Getting my cock polished by white boy

Getting my cock polished by white boy
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A few years ago I met Alyson, a woman in her early 20's who just graduated from a veterinarian program. We first met on a date at a sushi restaurant not far from my house. She is, in my view, a stunning beauty, with a perfectly symmetrical face, almond shaped eyes that were set far apart, and dark brown hair cut down to only one or two inches in length. Her skin was cream colored all the way down her toned body. The only complaint about her appearance one could make was that she was very flat chested, also I guess you could complain if you don't like short hair.

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This was more than made up for by her wide hips and nicely toned butt. The two of us got off very well; both of us having a great number of common interests and hobbies, including pet-keeping, video games, political beliefs, etc. I won't bore you with the details of our exchanges, but the two of us ended up meeting several more times at movie theaters, animal shows, and arcades. Eventually it became clear to Alyson that things weren't going to work out between the two of us on a romantic level.

I thought things were fabulous, but it takes two to tango and she wasn't tangoing. All the same, we were still had common interests and beliefs and we remained good friends. If nothing else that experience gave me the mental boost to go out and try dating again.

Alyson invited me to a large party she was attending. I was always something of a weird, antisocial introvert with poorly developed social skills, so I was rather uncomfortable about going.

It was going to be a night party at a friend of hers', with all of the usual drinking and rambunctious behavior one would expect.

This is exactly the type of environment that I loathed being in, but I went anyway because I had fuck all else to do and the girl I was dating by this point wasn't available to do anything else. I was nervous that I was going to be the awkward, super cringe beta-male odd man out until I met some of Alyson's other friends.

I thought I had fit the "gamer basement dweller" stereotype pretty hard, but damn, some of her friends were like cartoon characters. One in particular, named Jeffry, was a friend and not-so-secret admirer of hers since middle school and I found him almost painful to be around.

Not because he was unpleasant in of himself, but because he reminded me so much of myself in my very worst years in middle and early high school. He was tall, scrawny, and as pale as tissue paper with eyebrow length brown hair.

He became friends with Alyson in 7th or 8th grade, and over that time had grown obsessive and clingy with her, even after years of Alyson making abundantly obvious and clear to him that she had no interest in him in that way and after years of dating other men. He insisted on staying with her, awaiting the time that she would "realize that the love of her life has been her friend all this time!" or some shit like that.

The reason this bothered me so much was because I was the exact same way with a girl through 7th grade until the end of my freshman year in high school. Jeffry's very presence gave me flashbacks to the most awful, awkward years of my life and it sent shivers up my spine. To be fair to him, he wasn't a bad person and conversing with him was perfectly pleasant, its just that he desperately needed to grow up and move on.

Two other friends were present as well, Keith and Tim. Tim seemed perfectly normal, maybe a little awkward, but I had no room to judge him on that. He was tall with dirty blond hair cut short, and seemed more muscular and athletic compared to Jeffry. Tim and Alyson had met during college and tried dating, but the end result was basically the same as mine, only at this time Tim wasn't trying to see anyone else.

He either still harbored feelings for Alyson and did a better job hiding it than Jeffry, or he simply hadn't bothered trying with anyone else. I thought he was more visually attractive than I was, and even I had somehow ended up in a relationship, so I felt that he easily could have if he tried. I suspected the reason that he hadn't been with anyone else is because he was setting pointlessly high standards for other women, to the point that nobody he would realistically encounter would meet his expectations.

And then there was Keith. While Jeffry was more uncomfortable for me to be around, strictly for my own personal reason, I found Keith more outwardly repulsive.

If I had to close my eyes and envision some stereotypical neckbeard basement dweller, "internet tough guy" men's rights activist type who sends death threats to feminists on the internet, it would be this guy. He was massively fat with gross brown facial hair that looked like it had bits of food in it. According to Alyson he has had a long string of failures with women throughout school and afterwards, never attending college.

He had since developed strong anti-women attitudes because of their continual rejection of him.

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I found it bizarre that him and Alyson were friends given how diametrically opposed most of their beliefs were; the only things in common seeming to be an interest in video games and belief in atheism/agnosticism.

I myself had my own long string of failures with women throughout school and college, but by Junior year of high school I had at least become introspective and self aware to the point that I was able to realize why women were rejecting me, to the point that I finally found myself into what is, so far, a fulfilling relationship.

