Brunette hair teen drilled well

Brunette hair teen drilled well
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I just can't help myself. The heat of Australian summer and the exposed bodies around me drive me crazy. It's the hot wind playing with women's skirts exposing their thighs and buttocks that make me loose my mind. I keep on looking down their blouses and up their skirts at every opportunity giving me a horn and starving my brain of blood. And it happened again. As usual I bought a bottle of Scotch and mixed it with soda and Coke in a drink container and begun consuming it to loose my inhibitions and build up my courage.

I know this perfect spot around St. Kilda beach in Melbourne where one can find a quiet spot with some dense bushes creating natural labyrinths, which attract some adventurous people to the area. On the day I was on my way to my favourite secluded spot when, as I got closer I noticed a shapely blond woman occupying it. I sneaked in to get a closer look. It must have been her first exposure to the sun as her body dressed in a very skimpy bikini was very pale.

She was lying on her stomach and her bottom was covered only with a tiny string of white cotton. I stood there and looking at her perfect skin pulled my dick out of my loose shorts and started stroking it slowly focusing on the perfect shape of her arse.

I must have made some sort of a noise as she suddenly jumped up looking in my direction. I just grabbed my backpack and ran though the bushes.

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My heart was pounding with exertion and excitement. That was close, I thought. My excitement was building up. I had to find another victim.

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It didn't take long. A few minutes later there she was. She was perfect. Young sun-tanned body dressed in black g-string with a large set of firm breasts pointing toward the sky. She had a set of headphones on connected to a disc man. I stood there stunned. They could not be real.

They simply defined the laws of gravity. I sat down under a small bush mesmerized. She was beautiful. Strong tight body with a huge pubic mound, long legs, full sensuous lips and long fingers tipped with bright red fingernails. I decided to set up my "camp" and moved closer to a more advantageous position. I layed down on a blanket just a few meters away, my feet facing her with my head resting on my backpack to give me a better view.

Sipping my alcoholic drink I lit a cigarette and stared at her crotch and huge breasts.

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It was heaven. My dick at that time was at its full potential of just under 8" and it freed it self from my shorts pointing to the hot sky. The excitement was unbearable.

I could feel little spasms in my groin and it felt so good, so close to an orgasm, without even touching my member. And then she sat up and looked at me. There you go. I blew it again, I thought. She put on a white, almost transparent shirt and started searching trough her bag. She fished out a packet of cigarettes and attempted to light one without much success. Then she got up and moved in my direction. I could not move,my legs pressed together trying to hide my erection.

She knelled down next to me and with a warm smile asked for a light. My heart was racing and with shaking hands I lit her smoke. Her shirt was wide open and her beautiful breasts were starring in my face just inches away.

I completely forgot about my erection until she looked down with a smile and a small blush said: - This is nice. - Her eyes fully open and fascinated. - My name is Nicky. She extended her hand. - Hi, I'm Simon. - Do you mind if I join you? - No, not at all. She sat down to my right, her knees under her chin. I watched her mouth as she spoke her moist tongue and perfect white teeth. Her semi-exposed breasts were moving slightly in the rhythm of her breathing and moments as we spoke.

I was sure my erection was still visible but it was subsiding slowly. We spoke about the surroundings, how we enjoyed summer, nightlife.

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Then I noticed her eyes, hidden behind a pair of sunglasses, looking at my cock. It was a shameless long lasting look accompanied by a smirk on her lips and squizzing of her thighs. I started to grow again. Unashamedly I stared at her tits and her just visible crotch.

The head of my cock was huge and purple and just a slight rub against my inner thighs was bringing me to an orgasm. She just reached out and gently touched the tip of my cock with a fingernail. I just froze. Something like this did not happen to me before. She gently pushed me down on the blanket and started stroking my slowly. I could see her head moving toward it and then I could feel the moist touch of her mouth and tongue.


I was ready to explode and I could not let this happen. Not yet anyway. I sat up and started kissing her lips making my way down her neck, shoulders and tits. Firm and exciting, small erected nipples. I could not believe their size. They could not be real and they weren't.


I noticed barely visible scars under her breasts and I traced them with the tip of my tongue. I could feel her shiver in my arms.

She was ready for my final assault. This time it was my turn to push her down on the blanket and I moved my hands to remove her bikinis. She stopped me and then undid the small clips on her hips pulling the bikinis down.

If I sad I wasn't ready for what I saw it would be an understatement. In front of me was a semi erected huge cock growing in my eyes. She grabbed my head and guided my lips to it. I just could not believe myself. I started licking it, stroking and sucking. I could feel it growing in my mouth until I had to pull back to look at it.

I was huge. At least 9.5" long solid with a pointy tip. It felt hard in my hand, the veins on its sides pumped full of blood.

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It was alive. With every stroke and lick it seemed to jerk as new wave of blood was flooding the beautiful muscle. Let me tell you, I am not homosexual but the combination of the best of two worlds in a form of huge breasts and an enormous cock plus a bit of alcohol left me senseless. Nicky was close to cumming. She was playing with her tits, her legs straightened and she was shaking in small and frequent spasms.

At the last moment she pulled my head away from her dick as the juices started flowing. It felt warm on my sun-tanned face. The smell of sperm was strong in my nostrils.

I did not stop there, licking the spillage from her cock. It was the first time I tasted it and I could not believe why my ex did not like it.

Nicky's face was flushed and happy. - Let's pack and come to place. she said&hellip.