The Best Feet in The World

The Best Feet in The World
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This is a continuation. If you didn't like the first part of this story, sorry, it was background. It is going to get much, much hotter as it continues. Recap of part one (short and sweet)-Going out, picked up at a club by a mystery man, brought home. Part 2 "Are you ready for the most intense night you will ever experience?

If you don't want this, tell me now." I stammer back at him, "I am, I want this. So bad. Please." My need is heard in my voice, and he chuckles. "I think you are going to work just fine." I don't really understand this last statement, but it's really not where my focus is at the moment.

I close my eyes, feeling the throbbing between my legs growing stronger. He gets out of the car, and seconds later my door opens.

"After you" he says. I stand on shaky legs and wait for him to show me the way. A tiny sliver of light shines from out of nowhere, and he heads toward it. I stay close to him, not wanting to get lost (or left behind).

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As we near the light, a door swings open and the silhouette of a gorgeous woman is illuminated in the doorway. My heart nearly stops beating. Are we caught? Is he married? Is my night over before it even began? A hundred questions are running through my mind.

"Darling" she calls out. "I'm so glad you're back. And I see you brought home a new plaything for us." For us? Excuse me? I didn't sign on for anything like that. Sure, I had been curious in the past about being with another woman, but right now I needed a cock-bad.

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And I really think that my curiosity had been just a phase, because I hadn't thought about it in years. I turn back toward the car, resigning myself to my favorite vibrator, but feel an iron grip clamped around my arm. "And just where do you think you are going?" I would swear there was a chuckle in his voice. "Um, I think this may be more than I bargained for…can you just take me back?" Even though it is mostly dark, I can feel the intensity of his gaze.

"No way, sweetheart, I gave you a chance to back out. I promise you, you will enjoy everything. And no one is going to hurt you here…are you telling me you aren't even the slightest bit aroused by the idea? I would bet that you are." His other hand snakes down under the hem of my dress, and smooth fingers caress me through my panties.

A rush of fluid betrays me, and he dips a finger into the flow and then holds it up into the light. "Hmmm, I think someone might not be quite telling the truth." I can see the evidence of my arousal, and as he brings his finger to his lips, the woman (his wife?

girlfriend? who cares…) steps forward and meets his lips with her own, tasting me together. Ok, they've got me.

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So I am definitely interested. But it's really difficult to admit it, even to myself. He tugs gently on my arm, and we step into a hallway. It's all neutral colors, beige and tan, and the plush carpet is so thick that my heels sink into it. We walk down the hall, him on one side of me and her on the other.

I guess maybe they are afraid I'm going to turn and run, because he keeps ahold of my arm as he steers me towards a door.

I can feel her hand, rubbing up and down my ass. It makes me a little uncomfortable, but surprisingly I can feel myself getting even wetter as she caresses me. Maybe this won't be so hard. After all, she is absolutely stunning. She's wearing a black lace nightgown that hugs her like a second skin, molding to her curves.

Her nipples are just barely visible through the lace, although they are as hard as my own. As if reading my mind, her other hand brushes against my straining nipple.

"You like that don't you…I think you are a much naughtier girl than you are letting on." I swallow hard, and don't have time to answer because the door in front of us swings open with a soft click. He turns to face me. "In this room, you have to let go of all your inhibitions.

Leave them at the door. Anything you have ever wanted to happen can come true. Your deepest desires, your darkest fantasies. We can do that for you.

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You just have to let yourself go." He steps into the room, pulling me with him. Before me is a scene from, well, I don't know what. It's like a combination of a porno set, a dungeon, a gynecologist's office, and a classy boudoir all rolled into one package.

Somehow it all flows together and looks classy though. Each piece of furniture looks expensive, and depending on which direction you are facing you could be anywhere. He leads me to a couch near the door, and he lets go of my arm, indicating that I should sit. They sit on either side of me, and his warm breath caresses my neck while her long cool fingers stroke down my arm and around my side, then ending up just at the top my slit.


They tug at my dress together, and before I realize it I am sitting there in just my skimpy bra and panties. The moisture seeping from within me increases, and I know the black lace is soaked.

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She leans around me, and her eyes ask him a silent question. He softly laughs. "Yes, you can taste this one first." Having been given permission, she moves in front of me, sliding her hands down my smooth thighs. She kisses her way up my ankle, pausing to lick at the bend of my knee.

Her tongue trails up the inside of my thigh, and the closer she gets to the apex the more I struggle to breathe.


I feel her warm breath blowing through the lace, and then her mouth closes over the fabric, sucking my juice out of it. He slides his hands under my ass and lifts me up, and as he does, she tugs on the tiny scrap of material with her teeth, gently tugging it down. He helps her slide them over my hips, and they soon make a sodden puddle on the floor next to my dress.

Her tongue finds my cleft, and she daintily licks from bottom to top. I shiver in anticipation. I love having my pussy eaten, although being done by a woman will be a first for me.

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Her tongue darts inside my lower lips, sampling my taste. She makes her mouth a scoop and collects some nectar, raising up to share with him. They slowly lick each other's tongues and mouths. "Just like honey", she murmurs, and comes back for more. Her tongue slivers in between my pussy lips, caressing me softly. I can feel the heat from her mouth and my back arches me forward, trying to get closer involuntarily. "Patience." she tells me.

"You have to sit still." My hips twitch but I manage to steady myself, trying to comply. She resumes her ministrations, laving my dripping pussy with her tongue.


A delicate touch on my clit causes me to moan, and I thrust upwards without meaning to. He leans over and speaks softly in my ear. "If you can't hold still, we'll have to tie you down." And I thought I was wet before.his words send a fresh wave of heat down my midsection, and clear juice begins running in streams from my pussy, soaking the couch beneath me.

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