Petite ladyboy teen tied up and fucked in her tight ass

Petite ladyboy teen tied up and fucked in her tight ass
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Project Worker Part 2 Shirley asked me to sit down, as she had some important news. She was older than me, and had an eventful life which meant that she was well experienced to handle the supported housing project and all the people in it. "David in Room 3 has a younger sister, and I have heard from the Police this morning that they are looking for her. Did you see any females in his flat this morning?" "No", I lied. "Is she a criminal?" "Oh no nothing like that," said Shirley, "It's just she didn't show up at her Foster Carers last night, and as she is only 15 she is obviously at risk, let alone in breach of her care agreement." "So how many sisters has Dave got then?

Just the one, called Elizabeth, apparently. So now I am glad I lied, because I don't fancy having any association with what is tantamount to a Rape charge, if it ever gets out I and Lizzie hit it off so well on our first meeting.

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The other consideration that was dawning on me was whether Dave would use what he knew about our threesome to get some leverage over me regarding his tenancy obligations, or lack of them in his case. "I'll keep a lookout" I said, "I am off this afternoon, but back in tomorrow. "Yeah, see you tomorrow Johnny oh by the way, nice legs!" She winked, and smiling, got back to her paper work.

I needed air, and exercise, to calm me down. I was looking at a potentially tricky situation developing as a result of my weakness for nubile teenagers. The Lido was my sort of place for recreation; swimming, beautiful bodies to look at and of course on a fine day such as today, plenty of sunshine and fresh air.

Picking some shorts and a towel from my flat nearby I cycled to the Lido and was soon lengthening up and down the pool. Front crawl, breast stroke then backstroke. It wasn't busy yet, and I got some serious distance built up in the 50m pool.

Coming to a stop at the shallow end for a breather I couldn't help noticing the long, slim brown legs that appeared beside me at the pools edge. Before I could raise my eyes to take in the rest of the stunning body the girl dived in (almost over me) and set off at a rapid crawl up the swim lane I had been using moments before.

Encouraged by the thought of getting a proper eyeful, I cleared my goggles and set off up the same lane, knowing that on her return I would be passing close enough to touch her, let alone see the booty.

I was not disappointed, she stroked past me on a down breath and her slim torso cut through the water like a torpedo. I had to pass by several times in the ensuing lengths to get her in perspective, and to let her know that I was there too.

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What I liked about her body was the tapered thighs, taut calf muscles, defined arms and an aquiline grace to her head. When she stopped, I did. I had been gaining on her slowly, but it would have taken quite a few more lengths, and I wasn't exactly fresh as a daisy when she had first arrived half an hour ago.


"That's a great stroke you have there" I said to her, smiling. She looked at me without answering straight off, then smiled and said "Sorry".

Her accent was East European, I guessed, "Rumania?" She laughed,"Bulgaria!" "Oops Sorry! Are you on holiday?" "No I look for work, one manth, did you say you wan' to stroke me?" "Well&hellip.", I waved my arms as in stroking through the water.

"Oh!", she giggled, looking rather impish, and cute.


She had stunning skin, her face was flawless with a beautiful bone structure, her body mahogany brown. Talking of work, she could have been a model. Crikey, I could get her work, and well paid too, but she probably wasn't that kind of girl!

I asked her what she was looking for, then in broken English she said anything pretty much, housework or shop work being mentioned most. Turns out she is also looking for accommodation, and I can help her with that. She looks at me with emphatic interest, and starts excitedly smiling at me in the kind of way a girl might on meeting a favourite Rock Star.

I am in here, I know that, but how quickly it was going to be I would never have guessed.

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"I'm getting out now, but can you give me a mobile number so we can meet up?" "I come too with you. No?". And with that she was following me into the changing rooms when I had to point out it was Male only. The changing cubicles were pretty old, antique even. Wooden, swing doors like on the old western saloon bars, and enough space inside for two, cosy.

There was a seat/shelf effort against the back wall, and anyone with a tiny bum could sit on it, just. As it happened the main open changing area was empty, and she dived into one of the cubicles whilst I got my dry clothes and towel from the lockers. When I joined her in the cubicle she had taken off her cossie and was squeezing it dry.

The water ran out under the swing door and we could follow its progress to the shallow gulley that ran along outside the line of cubicles. Moments later the tinkling of a drain doing the business at the end of the cubicle line.

I now looked at her, her body and mouthed "Wow". Her breasts were full, but not big, 34B I'd say. Her skin on each dome was slightly paler than on her flat toned stomach, below which was a triangular nest of fine dark curls which cried out for my fingers to ruffle.

As I raised my gaze to her eyes, taking in her raspberry erect nipples on the way (with note to self: suck), she had her attention on the growing mound sprouting from my shorts front. Thing is, I always get a rapid response from the trouser monster at any hint of action and it had been harbouring an increased swell since this lady had jumped out of the pool with me.

"You have nice body" she said simply, maintaining the fixation with my tenting shorts. Placing my dry stuff on the small shelf, I took my wet shorts off, an effort with my cock in the way, it only springing back up when I had stretched the material to just below breaking point to avoid genital decapitation. I left the wet shorts by my feet but as I straightened up she went down on her haunches and started to squeeze them dry.

