Sultry Dyke Best Friends Like To Eat

Sultry Dyke Best Friends Like To Eat
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Chapter 6 >Mother >  >  >  >  >  >Vilen opened her eyes and looked at herself. She was still dressed. She sighed and looked at him. He was sleeping heavily. Vilen got up an changed into a short red dress lace stockings and high boots. >She quietly walked out of the room and grabbed her satchel and put a few apples in it and walked outside.

>It was a beautiful sunny day. The blue sky was clear, The birds where singing and flying about. Vilen smiled and went to her mare. She took her out of her stable and put the satchel and put in on her shoulder and mounted her mare. >Vilen headed to a village half a days rid.

She needed to get some things if she was to kill the demon. >The town was small, there weren't many people. Most of the people in the town where farmers, tending to there crops. There where a few women about, with children following them. Carrying baskets with food and flowers.

Some of the women were selling fruit and flowers others where walking about looking at the many things that where being put up for sale. >Vilen came up to the town and climbed off of her mare.

She tied her to a tree and walked into the town. She looked at the many things being sold. The many kinds of fruit and herbs and flowers.

She smiled and walked to a fruit stand and bought a few oranges and pears.

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>She went to another one and bought some mint and other herbs, she might have needed. When she was through she walked amongst the town. Happy to see life in the town was normal and happy. >Two small kids ran by her and knocked her basket out of her hand making the fruit fall to the ground.

Vilen looked at them and watched them run off as if they hadn't done anything. Vilen sighed and knelt down and put the oranges in her basket and looked up as an other set of hands helped her.

>The woman was old. Maybe her fifty's and her hair was a silvery white. Her eyes a deep blue. She smiled at vilen. And as they last of the oranges where picked up she spoke to her.

Her voice was soft. >"Those children are always polite. They must have been in a real hurry so don't be mad at then, sweetie." She looked in the direction they had ran and sighed. "Its too bad they lost there father.

Only there mother can take care of them. They have no other family." She looked at vilen and added. "There father was killed by a sorceress.

She grew angry with him and had killed him." >Vilen frown.

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Sorceress? The only sorceress she knew that had lived around here was her mother. Could she have done that? And if she was the one who did it why? >Vilen looked at her and asked her. "Why would she kill someone's husband?" She put the basket on her arm and crossed her arms, intrigued by the soon to be story.

>The old woman smiled. "Come with me and ill tell you the rest." She said and started to walk amongst the crowds of people. Vilen was quick to follow her. She began to wonder who the sorceress had been. And why she'd kill a man for no reason. Did he do something to her that had made her angry? Did he get her with child then leave her for someone much more beautiful?

Vilen was curious to know the story. >Vilen stopped as the woman did and watched her open a door to a small house. The woman looked at her and smiled. "After you." She said and followed vilen into the house. The woman gestured to a chair and vilen sat down.

She walked into the kitchen and put the basket—that she had not seen the woman carrying—down on the counter. She looked at vilen. "Would you like some tea.? im sorry whats your name child?" She asked pouring some dark green looking liquid in to a cup. >Vilen smiled. "yes, thank you. my name is Vilen Vile." >The old woman turned around and put some tea into a second cup, she put the honey into them and brought them to the small table.

She sat down opposite vilen and sighed. >"My name once was Vexa but is now velvet. Now, do you know that many years ago there was a sorceress living not far from hear?" >Vilen nodded. Not saying that her mother also lived here not long ago. >"well, she was beautiful. Her black hair fell in soft curls, her eyes as blue as the sky.

Her skin was pale but she still had the red in her cheeks when a man would call her beautiful. I think her name was Selene. Anyway she lived in the forest not far from here and one day when she can to the town there was this man who had just come to live in the town. He caught sight of her and the two of them fell in love. He went to live with her. And not long after she became with child. After the child was born he had left one night and had come to the village. He wet to the bar with a few of his friends and had gotten drunk.

And he had touched one on the girls at the bar-and you know how Horny them girls are right?" >Vilen nodded, silently admitting to herself she was the same way sometimes. >The old woman continued her story. "Well he got it on with her and when the sorceress found him the next day in some girls house, she lost it and killed him.

I think his name was Nathan Dark. He was a sweet man when he wasn't drunk. Why he would help you build a house roof and not take any credit." She woman smiled and shook her head frowning. "Well when she found out what he had done she was angry with him. She forgave him and told him if he did it again he'd be sorry. But he didn't listen and about four years later he did it again, to the same woman.

