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Gay teen rimming sex movietures Andy Taylor  Ryker Madison  and Ian
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Julia Smith got home at 6pm, completely physically and emotionally exhausted.


She had just come from her divorce lawyer's office, where she had finalized her divorce from her cheating husband. She was just lucky she had caught him, and got to keep the house and the kids.

Her son and daughter Jake and Kate heard her, and came running out. She said, "Well, it's official." Kate said, "We made dinner for you!" They went to the kitchen, and Jake opened a bottle of wine and said, "I think you deserve a drink." She sat with them and ate, and said, "Thank you so much kids, this means so much to me." She had a few glasses, and after dinner they went to the living room.

She was in a very much better mood, and said, "You know what? We should be celebrating, not moping. Tell you what, Kate, go grab 2 more glasses and another bottle, you kids need to have a drink too." Their eyes lit up, they had never been allowed to drink before.

Kate jumped and ran to get them, then Julia poured for them. They tried it, and both really liked it.

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Kate said, "It makes me feel all warm inside." Julia had several more, and got more and more drunk as the night went on. The kids were pretty sloshed too, and they were all laughing and telling stories.

Julia toasted, "To never having to see that scumbag again!" They all raised their glasses, then she said, "Oh, I really shouldn't be trashing him in front of you." Jake said, "Whatever, anyone who would cheat on you is a scumbag." She said, "Yeah, he is!" She said, "I really gave him all my best years, and he threw it all away. I missed out on my prime, there's so much I never did, and the whole time he was out living it up with those sluts." Kate said, "What did you not do mom?" Alcohol had loosened all of their lips, and they were saying things they never would have normally.

She said, "I don't know, I never slept with any other guys but him, I never went out partying with the girls to pick up guys, I never went streaking or skinny dipping, there's all kinds of fun stuff I missed out on." Jake said, "Well, you're free now, it's not too late." She scoffed, "Don't be silly, I'm old and fat now, I can't do any of that." He said, "No you're not, you're only 32, and you're definitely not fat, I'd call you curvy, and that's a good thing." She said, "Oh, you're so sweet, but no one's going to be attracted to me." He said, "That's crazy, I am!" He caught himself, and said, "I mean, if you weren't my mom I mean.

There's plenty of guys that would kill to get with you, believe me." She giggled, and said, "Jake, you're wonderful. And you're right, I shouldn't have a pity party, I should start living!" Kate said, "Yeah, starting right now mom, do whatever you want, we're here for you.


You should make a bucket list of things you never got to do and start doing them!" Julia said, "That's a great idea!" Jake said, "Why don't you start with one tonight?" She was sitting on the couch hugging her knees, still wearing her business outfit, a light blue knee length skirt with a long slit up the back, and a white blouse, which she was unbuttoned a few buttons on to loosen up. She was also wearing stockings, although she had kicked her heels off.

Jake could see the top of one stocking through the slit with her legs up like that. She had heavy DD tits that Jake had caught himself fantasizing about more than once. Her wide hips and round ass also hadn't escaped his attention.

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Julia playfully kicked one leg out and shoved his leg and said, "Don't be silly, like what?" He thought, and said, "You always wanted to go streaking, so go ahead." She said, "What around the yard in the middle of the night?" He nodded, "Can you think of one good reason not to?" She couldn't, so at the prodding of both kids and a bottle of wine, she stood up and said, "Ok, I'll do it!" They cheered her, and she went to the back door, and outside. They stood at the window watching her, as she stripped, first unzipping the skirt and dropping it.

Jake saw that she was wearing a garter belt holding her stockings up, and her panties were very high cut, lace covering only the top half of her ass cheeks. He shifted in his pants, trying to adjust his throbbing erection. Kate acted like she didn't notice, then Julia unbuttoned and dropped her blouse. She took her stockings off, bending over to roll them down.

When she turned to put them on the table, Jake saw her massive tits swinging, barely contained by the bra that matched her panties. Even Kate muttered under her breath, "Whoa!" His sister still had some baby fat pudge, but it was clear she was going to take after her mom.

She had the same wide hips and round ass, and her tits were already close to D cups. Julia still either didn't know the kids could see her, or didn't care, and finally unhooked her bra and thumbed her panties down to her feet. She kicked them away, wearing just her big pearl necklace and garter belt, with straps flapping.

She took off running, massive tits bouncing.

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They watched her until she rounded the corner of the house. While they waited until she came back, Kate said, "Jake, did you really mean it when you said you find mom attractive?" He started to correct her like he had before, but the earnestness of her question made him honest, "Yeah, of course, she's gorgeous, who wouldn't want to be with her." Kate just said, "Yeah, me too." Before he could ask her what she meant, Julia came back around the other side of the house, tits still flying free.

Her arms were out at her side, she was running completely free. Instead of coming back though, she jumped into the pool, doing a cannonball. She did a few laps while they cheered her, then she got out. She wrapped herself in a towel and came inside.

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Kate said, "Mom, that was awesome!" She was jumping up and down with excitement. Jake said, "Yeah, didn't that feel great?" She said, "Yeah, it really did! I want to feel like that all the time now.

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I won't go back to being inhibited and boring." Her beach towel wasn't quite big enough, and left a slit almost all the way up her left side where it didn't touch itself. It also wasn't tall enough, even though he had it wrapped around her tits low enough that they were almost spilling out, it barely covered her ass completely. As she walked back to the living room to get her wine glass, both kids were checking her out, looking at the bottom of her ass hanging out. She was riding such a high she didn't even notice that, or that she was dripping everywhere.

They all sat on the couch again, her hair dripping, and Jake said, "I'm amazed at how much happier you seem mom, I've never seen you like this." She said, "It's because I've never felt like this.

And I have you kids to thank for encouraging me." Kate said, "We won't stop encouraging you either, we want you to be happy and have everything you want!" Julia drained her last glass, and stood up. She leaned over to kiss Kate goodnight, but when Kate turned her cheek to her, she also tuned, and kissed her lips. Kate was surprise, she hadn't done that before. When she came to Jake, he found himself hoping she'd do the same to him.

He didn't turn, and she planted a kiss directly on his lips. It felt so good, and he shifted his pants again. Even in her drunken state, Julia noticed that. She said, "I'm off to bed now, this has been a wonderful night, but it's late. Tell you what, since you kids will want to sleep off all this wine tomorrow, why don't you stay home from school and hang out with me tomorrow." They were psyched, and said goodnight to her.

She grabbed the rest of the bottle, and took it to her bedroom with her. Jake and Kate sat up on the couch talking for a while, not wanting the night to end. TO BE CONTINUED