Looking up at me past my throbbing cock, she winked then quick as a flash took her right hand around my shaft and placed her mouth over my cock end.

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Her left hand was now cupping my dangling ball sac and gently squeezing and pulling. This gave my hard rod more impetus if you like, and gave another half inch or so in length. It was now taut all round and I lost no time in burying my hands in her hair, more to steady me from the sensation of being engulfed, rather than to take control.

My hands moved as she nodded back and forth on my cock, and the gentle rhythm coupled with the fluid electricity coursing along my prick shaft was enough to keep me in a trance like state for a few minutes; just standing there, body drying slowly and cock staying wet from the copious amounts of saliva from the sweet mouth below. I felt I ought to pleasure her now in some way, and I was also feeling the need for some air for my cock, so I gently pulled upwards on her long brown locks and she rose obediently, letting my member slip from her lips and steel itself against the un-supporting air.

She giggled as we met face to face and then planted her lips on mine. I could taste my cock on her lips, some pre-cum must have mixed with her juicy mouth. I now persuaded her to lean back on the bench, perching her tight arse on it as I went down on my haunches and inspected her labia, protruding from under her light brown crinkly bush.

My, her outer lips were fat, and the inner petals of her portal were pink and glistening with moisture. My tongue traced the slit of her, finding the nodule of her clitoris and giving it a rapid tongue ululation.

I heard her sharp intake of breath, and gently placing my hands on her firm thighs I moved my whole mouth over her vulva, sucking and licking the whole area and feasting on her innermost meat. She like that very much, at least I think that is what she said but my Bulgarian is sadly limited. Her deep breathing and the way she pushed her pelvis into my busy mouth told me everything I needed to know anyway. My cock was feeling very left out whilst I worked, but I could feel its hardness was in no way diminished.

If anything it grew harder still, down among my shins and knees, knowing I suppose that it was only a matter of time before it would be buried to the hilt in this gorgeous woman's hot wet hole. I gave her some time with my mouth on her fanny, and had moved my arms from her slender thighs to her firm breasts and even firmer nipples. These I tweaked using my fingers as scissors and cutting near the handle end so to speak.

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She mouthed some more enthusiastic utterances, all the while tightening her grip on my head which she had grasped eagerly at the start of my cunt sucking activities.

Now it was my head that was in need of some air and I reluctantly tore myself away from her sopping wet gash. I also needed to straighten my legs which were threatening cramp. Standing up I then bent to kiss her, giving her back some juice from her well drenched pussy. As she slipped her ass off the bench her cunt clipped my prick and then it was no holding back after.

The horse was loose so to speak, and my hips just steered my raging rod straight through the sopping saddlebags of her cunt and up into the hot tunnel between her silky legs and buried beneath that perfect flat belly which now heaved in shock.

Her eyes hollered silently at me as my prick pistoned in and out of her in what felt like ever increasing speed. I was a man attached to an electric cock, and she was a woman taking the charge of the light brigade through her passage, and doing it bravely, nay enthusiastically. I don't know how long the urgency lasted, but it seemed to go on for much longer than I expected, giving the pounding she was getting from me.

Several tims I had to stop her slipping off the bench, grasping her upper thighs and her ass too to stop my cock slipping out altogether from that lovely home it had found. When I failed to keep it in, it gave her a chance to shift her ass and grasp my cock with her free hand(the other was around my neck) and plunge it back in whilst I then pushed my hips towards her, pinning her back in place.

As we all know, good things come to an end and this was no exception, though it was one of the more spectacular ends in my experience to date. She had found that she could reach the top sides of the cubicle and wrap her legs around my haunches so long as I supported her slightly with my hands gripping her buttocks.

She now flailed like a gymnast preparing to swing on the parallel bars for a reverse somersault.

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My cock had reached super charged hardness in response to this amazing internal athleticism, and as my hands parted her ass cheeks she let out a whinny as my cock, embedded deep inside her, exploded like a hose that's just been unblocked. Throbbing gush after splashing spurt filled her fanny and whilst banging insistently against her pelvic floor came another girly scream from her as I grunted like a disgruntled ape who's not happy letting go of his banana.

How long we rocked in the throes of orgasm is anyones guess, though I imagine someone must have heard us and would have given an estimate if asked. My cock presently slipped out of her sweet pussy and with it seconds later came the sticky white spunk I had so fervently deposited in the depths of her dream hole.

"Oh shit", she murmured appreciatively, "you had so match cam!" which all goes to show that swear words in a language are always easier to learn. I just looked at my jism, some stretching directly to the stone below, some dribbling down her right leg - the silkiness of her skin giving it free passage ably aided by her pussy lube - this mixture made it to the ground too, and slowly down the inclined floor followed the first lot, to the gulley and away.

My cock bowed but proud, I kissed my lover and asked her name. "My name is Nina", said she, smiling. "Hi, I'm John, lets swap numbers now, hey?" I said, dipping my finger in her hole, and then tasting it idly.