual pleasure. Hearing his wife sound and act like one of the porn slut he often jerked off to was another factor in his inability to control himself. The bumping of the limo on the road and closeness of everyone seemed to put him over. Sensing this, Janelle let Dewayne regain his composure.

She switched positions so that Dewayne could eat pussy as his cock rested momentarily. But Bridget was too involved in her little world to give a damn about her husband's state of arousal. "Oh my god, this is so fucking hot," Bridget said moaning as she exhaled in exhilaration while licking Kent's hard cock. "Fuck my fucking nasty mouth," she said before taking his entire shaft deep in her throat.

Then she submitted to a rapid face fuck with very loud slurping sounds all the while she held her hands behind her back. The slobber ran from the corners of her mouth down her chin like an open fire hydrant, exactly what Bridget wanted. "So the nasty little cock-sucking whore likes it wet, huh?" Kent said.

As he opened his mouth, Bridget opened her. He spat into her mouth and immediately she spat the load on his dick and then slurping the gob of spit as it ran down his shaft. Being extra nasty, Bridget stuck her ass near Dewayne's face while she sucked Kent's balls. She sucked hard enough that one ball was entirely in her mouth while the rest of sac was being tugged.

Her hand ran along the flesh of Kent's inner thigh. He moaned as he put his hand inside Bridget's skirt attempting to remove it. The thrill of being naked in a limo made Bridget extra whoreish. "Fuck yeah," she said before resuming her tonguing of Kent's family jewels and playing with her hairless twat. Moving a bit lower, she stuck her tongue into Kent's ass while her hand jerked his cock. Meanwhile Bridget could feel Janelle arm as Dewayne was eating that pussy. For Bridget, her pussy was twitching for a hard cock.

She got in reverse cowgirl position.

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Putting her feet onto the leather seats as Kent reclined as much as possible, Janelle and Dewayne had a clear view of the action. Using her left hand, Bridget masturbated her clit with her left hand while she used her right one for balance. Kent pounded her cunt the first man, other than Dewayne, to do so in over 4 years. Thinking to herself momentarily, Bridget wondered why she deprived herself of this type of warm pleasure.

Meanwhile on the opposite side of the limo, Dewayne spread Janelle's legs far apart. "Fuck that little bitch good Kent," Janelle shouted. "The dick stuck in my pussy is going to shoot a hot load of sticky cum into me. Keep pounding my fucking whore hole you mother fucking bastard.

And you bitch, look at your husband's cock fucking my pussy. You like watching him fuck me?" "Fuck yeah. I FUCKING LOVE IT. Fuck the mother fucking shit out of that fucking slut's pussy Dewayne. She's nothing but a fucking piece of worthless mother fucking fuck meat. Fuck her fucking pussy good." Both women tried to out-slut each other as they rode a cock in different positions.

Bridget went RCG, while Janelle was on her back. Both guys pounded the shit out of their partner. Dewayne came first. His load exploded as he pulled out at the last minute and made Janelle's face a sticky sloppy mess. She sucked every drop of cum out of his now softening cock. Stimulating her clit, Janelle shot a hot load of girl cum on her husband and new girlfriend.

"OH FUCK," she screamed squirting. Bridget began feverously playing with herself while Kent momentarily stopped the fucking action. Remembering what she did earlier, she held back as long as she could until finally pushing out the secretion. "FUCK," Bridget screamed as she came. Kent switched positions before masturbating to Bridget's open mouth.

His load landed between her open mouth and waiting face. Both women with fresh facials began licking the cum from the other's face before passing it several times and eventually sharing a swallow.

The limo was nearing the hotel parking lot. That's when Janelle got on the phone with the chauffeur. She knew that both men, especially Dewayne, needed to be reloaded fast.

"We've got cash for our fare, but after you pull into the parking lot, I'm going to give you the tip because we kinda made a mess back here." Sensing the "tip" Janelle spoke about, Bridget wanted to leave her own tip. The driver anticipated the hidden meaning. He continued to drive but to a very secluded location. Bridget opened the door. A tall black man got in. Everyone in the back was naked. The women immediately went for fresh meat. It was nearly 8-inches long and thick. While Bridget sucked the cock, Janelle began sucking his balls.

Dewayne had never imaged this scene. Here was his lovely wife becoming more depraved every minute. He loved it.

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So did she. It took Bridget a few minutes but she eventually was able to take the entire 8-inches down her throat. It only cost her a lot of spit and gagging, but her relentless determination paid off. Dewayne was amazed that she was able to take the whole thing. He was also amazed at Janelle's "encouragement." "Come on you little fucking slut. Take that goddamn cock. Choke on that fucking shit. Show everyone what a fucking whore you really are.

You're not as nasty as I thought you were. Only a perverted filthy tramp could take the whole cock. You're just a fucking goody two-shoes pussy if you only take part of that fucking dick. Did the little bitch choke? I knew you're not a real cocksucker. Real whores can go down all the fucking way down their throat. Don't use your hands. No fucking hands. That's the slut way. Do I have to fucking show you how to take his cock deep?

Come on bitch. You're wasting his fucking time. He wants every bit of his fucking dick sucked and you're not there yet.

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He can get any fucking pussy to lick part of it. Only a real slut can take it all. He gave you a good ride. You own it to him to take everything he has all the fucking way down your goddamn throat. Open up yourself from the inside and let it slide all the way down inside you.

