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Sehr heiße Blondine dünn tätowiert Amateur
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Erica sat on the couch next to Sarah, her father's young girlfriend, as the two women watched TV. Erica's father had gone out to do a few errands and had left the two at the house. "What'd you do for your eighteenth?" Sarah asked, taking her eyes off the set and looking to see her boyfriend's daughter splitting her dark black ends. "Huh?!" Erica questioned as her head turned to Sarah, a few strands stuck underneath her nose as a faux moustache. Sarah's brown eyes lit with mirth at the sight and repeated the question.

"Oh, nothing. Just sat around and threw a baby shower for Jennifer," Erica sighed, giving her attention once more to her tresses. "What?!" called out Sarah with bewilderment. "That's silly. If I was turning 18 in Vegas, I would not be going to a baby shower of all things," she scoffed, her eyes rolling with disgust at Erica's wasted youth. Erica did nothing but shrug at the twenty-five-year-old's statement. "No boyfriend, still?" The young woman turned her gaze back to Sarah and opened her mouth, but still did not speak.

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Sarah asked her again, "You don't have a boyfriend, yet, do you?" Erica dropped her pale hands into her lap as her hazel eyes looked down. "I'm never going to have a boyfriend—" "Oh sure you are kid!" Sarah interjected with vigor, her plump hand resting on Erica's slumped shoulder.

"It just takes a little ti—" "No, Sarah," cut-in Erica with exasperation. "I mean that I will never have a boyfriend because I'm not into guys." Erica paused before adding, "I'm a lesbian." Sarah froze at the young girl's words, her hand still placed upon Erica's shoulder. As the two sat in silence, Erica looked at the pink curve of Sarah's natural pout and softness of her skin.

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Erica's fingers twitched at the thought of reaching out and caressing the smooth flesh of Sarah's neck. As she thought this, her father's girlfriend thought of the past year: the time the two had shared a bed during a camping trip, how she thought Erica might be as a kisser, all of Erica's "close" friends spending the night in Erica's bed.

The thought of Erica sharing a bed with another girl—being intimate with another female—made Sarah's sleeve tighten and tingle as a surge of cream dripped into her panties. "A-a lesbian?" Sarah stuttered, her lids blinking as she strained to keep her hand from traveling down the front of her boyfriend's daughter. Erica nodded at Sarah's question and squirmed, quite aware that Sarah was not taking the news lightly; she did not know that Sarah's cunt was oozing heat at the thought of her eating another young girl's snatch.

There was another pregnant pause as Sarah studied Erica, her heart beating fast as her fantasies battled to be freed into reality. Erica sighed, "Look, I know this is weird and sudden and everything, but—" Erica's apology was cut off as the older woman leaned in and brushed her lips against the younger.

Their lips meshed together as Sarah's pink tongue slithered into Erica's mouth, her other hand sliding up the 18-year-old's thigh. Sarah's hand teased the apex of Erica's legs, as her other hand slid from the teen's shoulder to her large breasts. Nimble fingers played through the thin material of Erica's shirt as her nipples awoke to an erect state, the nubs scraping against the confines of her cotton bra.

A moan bubbled from Erica's mouth into Sarah's as the teen felt her own pussy juice with excitement, Sarah's hand rested at the top of her thigh. Sarah pulled at Erica's hard nipple and Erica gasped with pleasurable pain.

"Do it again, please," she whispered to her father's girlfriend. "Please," she whimpered once more when Sarah hesitated to please the young woman's beg. The tips of Sarah's fingers grabbed and pulled at Erica's sensitive nubs, both hands now making futile attempts to hold a full breast. "Fuck," Erica whispered as both of her tits were teased and tweaked. Sarah slid her hands down to pull the hem of Erica's shirt up, revealing the smooth, pale skin of her convex stomach, the young female's tits barely contained in the bra.

"What size are they?" whispered Sarah as she unfastened the front hook of the bra. "D's," gulped Erica as her breasts were freed, her nipples becoming harder as the cold air surrounded them. Sarah leaned down to the red tips and extended her tongue tenderly, eager to taste erect nub. The teen gasped and moaned as her hand went to hold Sarah close to her chest, her fingers tangling into Sarah's luscious mane.

The twenty-four-year-old rested her knee at Erica's crotch and pressed into the damp material of her jeans. "Oh my God," choked Erica with a cry of euphoria, pushing her vulva against Sarah's knee. "Pull my hair, Sarah. Please, please, pull my hair," Erica panted as Sarah continued to grind her knee into the teen's tight cunt.

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Obliging the request, Sarah's free hand grabbed a handful of Erica's hair and pulled. As Sarah was busy feasting on Erica's taut nipple, her other hand cupped the creamy globe of Erica's other tit, her nails teasing Erica's dark-red nipple.

