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Turkish turkce alt yazili anne
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Something New Having transported the bags up to our room, I joined the family on the patio, repositioning between my cousins Jane and Emily. An ideal vantage point, I could observe the delicious teenager's wonderful boobs at close quarters. The night air was warm, the temperature generous and doubtless helped up by the sexy young girl to my left. I wondered if she had a thing for older men. With grandad's generous hospitality, it wasn't long before I'd polished off half a dozen bottles of beer, reminiscing both publicly and privately.

I really loved this place and once hoped Lisa and I might get something similar, far away from claustrophobic city life. If not on quite the same grandiose scale, for the best part of a million was required to own a place like the grandparents had aquired, I'd have settled for a ramshackle shack, if it meant settling down with the right girl.

But those plans were little more than pipe dreams and on hold indefinitely. Finding another girl like Lisa seemed all but impossible. As time marched on and the dark of night began to fall, the older couples left two-by-two until just Paul and cousin Jane, the happy couple, and Emily and I remained.

The four of us chatted cosily for a while, with Paul disclosing that he had a little drink planned in the village the following night. Not quite a stag do (as was customary these days that had already taken place a fortnight earlier) he wanted to mark his last night of freedom with a consolatory drink.

Not to be left out, Jane hastily arranged her own drink-up, with Emily showing enthusiasm. I said I was sure Lisa would be happy to join them. We carried on talking and drinking until the other two decided enough was enough, leaving just Emily and I. Clearly, we were made of sterner stuff and continued working our way through the crate until it was empty. In fact, Emily had managed to match me bottle for bottle, each stacked in front of her like skittles. "Not bad for a girl," I teased, demonstrating a newfound boldness in the glow of alcohol and of the comfort of rising familiarity.

Emily smiled sweetly, blonde hair bathed like licks of fire to the backdrop of an intense spotlight that cut through the dark. As she held the bottleneck to her full lips somewhat seductively, I raised my eyebrows appreciatetively. Whether this was a deliberate act or if she was even aware of the effect it had on me wasn't clear. For all i knew, she might have been a complete innocent or a total tease.

At that very moment, with a bellyful of beer and my faculties severely impaired, I couldn't rightfully adjudge. One thing was for sure, underage cousin or not with all its taboo implications, I wouldn't mind finding out.


We spent the next hour catching up on family matters, flirting innocently and laughing contentedly, until Emily stretched to issue a healthy yawn. In doing so, her breasts jiggled magnificently. "Time I went to bed, I think," she confessed, standing to smooth the crimpled yellow sundress back in place.

Her legs were exquisite, angular and smooth like something off the catwalk. It was amazing she'd grown into such a raving beauty. Moreover, I'd a lot to thank her for too, not least for helping take my mind off Lisa.

I was busily thinking of ways to repay her. "See you in the morning, Gary, " she declared. Leaning over, she teased my chin with a delicate hand and pecked at my cheek. "Night, Emily," I whispered, leaning back in the big comfortable lounging chair, cock prodding hard against the crotch of my jeans, alone to the elements. Oh this really was the life, as free as the foxes and squirrels that gambolled in the woods.

Only here for a matter of hours, already I wanted to stay forever, dreading the return to London and mundane life. Five minutes later, I finished the bottle and stood unsteadily, swaying like a palm tree in a storm. Phew, this stuff was stronger than I thought. Or, in my delicate frame of mind, was I easy prey to its intoxicating allure?

Whatever it was, I was as content as ever before during this woeful spring and summer, when the love died. In one evening, much of the angst over Lisa had dissipated - for now at least - and Emily had much to do with that. As I staggered towards the bedroom door, the next door along suddenly opened in my face. In a blur of movement, I felt myself being pulled unwillingly inside.

It was Emily, a dainty finger held to her pouty lips as I stood questioningly.

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Disorientated from the drink, I stood ashen-faced, unsure of her intentions. "Quick, come here," she gestured, buoyed no doubt by her own significant alcoholic intake. A chair was pushed up against the door in the far corner. Emily stepped up, sundress climbing a shapely bum to reveal the tops of two creamy thighs. I exhaled deeply, still confused yet horny as hell, unable to take my eyes off the beautiful sight.

From down here I could just make out my young cousin's white panties. Yet evidently she had no wish to be leered at. Holding out a hand, she helped me up quickly next to her on the chair. The two of us pressed snugly together, we were peering through the panel of glass over the door. It was a window into a neighbouring room."Oh!" I exclaimed, before Emily pressed a palm over my mouth, accompanied by a giggly command to shush up. In the next door bedroom, our cousin, the bride-to-be Jane, was knelt on the floor.

