Spex milf tugging two cocks until they blow

Spex milf tugging two cocks until they blow
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[Had to continue due to demand. As always, I love to hear from readers. Thanks for reading.] I knew it was only a matter of time. After skirting the issue numerous times and dancing around confronting things, it was time to meet it head on. That's right, it was time to meet Danielle and Hailey's parents. (You really didn't think I was giving up Hailey that easily, did you?) Their family had a trip planned to a city with a nice beach area, and they have convinced their parents to let me come along for the long drive.


I was described as a close friend to the two of them, who had romantic interests with Danielle. It was designed that way to soften the impact of the whole relationship thing, as well as for the two to cover some loose ground on the odd situation. However, for the purposes of the present, I was seen as a suitor for Danielle, and that made me nervous. I always got along extremely well with adults, but I never put it passed an overprotective father to make my life a little more difficult.

My parents knew a little bit about their family now, and were surprisingly cool with me spending a few days with them. I walked over to their house early on a Saturday morning with one medium sized bag around my shoulder.

I could only imagine what that looked like, as a teenage boy made his way down the street with a cross between a back pack and a suitcase. I could almost hear the drivers. "A little old for a runaway, aren'tcha'?" "Heading to the circus, clown?" Whatever. They didn't know just how jealous they would have been had they realized where I was heading. A beach weekend with Daniellie and Hailey; sounds good to me. I arrived in a light t-shirt and gym shorts, wanting to be comfortable for the long drive.

Danielle was first out to greet me, with a quick kiss and hug. She was wearing a blue tank top and short cheer shorts. "Are you ready?" she asked me. "Sure," I said, a little nervously. "What should I expect?" "My mom's not an issue," she started. "She'll love you. My dad can be intimidating, but you'll be fine.

Just be polite." I nodded and let out a deep breath. She walked me into her house where a few bags were lined up by the door. Her mom was the first one out, wearing a basic sun dress. Although her best years were behind her, you would have to try not to realize where the good looks in the girls came from. Perhaps a model in her day, she still had tan skin, a relatively nice figure and a bright smile. "Oh hi!" she said with a big smile on her face, shaking my hand.

"It's great to meet you. The girls have nothing but great things to say about you! You'd think they both were in love with you!" I tried hard not to choke on the air. "It's great to meet you too," I said, returning the smile.

"They're very nice. I'm glad to be joining you guys." She smiled again, but before we could continue our conversation, the father came out. He was wearing a polo shirt and shorts, and had an impressive build. He slowed as he saw me and approached me carefully. "We've heard a lot about you," he said in a rough voice, sticking out his hand for a shake. "It's nice to meet you sir," I said, shaking his hand firmly and looking him in the eye.

He looked at me for a few more seconds before moving on. "Let's get moving," he said, grabbing a bag and walking through the door. I grabbed a heavier one to help out and we made it out in one trip. They checked to make sure everything was set and we drove off. I was in the middle of the back seat, of course, with Danielle on my left and Hailey on my right. Hailey was wearing a similar outfit as her sister a black tank top and matching cheer shorts.

Each of their inside legs was pushed up against mine and I exchanged smiles with them from time to time. "So," their dad started. "How'd you guys meet?" I could see him looking at me through the rearview mirror. "Danielle and I have had classes together for a while," I started. "We paired up on projects a few times since we're both hard workers." "Hear that Hailey?" Danielle instigated.

"You should try working." Normally, Hailey would probably throw a punch at her sister or try something physical. Instead, she just laughed. "You know what, you're right," Hailey started. "Maybe if I had a decent tutor I'd do better," she said, pointing at me. "That's a great idea," their mom started. "She'll never listen to her sister, but maybe you could get through to her." Danielle glared at Hailey from across the backseat.

It seemed she went back and forth on whether she was okay with the share program that we had going on, but when Hailey pushed it, she was really against it. The drive wore on and it wasn't terribly long before I had heads sleeping on my shoulders. I could only imagine what this looked like to their father. I decided to keep my eyes forward, looking as bored as I possibly could.

Finally, we arrived without incident, and everyone quickly scrambled out of the car to stretch. Their dad disappeared inside to check into the two hotel rooms, and everybody took the bags up to our floor. Apparently, there was a situation developing with how to split up the rooms.

