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Chapter 1 12:43AM Wednesday February 14, 2007 I'm going to write fantasy of my bitch getting fucked hard. She doesn't believe that I masturbate 99% of the time over her. Maybe this fantasy will change her PLEASE mind. FUCK Will came home after a three day business trip with a new colleague that signed with him in L.A.

named Kirk. He was built MY with a medium size toned build standing six foot one. Sparkling smile and deep blue eyes. He was very much a dream BITCH!!! talker with woman and really new how to make them smile an be very comfortable with themselves. FUCK HER HARD!!!!! Will and Kirk had plans when they got home. A little surprise for Meaghan after a little get together. Will and Kirk had learned a lot about each other in the last few days. The last night on their Business trip while sharing a Hotel Suite with separate beds and the lights out Kirk started to talk about sex and how he liked to get laid almost every night.

He also revealed to Will that he just got out of the porn movie industry and started investing in mansion real estate which they were both doing now. "That's pretty crazy man," Will answered. "What about you Will, do you like to get laid a lot?" "Not as much as I'd like to, but things kind of get boring after awhile being with the same person." "You need to change it up and do something exciting," Kirk suggested.

"Yeah, I've been thinking about that a long time now. She doesn't like a lot of things that I've suggested and tried, but I know there is one thing that she'd die over once she had it." "What is it Will?" Kirk asked cures sly. "Let me ask you a question first and then I will answer that for you." "Sure." "Well, you met Meaghan for a few minutes before we left Friday, tell me would you fuck her?" "Well, I'll tell you the truth Will, she looked pretty hot in those shorts and shirt she had on that day and she talked really innocent, but had that naughty smile to her.

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I was imagining fucking her on your table," Kirk blunted out and paused for a second. "I would never do that though will, business is always first and nothing would get in the way, it's just way my imagination works." "I understand man.

I have a crazy imagination like that too. I'll tell you the truth about what I was thinking that day too while you were there. I was also imagining you fucking the shit out of her." "Serious?" Kirk asked surprised. "Yeah, I don't know Meaghan and I have had a few good fucks, but most of them are just the same thing over. We always lacked the great sex part in our relationship. When we first met we were both inexperienced and by the time we new more about sex we just didn't have any real spark left with it to enjoy it enough.

But I know if she had something different with a big dick she would probably love it. She likes to get fucked, but I can't fuck her like she wants.

I know a big dick in her cunt would please her a lot and she don't even know it." "How do you know I have a big dick?" Kirk asked with a little chuckle. "I don't, but if you do maybe we can come up with something and you can give her a piece of it." "Well, in that case I will let you know, I have a eight inch and nice thick dick that she would probably love, Will." Kirk was right up to this and thought it was great.

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Will was excited that hopefully he would finally see Meaghan get fucked hard by another guy with a big dick. On the other hand he was also a little afraid of it and what everything would be like after it was all done. But he didn't care he had this fantasy for years and finally somehow he was going to let it happen. He wanted to see Meaghan scream for the big dick inside her cunt.

They had a plan that when Will went home Kirk would go with him and he would tell Meaghan that he invited him over for supper and a few drinks. So when they arrived back at Will's place the next evening they were both pretty excited.

Meaghan was in the shower when they got home. "How perfect," Will said sitting down at the table after grabbing them both a beer. Kirk sat down too cracking his beer and saying, "Yeah, really. I can't wait to fuck her," Kirk said. "I hope she goes for it." "Oh she will man, trust me," Kirk said confident on what he could do.


Will knew that this was going to be good. Normally the kind of confidence that Kirk had would make somebody jealous that was just about to fuck their bitch. But Will was full of confidence himself so he didn't mind, he wanted Meaghan to get fucked hard by Kirk like she hadn't been fucked before and he knew that Kirk was going to make it good being an ex porn star and all.