Selene made him pay. She made him watch his children from her be born and a few months later she killed him. But when the men in the village herd of what she did she was burned for it. The child she had had was never found. They assumed it to be dead." She looked at her cup and sipped her tea.

"Those two children that ran by you today. Those where his sons. They don't know how there father was > killed and they don't need to. There poor little hearts would be broken if they knew." >Vilen sipped her tea and looked at her cup. >Selene. >It was her mother. But then that would mean. >That would mean The man coming to her in her sleep.

Nathan. He was her father! He was her father. All these years of never knowing her father and now she knows the whole story. >Vilen stood up and looked at the old woman. "Thank you very much for telling me the story but I must be on my way. I have a long journey home." Vilen turned to leave. >"Wait!" >Vilen turned to look at the woman.

"are you alright? You look upset." She said but staid in her seat. She looked concerned for vilen. >Vilen looked at the ground. "Yeah. I'm alright. Its just." She stopped and tried not to cry. >"just what?" said the woman. >"Its just.

She was my mother." Vilen said and looked at the woman thinking she'd be afraid and want her to leave and never come back. But she looked sorry for her. Vilen smiled slightly and said.

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"I'll be on my way. Thank you again for telling me the story. It was nice to know something about my father." She said and turned to leave. When she put her hand on the door the old woman called to her. "I hope you feel better. She was only doing it out of love.

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She wanted you to be safe." >Vilen smiled and left the house. She made her way to her mare and mounted her, she wanted to get away from the town.

Vilen cried as she went home. >When she was home she put her mare in the stable and went inside.

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She put the basket in the kitchen and sat in her chair crying. >Vilen didn't hear him approach And jumped when he put his hand on her shoulder. Vilen looked at him, and said nothing. >He leaned down and looked into her eyes. "What's wrong?" he said. Vilen looked at the ground. He sounded real concerned about her, but vilen knew it was just a mask. He didn't care about her, Only the baby. >Vilen looked at him. "Its nothing." She said, and shook her head.

>Vilen stood up and walked to the bed room. She took of the boots and then her stockings then undressed. Before she could put her house dress on he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

He kissed her neck and held her close. Vilen tilted her head back and gasped. >He smiled and turned her around in his arms and pulled her close to him before kissing her lips long and hard. >Vilen knew if she let him continue She's end up fully naked with him on the bed. But right now she didn't care. If he wanted to make love to her so be it. >Vilen rapped her arms around his neck and moved over to the bed.

>When she was at the bed he laid on top of her and smiled at her. "Your being rather willing tonight. Why are you letting me seduce you?" >Vilen frown and closed her eyes letting her head fall to the side. "Its nothing. You'll seduce me if I want you to or not so what's the point of fighting you?" She said and looked at him. >He smiled.


"The point is that if you don't let me, then I'm rapping you. But if you let me then I'm not.

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That's the point." He said. He kissed her long and hard. >Vilen didn't push him away or stop him. She let him have his way with her as she oft did. When he was finished he lay next to her. Vilen lay her head against his chest. >"How long?" she asked him.

>He obviously didn't know what she meant because he asked. "What?" >Vilen moved at face him and asked again but explained what she meant. >"How long till this child is born?" She asked, hoping he'd give her an answer. >He smiled and shook his head. "You have until the next full moon." He said with a smile. >Vilen frown and looked at him.

"But that's in a few days!" She said. >He smiled and kissed her. "I know, isn't it great?" He kissed her neck. Not knowing that vilen was no longer enjoying his kisses. >"A few more days and our son or daughter will be born." He said happily. >Vilen couldn't believe it. Only a few more days!? What this a dream? She hoped it was. >He pulled away from her neck and looked at her. Vilen quickly put a smile on her face and looked at him. >He kissed her lips long and hard, obviously happy about when the baby was coming.

>Vilen pulled away and sat up. He moved off of her so she could sit and looked at her confused. >Without looking at him Vilen said.

"I'm going to go out side for a few minutes. I need to cheek on something." >She stood up walked to the kitchen and grabbed her basket before she hurried outside. >When she was out side she looked behind herself to make shore he didn't follow her. And he didn't. Vilen sighed and calmed down some.

