Perky tits brunette babe drilled by perverted pawn keeper smalltits and blowjob

Perky tits brunette babe drilled by perverted pawn keeper smalltits and blowjob
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Mia sat at the kitchen table of her new mother-in-law Diana sipping her morning coffee as her new husband Steve kissed her on the forehead before heading out the door for work. It was been two weeks since the wedding the two wed each other in front of their family and friends.


It was a beautiful wedding as Mia was her father's only girl and youngest out of five children, he pushed for the works for his baby girl. Before the wedding Mia had more her stuff into Steve's mother's house as he was an only child and had the apartment like setting in the basement with its own kitchen, on-suite bathroom, and entrance from outside. The engaged couple was offered to be able to live in the basement apartment till the found and bought their first home together. So when Diana sat down at the table with Mia she thought that her new daughter-in-law would be beaming from the wedding, honeymoon in Hawaii, and knowing that her and her new husband was set with a place to live for as long as they needed as Diana wanted to keep her baby Steve around as long as possible.

"What's wrong sweetie?" asked Diana as she noticed that Mia was staring out into space. "Uh, what, oh nothing" answered Mia coming back from her thoughts. Mia knew what was wrong but didn't have someone to talk to as her folks were back across the country and Mia never really had those close girlfriends growing up as one of the boys.

She wanted to talk to her mother but it wasn't something that could be done over the phone.

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"Did you and Steve have a fight?" Diana asked trying not to prey but wanted to know if something was up. "No it's not that, its's just that something happen on the honeymoon and I wanted to talk to my mom, but it's hard over the phone" Mia told Diana. "Well, I know that I'm not your mother but you can tell me anything even if it's about Steve and I will not speak a word to anybody" Diana told Mia placing her hands around Mia's that were holding her coffee mug.

"I don't know" said Mia. "Well I'm here whenever need to talk dear" Diana told Mia as she stood and headed out of the kitchen. "I'm going to shower" she said exiting the room. As Diana washed her body in the shower now she was deep in thought as to what her son had done to Mia. Steve was young when his father die unexpectedly from a heart attack, but even without having a man figure in his life Diana tried to raise her son to respect women. After she was done and entered to bedroom to get dress there was a knock at her door.

Diana wrapped herself in the towel and told Mia that she could entered. "Oh, I'm sorry" Mia said seeing her mother-in-law with just a short towel on. Unlike herself Diana was a full figure woman with large breast and curvy hips so the towel didn't cover everything and Mia did spot Diana's bush that was visible below the towel.

"I'll come back after you dress" she said. "No need we are family now" Diana said dropping the towel and exposing her fully naked body to Mia. For a woman in her late forties Diana kept herself in very good shape, though losing her husband to a heart attack boosted her to work out more.

Mia was lost in the moment seeing her new mother-in-law naked for the first time, she saw that though she had large breast that looked to be of D or DD size they were still very much perky for their size. She was tanned with no tan lines but she had a full thick bush of public hair. It wasn't until Diana had put on a pair of yoga pants and a top did Mia snap out of the trance of staring at Diana's body. "Did you want to talk about something dear?" Diana ask Mia sitting down on the bed and patting the spot next to her for Mia to sit too.

"Umm… I… umm… I don't know how to ask this being that you're Steve's mom and anything?" Mia started stumbling over her words. "Did… umm. did Steve's father have, umm was Steve's father, well… was he you know big down there?" Mia was now totally red in the face and couldn't believe that she had asked this of Steve's own mother. "Well he was of average size I guess dear, why?" Diana responded.

Mia told Diana that she told Steve and she wanted to wait till they were married before having sex and Steve said that was ok with him; she told him that she was never with anybody and that she wanted to save that for her husband. She didn't ask if Steve had been with anybody before dating her, but she knew he had. She loved Steve and knew if he loved her he would wait. So that bought them to their wedding night and they started kissing and removing each other's clothes… "Well and?" Diana asked after Mia stopped and sat quite for a moment.