"Do you have a movie camera?" Kirk asked with a smile. "I'm already ahead of you Kirk," Will said with a bigger smile. "I have one in the living room on the unit stand. So when you start to fuck her in there I will grab it and the way we go man." "Awesome." Meaghan got out of the shower and came down the hall in just her towel on. When she got to the kitchen she was surprised to see the guys sitting there. Meaghan came running over to Will and gave him a big kiss.

"I missed you," she said. "I missed you, too," Will told her back. "I invited Kirk over for a few drinks tonight," Will told her skipping the dinner part he wanted to cut right to the chase now and Kirk smiled.

"Oh good," she said and looked at Kirk smiling. "Yeah, Will and I can tell you all of our big goals and how much richer we're going to be in the next year," Kirk said start conversation with the hot babe right away. Meaghan got a tingly feeling in her body and it was almost like she knew something crazy was going to happen. She was in an awesome mood and was up for the drinks and all the money talk. "I'm going to put something on," Meaghan smiled and kissed Will.

"I'll be back in a minute." "You can just stay like that if you want Meag.," Kirk said and finished, "Only of course if you don't mind, Will," Kirk joked but with seriousness. "Yeah babe, why don't you just sit on the couch naked while we have a few drinks," Will responded with a sexy grin.

"Yeah right in both your dreams," she said glancing at them both with a sexy smile walking away. Now Meaghan felt like something really was going on for Will to say that was weird and be so cool and serious about it. She had butterfly feelings and liked it. She felt in a sexy mood now and now she wanted to play with the boys, too. Meaghan went to the room and found something sexy to wear. She put on her sexy little black skirt that will loved.

It went a few inches above her knees. She slipped on a see through black thong and put on a tight bra the perked her tits out really nice and through on a loose white blouse. She put some dark eye liner on that drove Will crazy too and gelled her hair in ringlets.

Meaghan walked into the living room where Will and Kirk already were and said, "Ok lets have some drinks now and sat on the L shaped couch in between the two a cushion apart from each. They sat for about an hour talking about business over drinks.

Meaghan was begging to get a little happy with a few drinks and it was about time to start getting the heat turned up. Meaghan was really good at stripping she loved it and had been doing it for a few years now with some girls for fun.

She loved music and she could really move to it. "Why don't you give us a strip tease babe," Will said to Meaghan. Meaghan was kind of shy that way, but it turned her on. She blushed a bit and then asked with a shy smile, "Strip naked?" "Yeah, why not," Will said moving right over to her and putting his arm around her. "Show Kirk how sexy and hot you can be." Meaghan looked at Kirk's big smile and smiled back a sexy one to him to let him know she felt sexy. "Yeah, I would really like that Meag," "Would you?" She asked innocently.

"Oh yeah baby." Meaghan looked at Will all sexy and happy to do a show to turn them both on and asked, "Are you sure you don't mind me turning your business partner on?" "No babe, I want you too, show him what you have just go crazy." "Go crazy?" She asked with a chuckle.

"What do you mean by that?" "Do whatever you feel like doing babe, no matter how crazy you feel. Here have a big swig of this white Russian I made up." "Oh my God, your crazy Will," She said taking a big drink. Meaghan got up and put one of her favorite strip tease CD's in and turned it up. The guys looked at one another and smiled liking every second of the hot sexy innocent little girl.

Meaghan was feeling really hot and was all into it. She started dancing around and touching herself. She moved up in front of Will after a minute or so and started dancing for him. She was so sexy doing her dance and she still had her clothes on moving and touching her body all around.

She could see the boner through Will's jeans and new she was doing a really good job. She put her Knees on the edge of the couch and went into Will kissing his neck. Will put his hand's on her backside and lifter her black skirt up revealing it to Kirk. "Oh yeah," Kirk said loving the sight of it. Meaghan looked over at him and smiled putting her own hand on her backside and lifting her shirt up showing her black bra with a dirty look. "Oh fuck baby your good," Kirk said chuckling all horny and his boner popping out of his pants.

