These horny freshman girls love a sexy load on their face

These horny freshman girls love a sexy load on their face
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I knew my sister emily was home alone when I snuck into her house around midnight last night. I entered her house through the backdoor and locked all the doors once I was inside.

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I could hear emily walking around upstairs so I started walk up to her bedroom very quietly so she couldn't hear me because I wanted to sneak up on her. When I got to the top of the stairs I heard emily go into the bathroom down the hall and start peeing so I quickly walked up to the bathroom door and busted it down while my sister emily was sitting on the toilet. I burst through the door and ran toward my sister with a roll of duct tape to shut her up, a pair of shackles for her feet, a pair of handcuffs and some ropes to tie her up with.

She didn't even know it was me yet because I was wearing a ski mask.

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She let out one shout before I wrapped some duct tape around her mouth, then she couldn't scream for help if she wanted to. I quickly cuffed my sister Emily's hands behind her back and shackled her ankles together so she couldn't run away.


I sat down on the toilet with my sister emily over my knee so I could make sure her asshole and pussy were clean and ready to have my cock inside them. Once I was done wiping Emily's ass I dragged the whore by her hair into her bedroom and threw her on to her bed. She was squirming around so I yelled at her and said "stop fucking moving emily or I will beat you, you fucking cunt!". then I took my mask off to let my sister emily know that it was her little brother holding her captive.

All she did was cry when she saw my face.

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Since I was going to be fucking emily in her ass I made her drink a gallon of medical grade laxative to make sure her asshole was nice and clean. Once she was all cleaned out and nothing but clear water was coming out her asshole, I tied her up into an all fours position and started to fuck my sister emily up her pretty, pink asshole.

She was screaming and crying through the duct tape on her mouth as I fucked her nonstop. I called some of my friends up and told them my sister emily had been misbehaving and she needed a punishment.

They were all at her house in fifteen minutes.

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After I let them in we all went upstairs to take turns sexually abusing my thirty two year old sister emily. Emily was on the floor crying when we all walked in so I went and picked her up off the floor and threw her on to her bed. I took her handcuffs and shackles off and put a leash and collar on her neck.

Next, I made emily put on her wedding dress and told her "you're my fucking wife now emily". I could tell that she would scream if I took off the duct tape so I left it on.

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I dragged her by her hair to the middle of the floor and put her on all fours. One of my friends walked up to my sister emily, grabbed her by the hair and took the duct tape off her mouth then smacked her in the face and said "so, your brother says you're a real nasty whore.

Are you ready to be a nasty whore for me you fucking cunt!?" with that he shoved his cock into my sister emily's mouth and started using her. I came up from the back and shoved my cock into her pussy and started fucking her as hard as possible.

She was gagging, puking, crying and getting used and abused by her brother and his friends. We were all slapping and spitting on my sister emily as we took turns on her asshole, mouth and cunt. Hey emily this is your younger brother and I have been putting these stories up on the internet because I want to fuck you the way I write about it in these stories.

I think you are a hot piece of ass and I want to make you suck my dick and fuck you everyday.

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I miss your big tits and I wish you never got them reduced. I jerk off to pictures of you every night and I want you to be my sexslave. How is your broken tailbone you fucking whore?

all you need to go with that broken tailbone is a broken asshole you slut. I know you are a slut and I want to fuck you in your wedding dress, or how about your green prom dress? You know the tight one that shows off your curves? I want to tie you up in bondage and fuck you, fuck you in your asshole and give you a real hard smack on your broken tailbone you piece of shit whore.

I want to spit in your face, slap you around and jerk off into your mouth and make you swallow all of my cum. I want to fuck you emily, your little brother wants to fuck you really hard. Why did you have to get that breast reduction?

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You are still a hot piece of ass and I still want to nail you in your asshole but I really miss your big hooters and you should have kept them.I have always wanted to suck your fat hooters emily.

I want to make you my sexslave emily, make you suck my dick everyday. I want to keep you in a sex dungeon so I can fuck you anytime I want, keep you chained to a wall by a collar on you neck and fuck all three of your holes all of the time. Open your fucking mouth and spread your asshole emily because my cock is about to be in both of them you fucking slutty bitch.

emily, you are good for nothing but sucking dick and getting fucked in your asshole and pussy. I jerk off to pictures of you constantly and I dream of forcing you to do filthy sex acts.


put your wedding dress on emily because I want to fuck you while you wear it and treat you like the cocksucking whore you are you fucking bitch!