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French slut with big tits orgy with a bunch of big dick black guys datingsitespotcom
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His proposal was really sounding great right now. I wanted to do everything I could to satisfy Bud. Bud's very presence triggered horny thoughts and I loved just being near him. His tender deep kisses and the way he admired and touched my body finally helped me to make my decision.

" If your offer still holds, I would like very much to stay here with you. I do believe you can help me become the woman I would like to be", I said, "and besides, I want to do everything I can to please you. You have opened me up to pleasures that I had only dreamed of." With that said, he got the biggest smile on his face. He picked me up and gave me the hottest deepest kiss I had ever received.

"You will not be sorry for this, I promise. I will call my lawyers and accountant this morning. We will set everything up and if it suits you, we can get the papers signed and the money in your trust account.", Bud said with a devilish grin. "Get yourself a hot bath and I will get you a change of clothes so we can go down for breakfast. Mary should have everything ready for us soon". "What?", I exclaimed, "Is there someone else in the house?" "Please do not be alarmed", he said, "Mary is the cook and maid and she lives in the servants house out back.

She is very discreet and quite frankly, very anxious to meet her new mistress of the house.". I was a little surprised at his statement. I went into the bathroom and drew a nice hot bath. There were several bath oils and salts available so I picked a soothing lavender oil and poured a small amount into the bath. Undressing, I was fascinated with how sensual my body felt with no hair. It felt so smooth and wonderful as I ran my hands over my legs and slowly got into the bath to soak and think about the past several hours.

Had I committed myself to something without really thinking it through? As I lay back into the tub in a trance, I realized that I had been given an opportunity that I had really not been sure I wanted until spending time with Bud and how fantastic it felt. The hot bath and the scent of lavender was so relaxing I almost fell asleep. After what was about an hour, I got out and dried myself off.

Bud had a nice but small outfit set out for me. I put on the garter belt and slowly rolled up the nude thigh highs and fastened them to the garter belt.

I then pulled up the satin black panties being careful to tuck myself back between my legs. There was a black bra with the breast forms built in. I put my arms through the straps and it fastened in front. I careful adjusted the bra and the breast forms looked and felt so real. I pulled up the cute little white pleated skirt that was very short but long enough to cover the tops of my stockings.

I then put on the short pink silky top that left my midsection exposed. Finally there were a pair of 3 inch black heels that fit just perfectly. It was becoming obvious that the only types of shoes I would be wearing for the most part from now on. As I left the bedroom where I had spent the last night, I walked into the hallway and was amazed at how large the was. The hallway was wide with 12 foot ceilings and was just beautiful with expensive looking runners over the flawless hardwood floors.

I was not even sure which way to go but I did hear noises coming from the end of the hall.

I decided to go that way and shortly found myself at the top of a beautiful winding staircase. I descended the staircase and followed the sounds into a very large dining room with a table large enough to seat what looked like 30 chairs. There was Bud at the head of the table finishing his coffee. "So glad you are here", he said, "I hope your bath was very relaxing." "Oh yes," I declared, "it was heavenly.

Your home is so big and beautiful" With a big smile he made sure I understood it now our home, at least for the next 3 years. I sat down in the chair next to him, as he indicated, and immediately felt his strong hand on my leg.

"I have to leave now to take career of our business", he smiled. With that, in walked Mary with a silver try and a pot of coffee. She was a beautiful lady, probably just a little older than I but very pretty and sexy. She gave me a big welcoming smile and Bud said, "This is Mary. Mary, I want you to meet the new mistress of the house, Jennifer. Jennifer, Mary has been told all about you and she is very anxious to please you. She will be able to help you with many things including makeup and wardrobe.

She will do everything in her power to take care of your every need" I told her how very nice it was to meet her and would look forward to our time together. She gave me a huge smile and then looked at Bud as he was getting up to leave. he smiled at her and said "I know you will make her VERY welcome". Mary said, "Of course, sir, you know I aim to please in every way." They both laughed and he gave me a deep kiss goodbye.

"I will see you soon and we can go over more details when I get back", he smiled. Mary smiled a knowing smile as well.e all morning to spend with mw After breakfast, I asked Mary where we should begin with getting acquainted and how much I appreciated the idea that she could help me with makeup and fashion.