He rubbed himself and Meaghan could see his huge bulge and knew he had a nice cock. Meaghan turned back to Will and lifted her blouse off and set her tits right in front of Will's face. Will cupped them in his hand's and Meaghan started to kiss him all hot and heavy swallowing his tongue and rubbing his cock hard.

"Mmmm, why don't you go and give Kirk a little show over there," Will said pulling away for a second. "If you insist baby," Meaghan said and turned to Kirk.

She got up and moved in front of Kirk. She touched herself and cupped her breasts dancing some more. Will got up and grabbed the digital Video recorder and sat on the side view recording her in front of Kirk.

Meaghan seen Will filming her and it really turned up the heat now. She was getting really brave and comfortable with the two and danced her skirt off of herself and showed the boys her sexy little ass without it. She turned around right in front of Kirk and bent over slightly giving him a wonderful view of nice ass. "Oh baby, you better get that sexy thing a little further from me or I'm going to eat it up," Kirk said really just about to grab it. Meaghan glanced at Will still filming and smiling not minding a thing that was said or done so she decided to let Kirk release her bra from her.

She sat her ass right tight in between Kirk's leg's turned her head looking at him and said, "Why don't you take my bra off baby." "Ok," Kirk said and let the strap loose; Meaghan leaned back on his chest and let him slide it off of her.

She could feel his bulge pressing into her side. Meaghan brought her hand's up and set them on the side of Kirk's thighs and grasped them lightly as he took her bra off. When Kirk got to her hands he lifted them gently to drop the bra as it came off he re-grabbed her arm's and slowly brought his hands back up and let off under her arm heading to her breast slow as he breathed hot air on her back and she just smiled leaning back as Kirk's hands were about to cup her perky breast sticking out.

Just before Kirk Reached them Meaghan looked at Will. Will turned his head away from the camera for a second and smiled nodding his head yes.

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Meaghan smiled and leaned her head right back into Kirk's shoulder and waited. Kirk let his hands on a little heavier after she got Will's ok.

He circled her nipples with his index finger a couple of times until they were really stiff and then cupped her breasts with his hands taking her nipple's in between his index and thumb.

Meaghan moaned as he grasped them. She looked at Will again and grabbed Kirk's hands bringing them down to her mid section and let Kirk rub her cunt still looking at Will and she asks, "Do you like that?" Will stopped the camera and let it down in his hand walked toward the two, he bent down and gave Meaghan a wet kiss and then got up and said, "Let him suck on your tits now." Will Stood back and filmed them face front.

Meaghan lifted her back up a bit to put her breast in Kirk's face. Kirk put his lips on her nipple and then licked around it. Then he cupped his lips over it and sucked it swirling his tongue and saliva all around her hard nipple.

Meaghan held on to his neck with one hand and used the arm of the couch to push herself up. She smiled and enjoyed his warm mouth all over her. Kirk pulled her side over to him and put a hand on her ass and pull her into him, Meaghan grabbed her breast and pulled up to his mouth so he could suck on it.

It would be a beautiful portrait. "Do you like that babe?" Will asked. Meaghan nodded her head with a huge smile and answered while she was really turned on, "Yeah," Kirk lifted his head and they kissed heavily and passionately and Will could tell just by the way that Meaghan was kissing how bad she wanted to get fucked.

"Will told me that he thinks you would be really happy and hot as hell if you got fucked really hard." "I think he's right," Meag said, "And I think you have a really nice dick," she added and put her hands on his bone and rubbed it. "Why don't you find out, Meag. I think you'd look really good on my cock," Kirk said and unbuttoned his pants with his free hand. "I know if Will planned on getting me fucked tonight he would make sure it was a nice one and someone who knows how to use it," Meaghan blunted and started kissing down his chest wet and hard but quick in a hurry to see Kirk's cock.