A finger flicked at Erica's bud and circled the raised areola, scratching the skin with want. With a gentle nip of her teeth, Sarah let Erica's nipple fall from her mouth before going to nurse Erica's other breast.

Erica's hips bucked beneath Sarah, arching her back to get her mound fully stimulated by Sarah's knee, the pleasure making her clit ache with want. Sarah tugged again at the teen's hair and Erica yelped with the need to come. The high-pitched scream fueled Sarah on, making her suck with persistent vigor until the tip of Erica's nipple scraped against the roof of her mouth. Erica was tipped over the edge as she quaked beneath her father's lover, her pussy creaming into her panties as Sarah ground her knee harder into the girl's clit.

The teen flushed as she fell from her climax, Sarah's full lips brushing against Erica's once more; the fingers of her plump hand unzipping Erica's jeans. In another moment, both of their jeans were unzipped and falling to the floor. Sarah's gaze fixated on the wet spot of Erica's panties, in the back of her mind comparing her own to the young girl's, and bent to her knees.

The aroma of Erica's pussy filled Sarah's nostrils and overrode her senses. "Oh God," moaned Sarah with lust-crazed passion. Not being able to stop herself, Sarah licked the teen's vulva through the loose panties, her tongue getting a good taste of Erica's cream.

An inner animal drove Sarah to latch onto Erica's snatch and suck the mound with fervor, her tongue lashing out as the teen wriggled with uncontrollable pleasure. The teen pushed her sex into the older woman's face, feeling as if she wanted to keep driving her hips up even though she could push no more. A flutter of fingers appeared next to the mouth and Erica's breath caught as Sarah's tongue touched her bare pussy lips. Sarah lapped at Erica's oozing hole as her fingers circled the young woman's clit fervently, eager to taste more of Erica's sweet cum.

"I'm gonna come," cried Erica as tears welled at the corners of her eyes, her body unable to take so much sudden stimulation. With renewed vigor, Sarah attacked Erica's young pussy with a speedy tongue. In a matter of seconds, Erica clenched her eyes and pushed Sarah's head into her pouring pussy, tears dripping from her clenched eyes.

Sarah continued her licking and sucking as the teen rode out her orgasm, one of her own hands slipping into her cum-soaked underwear.

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Her fingers pinched and flicked her blood-engorged clit. With a gasp, Sarah was drenching her fingers with her own cum, moaning into Erica's glistening muff as the teen laid on the couch partially unconscious. "What the hell is going on here?!" a masculine voice interrupted Erica's orgasmic ambiance. Sarah pulled away from the teen's mound and gaped at her boyfriend.

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"R-richie," she gasped, pulling her hand from her slickened slit. "I can explain!" Erica's middle-aged father stared in shock as he saw his disheveled daughter getting eaten out by his girlfriend, his face blank of emotion.

His faux leather jacket covered his work shirt, his jeans dirty from a hard day's work in the shop. A silence fell over the three as Rich just stared at the women, wondering how long that he had been cheated on. He was shocked stiff, and he could feel his cock had gone as stiff as the rest of his body. Sarah spotted the bulge in her boyfriend's pants and smirked, her tongue slipping out to lap away the rest of Erica's cum from her lips.

Without saying a word, Sarah stood up and walked over to him, peeling her clothes off and throwing them to the side of the room. Sarah pushed his jacket from his shoulders, leaning into him till her cunt-scented breath fanned over his face. "Taste your daughter," she whispered before her lips crashed against his.

He moaned into her mouth as he tasted Erica's nectar, his tongue writhing into Sarah's mouth to get more of his daughter's taste. Sarah placed his hand on her breast, his fingers almost immediately going to tweak her nipples. The soft smacking of their lips made Erica stare at the couple, her hand absentmindedly slipping between her thighs to her exposed cunny; Erica stared as her father squeezed and pinches Sarah's breasts while Sarah unbuckled his belt.

Sarah pulled her mouth away from Rich's and went down to her knees, pulling down his pants with animalistic want. Erica could see her father's cock was hard and was stretching the thin material of his boxers. Rich's cock sprang up and bobbed in front of Sarah's face when Sarah had pulled his boxers down.

Sarah licked her lips and stared up at her lover.

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"You remember the taste of your daughter?" she asked with lust laying over her words. "Well, it's going to be on your cock, daddy." In her next breath, Sarah sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth. Erica let a finger slip into her dripping pussy, a moan escaping her mouth as her hole grew to swallow the digits.

Rich looked up to see his daughter working her depths as her other hand massaged the swell of her creamy orbs. Erica's gaze met her father's, but she couldn't stop herself from working her cunt.

