Fingered on the way to work

Fingered on the way to work
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Alright this is my first story ever. I just wanted to say that some of these parts are true and some are just fantasies that I've had. I'm open to all criticism and comments. If you have an idea that you would like to share for one of my next stories sent me a message. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was your typical horny 17 year old teenager.

I went to school, had fun with friends, and completed treacherous homework. I didn't have that many friends and I had never had a girlfriend. Hell, I was still a virgin for crying out loud! I had yet to touch the female body.

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Aside from that, I lived with my mother and my younger sister, both of which I loved dearly. I don't really remember my father, he left right after my sister was born so I was raised by my mom which must have been hard seeing that we lived right near the beach in Florida. Laying in bed at 6:45 in the morning in a heavy daze I hear the familiar sound of the alarm clock and my mom's voice.

"Your alarm has gone off four times already get up and move your car I need to go to work." I dragged myself from my bed and walked out to the kitchen in my boxers where I was presented with my mother's beauty. At the age of 35, my mother was a very hot woman.

She was 5'6" about 135 lbs and has a very slim body. She has natural wavy red hair which she usually spent minutes straightening each day.

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Her pale soft skin was free of blemishes. Her legs were naturally toned and never seemed to end. Her breasts were about a 34B and looked absolutely fantastic on her figure. "Hey wake up. Grab your keys. I'm going to be late!" Half asleep I grabbed my keys and went out to the garage where my mom followed me. "Make sure your sister gets up for school" and she got on her tip toes and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She always said the same thing every morning and ended it with a kiss on the cheek.

I opened the garage door as my mother got into her car. I walked outside, opened my car door, slumped in, started it and reversed out of the driveway. My mom gave me a wave as she left into the darkness. After pulling back into the drive way, I went back inside and poured a glass of orange juice. I thought about how boring my past week at school was and how all the girls and couples fought.

There was so much drama. He said this. She said that, it was all very annoying. With my glass of juice empty and the sun starting to peak over the horizon, I figured it was time to wake up my sister and get ready for school. I made my way to her door which was cracked slightly and peered in. My 13 year old sister was lying on her stomach with her arm and leg hanging off the side of the bed. "Mandy wake up its time for school" She yawned, stretched and replied "I'm up!" almost immediately after, she slumped back down head in the pillow.

"Mandy, please get up I don't want to have to carry you out of here." "Fineeeeee" she said sleepily as she rubbed her eyes and came to her feet.

"I need to be out of here in about 20 minutes. Can you make your own breakfast today?" "Jezz I'm 13 I'm pretty sure I can handle myself thank you" and she ran and closed the door on me. I turned away and laughed to myself. She's always reminding me of how old she is and how she can do everything on her own.

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The funny thing was, I knew that if I didn't make her breakfast she probably wouldn't eat. So I quickly walked to the kitchen and grabbed something from the cabinet for her and left it out beside a glass of orange juice.

I took a quick shower, threw on some nice clothes and went back out to my sister's room. I knocked on the door and said "I'm heading out" Without opening the door she yelled "alright loser I'll see you later". I turned to the front door locked it and drove myself to school. School was boring up until lunch time. Instead of eating, I figured that I would take a walk. Just as I was about to pass the bathroom I heard a soft moan. I stopped dead in my tracks and slowly peered into the bathroom but there was no one in sight.

Most kids at this school go behind the bathroom building to make out. Not many teachers or administrators go near this side of the school so it was the best place to do almost anything.

I continued my way around the backside of the bathroom and when I peeked around the corner and my jaw dropped. Leaned up against a wall was this really beautiful girl that I have seen around school. Her mouth was open and quiet moans were escaping her lips. Her pants were down to her knees and she had her lovers' fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. I kept watching as the boy kissed up and down her neck.

The girl reached out and started playing with the boys cock through his pants. Just as the girl undid the boys belt buckle, the bell rang, meaning that lunch was over. I quickly walked away and made my way to class.

My cock was straining in my pants; it pushed against the fabric of my jeans as I walked. I had to hide it, so I thought quickly and put my hands in my pockets, it's not like there's any other way to hide an eight inch erection.

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The remainder of my school day, I had to deal with my erection coming and going. I hadn't masturbated in about a week and a half and my balls were crying to be drained.

My eye was on the clock the last few minutes of the day. The bell rang, signaling the end of school and I bolted to my car. I drove 10 mph over the speed limit all the way home and made it home so fast that I beat my normal time by about 5 minutes. I parked in the grass and ran inside. I glanced at the clock, it was 4:45, I knew my mom was going to be home in about 15 minutes so I knew I had to get busy. I threw off my pants and shirt, kicked off my boxers, lay down on my bed and started stroking my hard cock.

I started to think about the girl moaning and imagined that it was me playing with her pussy. She got down her knees and started to suck on my dick taking me all the way down her throat.

I closed my eyes and started to softly moan, and when I closed my eyes, I was no longer imagining the girl at school. I was imagining my mom sucking my 8 inch shaft.

I started to stroke my cock faster, my balls were stirring, I was in pure pleasure. I moaned louder as my mom's lips worked their way up and down my cock.

Just as I felt myself about to cum, I quickly took my hand off my cock and enjoyed the intense feeling. This was something that I normally did. I would masturbate up until the point where I'm just about to cum and cool down for a minute. I would then grab my cock and jerk it as fast I could till I came. The feeling was so intense.