Meaghan got down on her knee's at the edge of the couch and pulled down Kirk's pants. She seen the bulge popping out of his underwear.

She smiled and kissed it up and down she spread her mouth open and put her jaws on the length of his cock and bit down on it gently to feel the strength and the feel of his big dick as she imagined it in her mouth very shortly. She pulled down his underwear and let his manhood free. "Oh yeah," she said putting her hand around it at the bottom of his cock.

She soaked her tongue up and let it out as she licked all the way up to his warm head. She licked the bottom and tip of his head and then put it inside her wet mouth. "Oh yeah, Meag," Kirk said and she put a little more in her mouth moving up and down on it nice and slow slipping it in further. "Oh fuck yeah," Kirk moaned and as Meaghan's wet tongue and lip's slid up and down his dick. "Mmmmm, you have a nice dick," she said and went back to licking and sucking on his cock.

Will moved in closer with the camera to get a close up shot on Meaghan licking and sucking a nice big cock, he loved her getting all hot and horny over it. Hr wished he got the same feeling when he was fucking her, but there was just something about the whole environment that made him love the thought and site of Meaghan getting fucked by another man infront of him.

It was private and possibly wrong, different, bad, exciting, energizing and exploding that don't often happen in a long term relationship. It brings out excitement of new energy like when you first start dating someone and making love to them. It feels a lot different in the begging than it does down the road.

Meaghan enjoyed a different cock than she thought she would have. She loved his attitude and attractiveness to her, his build and most of all so far his beautiful cock. She loved the perfect length and girth of his cock and couldn't wait for him to probe her pussy with it.

She was feeling really horny and crazy. She wanted to really enjoy getting fucked by Kirk for Will, so she wanted Kirk to fuck her really hard like Will would want.


She wanted him to see her moan and scream for more big cock. She really wanted to take advantage and try to make Will regret letting her fuck someone else after seeing how much she was enjoying it.

Meaghan looked up at Will with her face all full of light wet spit smiling ear to ear with dead sexy eye's and asked, "Do you like watching me suck this dick baby, is this what you imagined?" Trying to act like she was pissing him off. "This is exactly how I imagined it baby, you're doing a great job. Every time you feel you love something just scream it out baby," Will answered with honesty. Meaghan looked up at Kirk's eyes and blunted, "I love this cock." "It's all yours baby," Kirk looked down and grabbed her face trying to help her out on making Will jealous.

Meaghan knew if there was one thing if anything that would make him jealous would to be really genuine towards Kirk with trust and look in his eye's with care and tell him all the great things about him.

Meaghan sucked down on his cock again slow moaning with seduction. Again she looked up at Kirk and said, "Owe I love your cock baby," she said sliding her tongue on his head and kissed it looking back up and saying sexy and pouting, "I can't wait for you to stick it in my pussy." "Do you want that cock in your pussy Meag?" Kirk asked saying her name at the end to show her his respect and desire to her so he could gain her trust and willingness.

"Mmmm Hmmm," Meaghan hummed while simultaneously sliding her tongue up his shaft and staring in his eye's with sexy desire. "Let me here you say, you want to get fucked by that big dick." Meaghan Grabbed a hold of his cock with her right hand got up and kissed Kirk passionately while stroking his cock. Her back canted and her ass puffed out and her legs spread over his leg.

"Mmmm, I love your big dick baby, I really want you to fuck me now," Meaghan said with seriousness and started to kiss him again. "Please fuck me Kirk," she kissed him again, "Oh please fuck me." "What do you say Will, do you mind if I stick my cock in her and fuck her hard?" Kirk loved the attitude and confidence Meaghan had in his cock.

He couldn't help being the asshole and confident fuck he is. Will let him in this far and he wanted to take control of the situation with Meaghan to make Will feel guilty and unwanted anymore. "Give her what she's been missing Kirk," "I have to ask you Will how hard do you want this to hurt." Finally it was taking effect to Will and Kirk was succeeding in touching his buttons.