Her hands were stroking the thighs of fianc?aul, who was on the edge of the bed, lying back and supported by his elbows. Moving in, Jane's hair splayed all over his belly.


We watched through the rapidly misting pane, mouths agape, as Jane's head bobbed up and down on Paul's dick.

Occasionally she'd lift up to catch her breath, exposing a rock hard shaft, dripping with saliva. With antics like these, it was no wonder gran imposed her rules!

Next to me, her tight young body brushing mine as we balanced atop the chair, Emily let out a little groan. I couldn't help but notice her nipples were fully erect, standing out proudly against the light fabric of a white half cup bra beneath the sundress.

Not alone in her state of arousal, I too had become excited, almost bursting through the zip of my jeans, the scene in the next room conjuring up memories of my own blowjobs in the woods when Jane was half the age.

Paul tossed his head back in appreciation as Jane plunged down once more to continue the deep throat action. Clearly the intervening years had done little to blunt her sexual proclivity.

Moving forward, Paul took a hold of Jane's impressively sculptured breasts through the white vest top, squeezing them firmly. Jane groaned onto his cock as, faster and faster, her head bobbed, pumping that hard cock with her lips.

I knew just how good she was at achieving a quick result and soon Paul was grunting and burying a wad of hot seed deep in her throat.

Jane vacuumed up every drop, swallowing greedily and smacking her lips together. What a shame I'd come in on the action too late. Thankfully, however, the action was far from over. Climbing up on the bed, Jane hoisted up her skirt and beckoned her future husband to return the favour.

I could hear Emily's breath quicken as she realised what was about to happen. We exchanged half-guilty glances but made no effort to move away.


From the foot of the bed, stealthily Paul began to move up, parting her lovely legs to apply soft kisses to the supple spot at the backs of his fiancee's knees. Moving higher, he came to her thighs, those most sensitive, highly erotic and underrated parts of a woman's body, that my time with Lisa had educated me. Belying his stout demeanour, Paul adminstered delicate kisses all along her upper thighs, occasionally painting the smooth skin with flowing licks and light nibbles.

All of his actions were slow, loving and deliberate as he steadily advanced up towards the panty-covered apex between her thighs. Part of a two-strong secret audience, I was engrossed, as was Emily who was breathing heavily.

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Jane appeared to be too, lustfully anticipating Paul's tongue, her soft sighs muted by the glass panel. My cock was throbbing in a pair of jeans that felt as if they'd shrunk to half the size. With the delightful young Emily so close and flushed with sexual allure, I was sorely tempted to reach aside and run a hand up her thigh.

Yet I didn't want to ruin the moment and any future opportunity with heavy handed - and possibly misguided - actions. In the next door room, Paul ran his tongue back and forth, using the silky fabric of Jane's undies to carefully caress the delicate regions hidden beneath. The slippery material lubricated his lips as they repeatedly nibbled tenderly across Jane's heated pubic mound. Each faint lick greeted his mouth with the delicious moisture that was beginning to soak through her panties from an excited pussy.

The first opportunity to get his nose up close, he inhaled purposefully, drinking in the sweet musky scent of her arousal. Jane's hands began working beneath the vest top, raising it up her body and arching a slender back. The flimsy garment rode over her tits and concertina'd around her neck. Gently cupping a pair of bounteous breasts through a lacy bra, she subtly stroked each hardening nipple. From my high vantage point, I could almost see Paul's mouth watering.

I know mine was, desperately wanting to replace him at Jane's crotch and taste her musky delights. Thumbs hooking the waistband of her panties, he began to tug, the garment easing from her luscious hips.

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Jane's knees and curvaceous little arse elevating, he eased the satiny undies onto her long legs before lowering towards her feet. A simple flick of the wrist brought the material carrying her feminine perfume up to his nose.

He sniffed with ardour as Jane watched, hands skillfully moulding her boobs. I almost lost it when Paul did that, reaching for my cock before realising where I was and who I was with. I could only imagine Jane's incredible scent filling his nostrils. The erotic aroma of her ardour clearly fuelled his desires as he dove headlong into the task of pleasuring his lover. Fully exposed to him from the waist down, it was a wonderful sight to behold.

