Köstlich haarige Oma saugt und fickt

Köstlich haarige Oma saugt und fickt
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It's a quiet Saturday afternoon. It's cool and grey outside and no one is around so Bobby, 16, and his friend Jimmy, 15, are watching a movie.

Their feet are up on the coffee table and the soda and popcorn are in abundance. Bobby's parents are gone so while the cat's away… Suddenly the backdoor slammed opened and Linda rushed in. Linda is Bobby's younger sister. She is 15 and quite stunning to look at. It's only been a couple of weeks since Bobby and Linda found out about sex and how great it can be. "Oh, I'm late. I've got to get to work and I really need a shower." She is moving like a tornado, rushing here and there.

Then she spotted the movie. "Oh, I love this movie." and her butt hit the chair across from Bobby and Jimmy. She was engrossed and lost. She wasn't going to move until the movie was over and that was over an hour away. "Sis, aren't you going to be late?" Distractedly she said, "Oh, yeah" She then started unbuttoning her blouse. Her eyes hadn't left the TV but her hand absently moved to the bottom her blouse and began unbuttoning the buttons, one, then the other so very slowly.

Then there was only one button left and it was directly between her tits. While Bobby was watching the movie and had seen those firm, B-cup, tanned breasts many times in the last few weeks, he was still glancing over once in a while. Jimmy on the other hand had never seen real live tits before. He was trying to not get caught as he kept glancing back and forth, the movie complete lost to him. He was that one button left and tried to will it to pop.

It was his only chance to see the tits he had dreamed about for a couple of years now. If only it would pop. But it didn't. Linda's hands stopped moving and she was lost in the movie again. Jimmy sneezed and hoped it didn't sound too fake. The sneeze did the trick. Linda was brought back to the here and now.

She was late for work and needed a shower. Her hand moved up and that last button was undone.

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Jimmy couldn't believe his unbelievable luck! The blouse was now unbuttoned and sliding off her arms.

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She wasn't wearing a bra and B-cup breasts were there for him to see. She didn't seem to even know Bobby and Jimmy were in the room. She was moving mechanically. She folded her blouse then stood up and slid her shorts off.


Her panties came off at the same time. She had a little runway patch of hair above her slit and the rest was completely shaved clean. While her eyes never left the TV, she folded her clothes.

Jimmy was trying to keep an eye on her yet he didn't want to seem like a letch. His glances were quick and short. Still, he had to adjust his pants a couple of times. At 15, this was the first time Jimmy had seen a naked girl. Linda was standing nude, watching the TV when the commercial came on and her trance was broken. Off she ran to the shower. Jimmy asked, "Does she do that often?

I mean does she take her clothes off in the living room in front of people often?" "Yeah. She likes to be nude in front of people. Sometimes she just flashes her tits or pussy. It really turns her on." "Has she always been like that?" "No. About 2 months ago, we learned about how great sex can be and since then, she likes to show off her body to anyone that will look.

Last week was the first time and it was an accident. However, when we got home, she was so turned on, we fucked for hours. Now she has a lot of fun with showing off." Jimmy asked, "What do you mean, 'How great sex can be?' Have you actually had sex with her or just look at her?" "We fuck 3-5 times a day. We can't keep our hands off each other. She likes to ride in my truck nude and I get to play with her tits and pussy all I want to." Jimmy was deep in thought.

"Do you think she'd let me fuck her?" "Nothing against you but not a chance.

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We have an agreement. We can't fuck anyone else.


That way we can't get any diseases." "I don't have any diseases. I've never fucked anyone so I can't give her any.

That would work, wouldn't it?" "Sorry, no. It is a rule and we won't break it." Just then Linda came back into the room with a pile of clothes under her arm and her hair in a towel.

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Still she was nude and the water from the shower was dripping down her glistening body. She dropped her clothes on the chair and standing, continued to dry her hair. This caused her tits to sway and bounce. Jimmy was back to only glancing at Linda, not wanting to get caught staring.


He was feeling really awkward. "Sis, Jimmy really wants to watch you get dressed but he doesn't want you to think he is weird or something because he is staring." "I was beginning to think he was weird because he wasn't staring. Jimmy, you can stair as much as you like." With Jimmy staring, she finished drying her hair then her body. She paid a lot of attention to drying her tits and then to drying that little patch of hair above her slit.

As she ran the towel along the crack of her really fine ass, she turned and bent over giving the boys a show. Even Bobby was staring now. As she finished her hair, Bobby asked, "Sis, would you get us a couple of sodas from the fridg?" She walked to the kitchen and this brought her right next to Jimmy.

His eyes never left her body as she moved past him. The drinks were returned and Jimmy was again adjusting his pants.

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Bobby understood his discomfort and unzipped is own pants. With a little help, his cock popped out and he began to stroke it. "Jimmy, why don't you get your cock out and beat off too? She won't be nude much longer and I know you want to do this." Jimmy looked a little hesitant and pulled his cock out. It was about 5" long and hard as steal. He slowly stroked it. He was a bit embarrassed. He had never beat off in front of anyone, much less a nude goddess like Linda.

Linda was ready to put her clothes on but knew they guys needed to get off first and it wouldn't be right to leave them with a full load.

"Jimmy, maybe this will help you pop your load quicker." She sat on the chair, leaned back, and spread her legs. This position gave both the guys a complete view of her wonderful body. She reached down with one hand and pulled the lips of her pussy apart. Then she slid two fingers into her waiting, wet, hot pussy and slowly finger fucked herself.


She wasn't planning on cuming herself but she wanted to get the guys off. It only took about a minute and Jimmy's cock shot hot streams of cum on his shirt. He continued to pump his cock until there was nothing left.

Bobby took a little longer and caught it in his hand. "Linda, would you like a little treat?" he asked. Linda slid from her chair to the floor and crawled over to him.

He extended his arm and she lapped the cum from his hand. She sucked his fingers clean then pushed him back and licked the last little bit from his cock. She milked the last drop and licked it from the tip. This was in full view of Jimmy. He had seen everything. She rose to her feet, moved to her clothes, and faster than they could believe possible, was completely dressed and heading to the door.

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As she passed by Jimmy she paused. "Jimmy, I hope you'll keep my secret and not tell anyone, anyone at all what happened here today. I want to pick the guys who see me nude and I picked you. Do you promise to not tell anyone, anyone at all?

"I promise." "See you tonight Big Brother" and she was gone.

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Jimmy sat stunned at what had happened. He couldn't believe it and like all boys, was trying to find a way for it to happen again. Slowly he said, "You said she likes to show off nude to other people. I've never seen her flash anyone or even come close at school.

Wouldn't that be the best place? There are lots of guys who would love to see her nude." "That would be good but she doesn't want anyone who knows her like that to see her. She likes to go to the mall in Independence. We never see anyone we know there so she sees it as safe." "My cousin works in that mall.

Hey, the next time she is going to the mall and will be showing off, would you let me know? I'd love to watch her again." "We could do that. She likes to get to the mall around 8:45 just before closing. The little kids are usually gone and there aren't that many people." They finished the movie but you could tell Jimmy's mind was not on the movie.

When it was over, he said, "Would she like to show off to a group of people in such as way that she didn't get in trouble and it was safe?" "That might work.

We'd have to see. What do you have in mind?" Bobby was very curious. Not only did he like seeing his sister nude, he loved watching other people watch her. "What did you have in mind?" Jimmy smiled, and said… To be continued.