They had originally booked two rooms, a couple of doubles for the parents and kids. My inclusion obviously complicated things as everyone brainstormed how to make things work. "How about he stays with me?" their father suggested, a mix of seriousness and a chuckle in his voice. "No way are you subjecting the poor boy to that snoring!" their mother chimed in.

Everyone laughed. "Just let him take one of our beds," Hailey suggested.


"I'll share with Dani." "Sure," Danielle agreed, though probably with a different idea of how the actual sharing would go. That seemed to be agreeable for everyone, although their dad was a little hesitant. "Don't worry pops," Hailey smiled. "If he tries anything with Danielle, I'll beat him up!" Everyone laughed again, as we split up the corresponding bags and checked out the rooms.

They were nice enough, although the beds weren't huge. After the long trip, everyone was ready to unwind and hit the beach. Suitcases opened, clothes flew, and everyone was changed into bathing suits. It was too soon to get crazy, and I made sure to lock myself in the bathroom when I changed into my black swim trunks. I left my shirt on and grabbed a towel. Danielle and Hailey both has clothes on too, but clearly had bikini ties sticking out.

We waited for their parents and all walked down to the beach together. It was a quick walk and before long we had our feet in the sand. Their parents grabbed a few chairs and spread some towels around. Hailey was the first out of her clothing, quickly springing off her top and cheer shorts, revealing a nice red and white striped bikini set.

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Danielle was next, stripping down to her solid red top and black bottoms set. I glanced up but made sure not to admire as much as I usually did. I didn't need to have any suspicious aroused this early, not to mention arousing anything else.

Their mom joined them, revealing a pretty attractive figure in an impressive and stylish one piece.

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Their dad tossed his shirt off, showing a somewhat hulking build. I went last and felt less confident about my still above average body. I made a mental note to start going to the gym more.

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It was an enjoyable afternoon, complete with everything from football catches to playing in the water. I did my best to make a good impression, opting for the more conservative approach during most activities. Finally, after a long day of sun and sand, we all made our way back to the rooms. "Just get some room service, anything you want," their dad said, before he and their mom disappeared into their room. I imagined that there was still some drive in that relationship. "This is awesome!" Hailey smiled as she laid out on a bed.

"We have a whole room to ourselves." "Yeah, this is pretty cool," Danielle smiled. "Thanks for bringing me along," I said, sitting down on a chair. "It definitely wouldn't have been as much fun without you!" Hailey said, springing up and joining me on the chair. "Easy there Hailey," Danielle said. "He's going to be in my bed." "This isn't the weekend to start enforcing things," Hailey replied.

"What do you mean?" Danielle asked, her eyes narrowing. If there was one thing Hailey was smart about, it was finding ways to have sex with me. I could already see the wheels turning inside her brain.

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"You heard mom and dad," she started. "I'm the lookout this weekend." "Oh…fuck," Danielle whispered as she started to see where Hailey was going. "Don't worry," Hailey said. "I'm not going to be a major bitch and keep him to myself. He can even stay in your bed. Just share the love. Don't think that's too much to ask." Danielle paused and breathed.

"Okay, fair enough," she said, even managing a bit of a smile. Perhaps she was happy, considering how far Hailey could have suggested taking things. "Perfect!" Hailey beamed. "Now, with that settled, I think it's time to set the only rule for the weekend." She got up, and closed the window on the wall of our room.

"Clothing optional." She grinned and untied her bikini top, letting her perky breasts fall out. She was pretty close to me and I felt myself getting quickly interested. I looked towards Danielle. "Crazy weekend?" I asked. "That's the deal," she laughed.

"You guys better be quick to dress if mom and dad come knocking though." With the ground rules fully understood now, I moved my face towards Hailey's chest, taking one of her nipples into my mouth and gently sucking. She moaned and climbed into my lap to give me better access. It wasn't long before my hardening cock was pressing against her thigh, as I continued to tease her breasts. My mouth accepted more of her and my tongue began flicking against her now hard nipple.

She moaned more and turned, allowing me access to her other breast. My tongue teased one and my fingers worked the other as her head swung back and her breathing increased.

