Dirty itch milf a hole fucking

Dirty itch milf a hole fucking
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so I am walking to school on a summer day right after watchin some porn i had found in my cousins room, i was horny but didnt finish jackin off to not be late. Im walking around the corner of the block when i see a girl from school walking by herself, i automatically start thinkin about the pussy between those legs and how clean that little butthole prolly is, seeing she was on her way to school. so there she goes with her back pack on her sexy slim back, her beautiful make up on her face.

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i slow down my pace and start walking towards her and ask her her name, and if she was headed towards school. i knew she was kind of a bad girl n i knew she had sex before from rumors at school.

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she said she was on her way to school but she wanted to cut class except her friends she was gonna do it with had decided not to go through with the idea. I tell her that i have my own place and that i was planning on skipping school too, i ask her joking around if she would like to turn around and head back to my place.

she says yea and stops walking as to joke around with me, and she gives me this look of a typical 'bad girl',, i told her "fuck it im down if your down" i sart kinda walking the way we were coming from and she follows me.

i tell her if she was forreal and she says "well were allready going so might as well'' when we get to my house the air conditioner is off so it was kinda hot inside, i told her if she wanted to sit down n she said 'nah its ok' i started drinking some cold kool aid and offered her some from the same cup that i was drinking from and she laughed, i was surprised to see that she still took a drink, she then sat down.

i got up and left to the restroom right after tellin her that the remote control to the television was right there on the couch that she was sitting on, she said i dont really watch tv but when i was in the restroom i heard the tv turn on so i knew she was getting comfortable. . while in the restroom i was thinking about her little tight pussy that she prolly had and how good it would be to fuck her alone at the house, the only thing i didnt know where a condom was infact i didnt even have any in the house,, i felt that if something was going to happen it wasnt due to the jimmy situation.

i took a piss and before walking out of the restroom played with my 7 inch cock for a little bit jus fantasizing about the nice peice of ass that i had sitting in the living room, i mean i knew her from school cause i had seen her around i never really talked to her, and yet i mnaged to bring her into my house,, the thought of not knowing her well, and her being in a lower grade than me turned me on even more.


i realized that i was taking too long put my peice in my pants and walked out to the living room. she was sitting back on the couch still with her backpack on just chilling, i sat next to her and she started telling me about how she had seen me before in school, i play along with everything she says and i slowly start to play with my hand on her thigh, and start making my way up to her warm pussy, she keeps talking and she ignores what im doing with my hands, i start to reach under her shirt and starts reaching for my belt buckle.

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the thought of both of us wanting sex and knowing it kept going through my head, and we both knew that we didnt know each other, but only wanted to have some fun,,, i start to rub her pussy from outside her pants n she starts to breath harder and harder, my dick is already filled with blood and im thinking about NOT having a condom. i stop and i tell her smiling,, " guess what?", "huh.?' she replys, " i dont have a protection hahaha" she looks in my eyes and she smiles n starts at my cock again, in the moment i didnt think about anything else except the adventure that i would have, next thing you know her shirt is off, her little nipples are puffy and her skin color is even throughout her body, dam she looked so sexy.

out of nowhere i ask her how old she was and she answered that she was only 13.

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at the time i was 1 week away from my eighteen birthday so that thought made my dick even harder, i acted like i ignored her answer to the question and i pulled down her pants slowly. she was wearing pink panties with white polka dots on them and she smelled like girl perfume, the first thing that came to my head was licking her pussy and asshole like i had seen on porn vids, i was wondering if shed let me as i was already sucking her tits.

i moved my toungue down her stomach and started peeling off her panties and threw them on the floor, to my wonderful surprise she wasnt hairy so it made me wanna eat her sweet pussy even more. i looked up at her with my head between her legs and without question started rubbing her clit with my finger and she shivered as she tried to close her legs, i then started to lick her belly button and quickly moved to her pussy as i opened up her legs i dug my toungue into her pussy.

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it smelled kinda like urine a little bit but it only made me more horny, i was licking and slobbering all over her cunt and she laid back holding the back of my head. we did that for about 10 minutes and then i pulled down my pants, my cock was already so fucking hard it was leaking pre cum, i took my boxers down and my dick sprung up n hit my stomach n she looked at it with hunger, she quickly grabbed it with one hand as she scooted up on the couch more closer to where i was standing, her beautiful face was at dick level and she was jerking me off.

she opened her mouth and slowly put my dick on her toungue as she closed her lips around the head. she kept smiling as she was doing so . it was my fantasy in live motion but i kept thinking about cumming in her mouth, putting it in her ass and pussy, gaping her cute little butthole and licking her pussy once again. there was so many things that i wanted to do and i wasnt worrying about anything else.


she kept sucking it and putting so deep in her throat, i thought she was going to choke or gag but she took it like a good girl, by then my dick was so hard it kinda hurt, i was ready to stuff my cock in either her butt hole or little pussy, i told her to lay down and doing so she opened up her legs her wet pussy jus waitn, i got on top of her and she hugged me with her leggs, i grabbed her from her waist with one arm and my cock with the other as i looked for her pussy i was also licking her nipples and kissing her at the same time, i found the wet slimy pussy between her legs and i slowly started stuffing it in.

she shook her leggs and i started rubbing her clit to relax her. before i knew it my whole dick was stuffed inside her tight pussy and i started stroking that shit in n out slowly then more hard as she started moaning.

her pussy was so good like nothing i had ever had. i was about ready to cum when i pulled out and spit on her butthole n rubbed it. she didnt mind.


i started making my way up her tight little anal hole with my thumb and when she knew what i wanted i started rubbing it with my already pussy juice wet cock, to my amazement her butthole was easy to slide my dick in with made my dick wanna cum even more. i worked her little but hole and was going from vaginal to anal too, i decided to make her eat my cum seeing as she was being cooperitve.

i knew i was ready to cum soon so i fucked the shit out of her tight little holes the best i could then told her to open her mouth she did so with out question and i stuck my dick in all the way down her throat and started fucking her mouth, she began to suck even better than before and jacking me off at the same time, i was rubbing her butthole and pussy all at once then i busted a load so big i couldnt believe it felt so good and she moaned n groanned as she swallowed my cumm and she still didnt stop sucking and jerking me off .