Gingerly, Paul lifted her lovely legs and draped each knee over his shoulders. As he leaned in for a closer look, his eyes caught hers looking down at the downy patch of hair between her legs in sweet anticipation of what he was about to do. Faintly licking up one responsive side at the very edge of her puffy vulva and then slowly down the other, his nose carefully burrowed through the light curls, tongue repeatedly tracing along the outside of the swollen lips.

Licking gently up and down her silken folds, though not opening them, he licked and occasionally gave each one a tender nibble. As I watched open-mouthed and Emily's breath upped a further notch, Paul continued to paint his tongue over an area that clearly aroused her, a hand moving to his head to hold him in place.

As the tonguetip carefully delved between the dark outer lips and her succulent pink inner flesh, I could make out her breathing change to a series of faint gasps and whimpers. A deep longing moan escaped from her mouth as he soothingly lapped at the juices flowing freely from her vaginal entrance. I so wanted to pleasure myself, a real task not to. With dexterity, Paul moved on to the hood of skin covering her delicious little clitoris and began to suck gently on the flap over the bud, not yet touching the exquisite pink pearl itself.

Licking my lips and imagining it was me, I loved the way her pelvis started to roll against the pleasing pressure of his mouth. Paul decided to use a finger to stroke smoothly between her gaping pussy lips. It didn't take long to collect enough of her slippery juices to ease the thick digit within the velvety folds of her vagina. One finger soon became two as he tenderly probed along the front inner wall for his wife-to-be's elusive g-spot.

Recalling moments of such ecstasy with Lisa in better days, when our sex life was amazing, I knew from experience that Jane's pussy felt warm and wet. Her lover started licking around her clit in rapid little circles moving his fingers inside her in a stirring motion.

Tonguing that small fleshy button in subtle figure-of-eight motions, he spread the two fingers apart, then together, then apart over and over again. Using his tongue, he alternated between short, fast, up and down motions of her love bud to drive her mad with desire.

Carefully teasing back the delicate hood with only the very tip of his tongue so that her clitoris was now fully exposed, he only needed to suck on it lightly, very lightly. Jane's body squirmed with delight against the pleasuring touch of his mouth and I was squirming in rhythm up against the wooden chair, imagining my hard cock deep inside my cousin, fucking her long and hard. It was straining against the zip achingly and I was desperate to free it, yet wary of blowing everything in a single moment of madness.

Glancing across, I noticed that Emily had a hand on her right breast, moving it carefully and moaning ever so softly, as erotic a sight as that upon which we were feasting our eyes. Her breath was staccato now and I was sure she'd gotten wet between the legs for she was rotating her hips. I could imagine a single dewdrop of vaginal juice wending its way slowly down Emily's inner thigh, my tongue above her knee, waiting to gather it up. As I looked back, I saw that Jane's encouraging fingers were now carefully stroking through Paul's hair, hips writhing uncontrollably beneath his face, subtle moans becoming exquisite groans of increasing sexual desperation.

It took nearly all of his strength and concentration to keep his lips clamped lovingly around her pulsating clit as he continued to alternate the faint sucking motion with a delicate licking with the very tip of his pointy tongue. He knew he only had to hold out for a few more critical seconds to ensure she would go completely over the edge of the climax that had been building up all this time, deep within her heated loins. Emily and I held our breath in anticipation.

And then it happened. Her hands tightly gripped the back of his head to draw his face even harder against her heaving pussy while those long and lovely legs of hers wrapped around his neck to hold him in place. It wasn't long before an intricate series of spasms rippled deep through her tummy and those powerful vaginal muscles clamped down around his plunging fingers in a series of incredible contractions. Paul looked up just in time to see her head roll from side to side as finally she vocalised her exquisite orgasmic release with an extended scream of pure sexual pleasure - and relief.

Giggling coquettishly, Emily dismounted the chair before risking an embarrassed discovery. I followed suit, the pair of us standing face to face, not sure what to say. With the sexual gymnastics of the next room still engrained in my brain and, staring into the eyes of the most beautiful teenager I'd seen in a long while, control was asking a bit much for a pissed-up and sexually-repressed buck. Reaching over almost subconsciously, I ran a hand up Emily's sundress from the thigh, gently stroking her bum.

I'm sure a flicker of lust lit her expressive eyes before quickly she brushed the rogue hand away. "I think you'd better go to bed, Gary," she chided. "Your girlfriend will be waiting." Emily ushered me disappointedly and somewhat guiltily to the door as I made half-arsed apologies, shooing me off. Disconsolately I shuffled along the landing, one last lingering look over my shoulder.