"Come on sis, let's get the easy one out of the way," she giggled. She climbed off of my lap and onto the floor in front of my chair. She quickly pulled off my trunks and let my erection spring out. "I missed this," she grinned widely and planted a kiss on the head. Danielle came over and gave me a kiss as Hailey slowly started to stroke me. I pushed off Danielle's top and played with her equally perky breasts as Hailey increased her speed. Danielle gave me another, longer kiss, and by the time she was done, my cock head had disappeared into Hailey's mouth.

Danielle moved down and started to play with my balls, gently licking them as Hailey did the rest. The pleasure quickly built as Hailey sucked my head and rubbed my thighs, and Danielle played with my balls and traced a finger along my shaft.

I reached down and grabbed one of each of their breasts, something they giggled and accommodated, though didn't let up. Hailey bobbed up and down faster, taking even more of me into her mouth. She let out small vibrations with my hand teasing her nipple, and this only added to my sensations. "Wow," Hailey purred as my cock stiffened. "Think he's already going to cum." "I think you're right sis," Danielle said seductively, running her finger up and down my big, throbbing vein.

"Let him cum on our faces." Just as I approached the edge, Hailey popped me out of her mouth and started jerking my shaft in front of her face. Danielle got on her knees, next to her sister, and they eagerly waited as my cock reached a sizeable hardness and exploded. Quick, thick ropes of hot cum shot onto their faces, coating Hailey's face first and then onto Danielle's. I moaned as I watched my load paint over Hailey's eyebrow and onto Danielle's chin.

When I finally stopped cumming, the two of them were covered. "Fuck," I moaned and sat back for rest as the two of them tried to assess how much was on them. Hailey licked her own lips and Danielle scooped some from her chin with her fingers, then sucking her fingers in front of me.

Then she coated her finger again, and let her Hailey suck it off. The two then exchanged a kiss, letting some of my cum transfer. "You better have some left," Hailey giggled and rubbed my leg. "Don't think that's going to be a problem," I grinned. The two of them disappeared into the bathroom to finish getting cleaned up and I browsed through the room service book.

"What did you guys want to eat?" I asked, knowing we'd need a meal to sustain this night. They came back in and we all explored the options. Pizza seemed to be the one thing everyone could agree on. We ordered and flipped on the television.

They put their tops back on and I grabbed my trunks. When the room service person came up, we quickly brought it in and shut the door again. As soon as I had it locked up, Hailey was out of her top again. "While we're eating sis?" Danielle laughed.

"Oh I just want to make sure to keep his blood flowing," she winked at me and gave me a playful poke. We all ate and watched television, laughing and chatting.

I was lucky to be in this situation, having the time of my life. Obviously the sexual encounters were incredible, but these were two legitimately interesting and cool girls. I was still determined to make a relationship work with Danielle, but I wasn't going to resist Hailey while I had the opportunity.

"So what's next?" Hailey eagerly looked at me, after we were done eating and had digested a while. "What you guys don't just want to watch tv?" I teased.

We all shared a laugh. "Actually, I had an idea," I continued. "Do tell," Danielle grinned. "Instead of fighting over it or trying to have me decide, I want you two to battle it out," I started.

Both of them looked at me quizzically. "You two are going to wrestle, and whoever makes the other cum first, gets to fuck me first." The two of them looked a little surprised at first, but smiles soon crept in and they stared each other down. I motioned for one of them to get on one side of the bed, and took the other to the opposite end. "Oh and try not to make too much noise," I laughed. At the start, they quickly came together and struggled to get the upper hand.

They pushed their bodies together, and tried to get their hands down to each other's lower regions. Danielle worked out and Hailey was a cheerleader, so they both had a good amount of strength.

Finally, Hailey got a finger onto Danielle's clit and started to rub as quickly as she could. Danielle buckled, trying to escape the position, and Hailey fell on top of her. The two giggled as Hailey was directly on top of her sister. She kissed her and rubbed her chest against Danielle's. Instead of bringing her finger back to her pussy, Hailey lined up her own with Danielle's and started to scissor her sister.

Their breathing increased and they both seemed to be enjoying it. Danielle struggled to move out from under Hailey, and finally caught her in a pleasure-filled moment, slipping out from under and tackling her sister.