Yeah, gag on that fucking shit. Make a fucking nasty mess. Fuck yeah, now you're getting with the fucking program. Take every bit of his shit and hold it. Hold it fucking longer bitch." Completely out of air, Bridget nearly passed out before achieving a very deep throat and leaving a slobber-covered cock for Janelle's pleasure. After resting for a minute, Bridget began sucking on the balls, while Janelle was going deep. Bridget also rubbed and slapped Janelle's tits and fingered her own pussy.

Watching the show, Dewayne also lost his inhibitions as he sat near Kent. Dewayne put his hand on Kent's leg. Kent widened his legs, allowing Dewayne to stroke his continually hardening cock.

But it went no further than that. Bridget wanted to eat more male cum, as she too was beginning to increase her cum level for later. Janelle and Bridget alternated sucking, licking and jerking the black pole. "Fuck him Sweetie!" Dewayne moaned while jerking his own cock. "I want to see that black dick going in and out of your white pussy." "Fuck yeah," Janelle shouted back while repositioning Bridget to comply with Dewayne's request.

"That little fucking bitch needs a good fucking with a long dick anyway. She won't be a real fucking slut until she fucks a black cock." "Yeah, and I want that black cock in my pussy and in my ass too," Bridget said. "I want him to fuck my fucking pussy and my fucking ass so that all you fucking mother fuckers can fucking jerk off to me getting fucked.

I want to be a fucking slut." Bending over in the crowded limo was difficult but Bridget got to her knees on the seat to take it doggy. Janelle laid down so Bridget could eat pussy at the same time the chauffeur entered her from behind.

"You're supposed to fuck him," Janelle said as Bridget got her head between her girl friend's legs and rubbed her hairless twat. "Get your ass moving. I want to see it fucking move." The chauffer stroked his wet cock and teased her before entering the promised land.

Bridget gyrated her hips as he continued to insert a cock that she thought had no end. Deeper and deeper he plunged, stretching her beyond her previous bounds. "Pull her fucking hair," Janelle commanded.

The man did. The excitement gave Bridget a new level of ecstasy. In and out he pounded her, as she met each thrust with one of her own. The internal warmth deep into the vaginal cavity coupled with the nasty talk and knowing the other two guys were jerking off watching a live porn show gave Bridget renewed energy. "Oh fuck," she moaned repeatedly as he continued pounding her from behind.

When she could, there was a waiting pussy looking for hot tongue action. Her breathing increased rapidly as she occasionally looked back to see for herself the action. Bridget also reached down to rub her own clit. To heighten the experience Janelle began chocking Bridget and slapped her face.


"Yeah, yeah, yeah," is about all Bridget could weakly moan as she kept rhythm with the pussy pounding. Meanwhile Kent somehow managed to lean over and get his cock on top of Janelle's pussy giving Bridget a choice of cock or pussy. She took the cock in her mouth. When Bridget wasn't sucking Kent's cock or licking Janelle's pussy, she looked over at Dewayne jerking off or looked back at the big black cock fucking her pussy. Nearly out of breadth all she could moan was "oh shit" or "fuck me fuck me fuck me." "Is you ass ready for a fucking?

Fuck her ass," Dewayne commanded. "Give my slut wife your black cock in her white asshole.


Fuck her like the little piece of slut shit she wants to be. She's loving it." Switching holes was easy. Kent and Janelle each grabbed one of Bridget's ass cheeks and spread her wide open. The driver inserted his cock as deep into pussy as he could and then held it there. He stuck his finger into her wide open ass as Bridget wiggled her ass enjoying the full cock in her soon to be vacated twat.

Now very slowly began withdrawing his tool so Bridget could savor each pleasurable second.

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Again teasing the nether regions momentarily, he started forcing his cock into her tiny anal cavity. "Yeah, I want your fucking cock in my ass," Bridget pleaded before letting out a moan as he entered her. "Oh fuck yeah, that's what I'm talking about," Bridget said.

Continuing to moan quietly in the pleasure as the chauffer slowly stretched her ass the same way he did the pussy, Janelle continued trash talking. "My little sweet slut is getting her little fucking whore ass fucked by a black dick.

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Take every bit of it you fucking slut. Show us what a degenerated tramp you are letting this guy fuck your fucking ass and you don't even know his fucking name." The driver continued pulling Bridget's hair as she offered her face for Janelle to slap or spit on. "That's so fucking hot," Janelle said while Kent began rubbing Bridget's pussy during the ass pounding. "Fuck that nasty whore ass," Janelle said.

"Come inside her ass. We want a cream pie. We want a cream pie." Soon Kent and Dewayne joined in. "We want a cream pie. We want a cream pie." It did not take long to reach a climax as the driver simply kept pounding away. "Where do you want it?" he asked.

"In my ass." "Cum in her fucking ass." "Let me lick it out of her fucking ass." "Her fucking ass." Everyone said almost simultaneously. As the driver moaned while shooting a load, Bridget screamed, "OOOOOOHHHHH FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK. He fucking cumming in my fucking asshole.

Oh Fuck!" After withdrawing, Janelle cleaned up Bridget's ass with her tongue but did not swallow. She passed it back to Bridget, making a messy face even messier. On purpose Janelle let a glob of spit land in Bridget's blonde hair.

All the men began dressing, while the women continued playing with each other's naked body. "I think this little slut just about has everything it takes to be a first rate porn star," Janelle said looking at Kent.

"But she has one more test to pass." The driver pulled into the condo parking lot. "You mean you want to film me for a fucking porn movie. Fuck that is fucking awesome. Tell me what you want me to do. I'll do anything to be in a porn movie. Just tell me. I want to prove that I'm a fucking slut. What is it?"