Keith also had a girlfriend, though nobody really knew how, or why, or what his girlfriend saw in him. He was hyper-territorial about anyone else meeting her; Alyson herself had never actually gotten the chance to see her in person. Anyway, I met this crew at the party and things were about as uncomfortable for most of us as you'd expect. Keith, Tim and Alyson were all eager drinkers, but neither Jeffry or I were big fans. Alyson actively encouraged us to give in, and I eventually caved in to my curiosity to try home made mudslides and flavored vodkas.

Jeffry only indulged in a beer.

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Never being a real drinker my entire life, I had fuck all alcohol tolerance and soon felt myself succumbing to its effects. The reason I didn't really like drinking is because I'm not a fun drunk, I'm just a sleepy drunk, and when I get drunk I just get tired and want to take a nap. That shit isn't fun. After my third mudslide and two shots of flavored vodka I had settled to some slightly quieter, more comfortable corner and begun to nod off.

Before long I felt the sensation of something touching my face and I opened my eyes to find Alyson drawing on my cheek with a sharpie marker. Annoyed by the disturbance, I swatted her hand away as her and her friends started laughing. She had drawn a cock and balls pointing towards my mouth, though I didn't give her the chance to draw cum spewing out of it.

Normally I would have thought this was funny, but in my mental state I was just pissed off and I angrily stumbled away to try and wash the marker off. A couple hours passed as I aimlessly wandered around the party, overhearing weird conversations and inserting myself into events in an unwelcome way. Eventually I see Jeffry angrily storm away from a side hallway and leave through the front door. I have no idea where he went, but I could tell that his face was red and it looked like he was trying to hold back tears.

Curious, I walked over to where he came from. In the hallway there were three doorways, one of which was slightly ajar. Looking in, I found two figures lying on a bed, seemingly passed out. At this point of my life I have been indulging somnophilia fetishes for several years now, so the sight of these two figures immediately captivated my interest, at least enough to investigate if they were male or female.

Slowly creeping into the room, I crept up to the two forms to find Alyson, topless, lying on her side and facing the other figure with her hand down the front of his pants. I did not recognize the other man, though I immediately assumed that this sight must have been what made Jeffry so angry.

Alyson's tiny breasts were standing erect from her position; they simply weren't large enough to sag. Being an ass guy, I didn't notice at all. My attention was strictly on her butt. Being an ass guy and having a somnophilia fetish was a strange combination, and it was difficult to indulge in both at once. I had made something of an art of violating a girl's bum while they were sleeping or passed out, or at least that's what I would have liked to have thought, as I was caught more than once in the act.

All the same, the temptation was far too much to resist. With her back facing me, it was easy to reach my hands out to caress and massage her butt through her jeans. She gave no reaction, giving every indication that the both of them had passed out cold in the middle of becoming intimate. It was rare that I had the opportunity to work with someone who was completely out of it like this, so I threw caution to the wind and roughly shoved my hand down the back of her pants, feeling between her buttcheeks.

The waist of her jeans were tight, so I couldn't reach down very far and get to the "prize". It was pretty straight forward to reach around her front, unbutton her jeans, and then tug them down around her waist.

Lowering her jeans revealed thin, black lace panties. Normally I would have savored this more, but I heard loud noises from the party and was suddenly reminded that I might be working on a time budget here.

I rolled her over on her stomach so that she was half on top of whoever the other person was and swiftly tugged her panties down, being greeted by two firm, muscular buttocks; pale as paper and with a mole on her right cheek. Wasting no time, I spread her cheeks apart to reveal a tiny little dark brown pucker. I was possibly the cutest butthole I've ever seen, and I immediately dove my face in to start licking it.

I only managed to lap at it a few times before I heard someone behind me ask "Dude, what are you doing?" Stunned, I whipped my head up and turned around to find Tim staring at me with an incredulous smirk on his face. I began to stammer uselessly; "Oh!

uh, nothing." Ignoring me, he walked up to Alyson and spread her cheeks apart with his thumb and middle finger, showing him her anus coated in saliva. Without saying a word, he stroked her pucker with his index finger and watched as it winked and contracted in response.

He mumbled something to himself that I couldn't hear, lowered one hand to her pussy and began to rub and finger it. With the other hand he pulled out is phone and recorded the spectacle; as if he forgot I was there. While he was distracted pleasuring her, Alyson began to moan and buckle her hips. I stood next to Tim, licked my index finger.

reached forward, and started to rub it against her anus. Tim simply responded by looking up at me and nodding, indicating his approval.