Cum began to slick her thighs as she saw Sarah lick her father's cock from the base to the tip. "Did you know, that your daughter is a lesbian?" Sarah whispered as her tongue waved over his fleshy pole, her hand cupping his heated balls with care. Her gentle touch brought out a moan from Richard's throat and he should his head, unable to find his voice.

"You know how wet that makes me," she continued as her fingers gently teased hi, her pink lips gliding along his rising veins. He gulped and nodded as his eyes kept staring at Erica, wanting her to suck her own tit. "Suck it baby," he groaned.

Much to his delight, Erica lifted her extended nipple to her mouth and licked the bright pink tip, Sarah swallowing his length once more into her throat. Rich's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he felt his cum stir in his balls, the load beginning to make its way up his spit-covered shaft. Seeing her father in such pleasure made Erica sink another digit into her sloppy pussy, her hips bucking in time with her moans, some of her juices dripping down to her puckered asshole.

"Oh," Erica moaned around her nipple loud enough for her horny father to hear. "Make me come," he rasped, not sure if he was talking to his daughter or his young girlfriend. Sarah slurped his cock deeper into her throat until the thickness of his shaft stretched the confines of her throat. With her neck bulging, her eyes looked up at her boyfriend from beneath her lashes.

Rich moaned as he saw the look of complete submission that Sarah had towards him, seeming to beg him for cum as she sucked his cock.

Her warm mouth was wrapped around almost his entire length as her tongue danced under his dick, and she could tell that his load was about to fill her mouth. The thought of his hot seed quenching her thirst made her moan and she felt the first familiar rope of his climax coat the back of her throat. "Oh shit I'm coming!" he yelled as another rope of cum shot from the tip of his cock. Erica was pounding her fingers in and out of her pussy when her father announced his orgasm, his yell triggering her own gushing peak of pleasure.

"Oh God!" she bawled as her body quaked with cosmic pleasure. Erica gasped for breath as her pussy locked her fingers in her gushing tunnel. Rich stared at his daughter, his girlfriend sucking the last drops of semen from his still-hard cock. Sarah's lips ran up and down her father's length with a string of cum connecting the tip of her fingers and the corners of her mouth to the slit of Rich's cock. Erica's knuckles were coated with her cream, some of her nectar smeared across her wrist, her face flushed white and spotted with sweat.

With glazed eyes, she watched as Sarah pleased her father's cock. The rich color of his hard cock was striking against the whiteness of his cum and the pink hue of Sarah's lips.

Seeing his hard flesh against Sarah's sensuous lips made Erica aware that her tongue tingled to taste his hot seed. Sarah was still on her knees, her heels supporting her round ass as her mouth went down to suck one of Rich's balls into her mouth. Rich looked down at the slut that knelt at his feet and wrapped her hair into his hand, gently guiding her to where he wanted her mouth. Sarah's wet, hairy cunt had dripped so much that moisture had slowly begun to roll down her thighs; small pools of juice could be seen shining on the floor as Sarah moaned onto her boyfriend's balls, her tongue slithering over his sensitive sac.

Rich pulled a few loose tresses from face and stared at her face as passionate lust washed over her face. "Lay down, honey," he commanded of her gently. Sarah moaned in protest, her mouth still surrounding his testicles. Reluctantly, she let his balls pop out of her mouth and laid down on her back, the cool tile chilling her flesh as her open pussy heated up.

The glistening juices were more than visible to Rich as he saw her dripping cunt spill into a pool where her flesh met the ground.

Rich moaned and fell to his knees, pulling his shirt open and leaning forward to let his tongue tease her piqued nipples. As his tongue swiped over her tits, Sarah shivered and moaned, the familiar touch of his hand massaging the petals of her pussy.

He pinched and spread her pussy lips as his teeth grazed the sensitive buds on her breasts. "Oh, baby, fuck my pussy now! Bury your cock in my cunt you bastard! Oh, please, just quit teasing me!" Sarah begged as Rich dipped a digit into her depths.

Chills quaked her body, her mind unable to fight the strength of quakes. Her hips bucked up, forcing his fingers to rub the length of her slit as her nails bit into his sides. Feeling the heat coming from her mound, Rich felt his cock twitch and lurch towards the apex of her legs. Tearing his mouth away from her nipples, Rich took hold of his dick and guided it into her horny hole. Sarah's eyes rolled into the back of her head as her walls grabbed onto his length and began to massage him like a million tiny fingers.

His cock sunk into her tunnel until his balls met the bulging curve of her ass, her cunt so tight around his hard-as-steel tool that he knew that she was near climax. Moving his hips as slow as he could, Rich began to pull out of her warm cunt until only the tip of his head was cushioned within her pussy before shoving his full length into her once more.

