Petite Russische Teen Erstreckt Sich Vor Ficken

Petite Russische Teen Erstreckt Sich Vor Ficken
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"I was 18!" The thought raced through my mind, over and over again. I was free. The gambling, the smoking (not that I wanted to), the ability to have my own home, but best of all was that I could stroll into the local sex store and purchase anything of my choice.

Unforchanly, I had no extra money to spare for kinky products. I was moving out of my family's house today. My girlfriend and I had been looking at apartments, and we had found one in our price range, but it meant that my so-called spending money was now money to be spent on things for the house and such. I, newly 18 just this morning, stood at a dismal 5'7 height, long copper red hair which was slightly curly to my annoyance, and deep blue eyes that even I had to admit were great to look at.

Being a mix of Irish, Indian, Scottish, I was apparently "attractive" to women, and though I didn't agree with that, my girlfriend did. Long black dyed hair, originally blonde, she stood just 2 inches under me, and damn did she have the looks of Aphrodite herself.

Soft skin, amazing cheekbones, not too high but right where they should be, green eyes that made you feel like the world was all perfect, and that 38DD chest. Enough said right? We had been together for over a year and half, my girlfriend and I, and were moving in today on my birthday. We were throwing my birthday party at our new apartment, so it was a housewarming party as well.

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The apartment had most of our stuff already there, we'd spent the last week's free time moving our belongings in and cleaning also. We'd said that we were going to wait for our first night living there to have sex. We hadn't been virgins since our third month together so we were used to having lots of sexual pleasure in our relationship thus making waiting for it kinky, but frustrating.

I was hornier than hell and I wanted sex, dirty, nasty sex and plenty of it.

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So without it need saying I was looking forward to my after party. I invited all the people I thought might show up and would be fun to hang out with tonight, including my cousins and their boyfriends, my neighbor who is my ex's little sister, and the only coworker I had that was somewhat close to my age, she had a baby and a boyfriend, but me and my girlfriend agreed, she was hot.

It was a nice day, clear skies and a small breeze. The sun was just starting to set by the time everything was set up; the very few guests were starting to show up.

Luckily the front room is decently sized so that everyone could hang out in there. The music was playing, a mix of songs that me and my girlfriend had came up with. The snacks were gone by the second hour, and everyone was starting to leave.

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My cousins were the first gone, followed by Faith's guests, then finally my old neighbor. Amber's boyfriend left before her because he had to go pick up their baby from Amber's parents, which was odd to me because they didn't come in the same car, but I let it fall out of my thoughts as I saw the mess I had to clean up.

Chips, plates, forks, and the wrapping paper from the presents I got. I didn't get very many, mostly cards. I was fine with it though because I wasn't very used to getting gifts. Starting to pick up, I got all the trash out of the front room, and the kitchen, chips and all. Faith, I thought was in the bathroom along with Amber talking about girl things.


Thus most of the clean up was done by me, in my rushed fashion. I heard Faith yell from the bathroom "Alex, will you go get the box by your pillow, it's my gift to you." Excited, I rushed into the bedroom, and ran to my last present.

I had been looking forward to this one the most, mainly because I didn't know if I would even get it, and because Faith knew me better than anyone else, meaning that I was for sure to like it.

Even in my rush, I had followed my old habit of closing doors behind me.


As I was pulling off the bow, I heard the door open. Expecting it to be Faith, I didn't turn around, just continued to open my gift. I felt arms around me, and someone leaning on me, but it wasn't Faith, the person was too tall, taller than me. "Um, Amber, is that you?" I asked.

"Yeah Alex." She replied. I thought, 'I was right. but this doesn't feel normal.' I had been hugged by Amber before, she was 5'9, long pretty dark brown hair, and a nice C chest size, so Faith usually gets jealous. But this time was different, I'd never been hugged by her without her saying something before, or from behind like this.

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And there it began, as I turned around. I was in shock. There was Amber, right next to me, with no shirt or bra on, hot naked tits that had been pressed against my back just seconds ago. "Amber! Why are you shirtless in my room?!" I said with extreme surprise. "Because, I came in here to give you your birthday gift." She said, with a sexy grin on her face.

"Amber, I'm with Faith, and you're with your boyfriend. Whatever you were thinking would be wrong, I don't believe in cheating or helping somebody cheat." I said with convection, even though I could feel my pants starting to move out of the way for my cock to rise.

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"My boyfriend already said I could, we have a very open relationship. Now let me give you something special." She winked as she said this, and grabbing my belt, started to loosen it.

I pushed her away, not forcefully only enough to get her off. "Amber, I appreciate that you wanted to give me a gift, and I will admit, I've always thought you were very attractive, but I'm dating Faith, I'm happy in my relationship and I don't intend on cheating on her.

I love her very much and I could never hurt her like that. I'm sorry that I'm turning you down but it would be wrong." Turning, I went back to opening my present.

"Go on open it, I know you'll love it." Faith said from the hallway. I opened it, not turning back around because I was afraid of seeing Faith with Amber shirtless behind me. Inside the box was a card, which read as follows: "Dear Alex, it is your 18th birthday, and I'm so happy for you.

Now I've been talking to Amber recently about your gift and we've agreed on it being a threesome, but only if you pass my test. I sent her in her to do something sexual to you, I know how hot you think she is and I wanted to see if you would cheat or not with this hot woman ready to give herself to you.

I know you'll pass, I love you very much Alex. Sincerely Faith." I turned around. Once again there was a topless woman next to me, Faith this time.

With her amazing and huge tits out, the boner I had began to hurt from all the tits around me. "What did I do to pass?" I asked softly.

"You passed from what you told Amber about cheating and our relationship Alex. Now it's time for you to enjoy your gift.

