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Big brother girls sam heuston u0026 orlaith mcallister
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Martin pushed the door to his apartment open with a heavy sigh, another long day at the office. He had gone in early long before the sun had risen to cover the shift of another worker; he longed to wring the neck of that inconsiderate manager of his.

With an apathetic grunt he tossed his coat onto the lounge chair by the door and dumped his briefcase by the door, sliding out of his shoes and walking into the sanctuary of home. It had been a long 12 hour day.he was pretty sure the amount of time he had worked was illegal but, maybe all the extra time could convince the higher ups to finally bump him out of sales and into accounting or some other cushy job on the floor above him. "Someday." he thought to himself, referring to someday being in charge of he could stop working so much like a damned slave.

Martin tugged at his tie, letting it hang loosely from his neck as he ran his fingers through his hair, yawning off the days work, headed to the coffee machine to get himself a mug of the good stuff before Adrianne got home from school.

His eyes caught the picture stuck to the fridge.him and his little girl had been at it on their own for the last 5 years after his wife passed away. Martin had tried his best to distract himself from the folly of trying to find another.he convinced himself that little Addie was all he needed. She had grown a lot since then, blooming in so many ways; he was proud of her, proud of how strong she was becoming.

He dropped himself into that same indentation on his couch, grabbing the remote and sipping his coffee before turning on the TV.cartoons had been left on since this morning. Adrianne should be getting home soon.he decided to just leave them on in the background while scrolling through his phone.

After about 20 minutes, the door opened, and in stepped his daughter. She had the most beautiful jet black hair that came down to her collarbone, and bright blue eyes.

The young girl stepped in, wearing that uniform she loathed so much, that stuffy button up shirt, jacket and skirt with those ugly grey leggings. Martin couldn't help but smile as she walked in, tossing her back atop the lounge chair his coat rested on, his young daughter skipping over and hopping right into her dad's lap.

"Hi Daddy!" she smiled, throwing her arms around his neck and giving him a big kiss on the cheek. Martin laughed, dropping his phone and cupping her back while moving his coffee aside for her, "Watch it sweetie, I've got lava in a cup here." Addie giggled, sitting in his lap and bouncing a bit, Martin had most definitely noticed her process of growing.he had bought her some bras just last week, she was developing steadily.

As lonely as he was, he forced these thoughts from his head, his little girl was nothing to lust over.Adrianne looked at the TV, cocking her head, "You are watching cartoons?!" Martin stammered, trying to go for the remote, but unable to really move much with Addie on his lap, "Well I.was just channel surfing and I dropped the remote, and then I looked up some funny stuff on my phone and." he kept going, making his daughter giggle. She rolled her eyes and crawled up off his lap, "Suuuure.I bet you secretly watch anime when I'm not around!" Fixing her skirt, Adrianne stepped over to her bag, scooping it up and turning back at him, "Is today laundry day?" "Whuh?

Oh.yea. I'll take care of it sweetheart, you just do your homework." Martin set his coffee cup down, some laundry work would take his mind of this lousy day.

Adrianne nodded and sat down at the dinner table not far from the TV, opening up a book and starting to read it while her father stepped away. He hit her room first, picking up her dirty clothes hamper and looking around the room for discarded clothes. A shirt here, a sock there, he began picking up her dirty clothes and putting them in the hamper, stopping himself when he turned and found a pair of panties on the bed.his mind began to race, they were baby blue with a bow in the middle of the waistband, small just like her.

What was he thinking? He'd seen her naked plenty of times, from bathing her to the odd swimsuit accident. This was nothing new.why did he hesitate?


Martin grunted and picked up the panties, tossing them into the bin and walking to the hall where the washer and drier were kept. His hands slid the doors open, blocking the hall on both sides, the light in the laundry room was the only one on him now, he stared down into the hamper, at those baby blue panties.his little girl wasn't little anymore, surely he noticed.surely he noticed how much she had grown?

She even showed him from time to time, showing off her bras and cute swimsuits, she always wanted him to see how much of a woman she was becoming. It was like hypnosis, his hands delicately picked up the discarded panties, and before he knew it they were under his nose.