"Look man, please just fuck my bitch and fuck her hard ok." Kirk grabbed Meaghan and put her down on her back length ways on the couch and got in between her legs holding himself above her. He looked down at her big smile. "Do you want me to fuck you hard, Meaghan?" "Oh yeah baby, I want you to fuck me really hard." "Don't worry I am," he smiled and gave her a kiss and lightly touched her soaking wet pussy lips with the head of his cock and pushed it up and down on and off of her clit, moving toward her hole and lightly putting pressure down teasing her and taking it away.

"Ahh," Meaghan moaned. "How hard do you want me to fuck you baby?" Kirk said and slowly pushed his head inside her pussy. Meaghan gasped and pushed her back up.

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"Mmmm, oh I want you to fuck me really hard," she said when his head entered her. Kirk pushed in about half way into Meaghan's tight wet pussy and she moaned, "Awww, ohhh yeah," and smiled looking up at him. She put her hands on her breasts and begged for Kirk to fuck her. "Please fuck me now Kirk, Please just shove your cock in me and make me come." As soon as she spoke it Kirk put his whole cock deep inside Will's woman and he moaned with having the pleasure.

He pulled back up about half way and went back down into Meaghan. "Oh fuck yeah," Meaghan says with pleasure and Kirk keeps it coming into her.

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"Oh god fuck yeah, emmm, yeah fuck me," Meaghan told Kirk looking up at him with aww of how his cock felt in her. It hurt in away but felt so great in another. Kirk slowed down and looked at Will and Meaghan begged out for him not to stop.

"Oh no, don't stop, fuck me." Kirk slowed down more looking down on her in despair. "Oh please don't stop, keep fucking me, it feels so good baby." Kirk got down and started to kiss Meaghan moving his cock in her pussy with long deep slow strokes.

She kissed him back and moaned at the same time passionately. She grabbed his hard butt and grasped it pushing down hard on him when he plunged in her pussy and crunched her face wanting more. "Don't worry I'm going to fuck you babe," Kirk said and looked at Will again. "How hard do you want me to fuck her Will." "I told you to fuck her hard Kirk, so do it or you'll lose your opportunity," Will said getting pissed off. He wanted Kirk to just fuck his woman and make her scream.

"Oh I don't think I'll lose opportunity, Will," Kirk said with attitude looking and smiling at Will. "Just fuck her Kirk." Kirk looked down at Meaghan and thrusted his cock in her hard. "Ooohhhhh," Meaghan moaned. Kirk stopped and Meaghan smiled up at him. "Look man she loves my cock, you can't take this opportunity away from me anymore than you can her.

She wants this cock and your not stopping her." Will paused the camera and stepped forward looking Kirk in the eye's. "Dude fuck her or I'll pull you off and that will be the end I mean it." "All right man you said it," Kirk said and started stoking his cock in her soaking wet pussy. Hearing the talk between Will and Kirk turned her on. "Aww yeah fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," "Oh you like that baby?" "Oh yeah," Kirk pushed his cock in her fast and out and back in.

"Oh baby, oh oh oh, yeah,mmmmm, oh yeah yeah fuck me fuck me." Kirk stopped again and looked at Will, "Do you want me to fuck her so hard she screams she loves me and loves my cock, and that she wants me to fuck her every night?" Will looked at him with one last chance to shut up.

Kirk didn't give a fuck he wanted Will to feel the pain of his woman being fucked. "Well do you? Because she will say it all and she will mean it." Will had enough, it was time for him to end this and end it now. This wasn't the satisfaction he was looking for. He put down the camera and walked toward Kirk. What Will didn't know is Kirk use to do all his Videos fucking other men's wives.