"It's ok you can tell me, sweetie" she said placing her hand on Mia's thigh and rubbing it a little. Mia continued to tell Diana that as she unzipped Steve's pants that this huge dick flopped out as he wasn't wearing any underwear. "How big was it?" Diana asked sounding more like a girlfriend of Mia's asking for the juicy details of a boy than the mother of her husband.

"You know those energy drinks or iced tea cans, like that size" Mia told her.

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"Oh, my" was all Diana said, but Mia swear that she saw her mother-in-law lick her lips. Mia said that she wanted to please her new husband with whatever he waited so she didn't think twice when he bought his cock to her mouth and she opened it and tried to suck on it like the girls did in the few porn flicks she saw.

It was too big to get the whole thing in her mouth she so had to just lick and suck on the head of his dick. Now she knew that this was turning her mother-in-law on as she was squeezing her thighs together and rubbing that on each other. He breathing was a little shallower too as Mia continued with her story. Next after the failed attempted at foreplay Steve laid her down on the bed and got on top of her between her legs. Mia's bald pussy, haven always kept it shaven because she like the feel of the smoothest, was supper wet haven dreamed of this moment.

Steve lined his cock up with her pussy as Mia looked down at it. It looked so big at the opening of her pussy as Steve rubbed the head up and down between her lips. Then with his hand gripped around his cock Steve pushed it into Mia and a mix of pain and pleasure washed over her body before the only thing that was left was pain.

Steve pushed a little more into Mia as she let out soft screams of pain as she was very tight and his was very big. Steve didn't want to hurt his love so he stopped and let Mia rest before trying again to push he cock into her. This time about half of it got in before Mia was pushing on Steve's chest and telling him to stop. He pulled out and Mia jumped from the bed and locked herself in the bathroom as she cried from the pain and the thought of her new husband not loving her anymore.

"Then what happen?" Diana asked. "Well I stayed in there for an hour crying and when I came out I just laid in bed with Steve cuddling me till I fell asleep" she told her.

Mia said that the next day they went to the beach and enjoyed the day the ending with a romantic dinner by the ocean, but after they tried again and this time Steve got all the way in but it still hurt a lot.

"It was like he was in my stomach punching it" Mia told Diana.

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"So after they stopped trying and she just sucked him off or gave him a handjob." "Oh my dear I am so sorry" Diana told her as she had pulled her into a hug and rubbed her back. Mia was now crying into her mother-in-law's big chest, it was like resting her head on two soft pillows. "You know dear, Steve's father didn't have the size cock that you speak of, but I have been with a couple of guys who did back when I was in college" Diana told Mia as she was still holding her in her arms.

"How did you manage it, I think my pussy is just too small, and now Steve won't want to be with me." "I mean if we can't have sex then what goo am I?" Mia said as she had now made the top of Diana shirt all wet with her tears. "If I know my son, he loves you more than anything and with a little of my help you will be able to take all of his cock like a pro" Diana told her daughter-in-law pushing her back and looking into her eyes.

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Diana wiped the tears from Mia's eye and told her that she would help her out at once. She told Mia to strip and lay on the bed, to Mia opening her mouth to question her, but she placed a finger to Mia's lips and repeated to strip. Mia did as she was told now knowing why she was doing it but so found herself naked on her mother-in-law's bed. Diana was standing over her looking down a Mia's body as she herself removed her clothes. Mia was a slender body compared to her own with only small B cup breast and no real hips or ass.

Mia's legs were skinny like her arms and met at her bald pussy that because of the size of her pussy lips looked like a butterfly spreading its wings as she laid there. Diana didn't waste any time as she pushed Mia's legs back and out opening her to Diana.

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She bought two of her fingers to her mouth and sucked on them getting them covered in her spit before bringing them down to Mia's pussy and rubbing her clit and pussy with them. "You will see that all it takes is a little prep beforehand to stretched her pussy to be able to take whatever you want" Diana said as she was working two then three of her fingers into Mia's pussy.

"Uh… umm… what do you mean whatever I want" Mia said biting her bottom lip as Diana was pleasuring her by rubbing her clit and finger fucking her with all four of her fingers. Mia couldn't believe that as Diana was rubbing her clit the pleasure that she was receiving from it was making her not think or feel that Diana had half her hand in her pussy.