He inhaled only slightly, as if he was testing to see if they were actually dirty.then it hit him, they did carry a scent. He looked at the inside of them, there were marks from a liquid in the fabric, he sniffed them again.the feeling hit him like a bolt of lightning, he had caught the smell of Adrianne's young pussy, it was.well it was pretty startling. Based on the stain, it sure wasn't urine, Adrianne had gotten a bit excited at one time or another, was she already masturbating.?

His mind snapped back from his reverie when he felt himself bump the washing machine in front of him, a bulge had formed in his trousers, "Damn it." he muttered. He set them down in a pile, reaching into the hamper to separate the colors from the whites. Double damn it! There were only a couple of colors, the rest of the garments had been whites, he set the colored things aside on the dryer while starting up the washer, all the while he could see those panties laying there, his curiosity growing with every moment.

"Nnnghh." he groaned, and shut the doors to the laundry room, sealing them away from his sight while he slunk off to his room in shame. Adrianne was able to make herself a TV dinner as the evening rolled around, Martin eventually settled down and emerged from the room. He had changed out of his work clothes into some sweat pants and a t-shirt to relax in, Addie nudged him as she walked by with her TV dinner, taking her seat at the dinner table.

Martin smiled and sat down next to her, stealing a fry from the tray and eating it. She growled and swatted at his hand, huffing before going back to her book. She was reading some biology textbook, specifically human anatomy, all about things like the circulatory system and bone structure and other trivial things.

Martin sat quietly chewing on his fry, looking down at her book and musing, "Human body eh? Looks pretty boring.I mean look at me!" Adrianne laughed and set her head in her hands, "Yeaa.I already know all this stuff anyway, the internet taught me way more than these dumb look at this." She turned the page, showing more of the anatomy book, the pages detailing the reproductive system, with diagrams of penises and vaginas in large detail.

Martin looked over the book, laughing to himself when he saw the diagram of the vagina, thinking: "Well now boys will have no excuse to not know where the clitoris is." Adrianne spoke again, "I learned about all this stuff a long time ago, I already know how babies are made." Martin nearly choked, but caught himself, coughing a bit with his mouth closed, "What?

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But I didn't even-- I mean we-- How did you.?" Adrianne looked up at her father, rolling her eyes a bit, "The internet dad.I mean you told me a long time ago you don't believe in that 'parental control' stuff. I mean, now that I know about it, I'm like the only kid who doesn't start laughing when the teacher talks about penises." Martin snorted a bit, Addie glared at him, he may be an adult but his sense of humor regularly was childish.

"Anyway." she continued, "The only thing the books won't teach you is like.about love and boys and stuff. Or what 'fucking' means." Martin looked at his daughter with wide eyes, and she brought her fingers to her mouth, "Sorry!" She giggled, and he rolled his eyes.

Well she was growing up pretty fast, at the very least if she knew about these things, she wouldn't be clueless as she got older and got knocked up by some idiot guy before she even turned 18. Martin scratched his head idly, "Maybe when that becomes relevant.either you'll find out on your own or.maybe your friends will tell you, but Addie please more careful about what sites you go to?

I don't want viruses or worse.some creepy person following you." Adrianne waved her hand dismissively, "Naah.I stay out of chat rooms, I don't accept friend requests from anybody I don't know either!" Martin nodded in approval, looking down at the book again. " much do you know anyway? About babies." Martin asked hesitantly. Addie shrugged and looked up at him, "You put the penis in the vagina and then.white stuff comes out, semen?

And then that gets into the egg and then poof! Lots of animals do it.I watched a couple of dogs do it once." Martin couldn't help but laugh heartily, "Oh sweetie.well I suppose that means I have to start screening all the boys you hang out with eh?" Adrianne huffed, "No!

I don't even like any of the boys in my class anyway.a lot of them smell weird or try grabbing me in the halls." Martin's expression became more serious, his protective instincts kicking in.

"Honey, does anybody ever touch you inappropriately?