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She told me as soon as she finished cleaning up the breakfast dishes, she would have all morning to spend with me.

She led me to the media room and told me that any type of movie, television channel and music I could think of was available here and if I had any questions she would be happy to assist.

She left the room and I found the remote for the stereo. I put on some very relaxing music, leaned back in one of the recliners and stretched out. I awoke to feel a soft hand on my face. Looking up, mary was just watching me. "Hi there sleepyhead", she said, "We need to spend some time on teaching you the correct way to apply makeup and how to walk more ladylike".

I think she sensed the way I was looking at her and she said, "I do not want you to get the wrong idea. I think you are very pretty, but I need to let you know that I am a lesbian. I love women and you need to be much more womanlike before I will consider having some serious fun with you." I must have looked a little sorry when she said, "There is a solution, if you wish to consider it. If you were to begin taking female hormone shots, your skin would become even smoother than it is now, your hips would fill out to be a little more sexy and your breasts would begin to grow." I am not sure what got into me, but this sounded very sexy to me.

To be more like a woman and still have my cock would be really hot. I never had even considered before becoming a shemale, but the idea was fascinating. Without even thinking twice, I said to Mary, "That would really be hot. How and when could I start?" "With your permission, we could start right now", she exclaimed, "I happen to have everything we need. We will start with two shots a day and will see how everything develops".

I agreed and within 5 minutes she had a syringe and told me to turn over. She pulled down my panties and I felt a slight pinch in my hip. With a wicked smile, she said "I think the results will be stunning and I know bud will very happy to hear this!". We spent the rest of the afternoon with my taking off and applying makeup. I could not believe the transformation in the mirror as I went from a boyish look to a very beautiful woman.

She taught me how to comb out my wig and style it until my hair grew out more and we started with lesson on how to walk and sit like a lady. She also taught me little subtle ways of expression and movements that really turn men on.

We finished with makeup she said would look great for the evening and she chose a very sexy knee length dress, 3 inch black heels, very sheer nylons and of course the garter belt. She said that pantyhose were too much trouble for a lover when they want to get to your assets.

She headed downstairs and said I should hurry, since Bud would be home soon.


I practiced a little more walking in heels like she taught me then headed down the stairs. As I was halfway down, I became aware of someone watching me. There at the bottom of the stairs was Bud, smiling and watching my every move.

"I know I really made the right choice in picking you to be my girl', he smiled. As I reached the bottom of the steps, he put his strong arms around me gave me a deep kiss while living me up to him. It took my breath away to be treated like his girlfriend and I returned the kiss, opening my mouth with our tongues entwined. I could feel his cock getting hard as he put his hands on my ass and held me tight.


Just then, mary came out and announced that dinner was ready. "Wonderful", said Bud. "My attorney and his wife will be coming over later so we can get our paperwork out of the way and tomorrow we will go to the bank to finish the details.", Bud said as he released his hold on me and we walked into the dining room.

After dinner, we sat on the couch and Bud had his hands all over me. He began kissing me hard and his hands were on my thigh and he moved them up to my crotch massaging it as he said I was going very wet.

"Oh Bud,", I panted, "Do we have time for a quickie?". He laughed and said that his attorney would be here soon and that he might have a surprise for me after that. It was only a few minutes later that the doorbell rung and I hurriedly straightened my dress and sat up on the couch.


"Jen", Bud said as he entered the room with a handsome older gentleman and his lovely wife, "I want you to meet my Attorney, John Miller and his lovely wife Maria". I stood and shook hands with them and then they asked Maria to take a seat while we went into the den and completed getting my signature on the contracts. She sat while Mary brought her a cup of tea and we walked into the den and shut the door. John and I sat on the couch while he explained the paperwork and asked if I understood the details of the contract.

When I explained that I understood he asked for my signature and notarized the contract. I received a copy and he gave one to Bud, He also explained he would keep a copy on finale in his office in escrow. After we had completed the signatures, I stood up to leave and John took my hand and asked me to sit back down.