Danielle got on top of her and immediately slipped a finger into Hailey's pussy. Hailey writhed as her sister fingered her, hitting her g-spot and rubbing her clit with her thumb. "Better come over here and watch her cum," Danielle teased. I came over to get a closer view of things.

Hailey was moaning as her sister's finger continued to work magic inside her pussy. Danielle changed positions to go for the kill, keeping her knee on Hailey's body, but bending down to get her tongue onto Hailey's clit. Hailey struggled to keep her moans quiet as Danielle licked her clit and fingered her g-spot. The change in position was dangerous though, and Hailey soon realized she had a hand free with easy access.

She quickly lifted her arm and stuck two fingers into Danielle's open entrance. Danielle cursed and moaned but continued to lick Hailey's clit.

It was a race now as Hailey fingered Danielle hard and fast and Danielle returned the favor but with a tongue on her sister's clit. It wasn't a fair fight, and soon Hailey's toes were curling. "Just cum sis," Danielle teased. "Look, she's going to cum!" She was right as Hailey squirted onto her sister's face, drenching her with cum. Danielle happily licked her through her orgasm and smiled wickedly at me.

"Bet I could make you cum first too," Danielle growled, her competitive spirit taking over like I hadn't seen since the video game race incident. "Hey don't I even get a kiss after that beat down," Hailey called out.

Danielle laughed and turned around to kiss her. Hailey kissed her and then grabbed her sister, wrapping her arms around her and holding her in place. "Hurry, come fuck her!" she cheered to me. "Make her cum fast!" "What?! Hey!" Danielle giggled. Quickly I took my place behind Danielle, staring at her gorgeous ass, and quickly sliding my rock hard cock into her tight pussy. Her tight, wet opening engulfed me and my length disappeared inside her, knocking on her cervix.

"Oh fuck!" Danielle cried. "This won't take long," Hailey giggled. "Fuck the hell out of her." I grabbed Danielle's hips and forced her pussy onto my cock mercilessly. I angled my cock against her g-spot and spanked her ass a few times.

Danielle tensed up and Hailey let her go. "She's putty in your hands now," she cooed. "She'll cum on your cock any second." She also predicted correctly as Danielle's toes curled and her pussy spasmed and gripped me hard. Her body rippled and spanked her beautiful toned ass again as she came hard around my cock.

"Oh fuck I love your cock," Danielle moaned as she continued to cum. Hailey moved forward and took her sister's breasts into her mouth. She gently nibbled on her nipples and reached down to rub her clit. I continued to use Danielle's hips as balance to give her the pounding of her life, as I felt myself explore the depths of her insides. I saw the two share another kiss before Hailey went back to teasing her sister's breasts.

"Fuck. My. Tight. Pussy," Danielle panted. I could see her skin glisten a little and goose bumps wracked her skin. I bent over and planted kisses down her back as I continued to pound her tight pussy. This sent off a series of convulsions as Danielle shivered beneath me and came hard again, her pussy tightening hard around my cock. Finally she turned her head back for a kiss and the two of us made out passionately.

Our tongues danced, and every time my cock hit its mark at her cervix I felt a moan echo through the kiss. One of her hands ran through my hair, with what little strength she had left, as her sister now kissed her neck, sending new sensations through Danielle's body. Sensing she had done enough work on her sister, Hailey moved towards me, gently licking my balls as they came back from her sister. Hailey teasingly scratched her nails down my back as I continued to kiss and fuck Danielle hard.

I was enjoyed the new sensations, and soon our kiss was full of loud echoing moans. "Cum in her stud," Hailey whispered in my ear. "I want to see your big cock fill up my sister's tight, little pussy.

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It's so hot to watch you cum. Please fill up my big sis. She wants it so bad." Hailey continued to talk dirty to me and nibbled on my ear lobe. Soon, my cock was stiffening inside Danielle's pussy. "Oh fuck yes," Danielle said, breaking the kiss. "Please cum in my pussy. Flood me. Don't pull out until every drop spills into me." I grabbed Danielle's hips again and crashed her back onto my cock.

I felt myself twitch and load after load sprayed into Danielle's pussy. My hot, sticky cum quickly inundated her pussy, shooting off of her cervix and deepest walls as I grabbed her breasts, massaging them in time with my spurts. Hailey gasped and continued to bite my ear as I filled her sister.

