Naughty cutie really likes sucking massive hard rods

Naughty cutie really likes sucking massive hard rods
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Baby Sitting Part 1 Nastia was thirteen but her uncle treated her like an adult, even flirted with her when they were alone.

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Her dad had left when she was a baby and her uncle Frank was the closest thing to a father that Nastia had known. Despite her lack of experience, she knew that a demur blink of her innocent brown eyes or a slight wiggle of her pert backside would be enough to get her way with Uncle Frank.

She had arrived home from school to find uncle Frank was already there. "Your Mum's out, I'm baby sitting." "I'm not a baby," pouted Nastia. "I can see that but I can't say I'm looking after my sexy young niece, can I?" The thirteen you old blushed. "You can if you like, just make sure that mum doesn't hear you." "So don't I get a kiss hello from my sexy young niece?" "Not usually, do you really think I'm sexy?" Her uncle grinned and held out his arms.

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"Come here and I'll tell you what I think." The youngster dropped her school bag and sauntered over to his chair. Her uncle patted his knee on his lap and waited expectantly. "Well, do you think I'm sexy?" "You tell me first," teased her uncle, "do you think I'm sexy?"? She giggled delightedly, "Of course not, you're too old to be sexy." "Too old am I?" He tickled her ribs and she squealed with surprise.

"Don't! You know I hate being tickled." "That's what makes it fun," he lied calmly, enjoying the heat of her little body wiggling on his lap. He felt his penis stiffen as his young niece's bottom squirmed against him. Her slim body was warm and supple beneath his hand and, if the innocent youngster noticed his growing erection pressed against her, she didn't mention it. He stopped tickling her when she tried to catch her breath and she immediately struggled to get up.

Her breath was hot on his cheek as she panted impatiently. "Let go of me, I can't breathe properly." He held onto her, his hands resting lightly on her heaving rib cage, immediately below her small breasts.

"When you say sorry for calling me old." "Okay, I'm sorry." "And give me a kiss hello." She shook her head petulantly, "I told you I didn't want to." "I'm not letting you up until you do," he said taking advantage of her struggles to move, his hand slightly until he felt the soft warmth of the underside of her breasts against his fingers.

He apologized as if it had been an accident when she pushed his hand away irritably. She grinned knowingly and then shrugged in resignation. "Okay, one kiss and then you let me go." Soft lips, still sticky with recent chocolate pressed briefly and clumsily against his. His erection jerked against her bottom and she gave a surprised gasp of sweet breath into his mouth. She giggled quietly and ground her bottom into his lap. "You really think I'm sexy don't you?" she breathed softly.

She pecked him quickly on the lips before she wriggled free of his grasp and threw herself into the chair opposite. Her smooth skin gleamed with a soft sheen of perspiration as she sprawled inelegantly in the armchair.

Casually draping on slim leg over the arm of the chair, the youngster seemed unaware that her uncle could see up her skirt and between her open thighs.

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She stared curiously at the bulge in his trousers. "Does it always go like that?" He nodded, aware of the direction of her gaze and unwilling to tear his own eyes from the soft swelling that was visible beneath her white panties.

"Only when I'm with someone I fancy," he said quietly. Her face flushed and she looked away quickly. "Does that mean you fancy me then?" "Of course I do." "But I'm your niece," she said, feeling secretly flattered, "you shouldn't feel like that about me." Her uncle shrugged, "I can't help the way I feel." She grinned cheekily and poked the tip of her tongue out at him.

"That's incest or something isn't it?" "It's not incest to fancy you, only if I did something about it." "You did do something.


You made me kiss you." She accused. "It was an innocent kiss," protested her uncle, "there was nothing incestuous about that." "That thing in your trousers isn't innocent," she said boldly, "I felt it press into me." "It's not a thing, it's and erection and you can't tell me that you've never felt one before." "Of course I haven't," the flustered child blushed more deeply.

"You really are innocent aren't you?" "I may not have felt one but I know what it is and what it's for." "So what's you problem?" "Men of your age aren't meant to fancy thirteen year old girls, I'd be too young for you even if you weren't my uncle." "I know that.

You don't even know how to kiss properly yet." "You don't have to kiss me if you don't like it, anyway I wouldn't kiss you properly even if I was an expert," she pouted.

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"Why not?" She shrugged, "you're meant to be my uncle not my boyfriend." "Have you got a boyfriend?" She shook her head, "not yet." "I don't know how you'll ever get one if you can't kiss properly. I could teach you how to kiss if you like." She shook her head carelessly, "no thanks, I'm not really interested." "Please yourself. I didn't think kissing me was that terrible?" "It wasn't," she grinned mischievously, "and I can't be that bad either, I managed to make you thing go hard." "That's true," he smiled ruefully.