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Has anybody ever tried to hurt you??" Addie looked back up at him, a bit confused, "What? No.I mean they just pinch me or punch me in the arm.I drop kicked one of them into a pond one time, it was funny." Martin laughed and heaved a sigh of relief. Standing up and patting his daughters head, "That's my girl.I'm going to go lay down in my room, holler if you need me?" Adrianne looked back, yelling jokingly, "What if I need you now?!?" Martin waved as he walked away, "You already know this stuff, so you won't need me for it!" She pouted and sat back in her chair, rolling her eyes and going back to reading her book.

------------------------------------------------- As her father left the room, Adrianne pulled her phone from her pocket carefully. She knew she wasn't allowed to use it during homework time but, eventually she could convince Dad that she needed it. She scrolled the screen along silently, reading a graphic novel she had found that had been sent to her for it's "story" and "plot".

Her face going red when the next page showed up on the screen after a long and drawn out opening that just teased the audience. The girl had taken off her top! She looked at the drawn breasts, admiring how bouncy and soft they looked.someday she hoped to have some like that girl's, her own were still just little buds on her chest.but she still loved showing off her cute bras to her father. She sighed to herself, she had showed him her body at times but he didn't ever seem to notice.

Maybe she was just doing something wrong? She kept thinking.showing him what she lacked in breasts wouldn't do her any good. She flipped to a new page, the girl in the pictures was laying in a long shirt, from the angle she sat at, Addie could tell she wore no underwear.

The guy who came in was pretty shocked to see her like this, but she just smiled, patting the couch next to her, bidding him to sit down.

Addie thought for a bit, looking at the girl's plump hips and backside.she had thought for a while that maybe wearing skirts or tight pants would attract his attention.maybe she just needed to give him a bigger hint?

Adrianne sat for a while at the table, scrolling through her phone, looking at pictures of women and at the men who were seduced by them, or bid to make love to them.

She knew pretty well by this point how sex worked but, this feeling she had for her father, it seemed weird.was it wrong to love her Dad? She felt a familiar heat beginning to stir in her nether regions, Adrianne hadn't really figured out what to do with the wet sticky stuff that ended up inside of her panties, or what the heat in her young loins even meant.

She knew it made her feel light and excited but.didn't have any idea of how to satiate what she felt.this.need? Addie began to shift about in her seat.she needed her father to love her like the girls in these comics.

She didn't know why but, it was no coincidence that when she saw him emerge from the shower, his penis bared to the world while his face was covered in a towel, that she felt that same heat in her loins.the two had to be related.

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--------------------------------------------------- Martin laid in his bed, the room was dark, the curtains drawn, the TV was quiet. He looked over his phone still, the TV was really just background noise, he couldn't stand the commercials. He felt sleepiness beginning to set in, before a timid knock on his door was heard. His eyes shifted to the clock next to the television, it was 8 PM, "You coming to say goodnight, honey?" Adrianne opened the door slowly, clad in a long thin pajama shirt that went down just past her thighs, peering through the opening before stepping in, "A-actually.I tried sleeping earlier, but I couldn't do I was wondering.if I could lay with you for a bit?" Martin smiled, setting his phone aside again and opening an arm, his daughter scurrying over to the bed and hopping in with him, snuggling up under his arm.

He set his hand on her back, gazing at the TV while she rested into his shoulder, "Anything good on?" Martin shrugged and waved his hand, "I wasn't even paying attention.I think its some kind of medical drama? I never really know anymore." She smiled and rubbed his chest slowly, her mind beginning to wander, " you think I'm.beautiful?" Her father laughed a bit, "Where did you learn a big word like that?" She scowled and playfully hit his chest, he laughed and nodded, rubbing her back, "Of course I do sweetheart, you're the most beautiful girl I know!" Addie smiled, that was nice to boy ever spoke to her like that, that's for sure.

She continued, "Do you like being near me?" Martin nodded, "Sure I do, I mean, we laugh and joke, and watch TV together, father daughter stuff. All we need to do now is win a sack race and then I take you to your first prom." Adrianne giggled, snuggling into his arms.

She liked the way he made her laugh, her hand gently rubbed over his chest for a while. The feeling of her fingers slowly made Martin relax, settling in against the pillow behind his head, the TV seemed so distant and quiet. Adrianne yawned and slowly closed her eyes, her father looked down at her, smiling and rubbing her head. He was about to pick her up but, she gripped his shirt tightly, she wouldn't be going anywhere now.Martin sighed and smiled, pulling the covers up over them both and relaxing with his young daughter against him.