Sarah shrieked with pleasure as her hips bucked rapidly, her tits bouncing up to her face as he began to pump into her like a piston. Rich braced himself with a hand above both of her shoulders, faintly aware of her legs wrapping around his waist to pull him deeper into her core. "Yeah, get it that pussy baby! Ohhh, yessss. Just like that Richie—fucking pound me!" Sarah called out as she felt her first orgasm rack through her body like an earthquake.

As she coated his cock with her cream, her body shook forcefully, her arms blindly attempting to find something to grab onto. Her legs stayed hooked around Rich's waist, making sure that he couldn't escape from the vice-like grip of her pussy, forcing him to grind his pelvis into hers, continuing to pleasure her as his pubis rubbed against her proud clit. Sarah's orgasm intensified as her clit felt the hard brush of his flesh, her eyes tightly shut as her body shook harder, another fresh wave of her honey spilling out of her slit and splashing both of their thighs.

Erica stood from the couch, her hands pulling and twisting her nipples as she approached the two. Her pussy was now dripping like a sieve and she needed to feel Sarah's tongue lashing against her lips once more, a tingle rushing up her spine as she thought of the vibrations she knew she would feel every time she heard Sarah moan. Full of excitement, Erica gingerly knelt down, getting a knee near each of her father's hands and lowering her pussy to the mouth that had pleased her not long ago.

Without being told, Sarah extended her tongue and licked the dried cum from Erica's lips, the tip of her muscle wedging between the petals to taste the teen's drenched hole. The strong scent of arousal flooded Sarah's nose and made the woman moan into the girl's already quivering pussy.


"Oohhh," Erica sighed as she felt her pussy split around Sarah's tongue, her fathers short strokes making the tongue vibrate inside her pulsing cunny. As Erica felt Sarah's tongue in her pulsating sleeve, Rich's thick, hard cock pulsated in Sarah's cunt, each quick stroke making him go harder.


His cock pulsated harder, grew longer, when he saw his girlfriend licking his daughter's pussy, moaning at the beautiful sight set before him.

His rhythm continued at a steady rate as he lifted himself from being hunched over Sarah to an upright position, his fingers resting on her plump hips.

Now refreshed with such an erotic sight, Rich began to hammer into Sarah's milking pussy, pulling her onto his cock with each thrust so hard that he could feel the head of his cock kiss the entrance of her cervix. Sarah's muffled moans were blaring from Erica's mound, sending shivers from Erica's pussy straight up her back; each shiver made Erica's nipples progressively harder until the tips were hard and proud, standing out like erasers on her fleshy globes.

"Oh yes," groaned Rich as his cock flew in and out of Sarah's gaping hole.


"You like that baby? You like it when daddy does that to her?" He asked, barely above a whisper as he worked his words around his pants, feeling a sweat break out on his back, chest, and shoulders. Erica could not find the state of mind to give a positive response to her father, but he could tell that she loved it when he saw the whites of her eyes, her head thrown back as she ground her cunt down onto Sarah's face.

The slap of Rich's and Sarah's flesh battled against the sound of Erica's moans and Sarah's lapping tongue, the cum that had dripped onto the floor when Sarah had laid down making a squishing sound as Sarah slid back and forth over the tile.

Sweat and the scent of sex filled the air as Rich pulled his hands away from Sarah's hips and attached them to his daughter's boobs. He cupped the swell of her breasts and squeezed them, his fingers flicking over her nipples at an amazing rate. Instinctively, Erica leaned into her father's hands and let her palms land on Sarah's mounds, encased the hard, pink buds under her damp palms. The shock and excitement of having her hard nipples tended to made Sarah thrust her tongue deep inside Erica's cunt, feeling the bumps of her tongue meet the smooth walls of the teens pussy.

Erica's eyes bulged with an onslaught of her most intense orgasm of that night, her body shaking so hard that she began to lose her sense of self.

The fresh flood of juice covering her tongue and chin triggered Sarah's new orgasm and she gripped Rich's waist tighter with her legs, her arms wrapping themselves around Erica's creamy flesh. Rich's body slammed down onto Sarah's as he felt his cock explode inside Sarah's milking cunny, her walls massaging and spasming around him, awaiting his hot load of cum. Ropes and ropes of his seed landed in Sarah's womb as the three of them melted together in orgasmic bliss.

After a minute, Erica pulled her pussy away from Sarah's face and saw her glazed over look and her cum on the older woman's face and smiled at the picture before her. She looked up at her father and told him to get off of his girlfriend; Rich grudgingly obliged his daughter's request and pulled his shrinking cock from the warmth and softness of Sarah's hairy cunt. Some of Rich's cum began to drip out of Sarah's tired pussy, much to Erica's delight, and Erica leaned over and licked the full length of Sarah's slit, tasting her father's salty seed.

Sarah quivered and idly licked Erica's pussy as the teen ate her out, sucking Rich's semen from her core as he watched the women eat each others cunts.