Emily smiled sweetly and waved before closing the door. Groping blindly in the pitch black room, I kicked off my jeans and wrestled with my t-shirt before climbing in next to Lisa. The heat from her body radiated beneath the covers, her back to my chest.

Painfully aware of the continuing throbbing in my groin, my drunken brain told me to seek satisfaction right there and right then, and to hell with the consequences.

Tentatively I placed a hand on Lisa's shoulder, prompting a light stirring. The humidity of the night provided a definite bonus for she slept naked despite the threat of having me for company.

Doubtless she hadn't bargained on some teenaged nymphette, a lusty couple and several bottles of strong lager turning her ex into the sex pest from hell. But I needed relief, oh how I needed relief. My cock was like a length of lead piping. Gently I stroked her shoulder, recalling days gone by when foreplay was a virtue, before moving down her upper arm.

She groaned in her sleep, causing me to stop momentarily. Regaining my nerve, angling inside I located a breast, palm compressing to cup it lightly. Tiny in comparison to Jane's or Emily's, nonetheless it felt good to the touch. Raising a thumb, I lightly grazed the surface, smiling as the teat inflated involuntarily. Lisa seemed to be enjoying it too, moaning away gently in her sleep. Boldly my other hand eased against an upper thigh. Clamped against its twin, one on top of the other as she lay in profile, sadly her cunt was completely impregnable.

Never mind, my drunken brain told me, there was still her arse, I decided. A finger explored the elongated crack of her shapely buttocks, drawing a wistful sigh.

Lisa's arse was adorable, the first thing that had attracted me to her way back when. Moving in closer, my hot breath on the back of her neck, I readied myself for a surprise, yet necessary, rear entry. Forgetting how damned tight she was, even at the best of times, the head of my cock dug at the puckered ring only to be immediately repelled. Rousing, Lisa growled in her sleep before rolling away. Thankfully groggy from a few glasses of wine on the patio, I seemed to have gotten away with it.

Stalking her across the bed, I began to rub the tip of my cock on her thigh. "Oh baby I wanna fuck you so bad," I babbled. Losing balance, I collapsed on top her, breathing in starts. "Gary, no!" she cried, waking and pushing me away. "Get off me." Thankfully her fatigue and lots of apologies saved me from a severe roasting, though I suspected there'd be trouble the following morning.

I reached out once more to offer a consolatory touch but my hand was brushed aside. Rolling over to the very side of the bed, I stared upwards into the void of black. Being rejected twice in the space of one evening was hard to bear. And there was no way on earth I could sleep with a stonker like this between my legs. Slinking to the en suite bathroom, I sat on the toilet and visualised Lisa, reliving in my mind some of the hottest days of our lovemaking.

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I loathed her and decided after this she was to be banished from my mind forever. This wank was for old time's sake, nothing more. Building a steady rhythm I remembered the first time we set eyes on each other at the UCL disco, how I'd requested that first dance and incredidly had not been turned down.

I remembered how it led to our first kiss and recalled how she'd made me wait four whole dates before even allowing me to feel her tits.

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How it was four more before our passions boiled to the point of the first blowjob, and how good that had felt. I smiled to myself remembering the slight disappointment I'd felt at learning she didn't want to swallow. And then…and then, after six whole months, I recollected our first wondrous fuck.

Jeez, the missionary position had never felt so good. But that was all way back when and now we were nothing more than passengers waiting for the next bus to arrive. Glancing down, I was no nearer to cumming than when I'd first started jerking off five minutes back. I could be here all night at this rate. It was then that it dawned upon me truly that Lisa and I were over. Our love had flown.

But then, with a wicked grin I pictured Emily, my flirty little cousin, in her sundress. Oh God yes, I was unwrapping her gorgeous breasts and sucking hard upon each nipple as she gripped my hair. How I wanted that gorgeous little minx. I wanted to do things to her that would shock Lisa. I wanted her to do things to me that might shock me. Fuck yes.

Four healthy tugs and a rope of spunk shot hard up my belly. I was breathless yet relieved, head spinning and mouthing Emily's name over and over. Then it all went starry in my head like a cartoon. Lunging forward, I collapsed on the tiled floor and was immediately out for the count where I fell.

Perhaps not the most auspicious start to the wedding weekend, lying in a heap on the bathroom floor, better surely was to come. --- The third and penultimate part will follow soon.