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She wasn't completely asleep.she felt that heat building up in her body again.being this close to him, in just this nightie, with nothing on underneath, it excited her.she wanted him to feel her warmth too, she couldn't keep it to herself.

She draped a leg over his and nestled her whole body against his side. She felt a tingle go up her body when her lower body made contact with his leg, it felt exciting to be so close to him. She looked up, he was fast asleep at this point, Addie set her head back down and pressed her lower body into his leg again, gasping a tiny bit when she felt another little tingle go up her body. The nightie had ridden up a bit, and what she felt against her soft young lips was her father's leg.

She pressed into him again, grinding that soft mound of hers into the fabric of his sweatpants, it felt good.the heat within her was spreading and growing more intense, she began to sweat and shiver nervously. Martin was semi-lucid, before he realized a heat was pressing into his leg. He didn't move, his eyes were open, but he didn't push her away. He felt his little girl's warm mound pressing into his thigh, the wheels in his head began spinning pretty damned fast.this was wrong but, he didn't want to stop her.there was a reason she was doing this.

Addie wasn't asleep or confused, she did this deliberately.she was calling to him. Nervously his hand slid down her back, ever so slowly, as if to imply he was still asleep. He felt his little girl shivering and gasping as she kept pressing her soft mound into his leg; his hand wandered further until it cupped that soft round butt of hers.

It felt like velvet, squishy and small, he gave it a squeeze, Adrianne gasped again, not looking up at him.

He enjoyed the way her little rump fit nicely in his palm, squeezing one of her cheeks gently while she kept up her grinding session. Adrianne dug her fingers into his shirt, pressing her warmth into his leg a bit harder.she didn't know what to make of all this but it felt amazing. As if hearing her plea for more, Martin's fingers slid down a bit, cupping his little girls ass and soon brushing against her damp pussy lips.

He was surprised at how wet she was.he remembered the smell of those panties, a familiar strain began to rear its head in his sweat pants. For now he ignored his own needs and tended to his daughter's, a single finger gliding up her warm and very wet slit.

It was like a lightning bolt for Adrianne, his finger felt fantastic as it slid between her soft lower lips, passing over her clit and resting near her tight virgin entrance.

Adrianne shivered and wiggled her hips a bit, trying to get him to do it again; he obliged, gliding the finger up and down her slit once more before finding that tight entrance and pushing his finger gently into his young daughter's pussy.

Her muscles contracted a bit and she gasped, shivering suddenly as his digit invaded her depths.this wasn't a penis, was he supposed to do this to her? It felt like heaven for the young girl, her legs shaking a bit as his finger sunk deeper into her tight depths. It didn't take long for Martin's finger to start moving steadily in and out of his daughter's tight opening, he couldn't really believe what was happening but.he loved her, and she needed him.


Truth be told, he needed her and life was a draining stress upon him, she was the only one who really made him happy. Martin gently pulled his daughter up on top of him, letting her rest her head in neck while she laid against him. She felt her hardened nipples press into his chest from beneath the nightshirt, it had ridden up past her tummy, her bare lower body sat low on his, she felt a strange bulge pressing into her lower tummy while his hands held her close.

One hand gently held onto that soft rump of hers while the other began sliding a finger in and out of that tight slit once more. Adrianne couldn't help but moan softly into her father's neck as his finger sped up within her, wriggling around in her warm virgin depths without much hesitation.

Martin felt all of his inhibitions melt away as he held his young daughter in his arms, adding a second finger into that tight young pussy of hers, much to her delight. Adrianne could only shiver, moan, and wiggle her hips a bit haphazardly while he tended to her needs. She began remembering the graphic novels she read, realizing pretty soon that the bulge pressed into her tummy was her father's was pretty big, it felt way bigger now that it was hard and pressed into her.