During my "cool down period" I thought about my mom and how beautiful she was. I also recalled an even that happened about three months earlier&hellip. -------I had just gotten out of the shower and it was late, about 10 pm. My sister was sleeping over at a friend's house and my mom was watching TV. I went out to the living room in my towel and sat next to her. I noticed that she had a drink sitting on the table and she was slightly buzzed. "Mom?" "What is it sweetie?" "I think that my birthmark is gone" I had a small tan spot on my ball sack when I was younger but it seemed to move as my manhood grew.

It always interested my mom. "Which one honey" my mom said. "The one on my balls" I was expecting her to say "It probably just faded away." But no, she got up, kneeled between my legs and said let me have a look.

My mind was going wild, my hot mom, in a tank top and panties, was kneeling between my legs asking to see my balls. I opened up the towel and revealed my flaccid cock and balls to my mom.

She took her hand and gently started to move my balls searching for my birthmark. My eyes were fixed on her hands; it was the first time a girl had touched me. My cock started springing into action and my mom flipped it up onto my stomach and chuckled, I felt my face turning red.

She kept moving my balls around and finally said, "Your right, I can't find it anywhere" She looked at me in the eyes noticing that I was embarrassed. "You have nothing to be embarrassed about; you have a really nice dick." Right after she said that she grabbed my cock and didn't move.

"You're going to make a girl very happy one day." She said as she started to slowly pump my cock up and down. She only pumped it 3 or 4 times before she let it go and returned to her spot on the couch.

I quickly covered my hard cock and snapped back to reality. It felt like I was sitting there for 30 minutes while my mom checked my balls and stroked my cock, but it was only a couple of minutes. The next thing I know, I hear my mom chuckle and she threw an ice cube on me. I smiled and threw it back at her.

We exchanged a few more ice cubes until she leaned forward and put an ice cube down the front of my towel. I jumped from the cold alien feeling on my cock. I grabbed an ice cube from her drink and lunged at her. I pulled her tank top and quickly threw the ice cube in.

My mother squealed and squirmed trying to fight me off of her chest as I moved the ice cube inside her shirt. I eventually put the cube right on her nipple which seemed to quickly harden. While smiling, squealing ,and softly moaning she reached back into her cup for another ice cube. All this time I was too busy focusing on my mom's hardening nipples that I didn't realize my towel had come off and my rock hard cock was pointing right at my mom. My mother took the ice cube in her hand and moved it to my balls which she cupped and gently squeezed.

The piercing freeze on my balls made me quickly move my hands from her shirt to my sack.

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She laughed as I tried to fight her hand off, but I couldn't. She had a really good grip on them. It was an incredible feeling, the warmth of my mom's hand on my skin and the coldness from the ice cube. The feeling of pleasure was so intense that I trusted my hips toward her and moaned.

I figured that this was my chance and I reached for the cup again, this time my mom tried to move it away with her spare hand, but she was too late. I grabbed the biggest ice cube I could and I quickly moved my hand to her panties and put my hand under them and started forcefully rubbing the cube all over her clit. Her enormous grin immediately went away and her mouth opened slightly and she gasped. Now I was in control, the ice cube she had on my balls had already melted but her hand remained there.

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She tried to use her other hand to move the ice cube off her clit but she couldn't, I was too strong for her. It also made me push the cube harder onto her clit. I moved my body up further on the couch, straddling one of my mom's legs.

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She was spread eagle now with my cock aiming right at her tits. I moved her panties to the side and I finally got a good look at my mom's pussy. She had lots of pubic hair that matched her red hair on her head. Her pussy lips were a nice pink. Her outer pussy lips were a little puffy. My mother basically had, what I would call, the perfect pussy. Her vagina seemed to slowly blossom, revealing her hole to me. I took the cube off her clit and pushed it inside of her, she let out a loud moan, almost a scream and she threw her head back in pleasure.

I started to finger her pussy and rub her clit with my thumb. Her pussy was so tight! The ice cube slid out as I felt her pussy start to tighten around my finger.

I couldn't believe it; I was actually fingering my mother's pussy. I took a risk and I grabbed my mom's hand and placed it on my throbbing cock. At first she did nothing, but then she slowly started to pump my shaft and soon she started pumping quicker and quicker. I knew I wasn't going to last long. I started to rub her clit faster and I pushed another finger into her pussy. Her hand was now a blur on my cock and I let out a long moan. I started to feel my mom's pussy tighten around my fingers, and her breathing quickened.

The next thing I know, I thrust my hips forward and I moan "mmmoommmmmm" and I start to cum all over my mom's covered tits. The second time my cock twitched I heard my mom moan very loudly and I felt her legs wrap around my hand. Her pussy was trying to milk my fingers. Her body was shaking, and her eyes were closed tight. My cock finished twitching and I opened my eyes to see what had happened.

My mother's hand had fallen off of my now limp dick and was hanging off the side of the couch. Her legs were still wrapped around my hand. I felt her pussy, it was very wet and I saw some liquid start to roll down the leather couch. I looked at her tits to see the damage I had done: there were about 6 streaks of cum going across her tank top.

Some of my cum even hit the back of the couch almost a foot and a half away.

My mom seemed to have passed out from the pleasure and not much later I passed out on top of her stomach only to be awakened the next day in my bed. I had always thought it was a dream… but I knew it wasn't.----- I had snapped back into reality, my hand was still on my cock which was now throbbing. I glanced back at the clock. My mom would be home any minute!


I started to quickly stroke my cock but then I stopped, a grin shot across my face and an idea popped into my head. I heard the garage door open then the sound of my mom "Ryan I'm home". 'Perfect' I thought to myself 'just in time'… *To be continued*