"Just as well it didn't go really hard." "Why?" said Nastia with studied innocence. "Does it hurt when it's hard?" "No, but I might have trouble controlling myself, if I get too excited," he said casually.


The young school girl frowned in thought for a moment, "when you get excited then?" "Of course, that's why it went hard. Didn't it excite you, knowing that you made it hard?" She shook her head. "Of course not," she said indignantly.

"Not even a little bit?" he persisted. His niece shrugged. "Maybe, a bit I suppose," she admitted reluctantly. "So why did you jump off my lap? Didn't you like the feeling?' "It was okay, I was surprised that's all. Anyway, what did you expect me to do?" "I don't know. What would you like to have done?" She would have liked to stay on his lap a little longer to satisfy her curiosity about what had happened but she was too embarrassed to admit that to her uncle.

"I don't know," she said, "why should I want to do anything?" "You might have wanted to touch it," replied her uncle trying to calm the tremor in his voice. Nasita was astonished by the suggestion though the idea fascinated and excited her. The youngster wondered if her uncle was serious or if he was just teasing her again. "It's a good thing I know you're joking, you'd have me worried otherwise." "Who says I'm joking," said her uncle. "You can touch it if you like." "You really are disgusting," she grinned, "anyway, you couldn't even control it when I sat on you lap.

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You'd probably burst with excitement if I held it." "I expect I would, eventually." Nastia looked puzzled and then she shuddered with exaggerated disgust. "Ugh! You are so gross. I wonder sometimes why you're my favorite uncle." "If I really was your favorite uncle, you wouldn't think it was gross." "Well it's still gross," she said petulantly, "and if mum could hear you trying to debauch her little girl…" her smooth brow wrinkled as she paused in thought, "…is that the right word, debauch?" "Probably, seduce sounds nicer though." "Not if you're doing it to a thirteen year old school girl." "I take it you don't want to touch it then?" "You really are a dirty old man aren't you?" she said scornfully.

"You should have a cold bath or something." "That's a good idea, you could my back, and my front too if you like." "You don't give up do you?" she said with mock exasperation.

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Her mind whirled with curiosity. She had no intention of doing what he wanted but she was curious to know what a man's penis looked like and surely there couldn't be any harm in just touching it to see how it felt. Her uncle echoed her thoughts. "It wouldn't hurt you just to touch it," he said slyly.

"I meant, if you wanted to, you know, to see what it feels like." Her pulse raced at the thought but she hid her excitement. "I'm sure I'll find out someday," she said nonchalantly. Her uncle spread his hands as if to show he had nothing to hide. His smile was gentle and disarming. "Why not now? Don't you trust me Nastia?

You know I love you too much to do anything to hurt you." "Of course I trust you and I love you too but I couldn't do that.

I'd die of embarrassment." "It's your fault it's hard," he said reasonably. "The least you could do is finish what you started." "What do you mean? "You know, make me cum." Nastia stared mutely at her uncle, too shocked to speak. "You do know what I mean, don't you?" he said. "You're determined to corrupt me, aren't you? I've never done anything like that." "You will one day and it's better to learn how to do it with someone who loves you than some spotty kid who's just after what he can get isn't it?" "I suppose so," she agreed reluctantly, "but you're my uncle?" "Your uncle who loves you," he reminded the confused youngster "what harm can it do?" "I don't know," she said, bewildered and worried, "I just don't think we should." "Why not?" "Because if mum found out, she'd kill us both." "She wouldn't find out thought, would she?

It'd be our secret." "I don't even know what to do." She said weakly, "I'd probably hurt you or something." "Don't worry I'll show you." He smiled encouragingly and beckoned to her. "Come here." The worried child hesitated and her uncle beckoned again.

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"You don't have to do anything if you don't want to." She stood up reluctantly and walked slowly to where he was sitting. "Do you promise? I don't have to-to&hellip.? "You don't have to do anything." He reassured her, "unless you want to give me a hug." He held here hand gently and slowly persuaded her back onto his lap. Her slim arm curled around his neck and she buried her face in the warmth of his chest.

He caressed her cheek lightly and kissed her hair. The youngster smiled trustingly up at him and kissed him impulsively on the lips. His half erect penis stirred against her bottom and she grinned happily.

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"It moves when I kiss you doesn't it?" Her uncle smiled lazily, "it certainly looks like it." "Can we do it again?" she asked, sounding like a child pleading for another ride at the funfair.

"Okay, but not like that." "What do you mean?" she said suspiciously.