She longed to look at it, to see what had been evading her sight for so long. Martin couldn't do much to hold back his need by this point, he longed for his daughter in a way he never knew existed now. Her small, tight body rested against his, he could feel the warmth of her pussy against his legs, he longingly lifted his own hips up into her soft flat tummy, pressing that bulge of his into her flesh, evoking a tiny squeak while he continued to finger her.

Adrianne finally looked up at him, gazing into her father's eyes, "Daddy.w-will me how to make love.?" The words hit him deep.his excitement was a lot to bear.but the thought of him having sex with his little girl? He began to sweat nervously, he opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.he was pretty stuck at this point, two fingers still buried inside of his daughter's tight young pussy. She huffed, lifting herself up off of his hand and turning around, unknowingly getting herself into a 69 position.

Martin could only stare blankly at his daughter's young hairless little cunny, glistening with her juices, before he snapped back to lucidity, feeling his daughter's hand reach into his waistband and grip his throbbing cock for the first time. Adrianne shivered, it just barely fit in her hand, she wrapped her fingers around it, trying to mimic the way the girls in the comics did it.

Martin let out a gasp, resting his hands on his daughter's legs as she squeezed his member, before she finally fished it out. She looked at it carefully, it wasn't cut, sporting plentiful foreskin covering the sensitive head beneath. She slowly pulled the skin back just a bit, watching as precum oozed from his tip and oozed down his shaft, over her little fingers.

Adrianne drew her hand away, bringing it to her nose to take a slow sniff of the fluid, then her tongue licked at it was slightly bitter, but was warm and very sticky.

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She leaned in, gently taking her father's cock in her little hand and pulling it up to her lips, giving the tip a gentle lick to sample more of his precum.

Martin gasped sharply, pulling at his young daughter's thighs unconsciously, bringing that tight young pussy even closer to his face.he took another long look at that tight little slit of hers. Without much warning, he had gently took her soft ass in his hands and brought that sweet young pussy to his mouth, letting his tongue glide across those delicate virgin folds, sampling his daughter's sweet nectar. Adrianne gasped and shuddered visibly, letting go of her dad's cock and falling limp onto him, her nose buried against his pubes as she felt his tongue start really digging into her hot little slit.

Martin threw his cares away as he began eating out his little girl's sweet pussy without falter, lapping up the juices that were on the outside before shoving his tongue into her insides, his nose pressed into her taint while he slurped and delved into that wonderful young cunny. Adrianne could only lay there, moaning and panting heavily, the feeling in her body unlike anything she had ever experienced before.feeling her father's tongue deep inside of her wasn't exactly what she had expected but she loved every moment of it.

Her face was still down however, she lacked any strength to really keep experimenting with her father's cock, she breathed in now and then, taking in his smelled like heaven to her. She pressed herself into his face and he took it as his cue to keep going. Martin's tongue withdrew from his daughter's sweet pussy to flick across her clit while a finger came in to fill in the gap his tongue had left. His little girl began moaning and rocking her hips into his face again and again, her face buried against his cock, he felt the warmth of her cheeks brushing against his flesh.

The more she pressed into him, the more he began to really go at that hot delicious pussy of hers, until Adrianne felt lightheaded and butterflies in her stomach. "D-daddy.I.I feel like I-I'm." Martin pressed on, opening his mouth and sucking in that hot young pussy flesh, lapping his tongue over her folds and preparing for the inevitable finish.

Adrianne's gut twisted, and she felt her muscles contract sharply, the young girl raised her head and let out a cry of finality. The feeling was like a massive wave had flowed over her body, it was heavenly, she pressed her ass into her dad's face and ground that warm pussy into his mouth, groaning in utter bliss. Martin's lips had sealed themselves around his little girl's small pussy, and a gush of juices was what he got in return, he lapped hungrily at those delicate folds, feeling her cunny spasm and clench at his tongue as her juices washed into his mouth.

He drank them all down, reveling in the taste of his daughter's sweet nectar, still slurping and eating as much of that hot young pussy as he could before he felt Adrianne pull away from overload, panting and shaking like a leaf in front of him. Martin panted softly, wiping his mouth and resting his hand on her rear, gazing down at the stain on his shirt that she had left behind, and looking further down to see his still very hard cock standing at attention beside his daughter's face.what would happen now, he wondered?