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I continued to apply pressure with my finger until it penetrated her anal ring, which immediately contracted around my fingertip. Alyson let out a deeper moan, raised her hips. This surprised me as in the weeks prior Alyson gave every indication of being repulsed by the idea of anal sex, often giving disgusted looks when I would make jokes about it and flatly stating "No way!" when asked if she'd ever consider it.

The two of us continued to finger fuck her two holes, eventually graduating up to penetrating her with sharpie markers. As a finale I went to the bathroom, located an electric toothbrush, brought it back and massaged her rectum with it, gently probing in and out of her anus with the back end of it while it vibrated. It was at this point, with the vibrating anal stimuli, that Alyson appeared to climax.

Her hips buckled forward as she let out a few short gasps, her body trembled and some fluid began to rapidly eject out of her vagina. The grand finale involved Tim re-positioning Alyson's head so she faced him as she lay on her front, and then blasting her face and hair with his cum.

He had caught the whole thing on camera, being very careful not to get either his face or my face in the footage. I thought he was going to get something to clean it up, but instead he reached into her pocket to pull out her wallet and pulled out her driver's license.

He took a picture of her ID, then a picture of her ID next to her cum soaked face and hair, and another picture of her ID resting on her ass as the electric toothbrush stood proudly erect as if it was some weird flower planted there. He took one last picture after he pulled the toothbrush out of her butt and had me spread her cheeks apart, holding her ID in my hands on her buttcheek.

This gave him a good closeup of her face, name, and address next to her wet, violated sphincter. We decide not to clean up our mess and leave Alyson on the bed.

I give her butt one last good kiss right on her pucker before I pushed the toothbrush back in and turned the vibration back on. Tim and I left the room, giggling to each other in a euphoric stupor. I don't know how much time passed after that, but eventually I saw a half-conscious Alyson leave the bedroom and stumble her way into the bathroom, with cum still covering half her face.

I peeked into the bedroom to find whoever that guy was still lying on the bed, and the electric toothbrush lying by its lonesome self on the floor. Jeff ended up driving everybody home as he was the only one anywhere close to being in any condition to drive. Tim sent me the pictures he took to me through a text message. He couldn't send the video because the file was too large, but the pictures would still be enough to satiate my jerkoff needs for a long time.

For the next several weeks Alyson and I remained in contact, she either didn't remember her being violated or she chose to ignore it. Everything seemed to continue on as normal until one day when her and Keith got into a very obnoxious, public argument on Facebook over some sort of political shitshow.

I'm still not even sure what it was about, but it involved Keith going on long winded rants about women and their subservience to men, how feminism is cancer, etc etc etc. Alyson wasn't even what one would normally consider a feminist, but here they were arguing none the less. I know that I shouldn't have much room to judge Keith on his views on women, since I just anally violated Alyson when she was passed out, but I still found him impossible to take seriously, hypocrisy be damned.

Alyson and I ended up having a conversation in private chat where we both mocked Keith and his beliefs, though the bitter taste of self aware hypocrisy on my end never quite left my mouth. A few days after that my contact with Alyson stopped completely.

This didn't concern me at first since it wasn't unusual for her and I to not say anything to each other for a couple days. That changed in the evening when I had some alone time on my computer. I was browsing through online vids, trying to find new material to satiate my somnophilia fetish. Searching for terms like "sleeping", "drugged" and "passed out" and filtering by date added, I eventually came across a longer video titled "Bitch gets drugged".

The title, while a bit harsh, ultimately seemed rather generic and nondescript after years of looking up videos of this broad category. What caught my eye though was the thumbnail, which was just a pale, curvy, firm white ass.


I clicked on the video and it began loading. The video began with a black background and plain white text that said "How to put a feminist cunt in her place.", which faded away and was replaced by "Step 1: Spike her drink". The blackness was replaced by a low-res, shaky video that started out as a blur of green, which eventually formed into grass on the ground and part of a wooden park bench that whoever was filming was sitting on.

The camera shifted upwards to a face, that looked over the camera as if unaware of it and at whoever the cameraman was. There were tall trees in the background. The camera was probably a hidden pen cam or something.

The face was a woman's, with short brown hair and almond shaped eyes set far apart. I was sent into a state of disbelief about what I was seeing. Could this seriously be Alyson?