"I guess I will have to teach Steve that you can't just ram your big cock into you all willy-nilly, but you have to first warm you up and then he can do all sorts of things." The pleasure that Mia was receiving from Diana made her not question that she said that "She would teach her son".

Diana now had her whole hand in Mia fist fucking her as she sucked on Mia's nipple giving her body pleasure everywhere. All Mia could hear was the sound of her dripping wet pussy getting a fist fucked in and out of it and the feeling that she was on her third orgasm and her body wanted more.

Diana pulled her hand from Mia's pussy covered in pussy juice and bought it to Mia's mouth. Mia opened her mouth and sucked her own pussy juice from Diana's hand while Diana was taking Mia's place on the bed.

"I want you to suck my pussy" Diana told Mia spreading her legs to Mia was now staring at Diana wet bush covered in its own juices. For a girl who waited till married and never thought of doing anything with another female had just been fisted by one and was now going to be going down on her, to top it all off that other woman was her mother-in-law.

Mia was in the moment and didn't skip a beat as she lowered her face into Diana's pussy and started licking and sucking it. Only having tasted pussy juice for the first time a moment ago, Mia found Diana's to be a little tangy to the sweetness of hers. Mia didn't know what she was doing but from the moans that Diana was letting out she knew that she was doing good.

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Using her hands Mia spread open Diana's pussy and licked the inner part of it and flicked her tongue on Diana's clit that got a yelp from Diana and her pushing Mia's face deeper into her pussy. Diana reached down and grabbed Mia's hand and bought it to her mouth and cleaned it of her own juices before pushing it back down and telling Mia to lick her asshole. "What?" Mia said still with her face buried in Diana's pussy. "No way." But Diana with two hands full of Mia's hair pushed her down to her ass.

"Lick it bitch, now" Diana yelled at Mia trying to force her to do what she said.

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Mia could feel the grip of her hair get tighter while she looked at her mother-in-law's puckered asshole and with no other option Mia stuck out her tongue to lick her first asshole. She could feel the texture on her tongue as she lick Diana's hole and where she thought there would be a taste of something there wasn't. Diana told her daughter-in-law to stick her tongue in her ass as the feeling she was feeling was like no else. After about a good five to ten minutes of this Diana ass was relaxed enough that Mia's was getting all of her tongue in her mother-in-law's asshole as she could.

"Now I want you to work your hand in there like I did your pussy dear" Diana told Mia as she got a little pink vibrator from the nightstand drawer next to the bed, and soon after a little work Mia was fisting her mother-in-law's asshole.

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Diana rotated so she was now on her elbows and knees with Mia fucking her fist in and out of Diana's ass as she worked her own clit with the vibrator. "See work a little warm up can do sweetie" Diana said between moans as Mia fisted her ass. Mia couldn't believe that a pussy would be able to take a fist let alone an ass, but she was fucking her husband's mother in the ass with her fist and Diana was enjoying it.

Diana told her to pull her hand out and Diana grabbing her own ass cheeks to keep her asshole spread Mia watched as Diana inter part of her ass came out. "Oh baby suck my ass" Diana told Mia and Mia did. She was now sucking on Diana's inner asshole as it was now on the outside of her body. This sent Diana over the edge and she started to squirt huge amount of her pussy juice all over the place.

Diana fell forward causing her to spray Mia with her cum as she was having the biggest orgasm of her life. Once she was done she laid there no being able to move as Mia licked the cum from her face and what she could get off her body. It was the hottest thing she had ever seen and it was then she relies that she had cummed again with Diana. "Oh my god that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen" came a voice from behind Mia. Mia turned to see that Steve was standing in the doorway with his pants around his ankles stroking his huge cock, and there in front of him was wet spots in the rub of glops of cum from him jerking off to the sight his mother and new wife doing what they were doing.


"Sweetie, it's not what it looks like" Mia told Steve grabbing a sheet to cover herself as Steve mother just laid there still too tired to move. All Steve did was walk to his now wife and mother kissing them both on the lips then saying how wonderful this married and living here was going to be.