He started to worry.maybe he should stop this now before it was too late. And then he felt his daughter's little hand grasp at his throbbing member, holding it tightly, as if sensing his doubt and making sure she had him where she wanted him. Adrianne slowly sat up, her eyes showing through loose strands of her long hair, she gazed back at her father with the hunger of a woman who had just had her pussy eaten by the most professional cunny connoisseur on the planet.

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"I.still want.this." she grunted, using her hand to wave his cock around a bit. Martin looked up at her, then at his shaft, then back at her again.his little girl was bossing him around.? ".Okay sweetheart." he croaked. Without much pomp or circumstance, the two had become fully naked after a moment, Martin sat on the bed nervously, his cock harder than ever and drooling precum onto the sheets.

Adrianne sat across from him on her knees, wiggling nervously in her nudity. Her budding breasts were tense and her nipples hardened in the exposure of the cool night air, Martin still hesitated, but his daughter's impatient look set him straight.

He sighed, and leaned forward, slowly leaning in to kiss at his little girl's soft neck. It felt too weird to kiss her lips just he started by warming her up, planting gentle loving kisses on her neck and collarbone. Adrianne cooed and shivered, sitting there with her hands on her lap while her father kissed her so intimately, he suddenly felt his lips capture one of her hardened nipples, his teeth ever so gently grazing her tender flesh.

Adrianne sucked in air between her teeth and panted, her face flushed and beet red as her Dad suckled gently on her little bud, before moving on to the other, gliding his hands down her sides before gently leaning her onto her back. Adrianne laid down for him, knees up and together, she looked up at him innocently, he stared right back at her.

He bit his lip and lifted her legs, spreading them apart and resting his erect cock right up against his daughter's soft mound. Adrianne gasped.gazing at it nervously, would it even fit.? She didn't really seem to care at this point, she wanted this.Martin gently held his daughter under her thighs and opened her soft legs, his cock plenty hard enough to stay level while he drew his hips back, and rested the head against his daughter's tiny mound, he shuddered as he felt the heat bleed off of her lips and spread to his girth.

Addie shivered and panted a bit, her chest rising and falling, looking over her dad's body, admiring his physique and the way he held her. She felt a sudden sting as that thick cockhead began to push forward into her little virgin slit, she gasped, arching her back and gritting her teeth as she felt his girth slowly spread her insides open and slide forward into her very wet young pussy.

Martin shuddered at the feeling of his cock slowly sliding in to his young daughter's very tight opening, he gently pulled back after a moment, letting her get used to the head, tenderly moving backward before pushing slowly back in. In and out, in and out.she knew it wasn't really enough, she wiggled impatiently, and suddenly his head hit the hymen. Martin looked up at Adrianne, his little girl was about to be deflowered by his own cock."It's going to hurt at first baby.just relax." Before she could ask him why, she felt a sharp pain shoot through her body, she clamped her hand over her mouth and sucked in a breath of air as she felt something pierce her body and then suddenly his cock slid deeper and deeper into her body.

Martin shuddered and moaned as he took his little girl's virginity and began to push himself deeper inside. The pain lasted for a bit, even while her father moved his cock backwards and then forwards inside of her body, Adrianne could only shake and pant heavily as the pain was slowly replaced with pleasure, and a strange stretching feeling as her tight young pussy was stretched open by Martin's throbbing member.

He gently rested his hands on her sides to get leverage as he withdrew himself to the head before pushing his thick cock back in to that tight little girl pussy once more, burying two thirds of his cock deep within her daughter's little slit. Adrianne moaned and lifted her chest high, panting and balling up her fists in the sheets as her father worked his thick cock in and out of her slit.

Addie was sure that his cock was well above the average size for men.something on the internet told her that penises weren't that big and yet.she felt like over 8" of her Dad's cock was now being worked in and out of her tight pussy. Martin couldn't help but pant and shudder at the feeling of his daughter's young cunny grip and squeeze at his cock unlike anything he had felt before.he slid his hands down to her hips and began working himself in and out of that tiny pussy a bit faster now.