There's just no way. but as I continued to watch and I saw her face, her voice, her mannerisms, the brutal reality began to set in that this was indeed Alyson, and based on the video so far things were going to get ugly.

really ugly. Alyson was holding a cup of either tea or coffee, it was hard to tell. Eventually she put the cup down next to the camera and turned away to respond to a text or something. The cameraman quickly poured a little bit of clear fluid into her drink and then retreated back to his normal position before Alyson turned and noticed something had happened.

Alyson slurped down the rest of her drink and then the video faded to black, with white text that read "Step 2: Wait". The video faded back to Alyson and the cameraman having a conversation, then faded to black and then back to Alyson's conversation as she began to nod off and lose concentration, fade black again and back to Alyson leaning back and covering her eyes, moaning something incoherent, back to black one last time and then to Alyson helplessly slumped over the bench.

White text appeared "Step 3: Take her somewhere secure". A man walked over to her and shook her shoulder. His face was blurred out, but it was clearly Keith. After satisfying himself that Alyson was out of it, he hoisted her up by the shoulders and dragged her away off screen. Fade to black. When the image returned the camera was being fidgeted, and then was perfectly still.

It was probably being mounted on a tripod. Alyson's limp body was lying on face down on a log on the ground, seemingly much deeper into the woods than before. Now you could see her entire body, dressed in a white teeshirt and tight fitting black jogging shorts. A rag lay on the ground opened bottle of ethyl ether next to it. There was some sort of bright yellow object lying on the ground near her, but it was mostly concealed by the grass. After the camera was settled two men walked from the behind the camera to Alyson's position.

One was still clearly Keith. The other one was heavy set and looked similar to Keith only with blond hair. His face too was blurred out. As they stood over Alyson, the video paused and briefly the white text appeared "Step 4: Destroy her". The blond guy reached down and grabbed a fistful of Alyson's hair and lifted her face up, to which Keith responded by clenching his own fist and slugged her across the face so hard I'm surprised he didn't knock out some of her teeth.

He returned with the other fist just as hard across the other side of her face. Alyson had an excruciating look on her face and blood started to seep from her nose, though all she could do is let out a low, pitiful moan.

The blond man then hoisted her up under her shoulders, giving Keith a well positioned shot at her abdomen which he promptly exploited. He gave her a hard uppercut into her stomach, and then another, and over and over again until her body tensed up, gagged, and then vomited onto the ground, some of it dripping down her chin and onto her shirt.

Ignoring the vomit on her shirt, Keith proceeded to grab her tee shirt with both hands around her chest and then, with all his strength, pulled apart and ripped the shirt in half down the middle. Alyson's breasts were concealed by a dark navy blue bra, which Keith obliterated in the same fashion as the shirt. Satisfied, Keith backed away and the blond guy carelessly dropped her onto the ground, landing face first into the dirt and arching over the log.

Blondie knelt down behind her and ripped her shorts apart in the same barbaric fashion, to find that she wasn't wearing underwear on this occasion. They both laughed, though the audio was shit and you couldn't tell what they were saying.

He was positioned slightly behind Alyson from the camera's perspective, so you couldn't see exactly what was happening, but it was obvious enough that he was lowering his shorts and he was kneeling behind her and was getting ready to penetrate her.

Keith walked over to the camera and then brought it over for a closeup shot. It wasn't clear how big the blond guy's cock was, but it was quite thick and he was pounding it into and out of Alyson's vagina as hard as he could, as his right fist gripped her hair and harshly tugged back on it, lifting her face up.

The camera didn't show her face, but she wasn't making any noises and didn't seem to be responding in any real way. This didn't last long as suddenly his body tensed up, he moaned, and then pulled out of her, revealing his cock which was probably at least seven inches long.

Cum was starting to drip out of her pussy. The two men exchanged the camera, and then soon Keith was lifting Alyson's face up by the hair with one hand, pinching her nose shut with the other hand, and then ramming his own impressively large cock down her throat. Alyson did respond to this, choking and convulsing as she struggled to get air.

Fortunately he too did not last long and before long he was pouring his load down her throat. As he pulled out, Alyson began to cough violently, opened here eyes and then struggled to lift herself up.

The sensation of being chocked to death apparently coaxed her out of her unconscious state. The blond man dropped the camera and grabbed the rag, soaked it with more ether, and then pressed it against her face. It probably took a long time to subdue Alyson back to unconsciousness, but the video faded to black for a second and then came back.