Bud gave him a knowing smile and he put his hand on my thigh. Speaking to Bud he said, "She truly is a work of art. And she really is as hot as you said she was.

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Would you mind sharing?". Bud gave a knowing smile and said, "If Jen does not mind, we could have some real fun together.". I had no idea what they had agreed on but I sat there passively as John moved his hand up under my dress and put his hand on my crotch to feel my clitty getting very hard.

"I don't think she minds", said John, "In fact I thing she really like the idea." Without saying a word, bud loosened his belt and stepped out of his pants. He quickly dropped his underwear and sat down on a chair. His cock was as hard as could be and said, "Jen, please come over here, get down on all fours and suck my cock please".

I quickly did as he asked and got down on all fours, crawled over to him and slowly took the he'd of his wonderful cock between my lips. I twirled my tongue around the smooth head and Bud moaned with pleasure as he began to slowly fuck my mouth as I moved my lips up and down his long thick shaft. As I was sucking his cock, I heard the zipper of John's pants being pulled down and I then felt his hands rubbing the inside of my thighs.

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He lifted my dress up over my wist and I felt him gently pull my panties down to my knees. I could feel his fingers, first on then two probing my 'cunt'. He was lubing me with his fingers then he suddenly removed them. I felt him kneel down behind me, his legs beside mine and I felt the smooth he'd of his cock pushing against the opining to my love canal. With a pus, I felt the big head enter me and he continued pushing until the full length of his cock was buried in me.

His cock was not quit as long or thick as Bud's but it felt wonderful. Bud must have really been enjoying this, because he began fucking my mouth even faster and deeper.

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After a minute, John began slowly pulling his cock out and then shoving it back in hard. I felt wonderful, being fucked at both ends by two hot and horny guys.

They got into a regular rhythm, fucking me hard and deep. Suddenly, John began moving faster and harder, then suddenly rammed his cock into my as far as it would go and I felt his cock begin to twitch as he gave out a yell and I could feel him begin pumping his hot semen deep into me. He must have cum for a full minute and filled me to the brim with his hot cum.

Bud stopped facing my mouth and pulled out while John was cumming. I was moaning and begging him to keep his hot hard cock deep in my tight little pussy. After a minute, his cock began to soften and he reluctantly pulled out of me with a slight pop. I looked around=d and saw Maria standing there watching us.

With a smile she told Bud she was ready to sample his new girlfriend as well. She removed her skirt, pulled down her panties and sat back on the couch. Bud smiled and asked if I would mind licking her cunt, after all she should not be left out. I sheepishly crawled over to her and buried my face in her crotch, my flicking my tongue over her clit and burying it deep in her count.

She began moaning and within a minute she began to cum. I lapped it up with my tongue and as I did she moaned even louder. Bud pulled me up and told me I needed to use my clit and fuck her good with it. "Oh yesss!, she moaned and took my hard 7 inch clit and guided it to her waiting pussy. I plunged deep into her and she exclaimed that I was so big. I began slowly fucking her and suddenly felt Bud's big cock pushing to enter me. With a swift move, he buried all 8 inches deep inside me.

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When he did it buried mine into Maria. She yelped with pleasure and I said my big clit was fantastic. As Bud began fucking me furiously, the same motions had me fucking Maria with the same fervor. She began thrashing under me and her and I both were moaning and yelping with fantastic pleasure, Suddenly Bud began pushing harder and deeper and I knew he was about to cum.

I felt like I was ready to as well and Maria had already cum several times. Bud implied me on his cock as I felt it begin to jump and twitch as he began pumping load after load into me. I also began pumping cum deep into Maria's pussy with the head of my cock pushing on her cervix. Bud collapsed onto my back and I collapsed onto Maria as she wrapped her legs around me to hold me in her as long as possible.

John began applauding, saying that was the most fantastic see show he had ever seen. After some time, we all got up and dressed. I pulled my paints back up and could feel the cum of both men mingling and leaking from my used count. Maria told us she expected that we would make this a regular occasion. She told Bud that she was in love with his new girlfriend and Bud told her that if it was OK with me, Maria and I would see much more of each other. I breathlessly agreed completely and we all laughed before heading back into the living room for drinks.

end of part 3