He was a pro at it and that was his job to make the boyfriends/husbands feel degraded by how much their wives loved getting fucked by them. He knew he had Meaghan hooked and she did love his cock and wanted him to fuck her so bad, and she wanted it more and more as he made her wait arguing with Will. The more Will was getting pissed off the more Meaghan wanted to get fucked by this cock. Kirk knew how to work what he use to do best. Will grabbed the back of Kirk's neck about to throw him off and haul into him and Meaghan said, "Will no!" "Why?" Will asked furious.

"Because I want you to see me get fucked like you want baby." "Tell him the truth Meaghan that you love my cock inside you," Kirk told her and pulsed his hard throbbing cock inside her and he could feel her gushing all over it. Will clenched his fist and looked at Meaghan. She looked up at Will and then looked at Kirk and back at Will. "I love the way his cock feels inside of me baby, and I want him to fuck me really really hard, just like you want.

Come down here and give me a kiss baby and then lets make a really awesome movie." Will let go of Kirk and Kirk looked up at him and said, "I told you." As Will got down to kiss her Kirk said, "Am I not right baby." Just before Will could give her a kiss Will had to watch her answer with a big smile and her nodding her head, "You're right baby." "You love my." Kirk started for her to finish still before Will could kiss her.

"I love your cock baby," Meaghan said and looked at Will grabbing his collar and pulling him toward her. Kirk started banging her again and she was moaning with enjoyment as she kissed Will and looked in his eyes. "Mmmmm, awwww thank you baby," she thanked Will. Kirk started a little extra hard to get Meaghan on him again. "Oh fuck yeah, mmmmm, Meaghan yelled out letting go of Will and losing eye contact with him looking back up at Kirk, "Awww I love your cock, yeah fuck me, emnmmm oh yeah, fuck me." It happened Will felt degraded.

There was nothing he could do now but record Meaghan getting fucked hard by his business partner. He loved every second of it.

But he felt the one way at the same time that he didn't want to feel. He asked himself why they couldn't have just fucked without going on and on the way they did. Why couldn't it just be perfect without him feeling stupid. But as Kirk fucked Meaghan harder and harder Will forgot and began to record and masturbate to the beautiful sight and sounds of Meaghan getting fucked like he had imagined for years.

And So Meaghan Got fucked Really Hard By Will's New Associate In Business: "AAHH Kirk fucked Meaghan a little more on top.

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Meaghan had multiple orgasms and loved every second of what was taking place. Kirk got up on his knees and grabbed Meaghan's hand pulling her up. FUCK "Suck on that cock some more baby." MMMM. Meaghan smiled, got on her knees and used the back of the couch to rest her arm on as she took Kirk's shaft in the other hand and cupped her mouth over it giving him amazing head. OOHH FUCK "Oh fuck yeah, baby." OOHH GOD FUCK ME!" "Emm.," Meaghan licked up his cock and looked at him holding his head close to her lips.

"You like that?" "Oh I love that. Keep sucking that dick." Meaghan spit on Kirk's dick and stroked it for him while licking and sucking his head in her mouth soaking it with her saliva. "You know Meaghan Will said that you could give really good head if you wanted to, I have to really agree on that, because you're sucking on my dick like you really love it." Meaghan put both hands on his cock and stoked it up and down looking up at him yet again, "love it.

I love fucking it with my mouth." "Oh yeah baby, that's what I like to hear." "All right baby it's time for my favorite position, doggy style," Kirk said standing up and going in behind the beautiful ass of Meaghan. "MMM.YEAH, OH I LOVE YOUR DICK." Meaghan pushed forward now resting an arm on top of the couch and her other on the arm of the couch.

Kirk grabbed the cheeks of Meaghan backside with the full of his hands and looked down at her amazing shaped ass spread looking back up at him. "My God, you have a beautiful ass!" Kirk said loudly loving every second of fucking her. Meaghan looked back at Kirk with that sexy smile and stuck her ass out even a little more for him.

She looked at Will to see how he was liking her naughtiness. Will had his cock out and it was probably harder than it ever was before. It really turned Meaghan on seeing him so turned on.