Alyson was back in position, face down and arched over the log. The blondie must have been holding the camera as Keith came into view and then knelt down behind her, ready for a second round.


He spread her buttcheeks apart and hacked up some saliva and spit onto her rosebud. He aligned his cock with Alyson's little brown pucker. With very little lubricant, he pushed against it as hard as he could, making basically no progress. He readjusted slightly and then tried again, again with no real progress.He wound up his fist and punched down as hard as he could on the back of Alyson's kidney.

She let out a shriek of pain and her asshole immediately opened up, allowing his cock to savage its way in past her anal ring. He began pounding into and out of her rectum with all of his fury, as hard and as fast as he could, his fingers digging into her sides. Alyson responded with pitiful grunts, whimpers and moans, but once again appeared to be getting ripped out of her unconscious state. Before long her moans started to transform into actual words like "ow" and "stop".

She began to reach behind her to push Keith away and lifted her head up. He responded by punching her square in the back of the head, immediately knocking her out and sending her entire body completely limp. His pounding continued on for a couple more minutes until dumping his second load deep in her bowels, pulling out to show the camera her raw, red anus. The two men wasted no time exchanging the camera and soon Alyson's rectum was being invaded by another cock.

Keith moved to Alyson's front and panned the camera down to her face lying sideways on the grass. Only a few seconds passed by before a stream of piss shot out from the bottom of the field of view and blasted all over Alyson's face and hair.

It was going all over the place, but it seemed like he was trying to aim for her eyes and mouth. After his bladder was empty, the camera returned to Alyson's ass pounding just as the blond man finished adding his load to Keith's. Apparently his stamina wasn't as good. As soon as he pulled out he knelt down and shoved three fingers into her anus, and then his pinkie, twisting and gyrating his wrist trying to get this thumb in. It was obvious what he was trying to do, and it didn't seem like he was having much trouble given how much punishment her sphincter has already taken.

All the same, his hands were large and round with fat so it still must have been terribly painful. Soon his thumb was in and, with one mighty push, shoved his fat hand in past his knuckles. Alyson let out a painful yell past gritted teeth, filled with anguish. He spent a few moments pumping his fist in and out a few inches before and past his wrist, to the sounds of Alyson's sad, pitiful whimpering. When he finally slid his hand out, her stretched, ruined asshole failed to close up all the way, prompting a video closeup.

Keith then revealed what the bright yellow object on the ground was; a big yellow summer squash. Handing it over to the other guy, he proceeded to twist and turn it past her anal ring until the entire thing was swallowed up into her intestines. It was time to start wrapping things up. The two of them rolled Alyson over onto her back so that the other man could copy Keith and start pissing directly onto her face, aiming directly for her mouth.

Still not quite satisfied, he turned around and crouched over Alyson, straddling her face with his ass, He reached under himself and pulled her chin downward to pry her mouth open.

After a considerable straining effort, a torrent of dark brown, ropy shit erupted from his ass, into Alyson's mouth and all over her face. It was an absolutely revolting sight and I physically gagged after seeing it. He wiped his ass with one of the torn pieces of her shirt and then cast it aside. The two of them got redressed and then filmed as they walked away; leaving the ruin of Alyson in a crumpled mess near the log; her face and hair soaked with human waste, her digestive system full of sperm on both ends, her anus stretched and ruined, her uterus full of seed and all of her clothes and belongings destroyed.

The video ended. I was in a state of shock; it was at this point that I realized that I had been stroking myself without realizing it. It was probably only the shitting part at the end that stopped me from cumming. Concealing my feelings of arousal, however, was a sinking, crushing feeling of shame and regret. My heart felt like it was in my stomach and I almost thought I could throw up. The comments on the video were mostly praise for the performance, how real it seemed and how the girl must be an amazing actress.

I knew the truth though; this was no act. I immediately grabbed my phone and called her, just to see if she was even still alive, To my relief she answered the phone with a mostly normal voice. Satisfied that she wasn't dead or a captive sex slave or anything, I asked if I could meet up with her.

She declined, stating "personal reasons" for lack of a better description. I was going to hang up the phone, but then my conscious took over. Surely she must have known something had happened, and now it might have looked suspicious from me calling her out of the middle of nowhere, with a panicked voice, where's normally I would text her.

