Gay porn movies full twink boys masturbation Adrian Layton plays

Gay porn movies full twink boys masturbation Adrian Layton plays
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Its funny .i have to put this claim on. I do not endorse rape or incest.

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This is all fantasy. Just fantasy! Actual Rape or Incest is actually a crime one could either get sued for or jailed for. Thank you. Now my Story. Good Morning Dad! Its funny this morning.i awoke this morning. Its about 6 am i was to go to work. Its funny you never think of things that happen to you during the day! My lovely wife Heather was in the shower.her most wonderful beautiful body was happend to be in the shower.

My daughter - Hannah was busy getting dressed. She also had quite the body like her mother. Sumptuous breasts - nice thighs.beautiful naked legs.she had nice taste in pantyhose - fishnet . and leather short skirts.and stiletto heels .shoot Hanaha may me wish i was 18 all over again. work during my times of deep depression - i have imagined Hannah many times cheer leading for me in the nude.Yes, by the way i go to a therapist.

I'm what you would call a man with a fantasy incest problem.i guess i have it bad for her Hannah .Hanaha is my 18 yr.old daughter. My wife is great at home when we love make.its just how do u call it old school.


There are Saturdays when i find myself in my daughter's bedroom picking up a pair of her panties and just masturbating hardcore.

My wife Heather works for Microsoft,inc.

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Bill Gates is her Boss. I used to play Mr. Mom all the time until the day my wife caught me with my pants down. We both agreed counciling would be best. Since then .i go to my job at 6 am. I am a Garbageman as my profession.My father happend to be a famous Lawyer.

In his younger days he was like Will on Will and Grace. As Gay as gay could be.until he met my mother with no obvious plans of marriage. They lived first as friends.

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Then one night she came home drunk from a party. He was up late one night finishing up laundry. Then i was soon born. Well anyway.eventually they discovered they were very happy and got married.

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As the story continues.i am a man. Well Hanaha was changing her clothing for cheer leading practice and man sometimes for kicks and grin i look in on Hanaha remembering the special perverted times i shared with her mother when her mother was Hannah's age. Her mother was also Captain of Cheer leading squad.ooooooo those times.i actually created another character another person which never existed .i called him Bob.Bob The Pervert Suckers.

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Looks like i may have to use Bob again.not that Bob is an actual live person. Its the name of the person i created for me and Heather's sake. Every time i look at my little girl Hannah i get those same attraction problems i had for Hannah's mother Heather.

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One day i am peeking in on Hannah. Hannah looks soooo good. Plush breasts and firm ass just like her mother. To make her squeal.

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To be her first. I will be honest .i have always wanted her my baby girl. Where is my thinking at? The fight to be her parent or her boyfriend.

In a way i am very i go into her room and fuck my sweetest daughter. Feels soooooo good. Such a good girl .

no nothing.she knows who is in charge. She just lies there like a dead fish and lets me do all the work. Her nice sweet lips. Her fresh vaginal area. Her pussy tastes soooo sweet like brown sugar on buttered toast. How is it that i am a very lucky guy.


Well what happens is after this takes wife Heather is presently still at work at the Microsoft place. All i have ever wanted is to be someone special to someone in my family. Don't get me wrong.I do love my wife Heather.

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Its just well in our talks and monkeys walk. All of us men are shall we say born with a bug. They it the fantasy incest bug.i mean i used to look at my female teachers in that way whether i was related to them or not.

I had this teacher one time.she used to wear a nice see through blouse.her breasts was really busty. She taught Math.and she wore a leather miniskirt.and some fishnet pantyhose.and a pair of stiletto heels.however i got to be very honest i barely past.i was so worried about seeing her butt sometimes.

And if you stayed you got a surprise from her after class.sometimes it was more then just a star a male student would get. Our football team made state.and won wasn't because of the grades either trust me.It was her that teacher.Mrs. Wrinkles. She could suck good cock for these special " friends" of hers. From the rumors that floated.ooohhhh goodness just touching her mouth some of these football players cummed on contact. ooohhh the contact i wanted to make with her ass in my face.however i was to afraid.of getting into trouble with her 6 ft 7 in husband of hers that happend to play for The Rams.

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