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She knew she was going to get really naughty this time around when Kirk fucked her. "FUCK ME BABY.OOO.YEAH FUCK ME!" Kirk got down and started to lick Meaghan's ass crack and spitting on her hole sticking his tongue in as far as he could. After having the great taste of her little asshole now it was time to fuck her again. He got up and put his shaft back in Meaghan's pussy and she was all hot and horny ready to go.

As Kirk got deeper and deeper Meaghan got louder and louder that fast he went the faster she screamed. "Oh my God, fuck yeah," Meaghan screamed. "Tell Will everything you feel baby." "Oh Oh Oh, Kirk ahhh fuck me Kirk.

OHH God fuck me." "Do you like this cock baby?" "Oh I love that cock, fuck me hard." Kirk started to fuck her harder and she loved every last ounce of it.

"Oh fuck Kirk oh yeah, oh yeah yeah," she screamed as he fucked. "Oh fuck yeah baby, fuck harder." Kirk was really giving it to her. "Oh fuck Meaghan I really like fucking this beautiful pussy." "Aww yeah, ohhh ohhhh ohhh." "I'm going to fuck you so hard baby," Kirk groaned to her and he pressed her back down and her ass up high sticking his whole cock down in her wet pussy. "Oh my God Kirk, Oh oh oh, God fuck I love you, ahhh yeah yeah oh oh oh ah ah Oh fuck my pussy," she screamed and continued.

"Oh I love you Kirk, I love your dick fuck me harder baby, really hard." Kirk fucked Meaghan so hard from behind she was almost off the couch and he was laying into her. Meaghan was screaming for more and he gave it to her. Finally Kirk pulled out of her before going off and Meaghan turned around sitting in the corner of the couch smiling exhausted. Kirk fell to his Knee's beside her and kissed her. "I really like fucking baby, and I know you love it too." "I've never felt so horny and so fucked in my life," Meaghan said smiling with joy.

Kirk sat down and Meaghan leaned over to give him some more head. She loved sticking his cock in her mouth and she really knew how to please a big dick that pleased her so much.

"Come here baby get on top of this cock and ride me 'til the end. " Meaghan got on top of Kirk and he slipped his cock in to her excited waiting pussy.

Meaghan rode his cock like she never rode before. She creamed her last breaths as Kirk pounded her from the bottom with everything he had pulling her ass down on his cock making sure he fucked her really hard. "Ohh fuck I'm coming again," Meagan screamed. "Ah I'm coming I'm coming." "I'm coming to baby oh fuck yeah I'm going to come baby, where do you want it?" "OH, OH, OH.MMM, OH FUCK ME YEAH FUCK ME.OOHH GOD.YEAH.OH WILL WILL OH I LOVE THIS COCK.YEAH .OH OH FUCK ME!!" Meaghan jumped of his cock and got down sucking him off right away and stroking him quickly.

"Awwhhh yeah fuck oh.emmm.emmm." Kirk moaned as Meaghan pumped his hot sperm in her mouth and all over her breast. "Mmmm," Meaghan sucked and licked all the come from his cock and used his hard cock to rub his sperm all over into her breasts. Meaghan laid back on the couch and looked up at Will.

"Did you like that?" Will asked. "Yeah," Meaghan said and nodded her head and then looked at Kirk. "Did you like it baby?" She asked Kirk and grabbed his thick limp cock in her hand. "I loved it Meag," Kirk answered and pulled her in to kiss her. Meaghan put her head down and avoided the kiss from Kirk now that the sex was over. But she got down and licked her wet tongue up his shafted put his head in her mouth wetting it and then slipped out, kissed the head of it and said, "I hope you come back and visit them." Meaghan got up from the couch not looking back at Kirk.

She stopped at Will and leaned up to give him a kiss. "I love you baby, your my man," she said and smiled. "Good night boys," she said walking towards the stairs.