"So. Much. Cum." Danielle managed to get out as her pussy squeezed me again. I pushed out every last rope that I had and finally collapsed on top of Danielle, meeting her for more kisses. "I have to admit," Hailey started.

"It's pretty amazing watching you two fuck. You should totally do porn!" "Oh shush sis," Danielle laughed and gently punched her sister. "What are you going to do about it?" Hailey playfully dared Danielle. "This sounds like a challenge," Danielle said to me. She got up and cornered her sister, and I couldn't help my smile as I watched some of my cum drip down Danielle's thighs.

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"You!" she looked at me. "You better get that back up." I hoped to meet the demand as I watched whatever Danielle had up her non-existent sleeve. Danielle had Hailey backed up against a wall and reached out for her, bear hugging her.

Hailey giggled and wrestled with her and finally Danielle got Hailey to turn around. She hooked both of Hailey's arms behind her back, leaving Hailey to kick up in the air. "She's helpless and all yours," Danielle winked at me. "She has an irresistible tight pussy that most dare not dream of. She'll even squirt on your cock! Grab her legs and make her fuck you in the air!" Hailey looked back helplessly at her sister, but she had a look of lust on her face.

The idea must have excited her, and it was enough to get me aroused again. I approached Hailey and grabbed her legs, lifting her up into the air, as Danielle kept her arms locked.

"Oh…what are you going to do with me?" Hailey teased. "I'm too weak to resist. Are you going to fuck my tight, little pussy?" I moved my hands up to her toned thighs and pulled her closer to the landing spot. I moved my cock between her lips and shoved my length into Hailey's tight pussy, stretching her walls as I entered. "Oh fuck!" Hailey said, just short of a yell, as Danielle told her to quiet down.

Hailey was in heaven though, and as I started to fuck her in rhythm, her eyes rolled back and she laid there, helplessly stuck between me and her sister, getting a powerful fucking. I kept her thighs suspended and apart as my cock continued to impale her pussy, as I angled up to her g-spot. That was enough to quickly push her over the edge and she came, squirting her juices all over my cock as I didn't slow. The extra liquid just allowed a quicker and deeper fuck, and soon I had slid to her cervix.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Hailey cheered. "Your cock is amazing. Please don't stop!" The compromised position must have turned Hailey on even more than usual, as goose bumps took over her skin and she came again, squirting more cum all over my cock. It took all of her remaining power to resist screaming as she moaned over and over again. Her body shook and Danielle and I exchanged wicked smiles at what we had created here. We both leaned over and kissed each other over her sister's body, which continued to be pounded.

"Guess you're going to get some cum inside you sis," Danielle teased. "Don't think you can go anywhere." "Oh no!" Hailey giggled. "Anything but that! He cums so much.

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I don't know if my little pussy can handle it all!" "Well you're going to take it all bitch!" Danielle laughed. "Oh shit!" Hailey moaned. "He's getting thicker!" "Are you really going to cum in my little sister?" Danielle asked with a seductive grin.


"You heard her. She's not sure she can handle it." I was determined to last as long as possible, holding back any sensations as I thrust in and out of Hailey's tight pussy. I had her sexy legs in my hands, rubbing them a little. Hailey looked up from her restrained position and stared into my eyes. Her pupils were enlarged and her look was begging. She refused to take her eyes off of mine as she squeezed her pussy on my cock again.

I held her with one arm now, and used my free hand to play with her breasts as they bounced. I thrust into her as deeply as possible and squeezed her breast hard as I finally came, shooting another set of quick, thick ropes deep into Hailey's pussy.

"Fuck he's cumming!" she cheered. "It feels so good!" Danielle held her firmly in place as my vein contracted with each pleasure-filled shot of cum. I continued to squeeze her breasts as I kept cumming inside of Hailey's tight pussy. I leaned forward and started to suck on Hailey's nipples while I finished flooding her.

Hailey snuck in a quick kiss as I squeezed an extra couple of spurts inside her. The three of us collapsed on top of each other onto a bed. After wondering how we'd split up the beds, the three of us shared one, with Danielle and Hailey clinging to me throughout the night.