>She walked to the small house that severina was staying at. She walked through the forest carefully and made shore she wasn't being followed. >When she was shore she was not being followed she walked to the small house. She opened the door and heard severina in the bedroom talking to someone. >Vilen quietly made her way to the room and peeked around the corner.

She looked at Severina and saw Sorion with her. Vilen pulled away from the door and quietly made her way out the door. She left the basket of fruit on the chair and left. >Vilen didn't go back to her house. And instead went to see Elisa. She knew that sorion would ask her about his wife's being here and why she did not tell him.

What would she say? I opened her door and slowly walked in. I walked into her bed room and saw her sitting on her bed. I walked over to her side and sat next to her. "hey you ok?" I asked and realized she was crying. I held her close and put my hand on her chin and made her look at me. she looked at me and stood up.

she stood at the wall away from me and asked. "how long till that demon is born?" I sighed. "the next full moon it'll be here." she almost fell to the floor. "oh god!" she walked over to me and pulled me close. "you don't know do you?" she said in my ear.


"don't know what?" I said afraid. she grabbed my hand and held it tight. "he's going to kill you so you can't be with another man ever." she said as more tears fell from her eyes. vilen fell onto the bed and staired at her. "Are you shore?" she asked like an idiot. Elisa looked at the floor and frown tears streaming down her face. "I wouldn't lie to you." she said looking at her. Vilen sighed and put her hand on her stomach.

"Is there a way to kill it or him or both?" vilen asked hoping there was a way. if not shed kill herself. Elisa shook her head. "not that I know of." Elisa said. "i can look into it if you want?" vilen nodded.

"if you can. just don't work to hard. if you can't find anything I know what to do." vilen said putting her hand on elisa's cheek.

Elisa smiled and stood up. "what do you have planed if I can't find anything?" she asked. vilen smiled and looked at her. "if you can't find anything I will have to kill him then myself.

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don't try and stop me. its not going to work." I said. I held you close and kissed your cheek. "I'm sorry." I whispered as a tear left my eye. Elisa looked at the floor and shook her head. "why?" she asked her. "why will you do that to me? why will you kill yourself if I can't find a way to help? why are you just going to give up?" she practically screamed.

vilen frown and nearly cried. Elisa never yelled at her. ever. vilen looked at her and frown. she was about to speak bit Elisa spoke first. "you now what? don't answer. I know your a cowered and a weakling! you can't do anything for yourself.

all you do is hide behind others and wait for them to make all the mean nasty things go away. well guess what? I'm done! you can kill him yourself. I'm not going to help you anymore! so you can just get out!" she yelled. standing there crossing her arms over her chest.

she glared at vilen with a look that could kill. vilen stood up and left the room. she looked at Elisa as she opened the door and frown. "I always loved you and cared. I never wanted you to fight my battles for me." I said and left the house. as I left I looked into her eyes and saw she was angry for.hurting me.

but it didn't matter anymore. I was no longer going to come see her. she could just die for all I cared! but. I did care for her. but she can't see it. I cried and walked back home. when I got to my door I felt weak. I opened the door and fell to the floor unconscious. when I opened my eyes I was in my bed. Demon was nowhere in sight. I tried to get up but found myself to weak to even move my arm. I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes.

All of the sudden I was really tired. I saw demon walk in with sliced apples oranges and other fruits. He smiled and walked over to the bed and sat down. "hey baby." he said smiling. He grabbed an apple slice and fed it too me. I ate it. I didn't care if they were poisonous or if they had a spell sealed in them.

I was going to die anyway. I closed my eyes and felt tiredness take over. "don't fall asleep. stay up.

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your going to feel immense pain in a few minutes if you sleep. if you stay up you wont be in as much pain. please stay awake." he said and moved his hand to my cheek. I looked at him and smiled slightly.

"I'll try." I said in a whisper. I felt my body grow tired and fall into darkness. I closed my eyes and couldn't help but sleep. it felt like seconds later but I opened my eyes and screamed in pain. it felt like something was shredding my insides up and pushing its way out. i grabbed onto the sheets and screamed In pain as I arched my body. demon put his hands on my cheeks and was saying something to me but I couldn't stop screaming.

he moved away from my head and went to the end of the bed and looked at me. he moved his hands to my pussy and pulled something out. it felt like it was shedding my pussy walls apart. after a ffew seconds the pain stopped.

I looked at demon and saw a baby covered in blood. I smiled and passed out.