Our Slut For The Night

Our Slut For The Night
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Fbailey story number 354 Teenage Adults My twin sister and I were excited to turn thirteen years old, but not as excited as our parents were. That morning Mom came into my bedroom with Judy and Dad. Judy and Mom were both naked. That was the first time that I had seen either one of them naked.

Judy walked over to my bed and lifted the covers to see my hard-on. She bent down and sucked the head into her mouth and then got on the bed straddling my legs before sitting down on my cock. It slipped right up inside her moist pussy. She rocked side to side, to and fro, and just the slightest up and down before I cum in her. She smiled at me and told Mom that I had cum in her. Mom congratulated her and told her to go with Dad while she took care of me. Mom then sucked my cock hard again and then she sat on it like Judy had.

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As Mom fucked herself with my cock she explained that once we were teenagers we were full adult members of the family. Great! Being a full adult member meant that we could fuck other adult members in the family too and not just Mom or Dad.

We were now free to have sex with our grandparents, aunts and uncles, and our cousins too. Great! Not only were we free to have sex with them we were required to have sex with them. Judy and Mom could not say 'no' to any male member of the family that wanted to have sex with them and the females could not say 'no' to me either. Great! The first one that came to mind was my cousin Tammy. She was pretty and she was sexy. I had dreamed of having sex with her ever since I learned to masturbate.


Tammy was sixteen and a cheerleader in my school. I couldn't wait. When Mom asked me who I'd like to fuck first, I told her, and she called Tammy up. Mom said, "Tammy could you come right over?

My son wants to fuck you more than any of his other female relatives." Mom told me to stay in bed and that she would bring breakfast up to me. Soon Judy was crawling in bed with me.

Dad sent her in to wait for breakfast. As we waited Judy told me that Dad's cock was bigger than mine and that he had stretched out her pussy a little more.

She also said that all of the men in the family were going to fuck her that day. Mom came in with our breakfasts and Judy asked her how many men were in the family. Mom smiled and said, "Only eighteen but you already fucked two of them with sixteen more to go." Mom looked at me and said, "There are twenty-seven women in the family so you have twenty-five to go.

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I have spaced then out so that you will get to fuck five a day for the next five days starting with Tammy of course." Judy looked shocked and said, "You get to fuck Tammy? Every boy in school wants to fuck her and she doesn't put out." Mom laughed and said, "I don't blame her. You won't want to fuck anyone that you don't have too either.

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Remember there are sixteen men on their way over to fuck you today. Your pussy will be sore and then they'll come back again tomorrow…and the day after that. Judy your pussy is fresh meat and they want as much of it as they can get. I'm sure that Tammy will thank you for taking some of the stress off her." Judy asked, "What do you mean?" Mom said, "All of the men have been fucking Tammy since she was thirteen years old and just as often as they could.

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According to her sex log she has been fucked by her relatives over six thousand times. That's seventeen men, twice a week, fifty-two weeks a year, for three and a half years. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be pretty." I looked at my sister and said, "Judy you are pretty so I guess you'll get fucked a lot too." Mom just agreed and told her to eat up while she could. She said that once the men arrived she might not get the chance again for a few hours.

Just as soon as she finished eating Mom took Judy to her own bedroom where one of our uncles and his three sons were waiting for her. When Tammy arrived she locked my bedroom door and then she started to show me how to undress her properly.


Knowing that I was a beginner Tammy taught me what I would need to know when I was with other girls. She was so cool. Every boy in school wanted to fuck my beautiful cousin and here she was teaching me how to be a better boy. She let me unbutton her blouse, button it up, and then unbutton it again.

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She let me unhook her bra a dozen times before revealing her wonderful breasts to me. Then I got to play with them all that I wanted too before she showed me how to fondle them properly, play with her nipples, and give her pleasure.

I got to suck them and even bite them gently. I got to remove her jeans and her panties too. Then I got my best lessons yet. Tammy taught me how to play with her pussy, how to find her clit, and how to give her an orgasm stroking it.

I got to poke my fingers into her hole. Then I got to give her oral sex. She tasted good. We got into a sixty-nine and she let me cum in her mouth, then she swallowed it. Eventually I got to fuck Tammy but not before I was fully trained and excited.


We spent about eight hours in my bedroom making love, kissing, and trying things. Tammy even let me try anal sex and tit fucking with her.

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By the time Tammy was through with me I had cum five times in or on her. Tammy sent me down for something to eat and drink because if our male relatives saw her they would all want to fuck her and that day she was mine, all mine. Tammy slept in my bed too and we made love one more time in the morning before she went home and my younger cousins started to arrive. Mom had arranged for five of them to spend the whole day with me in my bedroom as Tammy had. A week later I had fucked all twenty-seven women in my family.

I had fucked Mom, Judy, and Tammy several times too.

Judy had been fucked by the other seventeen men every day and me a few times too giving her over a hundred and twenty fucks. She said that her pussy had hurt for a couple of days but that she had gotten used to all the cocks in her. Judy liked the older men better than the younger ones. I was just the opposite. I liked the younger girls better than the older ones.

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However, my grandmother knew a few things that the younger girls didn't, like she could contract her pussy muscles and squeeze my cock like a milking machine. Plus she let me stick my whole hand up inside her and fist-fuck her. Grandma could squat down on a wine bottle too taking it almost all the way inside her.

She said that the neck fit nicely into her cervical opening. She could put pasties with tassels on her nipples and twirl them like propellers on an airplane. Grandma was talented.

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Then she took her teeth out and gummed my cock while humming the Star Spangled Banner. Now that was nice. The End Teenage Adults 354