I asked her specifically about what had happened over the past couple days, about if anything bad had happened and that's why she fell out of touch for a little bit. She paused, not wanting to answer. She told me in a hushed, embarrassed voice that something did happen, but she didn't want to talk about it. I asked her if it was something really serious, and she confirmed, stating that police were getting involved.

I had to think for a few moments about what to actually say. I needed to tell her the truth. I also realized that a police investigation would probably lead to them finding out that Tim and I already violated her at the party. I was probably never going to escape that, but I felt I could get in front of it and control the damage. I plainly told her what I saw, about the video, who was in the video, what happened, and where I found it. There was silence on the other end of the phone and I was on the verge of panicking.

She simply told me "I have to go" and hung up. I couldn't sleep at all that night; my mind swimming about what could possibly happen next. How Alyson would react, if I was going to get thrown in jail, etc. The next day I was greeted by a news headline that two local men were severely injured in an automobile accident. The police would not release the names yet, but I had a suspicion about who they were. I was tempted to contact Alyson to find out, but then I thought it better to just maybe leave her alone for now.

Over the next couple days it went public that it was in fact Keith who was hospitalized, and the other fat blond man was named Richard. It was also around this time that started searching for more information about the investigation into the accident by looking up Keith's Richard's, and Alyson's names, I saw a mention of Alyson's name on anonib while that was still a thing. There I found the pictures that Tim had taken at the party posted in a dedicated thread; with her picture ID poised next to her face, her prone body, her asshole and the toothbrush sticking out from it.

These were posted a few days earlier, around the same time as the video. I doubt Tim would be so stupid as to upload these with the full name intact.

I suspected it was Keith's doing as one last act of revenge before being nearly killed A couple weeks went by before I saw Alyson again. She seemed very upbeat for someone who was violated in such a viscous way. She had some reasons to be upbeat though, Keith and Richard both have multiple bone fractures, Keith coming off with severe burns on his upper body and Richard coming off with internal bleeding and spinal injuries.

She had gotten some harassment in response to the pictures of her going public, but it didn't last long and was at low enough a level that she could mostly ignore it while it lasted.

She told me that she was aware of what Tim and I had done to her, she had seen Tim's pictures and video, and Tim cracked like an egg when she put pressure on him. She even specifically mentioned the part of the video where she hit climax from the toothbrush in her butt, a shadow of a smile on her lips when recalling that part. In spite of all of this though, she was thankful to me for telling her about Keith, and compared to that what Tim and I had done was extremely tame.

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Regardless, she came to the inevitable conclusion that she was surrounded by creeps and weirdos, and she needed some time away from her current group of friends. I could hardly blame her. It was at least six months before Alyson reached out to me again. Keith and Richard were out of the hospital, but Keith had permanent morbidity injuries from the burns, both were walking with crutches and Richard would probably never be able to walk or run properly ever again.

Richard dumping his seed into Alyson's womb had, fortunately, never resulted in anything. The police investigation had discovered tampering with the car's acceleration and brakes, but they failed to find any leads related to this.

By this point Alyson had mostly moved on from her old group of friends, concluding that the video-game/atheist/basement dweller crowd she was with before had too many creeps. Given that of the 5 people she hung out with like that, 4 had molested or raped her, I could understand how she could end up at that conclusion. Her interest and circle of friends shifted towards people more related to her professional career in veterinary science, except for Jeff.

Not long ago Alyson finally indulged Jeff's deepest desires and both ended up in a romantic relationship, if only just briefly. They didn't last long, with Alyson being rather intent on leaving this social cabal behind, but Jeff had finally gotten the girl of his dreams and was now finally able to grow up and move on with his life. Fortunately for me, Alyson and I also have a common interest in science and biology, so I have been able to rejoin her circle of friends.

Not long ago I asked her about the car accident, and about Keith and Richard. All she did was smirk and whispered to me "now they know not to fuck with me". This somehow didn't surprise me. She seemed like the type that would rather indulge in her own revenge rather than go through police. When the police announced that they found evidence of tampering with the car, deep inside I knew that Alyson was behind it, but now I knew for sure. I should be frightened by this, but all it did instead was give a sense of closure and completeness to this whole fiasco.

Throughout all of this my current girlfriend remained totally unaware of what had unfolded; only that I tangentially knew the people in the accident and that Alyson and I were friends. If I learned any one thing from all of this, its not to fuck with Alyson.

It might get me killed.