Adrianne let out soft moans and cooes as she felt his hips bump into her ass with every thrust of his cock into her small body, she marveled at his girth and felt proud when she realized she was taking in all of his thick cock with every thrust, feeling his pubes tickle her clit as he gently but deliberately fucked his daughters tight young body. Adrianne raised her arms and held them out to Martin, he embraced her, lifting his daughter up against him so that she could wrap her thin legs around his waist.

Martin held his daughter close to his body, letting her head rest into his neck, his hands held her rump and back while he worked his hips up into that heavenly little pussy of hers. He couldn't stop himself, no matter how many doubts clouded his mind, the sinful nature of fucking his sweet young daughter was the only thing he cared about now.

He panted softly, pulling her back and looking into her eyes for a moment before capturing her lips in a deep kiss.

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Adrianne squeaked a bit, but shuddered as her father's tongue pushed past her lips and danced with hers, the feeling of his thick cock pistoning in and out of her tiny pussy while he held her against his body was the most wonderful feeling in the world. Martin thrusted into her like this for a good while before he decided he wanted to show her more ways to make love.he let his cock slide noisily from his daughter's soaked and tender pussy with a sloppy wet pop, panting heavily for a moment.

Adrianne was about to protest, feeling another orgasm coming on, when he suddenly but gently helped her get onto her hands and knees. Her body wasn't really big enough to keep her little ass level with his cock but, he adjusted his posture for her so that he could line up that thick cock with her tight entrance, from behind this time. Adrianne sat doggystyle on the bed for a moment, a bit confused, before her father gripped her skinny hips and gently drove that cock right back into her pussy once more, this time reaching even deeper than it had ever gone before.

Adrianne let out a cry of lust, her pussy tightened, and she suddenly came again. A flood of juices washed over Martin's shaft and down her thighs as he pulled back and thrusted in once more, his tip ramming into her cervix as her ass met his navel, his heavy balls slapping into her clit, which sent another electric shock up his little girl's spine. "O-oh d-daddy.p-please.keep going." she croaked, panting between his rough stabs into her tight little opening.

Martin could only groan at her words, gripping those hips and ramming his cock home even harder, his daughters little ass smacking into his body as he began to fuck her good and hard now. He moaned and marveled as his sweet little girl took his entire length deep inside of her body without falter, he felt himself tense up, knowing the end was soon going to come.and he was going to make it the best ending possible.

Martin kept his hands on Addie's sides, squeezing them tight and dragging her back roughly as his powerful thighs drove that thick cock deep into her hot young pussy. Adrianne moaned and carried on beneath him, loving every moment of his powerful thrusting and reckless lovemaking, any pain she felt was over ridden by utter joy and pleasure coursing through her body, feeling his balls slapping into her clit, and his hands grip her body tightly as he fucked her like she wanted him to. It had been so many years since Martin had anybody to love.and finally, he had someone to give him exactly what he needed.

"Addie.D-daddy's gonna.cum inside you now." Martin groaned, leaning over his daughter and panting as his thrusts became sharper and more violent. "H-hahh.y-yes.just.just do it daddy.I need you! I need it inside me daddy!

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Make me yours!!" Adrianne panted and moaned, not even sure what she was saying, simply repeating lines from the comic: "Make me into a woman daddy.I need it!!" It was as if a bomb went off in Martin's loins, and with one final, powerful groan and a brutal thrust into his daughter's little pussy, he let loose, and the ending had finally came. Martin's cock rammed into his daughter's little pussy so hard that it nearly speared her cervix, and yet still shot several thick gooey bursts of virile cum straight into her little girl's womb, flooding her ovaries with his seed and impregnating her.

His orgasm seemed to last forever, he just kept thrusting and ramming that cock home, claiming his daughter's little pussy as his own, as cum flooded her womb and seeped out past his cock, oozing down over his balls.

They just kept churning and churning, blasting her insides with his gooey seed until she could hold no more, Addie was pretty sure she felt her tummy distend a bit as his cum filled her insides, the feeling of this firey hot warmth filling her pussy was enough to make her cum yet again, and her tight little girl pussy milked her daddy's cock for all it had, making sure every last drop was deposited deep inside of her tummy.

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