I thought I would just watch for a little bit while you and Amber get a little familiar with each other's bodies." As she finished talking, she took off my pants, and ripped off my boxers.

"Amber come on over here, Alex loves tits and being sucked on by the way." Amber, following Faith's advice, pushed me back on to the bed, got on her knees, and gripped my cock with her hand.

"So… you always thought I was hot?" I nodded, too enveloped in the kinky joy of being stroked to respond with words.


Starting slow at first, Amber rubbed my cock up and down, almost lazily it seemed. "So then why did you never tell me? I knew that I got hired to replace Faith." "Because, pardon the pun, I'm Faithful to Faith, and I also expected you to be faithful to your boyfriend. Why did you agree to this anyways?" "As I said, he and I have a free love sort-of relationship.

I agreed because I want this big dick in me, I've seen you checking me out when you thought I wasn't paying attention, but I wonder if you've caught me?" she said with a wink. And as she winked, she increased the pace of the stroking. Letting out a soft moan, I looked over to Faith.

She was sitting on the stool we had for the bedroom. I saw with amazement that not only did she seem to be enjoying watching Amber pleasure me, she had also brought out her favorite toy: a small vibrator that I had given her. She was using this to fully enjoy the view of me being sexual with another woman.

Going back to looking at Amber, I noticed when her hand left my shaft. And I noticed when I felt a softness that could only mean one thing; my man part was being squeezed in between Amber's sexy breasts.

Moaning loud, because this was my favorite kinky thing besides sex, I could feel my first orgasm building at an alarming rate. Hearing my moaning, she not only sped up my breast-induced pleasure, but also did something very tricky to do while fucking with your tities, she engulfed my cock head in her mouth and licked right under the hole.

Unable to handle this, I shot jizz all down her throat, moaning the whole time, and when there was too much for her to swallow, I finished my load on her face. "Mmm. It's just as much fun to watch you do that as it to be jizzed on by you. But now it's my turn to have a little fun with your sexy coworker." Faith said with a sexy undertone in her voice as she walked over to Amber and licked all of the left over cum off her face.

"Yum." "What do you have in mind then if I may ask? Since you didn't tell me what you had planned for this little threesome." Asked Amber. "Spread them legs girl, I'm finally getting some pussy." Faith said with deep seeded lust. She had been waiting for this moment for so long, she'd always wanted to eat a woman out. Even though she had dated women before, it was before she had been sexual, and since then she'd been with men she couldn't have even dared to hurt by cheating.

Because of that, her lust for putting her tongue in a vagina had increased to the point where she couldn't bare it anymore, this being part of the reason why she was letting Alex have this threesome, though she'd never admit it to him.

Complying Amber spread her legs giving Alex and Faith their first good look at her pussy, it was slightly wider and longer than Faith's vagina, because of their size differences, and because Amber had given birth before. "I've never seen anyone else's vagina other than Faith's before." Alex said with a sense of desire. Which was well deserved, Amber's pussy was clean, shaven, and had big wet lips.

"This is going to be great; I know that I'm going to love pussy all around my tongue." And with that, Faith sunk into her first taste of the addictive fruit of women. "Uhhhhh, oh wow Faith, you're a natural, just like that!" Amber screamed. Not wanting to disappoint, Faith just went up and down with her tongue on Amber's clit and vagina, loving Amber's tasty pussy juices.

Less than three minutes later, Amber was thrashing around in a pre-orgasm fit. "Cant. Hold on. Anymore. Going to&hellip. I'm cumming!!!!" and while she moaned this, she shoved Faith's head even closer to her vagina. Soaked in female cum, Faith's head was spinning. She had to have an orgasm. "Alex! Get over here right now and fuck me as hard as you can." Thankfully this came as Alex was at the point where he was about to just going to join in without an invitation.

Mounting her, Alex felt her young, warm, wet, tight pussy around his cock. Amber wasn't to left to play herself though, because she wanted to help Faith feel just as good as she had made her feel. Placing Faith on her crossed lap, Amber started playing with Faith's creamy tits, twisting her nipples, and squeezing them gently and then roughly in a massage-like way. 'This is heaven, it has to be. I'm laying down here on these yummy legs, starring up at an amazing rack, and all the while, I'm being pounded by my loving boyfriend.

I think after I cum, he's finally gonna get his turn with Amber. ' "Oh… Noo.

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Too soon… Can't stop. Cuming!!!!" With that outburst, Faith came harder than ever before, and passed out.

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"Aw, she passed out. We must have been too good for her to handle Amber." Alex said, as he pulled out, still hard, and lifted Faith to her side of the bed. As he turned back though, Amber rushed to him and planted her lips deeply on his.

Returning her kisses, he slipped his hands up and down her body, enjoying every inch of it. "Take me now Alex, I've been waiting all night for this. Please, don't make me wait any longer." As she finished speaking, she pulled him down to the floor, placing him underneath her. Adjusting her legs, she sat herself down on him, aimed his penis just right, and then finally, finally they began to fuck; as hard as they could manage at this point. Not wanting to blow his load inside her vagina, Alex pulled out when he felt he was getting close.

"I'm grabbing a condom, one second." But instead of letting him go, Amber twisted him back around and pushed him back on to the bed, and with all the lust she had for this cock she impaled herself on it once again. Fucking him as hard as she could, because she had to cum, she had to, and she had to have the reward for this incredible night.

"Not a chance, I want this, and you're going to enjoy this." She pushed herself down as hard as she could on Alex's cock, and let out a moan.

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And some primal part of Alex took over, and forced himself up even deeper into Amber. In sync, they came. Alex falling asleep, this had been his most amazing birthday ever.

Amber pulled him up to the top of the bed, laid him next Faith, whispered in his ear; "Happy birthday sexy man." And Quietly walked out the door and went home. The End.